Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mischief Night Causes Angry Kids To Go Wild

Each year the night before Halloween is known as "mischief night" or a day of rebellion for the cities youth. Up in my part of the woods I sat perched on my front porch trying to defend my property from the roaming gangs of kids skulking around my development.

This year was especially more destructive than usual. Normally the neighborhood kids just throw eggs, and decorate trees with toilet paper, some even like to steal a pumpkin and smash it in the street, but some "rotten apples" crossed the line when their pranks became outright destruction of personal property.

My personal development suffered a spray painted gazebo, destroyed mailboxes, and the brand new fence at the developments entrance was severely damaged resulting in substantial repair costs.

The front of my house bears the scars of tire treads burned into the asphalt in a circular motion and a black jeep was driving recklessly through stop signs while assaulting anyone they could find on the street with eggs.

The police eventually arrived, and what they were able to accomplish was certainly questionable. Usually when a clearly marked police car enters anywhere, all it does is causes the gangs of wild youths to scamper off into the shadows of parentless houses only to re-emerge after the cops are gone.

When I was in High School, I personally defended my neighborhood. If we saw "hoodlooms" pulling up in a car and damaging our property the car they got out of would have had rocks thrown through its windows. The bigger kids would have kicked dents in the doors and if we are able to catch one of the vandals he would have become a victim instead of a victimizer.

Part of what I am wondering is wether or not the kids in the neighborhood are doing this damage to their own community or defending it? I would also like to know if there is any high school kid upset enough to do their own investigation and find out who hit Lexington Green?

This night certainly must have been riddled with complaints. Petty crime statistics are high and it is my guess that the police on this night could not have possibly made it to every call in a timely fashion.

While personally I encourage healthy fun, and kids being out and off their Xboxes, and Playstations, this sort of behavior is not what comes to mind. Hopefully parents, next year, will know better than to let their problematic kids even leave their homes on the eve of Halloween.

Next year I also plan to help the local Police by organizing a neighborhood watch to make sure that these rowdy youth are deterred from doing more damage to our peaceful community. Anyone with information, or is interested in becoming part of the solution in my neighborhood please feel free to e-mail me at:

(Above Photo shows total destruction of an $8,000.00 Fence)

Friday, October 30, 2009

November 3rd. Voting Instructions

First and foremost find your voting center by going to the bottom of this page or click THIS LINK. Know where to go.

Next bring your ID. Acceptable forms of ID are valid non expired drivers licences, military, or passport id's, or certified state ID's. If you have none of these go to the Parson's complex voter registrar and obtain a voter ID card.

Once this is sorted out, on Tuesday November 3rd. go to your designated voting location between the hours of 6:00am till 7:30pm . If you are unfamiliar with the Diabold system watch the video above explaining its use.

As a final note, and to make sure your vote counted look at the numerical counter on the Diebold machine. (The counter will be located on the front panel and look like the odometer on your car.) Notice the number before you put your card in, then look again to be certain the number counted up.

Any problems please report them to the poll watchers and contact me on my cell. (203) 247-4357. or call the Voter Regisrar Office by clicking HERE.


Developers Project May "Rake Taxpayers Over The Coals."

The name is a gentle and yet wonderful name "Rolling Meadows" sounds like the kind of place to retire to or the place where Grandma and Grandpa may retire to. However, there is more to this construction boondoggle than meets the eye. (besides the fact that its in an industrial waste area on top of I95.)

Whenever a developer uses the word "Affordable" its time to start organizing Taxpayer protests. The very word "Affordable" is code for we are going to "Rake The Milford Taxpayers Over The Coals."

How so one may be wondering? Well lets start by saying that Milford has more affordable property than any city I personally ever lived in in the past. All one has to do is look at the real estate transfers over the last few years and you will see how many properties sold for around $200,000.00. Take this figure, add the $8,000.00 home owner credit, a super low interest rate, and amortize it over 30 years, and that home payment is around $1,000.00-$1,500.00. This is very affordable, especially since the manager of a Dunkin Donuts makes about twice that in a month.

So what is with the shady construction project called "Rolling Meadows?" To begin, unless this is a HUD subsidized housing project or under the scrutiny of the city of Milford (Like Jagoe Court, or DeMaio Court) the term "Affordable" is really nothing more than a "con man's pitch."

Hopefully the people in Zoning and planning, and the Zoning board of appeals will know the truth about this development and its inherent characteristics of a 28 unit negative income property. For those of you who do not know what that is, simply put its a two fold attack on Milford's residents or a tax increase combined with cluster housing and congestive living.

David Sulkis, our Milford City Planner, pointed out that "State law says that you can't utilize industrial land for affordable housing, so in effect, they want to change the use of the industrial land,"

Lois D'Amato has been fighting with the city to get this burdensome clustered development approved, but thus far has lost his case before the Zoning Board of Appeals who denied him an easement through the neighboring industrial park.

Sadly, this project is very close to being worked out, and if it is approved it could bring upward of 20-40 new kids into the already struggling school district. These kids will cost the city an additional $500,000.00 in educational costs. This number does not include the garbage pick up to this location, or the "wear and tear" costs that are aggregate to the tax base, like sewer maintenance, emergency services, and road repair.

Even in the best case scenario, 30 units with an estimated $4,000.00 in tax each will net the city $120,000.00 leaving a projected $400,000.00 "gaping tax hole in the city budget." For this reason alone, this should be considered the wrong kind of development for our city. Anyone at Zoning and Planning who even considers approving this project may just as well vote for a Tax increase on the majority of citizens here in Milford who oppose this kind of costly development.

The city of Milford has no shortage of affordable housing, if anything we need larger lots and more sustainable properties. The Environmental Concerns Coalition, and Smart Growth initiatives have already made several presentations to the municipalities on how best to create a sustainable community. I would highly recommend that this project be "nixed" or at the very least downsized to 500-700SF one bedroom and Studio Apartments if it is to exist in its current form and honestly be "affordable" to those who need it most... 18-30 year olds or seniors.

The site in question is 183 Quarry Rd. (90 Heenan Drive)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Time Homeowner Credit Stirs Milford Real Estate Market

The Obama administration introduced many capital injections into our economy. From "Cash For Clunkers, Unemployment Extensions, Banker Bailouts, and the First Time Home Buyer Credits."

The "Home Buyer Credit" gives $8,000.00 to first time home buyers who have decided to purchase a modest home. Realtors have been pushing otherwise unwilling buyers to get into that first house and quit renting. The $8,000.00 credit has been a great selling tool and we have seen "ups and downs" in the property transfers here in town.

The property transfers seem to have either less than ten properties sold or in some cases 20-30. Their seems to be very little consistency in the numbers from week to week.

This is especially true on the lower priced homes that have become more affordable thanks to the homeowner credit. This program, although a great program for a new buyer has had a significant effect. This effect has resulted in artificially skewing real estate numbers in Milford and putting our Real Estate marked into an uncertain future.

If anyone looked at the stats they will see that smaller energy efficient homes have retained their value much better than larger three and four bedroom homes that have actually declined significantly in value.

A local realtor I spoke with said that the "First time home buyer credit" has been a stellar program and has helped sell many homes that otherwise may have not been sold. She fears that when the program ends and without additional incentives or improvement in the overall economy home sales may return to being sluggish.

This is an assertion that is, some what contradicted by a Yale New Haven professor who said this months increase was good news, and that the uptick in markets is better news. However, we should not go and celebrate a rebirth in the Real estate market just yet because the economy is still on shaky ground. He believes that we may be entering a new bubble and confidence may be the answer not the First time Home Owner tax credit.

