Monday, October 26, 2009

Dodd's "No Banker Left Behind" May Leave Him Reeling For Votes

Chris Dodd is certainly a desperate man these days, aside from his slumping approval rating and sleuth of corrupt banking friends, Dodd is got the Tea Party Patriots protesting just about every event he goes to.

His candidacy was also complicated with health issues he developed, but after a protracted prostate surgery Dodd says he will march on in good health. For a short while things seemed to improve for Dodd, than Film Maker Michael Moore came along and created a new documentary called "Capitalism A Love Story." Moore characterized Dodd as being "bought and paid for" by America's big banks, with Countrywide and Goldman Sachs at the root of the nations monetary problems and the banking committee that he chairs.

Last week I saw the Moore Documentary in Bridgeport because the Milford Theater only ran it for three weeks. The showings were late at night and eventually the manager of the theater said that "due to a lack of interest in the film" it was "removed" from the theater. For this reason I traveled to the Fairfield Theater and saw it there.

This movie made it clear that there is more than one Bernie Madoff out there, there are bankers far more dangerous and in higher places than we can imagine. Instead of Ponzi schemes, we have the Federal Reserve hiding under the legitimacy of the color of law. They are printing money and issuing debt deep into the future and its costing us Trillions of Dollars. Incredibly no one seems to have any oversight or accountability for the Federal Reserve and its renegade practices.

Congress has become very frustrated with the Federal Reserve, who since 1913 inflated the dollar down to about Two Cents. Amazing? Yes what Two Cents bought in 1913 you need a Dollar for today. The Fed was created on the very premise that our undisciplined Congress would destroy our currency value, and therefore the expertise of the worlds bankers and their connections were important to secure Capitalism and avert a catastrophe.

Rep. Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders, introduced two bills to audit the Federal Reserve. Paul's Bill H.R. 1207 has 305 Co Sponsors or more than two thirds of the U.S. House of Representatives. S 604 introduced by Saunders is the companion Bill to H.R. 1207. The Senate has a paltry 31 Senators in favor of it and the Goldman Sachs boys (lobbyists) running the Federal Reserve recently hired Enron's (former) P.R. firm to pressure congress and the President not to audit the Fed.

There is a clear indication of fear from the Wall Street lobbyists in charge of the Federal Reserve. These people know that once the "curtain comes down" and the GAO audits the Fed and reports those numbers to Congress that the greatest swindle in history will be unveiled.

Congress knows this to be true, but Senators like Joe Lieberman and Chris Dodd continue to attack the banks on penny practices while blocking the legislation that will take down the Wall Street "Bernie Madoff's" that are swindling the taxpayers of America.

For those of you who are not certain how any of this affects you, well think again because inflation affects everybody. Many people today are forced to make due with less because as prices rise, wages usually do not keep up and unemployment and worker productivity also increases. This means workers, that still have jobs, must work harder for less money. Ron Paul called inflation the "cruelest form of taxation" because it is done without your consent, your knowledge, or a vote from Congress.

The solutions to these problems are not easy ones, they are not simple, but an audit of the Fed is the Right step because it will expose all those criminals in the banking system that have looted the U.S. Treasury through Theft, Racketeering, Cronyism, and corrupt business practices.

Ron Paul, a former Libertarian, and Sen Saunders a Socialist are both a far cry from the two party gang that occupies D.C. and yet these individuals are the ones pushing to end the looting in D.C. Why any of our congressional leaders would object to supporting the bill that roots out corruption in Washington is a mystery to me, but what it does imply is that many of our Congressional leaders are buying into the ruse that an audit will somehow interfere with the "neutrality and independence" of the Fed.

Many fear that the Federal Reserve is bailing out nations all across the world, on the backs of our children's and grandchildren's futures. While many are carrying their legacy by leaving a marred future on our kids backs. The next generation will have to deal with ever present crumbling cities that increasingly represent the failure of our nation. Moore represents Flint Michigan, and the tent cities in California as examples, and Bernake admits to giving other nations our tax dollars by way of central and global banks.

In conclusion to this post today, I would highly recommend not supporting or voting for any Senator that does not support S 604 The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act. Sadly to say that both of our Senators in Connecticut do not support it. I personally contacted Chris Dodd's office numerous times and basically got ignored and shut out on this very question time and again. I spoke with his media rep, and several of his staffers no one would give me an answer or the courtesy of an explanation.

Chris Dodd alleges he is taking a hard line against banks and their corrupt practices, but in reality he is just hurting small regional banks. Dodd is collaborating a policy that will consolidate these small banks into one of nine major banks. Essentially these banks will be shuttered and then only be permitted to function under the control of the Goldman Sachs boys at the Federal Reserve.

Anyone who understands this issue will tell you how important it is to have transparency in government, and Dodd appears to be against all transparency at the Federal Reserve. A banker once said in a documentary I saw many years ago, is that all it takes to hijack America is to control 51 people. The President and 50 Senators. Our forefathers said "that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies."

As it stands it looks like America's Plutocracy is comprised of perhaps 70 people at the moment. Sadly the people of this nation are still not yet awake enough to use the power we have left... "one vote one person."

Know the truth, stay informed, and use your "one vote" to vote the Plutocracy out. All we have left, is this "our one vote" and it counts just as much as that of a Billionaire so use it wisely.

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