Sunday, October 26, 2008

Frank Leads Race, Campaign Update For The 118th

Recent Polls conducted by our staff have put the Independent Party Rocco Frank in the lead. The exact figures will not be released but we will say that our opponents are now in the rear view mirror. Quinnipiac University, also did similar studies and with the big parties calling their results "Unscientific" and demanding that the unfavorable numbers not be released, so too did we decide to represent the same since so many tempers are flaring.

Tactics have been becoming increasingly desperate for those opponents of the major parties who refuse to hold their bosses and colleagues accountable for the giant mess they all created together in our town and state. The outlook is positive on the Frank Campaign and we are honored to have the opportunity to call them out in every debate.

The last debate will be aired on MGAT T.V. Channel 79 thanks to the efforts of St. Gabriels, Brother Larry and the Frank campaign staff who made all the necessary arrangements to bring this debate into public view. We do recommend watching it as Gayle answered a public attack from a city official from Orange.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Computer Recycling Comes to Milford

Computer Recycling Day is coming to Milford Courtesy of the ComputerFox and I,( Rocco J. Frank Jr. your Independent Candidate for state Representative.) Feel free to bring us your old computers and electronics, even small televisions and cell phones.

This event is part of a larger environmental mission of like minded Milford recyclers who have organized a grass roots campaign aimed at recycling all kinds of other things as well. Thanks largely to these dedicated people, I am proud to say that I have joined them in their mission. My part is the recycling of your unwanted computers and electronics.

Many of you have already been overwhelming me with questions. The main question I seem to get time and again is: Where do all those computers go? This note will hopefully answer that once and for all. If you still have questions please call me at (203) 247-4357 I will be happy to explain further.

To begin, this November 1st (Time: 10:30 - 2:30pm.) a box truck (by the town library 57 New Haven Ave. Milford) will be made available to load up your unwanted old broken computers and laptops. Volunteers and employees will be on hand to help you load and unload your items for donation. At the end of the day the truck will return to our warehouse for unloading and processing.

Computers that are in good working condition, and resalable, will be repaired and reconditioned. Private customer data is destroyed, to prevent identity theft, and those computers will be remarketed and/or donated to charitable thrift shops. Single parents on state assistance and with kids in the Milford school system, always receive a free computer from the ComputerFox.

The remainder, including bulky old monitors, will be kept on hand and tested as low cost replacement monitors for locals who just need to have something other than an expensive flat screen to get them by. Nonworking computers are usually mined for parts and used by the Computerfox network as affordable used parts for sale. This allows frugal customers the opportunity of affordably repairing their computers. The remaining leftover unusable scrap is temporarily set aside. A truck later picks it up and delivers it to a secondary recycling facility who will remove copper from wires, and monitors, .Gold from microprocessors, and metal from the computer cases. Ink cartridges and Toner cartridges are refilled repaired and resold at a discount.

The printed circuit boards left behind may get land filled, or in some cases used as repair parts in less developed countries (nobody ever gives me a clear answer) but one thing I do know is that other countries like to purchase them in bulk. Our truck drives down from as far as Massachusetts to take it off our hands. Hopefully this answers all your “what happens” questions.

Should anyone be unable to attend, or just missed the event feel free not to worry. Just stop by the ComputerFox location at 374 New Haven Ave. in Milford, CT and drop off your unwanted equipment. Our regular business hours are Tuesday through Sat. from 11:00A.M-6:00P.M. Cash donations, however optional, are also welcome.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blogs Will Be Slowing Down

Due to the demanding schedule between now and the Nov.4th Election This blog board will be slowing down a bit, but to add a little update check the debate schedule in the below blogs from a few days ago. Please come to the forum if you are undecided and bring your questions.

Friday, October 10, 2008

From Capitalism To Creditism Have We Lost Our Way?

The Federal Reserve System, a giant quasi-government privately owned corporation was empowered in 1913 under the Federal Reserve Act. The bill passed Christmas eve in the dark of night when many American Patriots were on Christmas vacation with their families.

Supporters argued that the Government is not suited to handle complex banking issues and would ultimately devalue the dollar and wreck the American economy. The irony today is monumental because from 1913 to today the system of credit to bankers for money has failed to the "N-Th" degree. If a dollar in 1913 bought a dollars worth, today that same dollar purchases about .02 Cents worth of 1913 goods.

This problem was the direct result of inflating the dollar supply and issuing credit to Americans who have lost a record amount of industry and productivity since then to now. Our entire economy rapidly moved from a manufacturing based economy to a service based economy where our nation is now dependent on slave labor from other nations who produce the inexpensive oil based products we love so much.