Robert Schiller was formerly a quantitative forecaster of the real estate market indexes and he said that the monumental shift in the index to the upside has caused him to put his expertise aside. Shiller states the numbers are beyond what he was taught as a forecaster and until we see solid momentum we may be looking at the beginning of another bubble.

While we all instinctively know things in the Real Estate market are different, those out there looking to develop property for profit, or relocate to a new house should consider their actions much more carefully. The Real Estate Market will continue to be volatile, and since for many buying a house is likely to be the largest financial transaction in a persons life, the extra due diligence could not hurt.

(Photo of quantitative forecaster Robert Shiller of Yale University)

Link on this page goes to video

Schiff Adds His Thoughts On Real Estate

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Post Endorsement Letter From Peter

Dear Milford neighbors,

With Election Day just around the corner on Tuesday November 3rd, I want to remind you of just 2 things.

1. I ask for your vote
My objective in contesting this Mayoral election is to give you the choice to vote for someone who will represent your interests instead of representing the bias of a political party.

As an Independent, I can and will make decisions based on what’s best for Milford and for you.
I have a proven background in leadership and management, meaning I can effect the necessary changes and make decisions based on what is best for our city and its residents.
As your Mayor my aims are:

• Fiscal responsibility
• Educating our children
• Citizen safety
• Business development
• Historical preservation
• Environmental advancement
• Infrastructure improvement

In summary, my principal goal is the betterment of our wonderful city.

I pledge to you that during my term as Mayor, I will always put PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS. I respectfully ask for your vote on November 3rd to enable me to serve you and serve Milford.

2. Vote!
Why is it so important to vote?

1. VOTING AFFECTS YOU. This election is solely about Milford. The candidate who wins will directly impact YOUR life and YOUR community.
2. VOTING IS YOUR VOICE. Many people complain about the current Mayor and Board of Aldermen, with their irresponsible behaviour and decisions. Well, this is your ONLY chance to do something about it.
3. VOTING IS A RIGHT. Vote because you can. Voting is a ‘right’ which is actually a ‘privilege’ when compared to many places around our globe.

In closing, I request that you consider voting for me, Peter SPALTHOFF, so I can work at making Milford the best city in Connecticut to live, work and raise a family.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spalthoff, Milford's Best Candidate For Mayor

Traditionally I have never really been in the practice of endorsing any candidates, but this year with so many great contenders I thought adding my personal opinion might benefit many of you out there who have not had time to do the research or watch the debate videos.

Hard as it is to believe the election is only a few days away, and soon thousands of Milfordites will be storming in the voting booths and voting for their candidates. To help ease the anxiety of looking at a voter card with a bunch of faceless names, I am going to give you my thoughts on each of the candidates.

Before I begin it is important for me to give you my disclaimer, currently I am on the ballot in the First district as the Independent candidate for the board of education. However, my views and opinions are based solely on my own research and personal attendance of the mayoral debates, personally speaking with every candidate, and reading what local newspapers represented about each of them.

My assessment is as Follows:

Genevieve Salvatore: She is a relatively new citizen here in Milford, and many people do not yet really know her very well. Genevieve serves on the Economic Development Commission and practices law here in town.

Genevieve won an overwhelming vote from her party over longtime resident Tim Chaucer and received the endorsement from our U.S. Representative Rosa Delauro. Salvatore was also recently endorsed by the New Haven Reigister over Incumbent Mayor Jim Richetelli.

Her views are very favorable toward a local green economy, and has pledged a policy of zero based budgeting to keep taxes affordable on our cities struggling people. These two views are also complimented by Spalthoff.

Problems I personally have with Ms. Salvatore is her newcomer status, but more grave than that is her friendship with Rosa Delauro and Chris Dodd. In the coming years Milford and the state of Connecticut are expected to have a challenging relationship with a failing federal government. Dodd was recently ostracized over his banking relationships and Delauro has been pushing a bill "The Food Modernization and Safety Act" that would put all our local farms under Corporate and Federal control.

The Democratic Party, has also been involved in the negative and misleading campaign that borders on the actions of an impish spectacle. Their theatrical engagement of the Republicans has not sat well with many people who are concerned about the issues in town.

For these reasons, and even though I think Genevieve is a stellar person, I will always have some discomfort over her parties negative influence, in tandem with her ability to challenge Federal Democratic leaders, especially in a crisis situation.

Jim Richetelli: Last Election I supported Richetelli and had a sign of his on my lawn. He has been our mayor for many terms, and in the past has done a great job in leading our city. Personally I would like to thank him and acknowledge up front all of the great work he has done. However, we vote in the present and we look to the future. The very fact that Jim lost the endorsement of the Register, a paper that endorsed him so many times before was a testament as to the political climate that exists today.

This year Jim has been called out time again over Taxes, educational cuts, historical preservation, business audits, absenteeism, and contract negotiations. Two of the three debates I have been to (in my opinion) have not been very favorable for Richetelli. (You are free to view them on this site just refer to the archives.)

The latest challenge our Mayor experienced was the Democrats and the Republicans engagement of an intensely negative campaign whereby voters are being deliberately confused and misinformed with negative information about their opponents.

Voters I believe have grown tired of this practice and just want to hear the issues and the facts. Jim being the incumbent has a terrific re-election advantage this year, but I personally believe that advantage has been diminished.

Tim Chaucer:Tim is a lifelong resident of Milford, he worked tirelessly trying to support and protect our cities historic properties and open space. Chaucer has been very critical of the destruction of the Cadley House, and the development of the property next to the Milford Library.

Personally I have spoke with Tim and found him to be a sincere person, however, in my opinion, he has a narrow view of interests in our town. Tim is also running as an "Unaffiliated" candidate since he lost the support of his primary political party to Genevieve Salvatore.

Tim took the loss in my view too easily, early on he struggled with the idea of a primary and then opted out instead of standing by his convictions that he was treated unfairly by his party.

Personally I found Chaucer to be a great person with much to offer Milford and even though I think he is the weakest candidate I sincerely hope that he stays involved and continues to fight along with us for what he believes in.

His views on open land purchasing, historic preservation and city planning are supported by all candidates across the board and we will need his expertise on future committees and at council meetings, should he not prevail.

Chaucer can certainly be a unifying force with his broad knowledge on keeping Milford's growth in harmony with our history. Personally I would look forward to Tim's continued involvement in those areas as his message was well received and he certainly proved himself as an asset to our city.

Peter Spalthoff: Peter is my personal favorite, not because he is an Independent but because of his selfless nature, investment in our community, and financial background in understanding debt, contracts, loans and financial instruments.

Of all the candidates in the running Peter has run a very ethical and honest campaign. Peter has pledged transparency in government, and adopted a policy that puts "people first." Every week new letters arrive to our local newspapers in support of Peter. His candidacy as an Independent has been larger than any that I remember in recent memory.

Peter also represents a realistic new choice for the growing number of people in town who have become despondent with the two party system. Peter's list of endorsements is also impressive, and he is the only mayor in CT to receive the official endorsement of the state Independent Party and the Independent American Party.

Peter's skills will be needed in the coming years especially with the 110 Million in financing that will be needed for our school improvements. Peter is also very open minded and works well with others. His most recent post in a political party was the chairman of the Republican Town Committee, but due to his own disappointment with the Republican party decided to reinvigorate the ranks of the Independents here in Milford.

When Peter Made his campaign announcement on the green early this year, he invoked the spirit of the late Charles Iovino. Iovino was the only Independent mayoral candidate in Connecticut's history to win a Mayoral election as a write in candidate.

