Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chester First Selectman Tom Marsh Visits Milford Independents

Chester is a model town in the state of Connecticut, and so is its very proud Republican Mayor Tom Marsh who has the honor of presiding over the states most desirable town. Tom Marsh is currently a Republican seeking the Independent Party nomination to run for Governor.

He attended this evenings Milford Independent Town Committee Meeting along with Dr. Mertens who is also seeking the party nomination for the U.S. Senate. Both Mertens and Marsh were this evenings guest speakers and each spoke as to their unique qualifications for public office.

Mertens indicated that he is "ready to fearlessly confront the nations challenges," and criticized the failed policies of the two party system. Mertens who is a Engineer and teacher by trade, called Obamacare "flawed and is disappointed with the bill in its current form" but has agreed that something has to be done about this nations troubled health system.

He said Obamacare is a "starting point" and it will need serious reform if it will work for the people of Connecticut. Mertens also agreed with Telesca that the 15 state lawsuits challenging Obamacares Constitutionality are good. He and Mike both believes that the courts will make a determination on whether or not the "Commerce Clause" is in fact an issue. Mertens is also sceptical about its legal defeat, as he is of the opinion that the bill may not be un-Constitutional enough to satisfy the courts legal standard.

Mike Telesca, a cancer survivor himself, stated that during his treatment he was faced with severe financial challenges. Telesca said that "the hospital was charging him upward of $20,000.00 a day.." He said "a decision had to be made and I left the hospital many times earlier than I should have so I welcome anything that reforms this system of care."

Tom Marsh, was asked about his vision for Connecticut and quickly pointed out that there is party gridlock in the state Capitol. The Republicans want to stop spending, and the Democrats are under the direction of the unions. Marsh said that the "Current Speaker of The House Chris Donovan has more in common with a labor representative than a representative of the people."

Marsh also criticized Rells leadership, citing that "Hartford has not had any solid leadership in many years." Running as an Independent now, he believes, is the right move, especially with civil unrest and the steady public outcry for change that continues to grow.

Marsh said that he believes Voters will soon realize that there needs to be a "third choice come November" and he is hoping that those disenfranchised voters will be more inclined to vote for him on the Independent line.

Both Marsh and Mertens have websites highlighting their positions and views on state and Federal Issues and encourage everyone to take the time to read what they published. Mertens said that if "every person in Connecticut took take the time to read just the first page on my website I would be elected."

Marsh's website and John Mertens website

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away....

"Come on back another day!"... or at least that is what I heard the town folk were singing along the wetlands. The Rain is coming in like a Lion ahead of those infamous "April Showers." Perhaps we can start April with the old proverb that it will be a "deluvian" month.

But the rain is not all bad news for some. Especially those in the cleaning and restoration business. Many homeowners who have fallen victim to flooding are expected to file insurance claims. Those insurance claims will soon translate to a period of robust business for those in the cleaning restoration, and construction business.

The birds down at Duck Pond appear to be very happy as well as their pond has risen up over the grass and well into the area once occupied by public onlookers of the wonderful scenery that depicts Milford's waterfront.

The rain is not expected to stop for at least another day or two. The especially wet weather is expected to deliver several months of seasonal rain in just a few days. The city will also be busy down in Devon closing roads, and pumping water from flood zones.

Hopefully all of you who live in low lying areas have already taken the time to check the condition of your bilge pumps and emergency flood control in your basements. Remember that somethings insurance cannot replace.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dr. John Mertens Guest Speaker At Milford Independent Party Town Committee

U.S. Senate candidate John Mertens will speak at the Milford Independent Party Town Committee Meeting on March 31st at 7 PM, at the Stonebridge Restaurant, 50 Daniel St., Milford. Mertens is a Professor of Engineering at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and also teaches courses in public policy and environmental science. The meeting is free and open to the public.

Mertens became the first candidate in the country to earn a 2010 ballot line for U.S. Senate at the Connecticut for Lieberman Party statewide caucus on January 13th. He is also seeking the nomination of the Independent Party.

Mertens presents over thirty detailed position statements and solutions to long-term problems on his website:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Milford Independent Party Now On Facebook

Anyone wishing to meet up with other Independent minded people can now find the Milford Independent Party on Facebook. Please take the time to search for us there at "Rocco-Frank Milford Independents" You may also enter your information below and become a follower of this blog.

