Friday, October 2, 2009

Crime In Milford Drops Significantly Compared To Five Years Ago

The population of Milford has steadily increased over the last five years and according to the FBI crime statistics most areas of crime have decreased significantly. But before I start to go on about how exciting this report is, I need to point out the disclaimer on the FBI website about their statistics.

The FBI wants readers to know "that the numbers in the tables below are only what is reported to them and are not indicative of the real or actual quality of life in a community." That is it in real short summary but anyone who wants more information can go to to get more answers.

The tables below are therefore going to be my interpretation, and if I may put it frankly, the police department is doing a great job holding the line on deterring just about every area of major crime in our city.

There has been much talk of Republican fundraisers to purchase video cameras that some area businesses want and others find controversial. There also has been criticism over additional police offers being added to the streets. But when you look at the facts as reported to the FBI Milford's Police Department, or people, have been doing a stellar job in deterring crime. The numbers speak for themselves.

See the Table Below (More People Less Crime):

These numbers are great news news for any home buyer looking to find a tranquil place to live with lots of beaches, and great quality of life. My personal experiences in Milford have also been crime free and tranquil, and no one in my very large extended family has been a victim to any crime while living here. Sometimes when we pick up the newspapers and read about all the horror stories with sexual assaults, bank robberies and the like we are really looking at extended dragged on variations of the same drama. The same criminals being reported on for months and months on end, and being reported on play by play.

Recently I heard that Milford is one of the best places to retire to in Connecticut, and is ranked real high on the East Coast. We are the only town in the State to have had their taxes go down. These qualities are what attracts others to want to live here in Milford, and when anyone ever makes remarks about "Crime in Milford" they just need to really check the facts. Milford's crime rate is much lower than the state average in every area and we as a community can be proud of that despite the sensationalism put forth by some local reporters and those who want to lobby for a bigger police department.

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