Your vote this election will count more than before, and I personally hope you will lend that support to Peter Spalthoff My choice for this years Mayor.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.
Milford Daily Blog Contributor

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dodd's "No Banker Left Behind" May Leave Him Reeling For Votes

Chris Dodd is certainly a desperate man these days, aside from his slumping approval rating and sleuth of corrupt banking friends, Dodd is got the Tea Party Patriots protesting just about every event he goes to.

His candidacy was also complicated with health issues he developed, but after a protracted prostate surgery Dodd says he will march on in good health. For a short while things seemed to improve for Dodd, than Film Maker Michael Moore came along and created a new documentary called "Capitalism A Love Story." Moore characterized Dodd as being "bought and paid for" by America's big banks, with Countrywide and Goldman Sachs at the root of the nations monetary problems and the banking committee that he chairs.

Last week I saw the Moore Documentary in Bridgeport because the Milford Theater only ran it for three weeks. The showings were late at night and eventually the manager of the theater said that "due to a lack of interest in the film" it was "removed" from the theater. For this reason I traveled to the Fairfield Theater and saw it there.

This movie made it clear that there is more than one Bernie Madoff out there, there are bankers far more dangerous and in higher places than we can imagine. Instead of Ponzi schemes, we have the Federal Reserve hiding under the legitimacy of the color of law. They are printing money and issuing debt deep into the future and its costing us Trillions of Dollars. Incredibly no one seems to have any oversight or accountability for the Federal Reserve and its renegade practices.

Congress has become very frustrated with the Federal Reserve, who since 1913 inflated the dollar down to about Two Cents. Amazing? Yes what Two Cents bought in 1913 you need a Dollar for today. The Fed was created on the very premise that our undisciplined Congress would destroy our currency value, and therefore the expertise of the worlds bankers and their connections were important to secure Capitalism and avert a catastrophe.

Rep. Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders, introduced two bills to audit the Federal Reserve. Paul's Bill H.R. 1207 has 305 Co Sponsors or more than two thirds of the U.S. House of Representatives. S 604 introduced by Saunders is the companion Bill to H.R. 1207. The Senate has a paltry 31 Senators in favor of it and the Goldman Sachs boys (lobbyists) running the Federal Reserve recently hired Enron's (former) P.R. firm to pressure congress and the President not to audit the Fed.

There is a clear indication of fear from the Wall Street lobbyists in charge of the Federal Reserve. These people know that once the "curtain comes down" and the GAO audits the Fed and reports those numbers to Congress that the greatest swindle in history will be unveiled.

Congress knows this to be true, but Senators like Joe Lieberman and Chris Dodd continue to attack the banks on penny practices while blocking the legislation that will take down the Wall Street "Bernie Madoff's" that are swindling the taxpayers of America.

For those of you who are not certain how any of this affects you, well think again because inflation affects everybody. Many people today are forced to make due with less because as prices rise, wages usually do not keep up and unemployment and worker productivity also increases. This means workers, that still have jobs, must work harder for less money. Ron Paul called inflation the "cruelest form of taxation" because it is done without your consent, your knowledge, or a vote from Congress.

The solutions to these problems are not easy ones, they are not simple, but an audit of the Fed is the Right step because it will expose all those criminals in the banking system that have looted the U.S. Treasury through Theft, Racketeering, Cronyism, and corrupt business practices.

Ron Paul, a former Libertarian, and Sen Saunders a Socialist are both a far cry from the two party gang that occupies D.C. and yet these individuals are the ones pushing to end the looting in D.C. Why any of our congressional leaders would object to supporting the bill that roots out corruption in Washington is a mystery to me, but what it does imply is that many of our Congressional leaders are buying into the ruse that an audit will somehow interfere with the "neutrality and independence" of the Fed.

Many fear that the Federal Reserve is bailing out nations all across the world, on the backs of our children's and grandchildren's futures. While many are carrying their legacy by leaving a marred future on our kids backs. The next generation will have to deal with ever present crumbling cities that increasingly represent the failure of our nation. Moore represents Flint Michigan, and the tent cities in California as examples, and Bernake admits to giving other nations our tax dollars by way of central and global banks.

In conclusion to this post today, I would highly recommend not supporting or voting for any Senator that does not support S 604 The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act. Sadly to say that both of our Senators in Connecticut do not support it. I personally contacted Chris Dodd's office numerous times and basically got ignored and shut out on this very question time and again. I spoke with his media rep, and several of his staffers no one would give me an answer or the courtesy of an explanation.

Chris Dodd alleges he is taking a hard line against banks and their corrupt practices, but in reality he is just hurting small regional banks. Dodd is collaborating a policy that will consolidate these small banks into one of nine major banks. Essentially these banks will be shuttered and then only be permitted to function under the control of the Goldman Sachs boys at the Federal Reserve.

Anyone who understands this issue will tell you how important it is to have transparency in government, and Dodd appears to be against all transparency at the Federal Reserve. A banker once said in a documentary I saw many years ago, is that all it takes to hijack America is to control 51 people. The President and 50 Senators. Our forefathers said "that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies."

As it stands it looks like America's Plutocracy is comprised of perhaps 70 people at the moment. Sadly the people of this nation are still not yet awake enough to use the power we have left... "one vote one person."

Know the truth, stay informed, and use your "one vote" to vote the Plutocracy out. All we have left, is this "our one vote" and it counts just as much as that of a Billionaire so use it wisely.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Weeks Property Transfers

75 Jasmine Cir Unit 75, Lawrence and Patricia Burnagiel to Thomas and Lori Vazzano, $565,000.

308 Meadowside Rd Unit 301, Malcolm C. Nicholson to Indymac Federal Bk, $1.

1564 New Haven Ave, Robert Steven Sipos and Phyllis Morlando to Jeffrey and Tina M. Andranovich, $190,000.

85 Viscount Dr Unit 8a, Richard Ramah to Johanna Pagliaro, $277,500.

47 West Ave, Darlene A. and Finn J. Macdaniel to Jennifer Macdaniel and John J. Patterson, $206,000.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rebuilding Milford, Our City Continues To Improve

Milford certainly has made progress over the last few years and its important to note that despite the new found blight complaints our city has continued to improve. Some of the most notable improvements have been in Devon. These improvements include all those streetscapes that involve new lighting, parks and yes the Bridgeport Flyer Diner is now a "stellar" place to dine at.

Down in Walnut Beach, a new boardwalk is out for bid, and a developer built brand new town houses right across from the beach. Travelling north, Bridgeport Steel once a plighted property has now received a new face lift and is nearing completion.

On the green, Peter Spalthoff dramatically improved his property and his neighbor Harrison's hardware is set for a rebirth into a restaurant and retail establishment. Further north the Sikorski memorial bridge was beautifully redone, and the good news recently arrived that the I95 bridge spanning into Milford over the Housatonic is set to be rebuilt. And most recently, the New Aldi's supermarket (On the Post Rd.) recieved a nice welcome.

Jonathan Law High School is also getting a brand new wing, marking growth and improvement in our schools and local activists like the ECC are encouraging energy saving technologies to all our city buildings.

The greatest single improvement to our city has been the rebuilding of the former Jai Alai into a new Lowes, the addition put on the Mall, two new hotels and the redevelopment of the old trailer park into a Barnes and Noble, and Walmart Plaza's.

These modern improvements are in fact very exciting, but some fear that not enough emphasis is being placed on restoring Milford's historic architecture. Thankfully, and much to the credit of the voters that message was heard "loud and clear" and now provisions and safeguards have been put in place to make sure Milford's History is carefully preserved and protected.

Many thanks to all those people who have worked so hard to improve Milford, I sincerely hope that everyone's energy, investment and drive continue long into the future. Milford, through this kind of "Incrementalism" can improve its place on the coastline, and become the model for a modern metropolis.