Thank you for your past and present support, and thank you to our many advertisers who help fund this site. Please visit their ads and support them if you see anything interesting. The Milford Daily Blog encourages users to help those who help us. Each time you visit one of our sponsor sites they reward us with a modicum of change.

Thank you again for your support of our blog.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

E-MailGate Comes To Milford

City Attorney Winthrop S. Smith, at the Republican Town Committee meeting Thursday, braced his fellow party members for a potential embarrassment coming their way.

Smith said he expects an e-mail to surface in the coming days written by one town committee member to another that uses “derogatory” language about another city Republican.

Mayor James L. Richetelli Jr. was CC’d on the e-mail, making it a public document, Smith and town committee Chairman Tom Jagodzinski said.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Help Justin!

Independents Set To Cross Endorse Sen. Slossberg

Last month at the annual caucus of the Independent Town Committee Independents selected candidates for public office. When it came to the state Senate race a vote was held to cross endorse Gail Slossberg.

Gail was considered for endorsement because of several reasons, but one of the most important was her work in keeping the Citizens Election Program viable in years past and presently where she is still working to keep it functional.

In speaking with her on the phone today, Gail was optimistic that the CEP will have a positive resolution and is hopeful minor parties like the Milford Independent Party will be afforded future opportunities to secure state funding.

We also discussed having the state of Connecticut assist in school funding to combine the two city high schools into one economically viable green building. This issue she said "is clearly up to the people of Milford and the Board of Education." She will "support the Board of education and the people of Milford if that is their wish" but warned state assistance for school construction dollars are a long way off.

We also spoke about the current health care bill, and asked her if she as a "Non practicing" Attorney thought the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution was being violated. Her answer was that she has "No Idea" what is in this bill, that at this point in time "No one knows" what is in the bill but she is being "Open Minded" and that she will respect the wishes of the people in her district should they demand the state reject it.

Slossberg indicated "that if the people of Connecticut or Milford, have their Constitutional liberties taken away by Obamacare I will certainly oppose it. However, we cannot pass judgement on this bill and its Unconstitutional aspects before the courts have had their opportunity to review it and make a legal determination as whether or not it violates the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution." Gayle said that as it stands it is too soon to tell how it is going to affect us, but in either case she does "not engage in speculation but rather likes to keep to her reputation of only addressing facts and real issues."

Gail will be confirmed for the ballot line this Wednesday March 31st. at the Milford Independent Town Committee Meeting. The meeting location will be announced at this blog within the next few days so check back. The general public is welcome to attend and thereby express their support or objections to the endorsement of Sen. Slossberg for the Independent Party Line..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peter Schiff Comments On Obama Health Care Bill

Peter Schiff is a world renowned economist, and Senatorial Candidate for the seat being vacated by Chris Dodd. Schiff also opened his state campaign headquarters on Old Gate lane in Milford late last year.

After the passage of the Obama Health Care Bill, Peter Schiff left the following comment on his website

"As the health care reconciliation bill heads back to the Senate, it’s evident politics as usual is alive and well in Washington. Our political leaders have once again chosen to offer us an entitlement, instead of solving the underlying problems in our health care system that prior acts of congress helped create.

Common sense dictates that prior to adding a new entitlement Congress should first solve the huge problems in the ones that already exist. Such sheer incompetence reinforces that we need to send people to Washington who aren’t politicians and who understand what drives markets and business, otherwise we’re never going to turn our economy around. We’ll continue to fall back to mediocrity, instead of being the world leader we should be."

Peter Schiff

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rep. Lambert Will Not Seek Another Term

State Rep. Barbara Lambert today announced that she will not seek another term in Connecticut's General Assembly.

“After much deliberation, I have made the difficult decision not to seek reelection,” Lambert said in a prepared statement to the press.

Lambert served two terms as a Milford alderman before being elected to the State House in 2008. Harshly criticized after a photograph was published of her playing Solitaire during a budget discussion in Hartford, Lambert said she decided not to seek a second term because she wants to spend more time with her husband Paul and their family.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

ObamaCare? Oh Yes They Did! Now What Next...