The crux today is that we have become completely dependent on credit in America, and of course I call this way of doing business "Creditism" where a majority of Americans cannot afford a home, a car, Furniture, a refrigerator, or stove. Bankers solved this problem for us with credit cards, consumer cards, and payment schedules that can drag on for 5-30 years.

As long as "Creditism" is alive and well and cheap affordable interest rates exist Americans continued to shop for new cars and invest in homes for profit. What we are seeing today in the global credit markets is the failure of these banks not only in America but across the world. Fear is rampant credit markets are frozen and investors are are scared.

The biggest fear is that Creditism is dead and now Capitalism is back, the party is over there is no borrowing money from foreign banks to live large off of small payments. Americans may now be forced into even greater productivity, and will need to reinvent the notion of trade and trust.

One thing I always believed is that in order for America to succeed in the world, and as a nation, we must take education seriously. Other nations, and especially China, graduate more scientists and engineers than the United States this poses what many experts have agreed is a "Brain Drain" that impacts the competitive nature of our country. Without a highly educated and skilled workforce America will be left in the dust globally. Big corporations, mostly those in science and technology here in America are increasing moving their companies off shore, or importing highly skilled workers from other parts of the world to solve their employee problems.

Without a highly educated and skilled workforce America could expect increased competition among unemployed workers for unskilled labor. This workforce, once more appreciated than today, does not yield the wages required to maintain the high standard of living that Americans were accustomed to. Moving into the next decade is going to be challenging, and without taking education in America seriously it will be even more difficult, if not impossible, to compete in the world wide global village that has been created.

Self serving bankers have historically steered clear of Capitalism. They still favor the concept of Creditism and it still continues to be promoted by the banks. Americans, many not knowing any better, embrace the idea that we can own things by borrowing money, paying interest and making payments on those items. Some may disagree but I personally believe that credit is the illusion of ownership, I dare call it a Ponzi scheme that caters to our consumer desires rather than the nurturing of sound economics. Sound economics being what Americans desperately need right now Savings, low credit card debt, more income, more education, and competitive skills to compete in the global economy. Until we make this as important as fighting the war on terror, than the growing group of despondent Americans will take to the streets in crime sprees to create an economy not based on productivity but criminal enterprising. This is something that any big city Mayor in Connecticut knows real well. This is something prison wardens know real well, and ignoring the millions of American's in prison, homeless and broke is not the answer.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Arthur O'Neil State Rep. From Southbury Shares His Views

This week my friend Dick and I had the great honor of meeting with State Rep. Arthur O'Neill at his office. This meeting was at the request of Dick who was very impressed with Rep. O'Neill's outlook on the politics of Hartford.

Rep. O'Neill, an attorney, is running un-opposed this year. During our meeting, of which lasted over an hour we discussed the politics and the control over the house in Hartford.

Rep. O'Neill has said that the state employee unions are the bosses up in Hartford and they have used the age old premise of "money for influence" to gain control over the "House." Rep. O'Neill said that they learned "long ago that by controlling the House they could effectively control their job security, and compensation by way of their benefits."

Rep. O'Neill said that they "also learned that filing deadlines for reporters are usually at 11:00P.M so when reporters are in the House they only speak on the floor on matters that the public will not find controversial. The real show starts in the early hours of the morning outside public scrutiny and those votes and bills that are introduced and passed are the ones that hurt taxpayers the most."

O'Neill said that the unions "overwhelmingly endorse Democrats because they are the ones who are most sympathetic to their cause." One idea that I mentioned to O'Neill was the use of the CEP (Citizen Elections Program) as a tool to fund alternate candidates challenging these "special interest" political agents who clandestinely serve the interests, not of the people they allege to represent, but rather their true masters, those dominant groups that hold their "purse."

O'Neill said that crossing the unions in Hartford is a very "risky and dangerous thing to do" citing that Gov. Rowland layed off and fired state employees who responded with an all out offensive to end him as our state governor. O'Neill is not completely convinced that the state labor unions were not involved in accelerating Rowland's demise.

His biggest concern in the state legislature is the Incoming Speaker of the House Donovan, according to a blogger at media attache "Donovan, who works part time as a union organizer for the Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges, is viewed by the business community and most political observers, as being on the left side of the political spectrum." O'Neill agrees and this is of great concern me as well as small businesses and taxpayers who may have to suffer harder to make the lives of state employees less stressful.