As a final note I would also like to mention that the progress being incrementally made here in town is in fact wonderful. However, as the economy continues to "wind down," and the state grants arrive to their conclusion, it will be up to our city business leaders and elected officials to maintain what has been built and to continue to do so into that turbulent future.

Friday, October 23, 2009

No2Dems, Republicans Launch Attack Campaign

Anyone who has been driving around town lately could not help but notice the bright red signs with the words "The Dem's Copped Out" printed across them. The term "Copped out" is referring to police budget cuts alleged by the Republican's.

This is also followed up by a website with a detailed description of the the Republican grievance with the Democrats.

As a side note is important to mention that the site is registered to the Milford Republican Town Committee, and its Technical contact is party boss Tom Jagodinski. The Milford police, or its officers, are not responsible for the quality or creation of its content.

Sorting out fact from fiction during the political season can be a bit challenging, because misinformation, blame, stealing credit and bogus exaggerations are what the two party political system has become in town.

This week was no exception, especially when a Republican national icon and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed a third party conservative. Palin did so after she had an epiphany and finally realized that the National Republican and Democratic Parties are essentially the same.

To get to the root of this public safety issue, and to really determine what is real and what is not, lets rewind a bit. Thus far the FBI crime statistics that I printed on this blog show a real decrease in violent crime. However, that decrease is accompanied by an increase in petty crime. Some can allege that this petty crime is theft due to the economy, others could argue that because we fail to secure our belongings that these crimes are really carelessness on the part of the victims but in reality I tend to agree that it is really a bit of both.

Being a former law enforcement person myself, I can honestly say that a reduction of petty theft will not be resolved by more security cameras like the ones that were the topic of "Solitaire Night" at the Republican GOP HQ, or more police officers.

The solution is an educated public, signage, and a public awareness program to remind people to LOCK THEIR CARS if they contain valuables. Common sense should dictate not to leave cameras, cell phones, wallets or purses unattended at restaurants while you wander off. Every time something is lost or stolen, and the police are called, the crime is reported, and the FBI enters those statistics into a database. However, by their own admission this database does not "reflect the quality of life in our community."

So yes, its true petty crime is high, but what does this have to do with police cutbacks? and when did the police cutbacks begin?

To answer this question I can go back to my own recollection of the facts. This started with Peter Spalthoff's press release. It is also important to mention that Peter was a former Trumbull police officer as well as this years Independent candidate for Mayor.

Peter hosted a poll on his website that favored not having police officer positions eliminated, and he also put out a press release on 5/25/2009 warning Ben Blake the Democratic leader of the Board of alderman to respect the wishes of Chief Mello and not cut the police budget or eliminate police officers.

About two months later Brian McReady published this article clearly reiterating the Board of Alderman's involvement in the police cuts, as well as Jim Richetelli working with the Alderman to make cuts, and negotiate police contracts to save the city money. One of those positions cut by this process was the downtown bike patrol.

Richard Smith the Chairman of the Democratic party, recently said that "Three vacant positions are still on the books and unfilled." This was also verified by the McReady article and then again by Chief Mello who said "the money is there and it will take time to get properly trained officers who have cleared their background checks into those vacant positions."

What becomes clear here, is that one Officer was "temporarily eliminated" that officer was a "bike patrol officer" who certainly will not be riding his bike this winter in the snow. Also it is true that we have the same amount of police officers as we did a decade ago, but crime has also decreased and by admission of Chief Mello the response times to serious crimes have "not been jeopardized." He did admit that if you are a the victim of a "petty crime you may have to wait a little longer."

This entire debacle by the Republicans to instill "Fear" in our citizens appears to be a rude political ploy to win votes. As peter Spalthoff said "this is not meant to be a "the sky is falling" hysterical warning" but unfortunately and much to the discredit of the Republican Party they have turned it just into that a political ploy to paint a weak face on the Democrats.

The Milford Police are doing a fine job with the resources they have and certainly are not being made weak. From the above mentioned articles it should be clear that both parties, and the Mayor's contract negotiations are the only things currently impacting the police department.

The simple conclusion to this post is that the entire "The Dems Copped Out" campaign is a baseless scare tactic, hopefully Milford's citizens have more faith in our police officers abilities than the Republicans do.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three Candidates For City Clerk Debate The Issues

Just a few short days ago the Plymouth Men's Club put on yet another debate for citizens of Milford. This debate was centered around our local candidates for city clerk and in attendance was Linda Stock, Richard Roy, and Michael Konopka. The guest of honor was certainly Alan Jebson who after many years as our city clerk is retiring.

All the candidates performed well, and Jebson got high regards from all the contenders on stage. Qustions were drawn from the audience, and in tradition with the procedures of the PMC the boy Scouts Helped usher in those questions. In attendance were about 75 people mostly party members and the candidates families.

The video below was filmed by MGAT and is the debate in its entirety. We highly recommend you watch it and vote for the best qualified candidate.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Milford Kids Prepare For Halloween

Each year one of the most interesting and spectacular times in my neighborhood is Halloween. Where I live in Lexington Green, locals find it attractive this time of year. The community is a closed in community with about 450 houses spread across three very distinct developments.

The people in Lexington Green have actually grown accustomed to the very large swath of kids that arrive each year with their parents. The "Trick or Treaters" go house to house in their usual array of costumes scaring the neighbors in exchange for candy.

Last year I personally greeted about 500 hundred of the masked masqueraders right at my front door. The kids who arrived were not only limited to my neighborhood, I soon discovered that cars parked all along the entrance had kids getting out from as far as Bridgeport, but mostly they were locals right here in the immediate area.

With the large swath of open land, I discovered that many people in Milford, with kids, prefer housing developments because of the perception of safety and security that they have. Lexington Green is one such place, as it has lots of street lighting many responsible adults walking around with their kids and a large open green that is used to host an annual neighborhood costume party.

The association does not forbid outsiders from entering our community to "Trick or Treat" nor does it liberally advertise it. Hopefully this year will be a fun filled celebration that will bring lots of fun and joy to our neighborhood community once again. Certainly you are all are welcome to bring your kids to my house for a treat.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Milford Board Of Education Candidates Debate

The following video was filmed the night of the Milford Board of Education Debate at the Jonathan Law High School Auditorium right here in town.

On stage are members of three political parties spread across all five districts. The video was provided courtesy of Steve Borer who is also an Independent Candidate for First District Board of Alderman.


Partial Candidate List:

Republicans: (District 1) James Tranquilli Jr., Mark Stapleton (District 2) James Puvogel, Greg Oliver, (District 3) Jack O'Connel, Bob White (District 4) Diane Kuger Carroll, Allan Cegan (District 5) Sue DiBiase, Joe Jukic

Independents: (District 1) Rocco J. Frank Jr., (District 2) Ronald Funaro (District 3) N/A (District 4) N/A (District 5) Richard Sieron

Democrats: (District 1) Ralph Mastriana (District 2) N/A (District 3) N/A (District 4)David Hourigan, David Amendola (Distric 5)Laura Pinciaro

Monday, October 19, 2009

Milford Educates Public On Blight Ordinance

The city’s anti-blight ordinance went into effect at the end of September, and top city officials want to educate the public on what to do if they believe they encounter blight in their neighborhoods.

According to the code, violators will have to pay a $100-a-day fine for blight violations. Health Director A. Dennis McBride said the fines will be levied if homeowners do not respond to notices from the city.