59% Of Americans Reject ObamaCare

16,500 New IRS Agents will be hired to confiscate assets of ordinary Americans to pay for Obamacare.

Hundreds of thousands of American Small businesses will terminate marginally productive employees to keep in compliance with the IRS Obamacare division.

The cost savings touted by Speaker Pelosy are not factual, they are false and misleading.

One Fifth of the US Economy will be governed according to the principles set forth in Communism.

Most upsetting, our Congresswoman Rosa Delauro PUSHED, VOTED FOR, and CHEERED WHEN THIS BILL WAS PASSED. Remember that come November.

The boondoggle will climax within a year or two of its implementation. Health insurance will be mandated for all except those who will be part of a gigantic growing underground cash economy. As unemployment looms, and illegal immigration gives rise to more bandito Senators and Congressmen "the gig will be up."

Poverty and and the "heavy hand of government will be at odds with one another. As the IRS chases Americans into Canada, and forces businesses to downsize to keep up with costs, doctors and insurance companies will be battling for increases in premiums. This will all arrive on the heels of a new generation of young healthy claimants trying to get their money's worth.

Ordinarily this is a good thing because it prevents major illness, but what if that situation is to include the millions of young people filing claims over stomach aches and head aches?

Under applied game theory the health insurance industry will see a short time one year rise in profits and shortly after move into bankruptcy, bailout, and eventually federal receivership.

The law as Congressman Ron Paul stated, will not be repealed by virtue of its profitability it will most likely be repealed to stop the damage to our economy and in response to an outcry over our loss of constitutional freedoms.

Leaked E-Mails Suggest Payroll Errors In Milford Czar's Salary

The City of Milford, much like Congress wasted no time in letting a "good crisis go to waste." That crisis was highlighted last year when the Milford Building Department failed to perform to the operational standards required by permittees.

Mayor Jim Richetelli took matters into his own hands and hired an outside firm, to figure out why a department with an approximate $750,000.00 budget could not responsibly process an average of Five permits each day.

The answer was the KRIT, (Kimball Report Implementation Team) or a group of designated individuals assigned the duty of implementing the recommendations of Mr. Kimballs report of which he was paid $50,000.00 to write.

The Mayor and the "KRIT" then hired Mr. Robert Novak as Milford's "Land Use Czar." According to (Unverified) leaked documents Mr. Novak was hired as a "Seasonal Employee." His paycheck is figured for 37.5 Hours each week for a net weekly paycheck of $1,922.25.

This expansion of government was also one of the mitigating factors that resulted in this years tax increase. This increase as it stands is rising yet again at a rate that outpaces normal inflation for our region as it "balloons" the budget in that department to nearly $900,000.00.

However, the taxpayers of Milford are afforded some protections against these unfortunate expansions of government personnel. According to Milford's City Ordinances, "Seasonal Employees" (Like Mr. Novak) are not permitted to be paid for City Holidays. However, one e-mail (Above) dubbed the "Smoking Gun" exposed a (Later corrected) municipal attempt to pay Mr. Novak "Extra" benefits of which he was not entitled to. This all happened "right under the nose" of officials at the highest levels of city government.

This alleged Payroll Error, came by direct order of the Mayor who in an e-mail dated Nov. 24, 2009 instructed city departments that he "made an agreement with Douglas Novak Interim Director of the Department of Permitting and Land Use that he will be paid on a weekly basis and will be paid holidays." However, the city ordinance precluding this as illegal is "Crystal Clear" "NO SEASONAL OR TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE IS COMPENSATED FOR CITY HOLIDAYS."

The leaked emails indicate that the Mayor, and his staff are either clueless as to the law or are using executive decree to convince payroll officers and/or department heads to do things their way and not necessarily the right way. The Mayors office sought a legal opinion from the City attorney to in fact "pay" the extra money to Mr. Novak.

The people of Milford are already faced with more than their fair share of costly lawsuits, the latest being that of Cynthia Anger who was fired from the city. While this lawsuit is part of an ongoing process, early reports indicate that Ms. Angers involvement in challenging some of the Mayor's demands may have been dubbed as "Insubordination" and were the reason for her being "Fired." The E-Mail above is alleged to be from Ms. Angers boss City Attorney Winthrop Smith Esq. and is an example of the types of things that were ongoing with the Land Use Director.