When I asked Rep. O'Neil why it is that our state legislature, already marred with the worst record in America, rated dead last as the most undesirable state to conduct business, would entertain leadership that may levy even more taxes? He answered that once the laws are passed, and the regulations are put on the books the unions will have the unrestrained use of the police powers of government to levy and collect taxes. Basically he said when a man comes to your "door with a gun," small businesses will have no alternative but pay up or close down, even if that means auctioning off assets to satisfy the unions taxman.

Without a doubt, and as a small business owner myself already mired with my own difficulties, the last thing I wish for our state is to have its economic engine "small business" completely cease up. In conclusion we both agreed that serious reforms are needed but most importantly elected officials that understand economics must be elected to office in the state legislature.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debates And Forums Coming To Milford

If you are UNDECIDED, then please consider attending one of our upcoming Public Forums.

With the changing economy, and new and challenging issues continuing to impact the lives and futures of so many individuals from all walks of life, the future leaders of Connecticut will soon be empowered to fulfill their public obligations to us all.

The General public is cordially invited to attend the following pre-election community forums. Small Businesses, Seniors, Veterans, City officials, and all persons with a vested interest in the good governance of our great city are encouraged to attend.

Citizens of Milford, and the general public, will be afforded a unique opportunity to ask each of the three party candidates to address current events as well as share public or personal concerns.

Bring your friends, your relatives, and anyone who has a vested interest in the future of Milford. Rocco Frank believes that an informed public is our best defense against the injustices that people may feel.


10.24.08 Smart Growth Candidate Forum at St. Gabriel's Come see and hear the candidates discuss Smart Growth. This event will be an open forum with a moderator/volunteer to be announced. Expected in attendance will be all candidates from the, the 118Th House Districts. The event will kick off at 7:00 P.M. in the school gym.:

10.22.08 Candidate Forum at St. Mary School Come see and hear the candidates discuss the issues in town. This event will be an open forum with a moderator/volunteer from the church. Expected in attendance will be candidates from the 12th Senatorial District, the 117Th 118Th and 119Th House Districts. This event will commence at 7:30 P.M.:

10.21.08 Candidate Forum at Plymouth Men's Club This Event is at 34 West Main Street Milford, CT 06460. They can be reached at 877-4277. The event will be a question and answer forum with dinner served. Cost of dinner tickets is $10.00 Per Person. Event kick off is on a Tuesday. Dinner served at 7:00P.M. Forum begins at 8:00P.M.


Monday, October 6, 2008

City Officials Seek Pay Raises

Milford city officials, mainly the mayor, city clerk and registrar of voters, are up for pay raises tonight. The Milford city board of alderman will vote on these pay raises. Mayor Richetelli indicated that he is underpaid compared to other mayors and the Democratically controlled board of alderman are biting their nails.

One person in particular is the 2Nd District alderwoman who is also running for state representative as a democrat. The feeling on the street is one of economic despair, over taxation, and a struggle with declining wages and business challenges. This economic climate is going to attract some major attention as to the outcome of this vote. The pay raises may end up being a Pyrrhic victory if approved. The taxpayers already overburdened are not particularly happy with the job our city has done in keeping the burdens on homeowners affordable.

This vote tonight will be a true test of courage for our aldermanic leaders who will show Milford who it is their loyalties lie with. No matter how this votes ends up there will be many unhappy people.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Milford Beachfront Still Growing

This week ended with the tear down of 173 Seaside Ave. in Milford Connecticut. Out with old and in with the new breed of million dollar plus homes with views of the sound. A group of onlookers watched with awe as construction workers rocked the house and tore down walls to get this old home to drop. The plummet did not come easy, a small "dozer" was going full steam pulling with all its might as the wheels just spun and dug into the sand with no success.

Chains were then attached to the wood framing as courageous workers ran in and out of the unstable structure to get it to collapse. Finally the job was done and everyone in the neighborhood was relieved. But no one was more relieved than the neighbor just to the left of this home. His house just a few feet away was completely unscathed not even a scratch. This was a professional well done job.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fort Trumbull Water Main To be replaced

The water main replacement at Fort Trumbull is well underway. This week city and state employees began the large project of laying the initial drainage pipe. The drainage pipe will be necessary because the 100 year old original water pipe is buried an estimated 16 feet underground.

The pipe featured in the picture above will be pumping out water as the workers dig deep and in sections to lay new pipe as they remove old pipe. This project also has to occur without interruption of service to the local area residents of which the workers on the street have said they are certain will not happen.

Most of the local residents, including the one small Italian owned business in the area said they are not particularly happy about the disruption in traffic and the noise commotion caused by the workers, but understand that the improvements are needed. All local residents at Fort Trumbull are in fact unanimous about one thing, and that is they will be excited when the project is complete and their street is back to normal.