McBride said the new code will be used in addition to state regulations, health codes and building codes.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Weeks Property Transfers

38 Prindle Dr, Glenn A. and Hilary A. Duhaime to Wallace F. and Carol A. Gantter, $450,000.

8 Alana Dr Unit 8, River Brook LLC to Michael Arnone, $250,000.

104 Carriage Path S Unit 104, Robert Sicignano to Tracie Dinette-Caselli, $172,500.

14 Chesterfield Ct, Woodstock Dev LLC to Dana Stournaras, $265,000.

101 E Broadway Unit C, Miller Jeanne Est and Kirk Benn Crocco to Matthew Sisti, $162,000.

8 Julia Ct, Daryle J. and Ronna M. Hiltz to Mark E. and Amber M. Bishop, $400,000.

180 Melba St Unit 201, Ocean Point LLC to Judith L. Stevens, $285,000.

450 Naugatuck Ave Unit 450, Southwind Cove LLC to James G. Savastano, $275,000.

1 Sand St, Richardson Margaret C Est and Michael S. Richardson to Cedar Properties LLC, $75,000.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Message From Steve Borer

My name is Steve Borer and I'm Running for the Milford Board of Alderman (first district) in the upcoming election. I'm doing the best job I can to prepare myself to be the best city Alderman I can be.

Hopefully you will also support my colleagues who have established the Independent Party for the benefit of our town. They are great hard working people and have earned your overwhelming support on election day.

This year certainly there are numerous issues that have invoked strong feelings in us. Under ordinary circumstances it would be important to discuss the details of each and every one of these issues, but today's circumstances are extraordinary, but not so terrible as to diminish our ability to handle our local problems.

Perhaps it is now fair to say that many are in agreement that our economy is in bad shape, the U.S. dollar does not buy as much as it used to, and ordinary middle class citizens are under duress. America as a nation has never seen its sovereignty and reputation this challenged, at least not in my lifetime as an American.

The future will certainly bring these problems to our local community, and it is therefore my commitment to be focused on the importance of working together, and taking care of our community first and foremost. It is also important for us to act now, and get involved with issues in Washington and protest the Federal changes soon to be induced upon our small city. Time is running out, and our Congressmen and Senators need to hear from you.

For today I am driven by my optimism and belief that we as a community can stick together, work as a team and make it through the next few years. I also would like to challenge you this election year and ask that you stand with us in sending our Washington leaders a strong message. This message simply entails you voting out the the two party system and helping us forge the foundation of a new Independent party outside of Washington's control and influence.

Since I believe that all politics are local, and it's fair to say that those in Washington, who will soon be responsible for all our upcoming hardships, will be unable to live up to their repertoire of shattered dreams, and broken promises, I therefore expect you will be there to vote different. Our community once again, and as in years past, will be forced to function by way of our own provisions.

Our people are NOT HAPPY with the present policies or direction taken by our National leaders. Would'nt it be nice, to just know, that the road to our nations rebirth began with your support of one small Independent movement at a time? Milford could very well be that community. All it takes is your vote, your support, and your willingness to speak out to your friends and family.

Never will I underestimate the power of determined people, especially those who work together to care for their most important assets... their families, their friends, our city and our country. Milford, in the past, was one of those cities that made history by electing the late Charles Iovino an Independent WRITE IN candidate.

Perhaps it was your fathers or grandfathers that pledged their support to Independents so many years ago. Today I ask of you to embrace the spirit of those who remember and came before you. On November Third go out and vote Independent, because now is the time to raise a rift and make big headlines once again!

See you at the Polls,

Steve Borer
Independent Candidate Board of Alderman 1St District

Friday, October 16, 2009

This Month In Food Science The Art Of Making Juice "Not From Concentrate."

Well so many of us go to the local supermarket and purchase our food and drinks. And if you are like me and my wife you read the labels and buy that juice that is stamped "not from concentrate." This is because you believe that the juice in that container is all natural and full of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Do you recall that commercial "fresh from the grove" that is all over TV? Well now I am thinking that the Corporate definition of "Fresh" is not the same as "Daniel Websters.".

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Legendary Debate Video Is Finally Released

The Video below was the legendary debate video that sparked a volley of fire over the amount of time it was taking to get out. It is important to note that there were several other people filming this debate, the copy here is provided from the only camera that did not malfunction.

The footage belongs to Peter Spalthoff the Independent candidate for Mayor and its delay was a result of editing issues as the copy presented was never intended for public release. Since all other copies failed to develop, Peter graciously took the time to edit out his personal content and share the part the public asked for, the Original Men's Club Debate.

A Quick Note From Peter

I would like to list the “five essential issues” that are important to me and what I would do about them if and when elected Mayor.

1. Public Safety - I will make sure that we have the proper and required staffing in our Police and Fire Departments. Any short-changing in this area directly short-changes our community.

2. Education - I will work with the Board of Education and the Aldermanic board in a fashion and transparent manner that they have never experienced. I will make sure that the needs of our children are not only met, but exceeded in the areas of both their education and their learning facilities. Our children are our greatest asset; investing in them is our obligation.

3. Infrastructure – I will up-keep our side-walks, roads and public property to ensure that our city is safe for everyone at all times – our families, our young, our senior citizens and our residents with disabilities. I will make sure that we look inward to our existing buildings and not let them fall into disrepair, as has City Hall. I will preserve our history, because quite simply, it is irreplaceable. I will build a working relationship with our business community, to ensure they stay in Milford.

4. Quality of Life issues - Our parks and recreation areas will be constantly reviewed to see what we can do better with and in them. The harbor would be an area where I would consider adding one or two small buildings, like at Captains Cove. They can be rented during the peak season for City revenue. We could even ask the Platt students to help in the construction of them to enable them to build a sense of ownership and pride in their city. I would also like to see a children’s play area at Gulf Beach for the younger children, making it even more family friendly. I will adopt ‘green’ initiatives and policies when and where viable for our city and our community.

5. Transparency & communication – I will enable residents to have a direct voice in important financial matters by having a referendum if/when appropriate. I will make certain that the projects the city is working on and/or the money we are requesting from the State and Federal Government is public information, available on the City web site. I will make certain that many of our service providing departments are open to the public during off hours for everyone to access without being inconvenienced.
Lastly, but importantly, I will manage our city’s finances in a prudent and responsible manner. Only with careful financial management can any advancement of our city take place.

I hope this helps Mr. Silvers with his decision on who to support as Milford’s next Mayor.

Peter L. Spalthoff Independent Party Candidate for Mayor 2009

CT Bob Previous Debate From Condo Assoc.


Part 1


Milford's Getty Gas Station Seeks Help In Finding Thief

The Petty Thief staring up at the 300 Bridgeport Avenue Getty Gas station video camera, is being sought by the Milford Police department.

The owners of the Gas Station located in Devon, said that the person depicted in the photo forced his way through the door in the early hours on the morning. He appears to be trying to disable the video camera, unaware of the fact that his photo was recorded prior to his vandalizing the security system.

The Gas station reported that the thief stole a small amount of cash and suffered an undisclosed amount of property damage.

Anyone with information, or may know this individual should contact the Milford Police Department by calling (203) 783-4798

Spalthoff And Salvatore Call For Zero Based Budgeting

Democrat Genevieve Salvatore on Wednesday called for "zero-based budgeting," saying that as mayor she would allocate money only when justified.

Rather than use each previous year's city budget as a starting point and then consider incremental increases, she said, the zero-based method allows an in-depth analysis of how money is being spent.

"We don't want to re-invent the wheel every year, but we want to rethink how we budget,'' said Salvatore, a lawyer in private practice here. "Department heads know what they are doing and know best how to do it.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Police Need Help Finding Bank Robber

Investigators have obtained an arrest warrant for a man they believe robbed the Sikorsky Financial Credit Union on Sept. 29, police said.