Should the city continue to pursue the payment of "Benefits" to Mr. Novak it could open the door for another costly lawsuit from other "Seasonal Employees." These employees could easily claim that they are not being afforded "equal protection under the law." As such they can demand that they also get paid "holidays and benefits" the same as Mr. Novak. Especially if he manages to somehow prevail in a "round-about way."

The E-Mail above (Unverified) indicates that Mr. Novak was illegally paid for a Thanksgiving holiday last year that he was not entitled to.

During this time, several local taxpayers complained, and only then under that type of legal challenge or issue, did Mr. Novak have his agreement with the mayor altered. The alteration reflected that his paid vacation day be refunded back to the taxpayers of Milford so as to maintain legal compliance. (See the E-Mail Below)

Promises were clearly made to Mr. Novak that are now being reneged on. This means that this fight may not be over just yet and Milford's taxpayers should remain vigilant as to the propensity for alternate and creative compensation methods of Mr. Novak for his "Paid Holidays."


To read the Mayors Memorandum regarding the Financial Crisis in Milford Click here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

In Washington DC Today

Today was very busy, and productive. The day started in Waterbury where the Milford Independents Joined forces with several other towns around Connecticut and adopted a set of state rules for CT Central. This is the state branch of the Independent Party of which was fomented with the support of Ten other Independent town Committees in the state of Connecticut. The gathering was our first, and everyone was very excited to grow our ranks within the state.

The state Independent Party Announced a prominent First Selectman for the Gubernatorial seat, a candidate for the senate seat, and also other candidates for Congressional seats. Their names will be published as the election press releases are drafted and the candidates have had their opportunity to respond.

The Independents are still seeking candidates for Attorney General, Secretary of state, and other state posts. Anyone interested in running should contact me at my e-mail. and I will get your credentials to State Central.

Moving on from Waterbury the day then continued on to the nations capitol Washington D.C. where several last ditch efforts are being made to collaborate efforts on some upcoming urgent political issues that I will talk about later.

My lovely step-daughter just spent several days at the U.S. capitol and is also on my agenda while down here. Meanwhile stay tuned, as I look forward to catching up on her lobbying efforts and discussing her experience with our National leaders.

The only notable item worth mentioning at this time is that our Senator Chris Dodd failed to attend a meeting that he agreed to be at. His cancellation arrived on the heels of insider trading by his staff and a new scandal that is further shaming the Democratic Party.

The Kids of the National Youth Leadership Conference were very upset and disappointed with Chris Dodd's failure to keep his promise to attend their meeting.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Help Protect Your Child Milford Masons Hosts CHIP Event

The CTCHIP program is a comprehensive child identification tool designed to give families a measure of protection against the ever increasing problem of missing children.The Connecticut Freemasons are bringing this fine program to communities throughout Connecticut at no cost to the families.

The Connecticut Freemasons Foundation working with other partnering organizations/agencies have upgraded CTCHIP equipment technology from VHS recording tapes to digital recording on mini-DVD-RAM discs as part of our ongoing commitment to children and families.This program will continue to be brought free of charge to every Connecticut family who wish to participate. This upgrade allows the re-packaging of the identifying items generated at CTCHIP Events into a smaller easy-to-carry and take-on-vacation "PURPLE PACK".

The Purple Pack includes a DVD Ram disk which has a video of your child and a still photo, your child's fingerprints, a dental impression and a dental swab.

To date the program has held over 350 CTCHIP events and has provided the parents of more than 40,000 children with identification packets. It is our sincerest hope that no family will need the resources provided in our packets, but if the need should arise, we believe the information contained in our "Purple Pack" will be instrumental to law enforcement agencies in recovery of missing children.

The Connecticut Freemasons schedule and bring this fine program to communities throughout Connecticut.

CTCHIP is a part of the National Masonichip network ( sponsored by the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America. All identifying items generated at CTCHIP Events are placed in a "purple pack" and given to the parent or guardian to take home for safe keeping.