The suspect, Eric Lapenna, for whom no address was given, is believed to have ties to Maine and California, police said. He is described as 5 feet 8 inches tall and 145 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes, police said. Lapenna is believed to be operating a 2002 silver color Mazda Protégé, with Connecticut registration 820-XRE. Anyone with information that would assist in locating Lapenna is asked to call the Milford Police Detective Division at (203) 877-1465 or (203) 878-6551.

Delauro & Slossberg Cry Sexism Over Mayors Ethics Complaint

East Haven's mayor April Capone Almon is no stranger to controversy. Just a few short months ago Ms. Almon was arrested for interfering with police business. She obstructed police from towing illegally parked cars from a Town Beach parking lot and made state wide T.V. with her arrest.

Almon's issues with the Police began shortly after she was elected, her and her associate Mr. Strand had a falling out when she stormed over to East Haven's Chief of Police (Leonard Gallo) and brazenly told him he was "fired" and she was "taking over the Police Department."

Ms. Almon's Animosity toward the Police did not end there, they emerged again when an ethics complaint was filed against her by a East Haven police board member for giving an excessive raise to her personal secretary friend in government. This is an allegation that Ms. Almon denies, saying that her relationship was "appropriate" and so was the raise.

Needless to say, and come election time, the public and her Republican opponents have made campaign issues out of these monumental events. Issues that Rosa Delauro has called a "slimy political attack" and a "distraction" she also went on to say she stands "with her and the great work that she has done for the town of East Haven." Delauro who was accompanied by our Senator Gayle Slossberg, and a squad of other women leaders made a very large and public spectacle in Ms. Almon's defence.

Rosa Delauro led her contingent of women to East Haven, and decried that this attack is politically motivated and sexist, or in her own words "the kind of thing that women leaders have to go through." Since the allegations began in a conflict with the East Haven Police department the scope and nature of the dispute will most likely result in a Board of Ethics hearing to explore the nature of a $9,960 raise she gave to her secretary.

This also follows on the heels of her record of presiding over one of East Haven's Worst Tax increases, and earned its city a place in Connecticut's most foreclosed towns. Ms. Almond is a Democrat Seeking Re-Election, and these issues have become the "cannon fodder of choice for the East Haven Republicans none-the-less. What some are wondering here in Milford, is why are our state and Federal leaders ignoring her record, and the fact that campaigns are the time to bring about these issues?

From a personal standpoint I will maintain that it is not our elected leaders prerogative to interfere or engage the public over the criminal behavior of any city leader until the legal and legislative branches of government have completed their inquiries. The only difference I see here, is that none of these women Democrats came to the aid of Joe Ganim when he was arrested or Eddie Perez of Hartford or Mr. Philip Giordano of Waterbury for that matter.

In conclusion, even though this story has little to do with Milford, beyond the few elected leaders we share, I find it deplorable that this kind of intervention is what our leaders are doing with their time. When a common person gets in trouble with the "law" no one comes to our aid, as a matter of fact we too just like the lovely Ms.Almon can get arrested for doing reckless things and must answer to the very same legal system we all share. Politicians are not above or exempt from the law and should be held personally accountable in the same way the rest of us are.

PTA To Sponsor Board Of Education Debate

The Milford Parent Teachers Association will be sponsoring a Debate of the Board of Education Candidates at Jonathan Law High School. The event will be in the main auditorium and will commence at 6:45 P.M. on Thursday October 15th.

Candidates from the Republican Party, Independent Party, and Democratic party are expected to be on stage answering questions.

The nature of the debate will stem around questions from Parents, Teachers, Taxpayers, and Officials. The main points of concern are Funding for programs, Special Education, No Child Left Behind, CAPT's, Test Scores, and School Construction. The debate will also encompass the future of our educational system and opinions on what improvements can and will be made.

Kathy Huber, is in charge of the PTA debate on Thursday anyone with questions or are in need of directions should call 882-0213.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sikorski Credit Union Robbed Again

This will be the second time in two weeks the Milford branch of the Sikorsky Financial Federal Credit Union was robbed.

The robbery took place at about 12:30 this afternoon and a medical team was dispatched to the credit union along with emergency personnel and the police department. The robbery is still under investigation and one photograph (above) has been released.

Witnesseses described three hooded men entering the bank through the rear door, one demanded money from the a teller, the other entered an office and robbed a man lying on the floor. The suspects then exited through the rear door and made off in a getaway car described as a silver vehicle with tinted windows that may have been a Mitsubishi.

The police attempted to lift fingerprints, and used dogs to gather a scent. There is no comment on whether or not this heist was linked to the prior one. The police are also asking the public to report any information they have.

The person being treated was due to the anxiety induced by the incident and the overall psychological impact of the traumatic theft. (Photo of actual robbers.)

Violence Threatens Milford Mall's Survival

On Sunday night I was at my computer reading the latest blogs coming in off Topix. One blog in particular was very disturbing, it was from an individual who said he was at “the Westfield Mall, and heard someone was brandishing a gun. A large swath of people panicked and scattered down the escalator where the Managers of Target locked the front doors as a security measure for what appeared to be an hour. Shortly after another blogger concurred that he was at the mall and experienced a similar event.

These issues plaguing our mall are not new, and the New Haven Register this morning confirmed what these bloggers experienced but said the man brandishing the gun originated from the bus stop. One report indicates that while at the Bus stop he threatened to “Pistol whip” his girlfriend.” Another at the Post indicates that he made the threat during a group fight in the food court.

Mall police apprehended the individual and consequentially he was charged with gun related crimes. The incident did not make immediate news because the gun he was brandishing was merely a harmless “air gun.” But to the people in the Mall who were frightened by it that did not matter much.

The Westfield Mall continues to be plagued with security problems that stem from out of town kids engaging in lewd and lascivious conduct. Officers have been hit with food from food fights, a chair, assaulted physically, and broken up large fights.

Officers reported that the youth at the mall are so problematic that they neither respect a badge or a gun. However, he did say they all "respect the taser" and it is the best weapon in his arsenal.

A security officer at the Westfield Mall expressed concern, that these problems of violence may be because Milford is considered “neutral” territory. He said "when rivals from Bridgeport and New Haven attend the mall there is a propensity for conflict to occur."

Shop owners fear that these problems are also effecting the retail establishments in the Mall who also pay handsomely to have the traffic and placement that the Mall offers. Lately the violence combined with the economic downturn has resulted in record high vacancy rates and the Mall owners are struggling to stay in business. One shop owner said "if the youth problems persist, people will be reluctant to shop here."

Last year the Westfield Mall ended up in court, and sued the city of Milford over what they said are excessively high taxes. Mayor Richetelli, after the lawsuit settled and said the “Westfield Mall is of vital economic importance to Milford, and the settlement was worth it. Had the city not settled and lost the case the city would have been forced to immediately pay a substantial amount of money to the owners of the property.” The settlement earned the Westfield Mall a 11% tax decrease, one they said was the result of their property being overvalued by the town assessor. The mall also benefits from a Police HQ annex located in the mall next to Panera's.

Reports indicate that the tax savings was desperately needed given the fragility of the commercial real estate market and the shaky economy.

These assertions are being confirmed daily by a website called This site lists the growing number of defunct and struggling malls across the country. In Connecticut Seven are listed in the index, including the Bristol Mall in Bristol Ct., and the long defunct HiHo Mall. (Now occupied by The Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport.)

While there appears to be no immediate solution to these youth conflicts at the moment additional changes are being made to the bus policy of the mall. Effective soon fewer buses will be permitted to stop at the mall, and security will be put on high alert to curtail the problem. Loitering will not be tolerated, and aggressive enforcement against shoplifting and disruptive behavior will be engaged.

The mall management has expressly indicated that they are committed to delivering a calm safe environment where shoppers can go and enjoy themselves. While they regret the problems induced by local youth at the Mall they assure the public that every reasonable effort is being made to stem the tide of mischief.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day And Our American Heritage

Many countries in the New World and elsewhere celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas, which occurred on October 12, 1492.

This event is currently being challenged today by Icelanders, as several relics emerge such as the Kensington Runestone, and a Rotunda Style Templar church that predates Columbus off our American Coast line.

Recently the History Channel set out to do a documentary on trying to validate the Templar story and they raised some significant questions as to the credit given to Columbus as being Americas discoverer. The irony with the Columbus discovery is that the now famous Knights of Columbus are a church sanctioned equivalent of the Knights Templar, those thought to be the authors of the Kensington Runestone.

The Nina Pinta and Santa Maria arrived to the Americas bearing the Infamous Red Cross, the sacred symbol of the Templar's on the sails of all Columbus's ships.

Even though we officially celebrate today as our day of discovery by Columbus, the fact still remains that the significance of this date will remain a mystery for many years to come. Please click HERE to read more.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Moore "Chris Dodd can't win and should step down for the good of his party."

Michael Moore's latest documentary did not sit well with our controversial Senator Chris Dodd.

Now Filmmaker and Documentary Producer Michael Moore alleges that high level Democrats have telephoned and told him to "Back Off" Dodd or "Else." We soon may see what this "Or Else" is, but in the meantime lets enjoy Moore's latest video excerpt while we still can.

Today we also get to enjoy our First Amendment right "up close and personal." Much to the chagrin of our illustrious Senator Dodd, who most likely will seek to draft/support a new law to silence people like Moore.

If you think the "Fairness Doctrine," "Cyber bullying" and the latest "FTC Sponsorship" laws are tyrannical, than "wait and see" what the Democratic National Socialist agenda has in store for their critics in the future.

The video below is a commentary by Moore, his thoughts on Dodd, and his critique of our educational, monetary and economic system. Enjoy this thought provoking interview while you still can.

Movie Link

This Weeks Property Transfers

1 Bayberry Ln, Ann Dolores Kelly and Marylou Olsen to George T. and Joan A. Blaszczyk, $330,000.

30 Argyle Rd, Donald E. Robinson to Melissa Nelson, $257,000.

14 Barn Ln, Joy Arthur Est and Rebecca Joy-Buck to John B. and Gladys Sporko, $85,000.

49 Corona Dr, Frank and Sueli Sirena to Robert E. Cincotta, $274,000.

89 Crestwood Rd, Ethan D. Mitkowski and Allison M. Frank to Kurt Fasulo and Kara Ryan, $315,000.

21 Greenview Ln Unit 21, Robert R. and Valentina Cascella to Biagio Padula, $224,000.

37 Indian River Rd, Russell J. and Patricia A. Crowley to David M. Saracin, $195,000.

9 Marble Ln, Susan Defranceso to Sandra Lee and Ronald F. Richards, $75,000.

162 Mary Ellen Dr, Marilyn P Boone RET and Marilyn P. Boone to Dennis J. Spillane, $292,500.

18 Melba St Unit 102, Ocean Point LLC to Lance C. Jensen, $269,900.

446 Naugatuck Ave Unit 446, Southwind Cove LLC to Bozena Szajkowska, $293,000.

29 Pearl Hill St, Raymond L. Mascola and Valerie J. Fuller to Suzanne Mount, $214,000.

321 Popes Island Rd Unit 321, Philip C. Pilletere to Curtis Rias, $300,000.

61 Shea Ave Unit 61, Mary Ann Spangler to James C. Scofield, $189,000.

534 Swanson Cres Unit 534, Angela Bradley to Christian Miron, $182,500.

For pictures or more information on a property Click HERE

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Educational Thoughts From Dick Sieron

There is a crisis in public education in our country today. It is often referred to as "The Dumbing Down of America" and in spite of our comparative prosperity in Milford, it is running rampant here. I recently button holed a few students leaving our Milford high schools at the end of the school day and asked them a couple of questions. I discovered that NO student (only a slight exaggeration) in our Milford schools knows how to divide 51 by three without using a calculator. Most of them do not know how to make change without the aid of a cash register. I also found that only approximately half of our high school students can point to Great Britain on a world map.

Public education has deteriorated severely in the last 50 years. Our grandparents were far better educated than the present generation. Way back in 1957, Admiral Rickover declared that the U.S. Standards of Education were unacceptably low We can only imagine what he would say if he were to come back today. Yes, there are some good students in our Milford public schools, but there will always be some achievers. I would estimate that half our Milford students that enter high school will learn almost nothing in those four years that can help them later in in life. Those students learned how to read and write in grammar school and that was the end of significance for them. A large number of students are dropping out of school. That number was far less 50 years ago.

Milford's education budget today is $110 Million (including state grants). We are certainly not getting our money's worth. We must rid ourselves of what I call the money mentality. That is the practice of throwing money after every problem. The little one room school house of a hundred years ago produced better education then our present multimillion dollar facilities.

Now let me address an incredible situation with our current Board of Education. If you look up the names of the members of the Board of Education on the city website, you will find one member listed as the "Chairman of the Majority Party" and another listed as "Chairman of the Minority Party." You will also find these same titles referred to in newspaper articles.

It is a fact that Board of Ed members vote strictly along party lines. All members of the Democrat party vote one way and the members of the Republican Party vote the other way. Politics, practiced at the school board level is moronic (I tried hard to think of a kinder word than moronic, but it's the only one that seems to be appropriate.) These people appear to be incapable of critical thinking. As a member of the Milford Independent Party, I pledge to cast my vote based on the issues and not based on politics.

I have talked to a number of teachers and they are virtually unanimous advising me that they spend all their time teaching to the state mandated "no Child Left Behind" (NCLB) testing program and have no time for anything else. A stop must be put to that and that will not be easy to do. If Milford stops testing, it will lose millions of dollars from the state and guess where the state gets that money from? Big Brother (the Federal Government), the Fed's are prohibited by the US Constitution from being involved in education. That is the province of the State and local governments. So how do they get around it? They give grants to the states which they in turn pass on to the local governments. I am told that Milford cannot refuse to administer the NCLB tests, without losing ALL state educational grants. That is outrageous.

Teachers tell me that they are forced to teach the students what to think and how to think. A prominent school book publishing executive advises that because they must meet the standards set by each state, the text books, in general, are becoming more alike and the content is specifically associated with the outcome of the NCLB tests. All books are being produced to the same standards, which means that creativity and creative curriculum are lost.

I do not believe that Washington bureaucrats are any smarter than many good citizens here in Milford and we are perfectly capable of finding good textbooks that are not produced using a "cookie cutter." I would like to see textbooks used that explore the thinking of the Founding Fathers and challenge students to ask thoughtful questions.

If elected to the school board, I would advocate giving the Superintendent the broad based guidelines for running the schools on a daily basis and then step back and let him do his job without micromanagement. I do not advocate the same policy for the curriculum. I will be intensely interested in making major changes in that area. There are a number of schools across the country which have made dramatic improvements. We should be examining their methods.

Richard Sieron
District 5, Candidate Board of Education
Milford Independent Party

Anyone voting at Harborside Middle School can vote for Richard Sieron

Friday, October 9, 2009

Environmental Offender Paid $23,212.00 Fine For Milford Contamination

A Hamden, Conn. environmental consulting firm will pay a $23,212 fine for violating federal regulations covering the storage and handling of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

According to EPA, Facility Support Services, LLC (FSS), failed to conduct proper soil sampling, resulting in PCB contaminated soils being recycled and potentially released back into the environment rather then being treated or disposed of properly.