If their child becomes missing, the pack can then be provided to law enforcement to aid in recovery and identification. The Connecticut Freemasons keep nothing but the permission form signed by the parent prior to participation in the event.

The Event will be held at Calf Meadow School from 2:00 - 4:00.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Milford's Citizens Hit With Huge Tax Increase More Foreclosures Expected

Conservatism in government appears to be dead as Milford citizens are hit with a Republican tax increase that outpaces the rate of normal inflation and the more appropriate measure the CPI or Consumer Price Index.

The difference from the normal CPI increase for the entire North East is a 3% gain in goods and services for 2010. The largest increase emerging from transportation costs or a 14% increase in a single area.

The nuances of each category are arbitrary and besides the point. What matters is that the new Property Tax rate represents a 3.5% increase compared to the CPI of 3.0% for our region the NE. Milford is growing its local government at a rate that is apx. 18% above normal, hardly conservative by any measure.

The areas that I found to clearly exemplify reckless spending this year, were excessive legal costs to defend illegal actions by city employees, over payment on office supplies where in some cases the city paid as much as $1,400.00 for two desk chairs. $100,000.00 of thousands wasted on reports that were un-necessary like the KRIT report, and those studies done at Eisenhower Park.

More waste was achieved when the the Tax Collector outsourced its business tax collection paying a commission of over $100,000.00. More waste again in creating new expensive government posts I.E. the Land Use Czar, Blight Czar, etc.. Waste on raises, bonuses, stipends, silly travel expenses etc. etc. etc.

Well sit back and smile and say again to your friends that you do not discuss politics, say that to Mrs. Garcia of 55 Earle St. who committed suicide during the holidays last year. Yes that is right, Mrs. Garcia was a good person, who spent many years in Milford. When the foreclosure notice came, and then the State Marshall, she killed herself!

There must be some kindred spirit, compassion or loyalty for the taxpayers of Milford. There must be some restraint on the part of the greed and avarice of some select city employees who show such unmerciful selfishness.

Those are the city employees who would rather see the less fortunate and protected city employees let go before foregoing their contractual legal right to a wage increase. But none are guiltier than those who knowingly and carelessly "rip off" the city taxpayers.

The time is now upon all of us to take responsibility for the plight of the citizenry in our community. The time is now to question the wrongs of these new excessive tax increases on those who can least afford them.

Today the Milford Mirror has come out as it does every week. Take notice of those homes that were sold for $1.00. That is correct $1.00! That Dollar represents the shattered dreams of about Two or Three families each week. Families who have lost their home to a foreclosure. Who will be their voice and why are they always forgotten?

Some may have deservedly fallen victim to perhaps slovenly laziness, avarice, or some other terrible attribute a person could have. However, there are others who do their best to stay in their homes, work two jobs, sacrifice their time with their family or worse yet cannot find a job. There are some who are widowed, have medical issues, disabilities or may be going through a divorce.

The city offers no empathy, no due regard, no help or anything useful to people who deserve a "hand up" during these "Great Recessionary" times. All the city cares about is getting their stupid "TAX MONEY."

Today I have a message to the wolves who all but guaranteed and accelerated the plight of these victimized individuals. A message that should resonate and rest at their home this evening. A message where I say to them (whoever you are), in your warm dry home. Put down your fork and walk away from that wonderful steak dinner. Open your blinds and look to your most disadvantaged neighbor and see them as many saw Mrs. Garcia. Ask yourself if you honestly believe that you did all you can do so that the next foreclosure suicide does not rest on your conscience.

How does Milford's leaders plan to help those who are not at fault for this tax increase? Tax increases that are part of an ongoing systemic leadership failure that according to departed RTC Member Tom Byrne has resulted in the city taxing its citizens upward from 98M to over 170M this year. A tax increase in a year where the "grand list" by some miracle was able to grow.

Should taxes continue to recklessly rise in the manner they are doing, eventually the city will contend with the Land Lord tenant relationship that once existed during the period of Medieval Feudalism. Property values shall become arbitrary, only second to the very taxes that are forcibly levied upon them. It shall be little more than a citizen reminder of the money due a powerful landlord who really owns the land. Is this where we are headed?