In 2007, FSS was hired to conduct soil sampling and to complete response at a property in Milford, CT., due to an earlier release of oil from an underground storage tank. As a result of their investigation, FSS was hired to oversee the excavation of the oil-contaminated spill area. FSS then hired a subcontractor to excavate the soils and to provide transportation of the excavated material to a facility to be used in asphalt batch treatment and recycling.

On February 12, 2008, the subcontractor accidently punctured an abandoned underground storage tank during the excavation, releasing about 20-30 gallons of oil. FSS directed that the soils impacted by the new petroleum release be placed in a stockpile and analyzed for PCBs. Sampling of the waste oil came back positive for PCBs at a concentration of 280 parts per million (ppm). FSS relied on analysis of a composite sample in deciding to ship the contaminated soil for recycling.

FSS failed to conduct "in situ" sampling of the soils. In situ sampling means samples collected of the impacted soils prior to excavation. If in situ sampling is not conducted, the PCB regulations require that the soils in question be treated as containing greater than or equal to 50 ppm PCB waste. Consequently, FSS illegally shipped about 24 cubic yards of the PCB regulated soils for recycling.

PCBs are persistent in the environment and are suspected carcinogens. Exposure to PCBs can cause liver problems and skin rashes.


Alzheimer’s documentary to be shown at library

There will be a special screening and discussion of HBO’s documentary "The Alzheimer’s Project, Momentum in Science," at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 2 at the Milford Public Library, 57 New Haven Ave.

Momentum in Science outlines scientific developments in Alzheimer’s research, organizers said. It explores the current explosion of knowledge within the scientific and medical communities, from imaging earliest signs of Alzheimer’s disease, to understanding roles genetics and lifestyle might play, to progress being made in the effort to develop drugs to treat or even prevent the disease, organizers said.
Maria Tomasetti, Alzheimer’s Association, Connecticut Chapter, will facilitate a discussion following the viewing. For moreinformation or to register for the program, call (203) 230-1777, ext. 14.

The Alzheimer’s Project was created by the award-winning team behind HBO’s acclaimed Addiction project and is presented by HBO Documentary Films in association with the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health, the Alzheimer’s Association®, The Fidelity® Charitable Gift Fund, and Geoffrey Beene Gives Back® Alzheimer’s Initiative. The series is Produced by John Hoffman and Executive Produced by Sheila Nevins and Maria Shriver.

To read more Click Here For Helen Bennett Harvey's Blog

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Petty Thieves In Milford On The Rise

Recently I wrote an article that violent crimes in Milford are down dramatically in the wake of a 2008 population increase of nearly 3,000 people over the last five years. But in the area of petty crime, or "Property Crime" as it is listed in the Trulia graph above, Milford is a bit challenged, and fares at a level that is quite honestly very high.

On two occasions I had the opportunity to speak with a police officer about this very issue, and what he reported was mostly thievery by young adults on the prowl.

Most complaints that involve a property crime are the result of our own failure to lock our cars, close our garages, or secure our personal valubles. A great many cases of theft, for example, occur because kids see things in cars they think are valuable.

Unlocked cars are easy targets, and a thief can grab your purse, wallet, or laptop computer by simply opening up the door. By the time the police arrive, other than looking for fingerprints, there is often not much they can do to get the stolen items back.

What the Police Department recommends is for people to assist them in reducing the numbers of crimes. Our part is real simple, "lock your car," "Close your garage," and "Do not leave your valuables laying around in public places." Business owners can put up a sign in their parking lots reminding people to "please lock their cars while unattended." If we all take this approach and spread the word to our family members, we as a community can make a difference in bringing down our crime statistics.

With the economy teetering, and unemployment rising these crimes of opportunity are going to become more prevalent as the "have nots" will continue to target those who "have."

These are unfortunate times, and when people hit their lows strange things can happen. My mother-in-law who lives in Florida once told me that after the last devastating hurricane people were all very nice for about the first three days. After not being able to get the basics they needed for survival she witnessed even the nicest neighbors get downright "mean" as she put it.

Crime, and the "meanness" of theft, is now becoming a fact of life during the present economic onslaught and its induced trials and tribulations. We as a community need to do our part by simply taking greater care in securing our personal property. Again, please inform your family and friends that they can do their part in deterring crime by just following the above police advice.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mayoral Hopefuls Debate Local Environmental Issues

The (Environmental Concerns Coalition) ECC Debate kicked off as scheduled at 6:P.M. all candidates in the running were present and questions were prepared in advance by the ECC moderator.

Candidates had 2 minutes to answer each question, and a rebuttal of their opponents of one Minute. This was the protocol for the first few questions, the next four questions were drawn randomly from a hat and were pre-written by the ECC and selected by each candidate. The audience was also permitted to openly ask questions at the end of the debate.

Of the initial questions asked, the issue of purchasing open land was agreed upon as a good idea by all candidates. The next question regarding Milford's deplorable record on Recycling sparked the most debate.

While the question formulated by the ECC corresponded with the 6% figure as reported in the CT Post Jim Richetelly took issue with the numbers as inaccurate. Richetelly alledged that the number was "under-reported... an error" and held up a copy of the DEP report that he claimed indicated Milford was recycling 12% of its renewable waste not 6%. Richetelli said that Milford is not "last in the state, but doing much better than people believed."

One public question came in regarding the funds to purchase open space, Richetelli exhausted nearly all the money in the open space fund in his latest Naugatuck land deal purchase. The issue of how to pay for this was best addressed by Peter Spalthoff who indicated he would make it a "budget item," and purchase land as part of the routine operations of the town. There was little disagreement to this, since all the candidates agreed that purchasing open space saves Miford's taxpayers money.

There was also debate on adding a paid commissioner to go out and manage the land purchases. Tim Chaucer said that the best candidate for this job would be an "outdoor enthusiast who really knows the town and its land very well."

Each candidate Praised, and addressed, the Clean Energy Roadmap approved by the Board of Aldermen last month. The plan lays out steps the city should take to become environmentally sound. The Roadmap was authored by a community task force and is a step by step plan for city officials to follow.

When it came time for the audience to ask questions, the first question was regarding public transportation. All candidates vowed to improve public transportation and do their part to make certain Milford has more bus stops and convenient locations to get people to and from their local destinations.

The next question from the audience got interesting because I do not think the moderator expected an off topic attack of Richetelli. The man who asked the question specifically addressed it to Jim. He started by saying he made several unanswered telephone calls to Jim, then followed up with more unanswered e-mails. Than after contacting his aide was able to get to talk to him.

Expressing disgust over his experience, he then charged that he did not get the tax decrease that Jim advertised in his "mail piece" that he held up to the audience. He said "I am an engineer, and I am very good with numbers. I looked at my old bill and compared it to my new one... where is my savings!" The moderator told the gentleman that this was an environmental forum not to get "off topic." she said that perhaps "the candidates could answer those types of questions after the debate."

The candidates nonetheless did answer the gentleman's question, and Richetelli stood up and told the gentleman "everyone in Milford received a 2.6% tax decrease plain and simple." Geneveve Salvatore reminded the man that the tax decrease was courtesy of the Democratic led Board of Alderman and that Richetelli's rejected budged actually would have raised his taxes.

The event lasted over an hour, and all the Candidates for Mayor remained long after the meeting and respectfully spoke to the public. However it is important to note, that what is mentioned above are just some notable highlights. MGAT Channel 79 on Cablevision did videotape the event and it will be made available to the public in its entirety in the next week or so and I recommend we all watch it. The more informed you are the better choice you will make come election day.

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