The people have been duped once again by the "big lie" of "Neo-Conservatism." The same kind that got them the raises they need to pay their own property tax increase but you left out to find it on your own.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To All My Irish Friends...

Happy Saint Patricks Day! And may the spirit of this holiday beckon all of you who wish you were Irish! (Or are just pretending for a day.) Remember a few things today, Corn Beef and Cabbage is just something you gotta do, and yes dressing up in your ugly green sweater will bring no sarcasm.

The greener you are the more Irish you become. One other last point, there is no such thing as leprechauns but I found this video (posted below) on YouTube of someone who claims to have spotted one. This has left me a bit confused. Well you all decide what you think!

Have a very happy Kermit Green Irish holiday, please do not drink and drive and look out for your friends. Good friends do not let anyone drive drunk. It's real cool to "take the keys," especially if it may safe a life.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Polanski Termination Hearings Moved To City Hall

Termination hearings regarding School Supt. Harvey Polansky’s employment here, scheduled to start tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 p.m., have been moved from the Board of Education conference room to Milford City Hall, which holds a larger crowd.

The hearings will be preceded by an executive session in the mayor's conference room starting at 6 p.m.

Polansky has been on paid leave from his job since two public school principals charged him with sexual harassment.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Rosa Delauro Irks Many In Milford

Sad but true, nearly a year has gone by and the only memory of a photo that I have of our illustrious Congresswoman is a lone photo of her eating lobster at a lobster fest in Milford.

Aside from her penchant for natural food, In years past and still currently I have been upset with her "food safety and modernization act." This is because it is my opinion that this act has nothing to do with food safety and all to do with handing over the family farm to big corporations. Anyone with any knowledge about this issue should be keenly aware of her husbands relationship with Monsanto foods and how it benefits them to do Monsanto's bidding.

For those who do not know Monsanto that is the company that genetically vandalizes the DNA of food and then patents the food so no one can grow it or profit from things like corn, soybeans, potato's etc. In years past they have sued family farmers over the wind cross germinating farmers fields.

Lets also not forget that as we were riding in coach while on vacation this summer, Rosa left for Italy with Speaker Pelosi on a flight that cost taxpayers over $200,000.00. This "Business trip" included visiting the Vatican, lots of Museums, sight seeing and yes the occasional cognac and steak dinner with a famous politician.

Your blood should be boiling by now, but if its not let me remind you all of one more thing, her refusal to hold bankers accountable in Congress. While two Congressmen from CT were co-sponsoring the bill to audit the Federal Reserve, Derosa sided with former Golman Sachs executive Jim Himes in opposing the bill. She did this quietly since over 312 or most of Congress co-sponsored the bill without her. This should leave you wondering how her loyalty to bankers are in lockstep with those of Chris Dodd. Dodd made it clear by his resignation that he would rather quit the U.S. Senate than hold the very thieves who wrecked America Accountable.

Rosa Delauro's misguided leadership is one boondoggle of disrespect after the other, if she is not out in East Haven battling their local police department for arresting the nutty behavior of April Capone Almon, she is out fraternizing over some other feminist escapade that has nothing to do with the key issues facing America.

This week and in the photo above we witness again our incorrigible Congresswoman in yet another Feminist posture with her wildly unpopular travel buddy, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. During this widely protested and unwelcome visit to Connecticut Rosa made a point yet again to push her personal agenda while ignoring the wishes of her constituents who are rightfully upset with our nations Speaker.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Teen Stabbed To Death In Milford Fight Two Others Injured

A Milford teen Ryan Simpson and his brother are alleged to have been stabbed and one Ryan killed. The Waterbury youth, who attended the party at the Devon house was said to have been an unwelcome guest.

After the incident, and the ensuing emergency call Police pursued him onto I95 and and eventually disabled his car by puncturing his tires. The suspect then exited his vehicle on foot and police dogs were released to chase after him. The suspect was apprehended and is in Police custody this evening.

The youth charged is a 17 year old boy from Waterbury Ct. During the arrest Police indicated he was brandishing a screwdriver, and was charged with attempting to use it as weapon. However, the actual weapon used in the killing is being reported as a knife.

Circumstances surrounding the incident are still being investigated so few details are available. The only information we have at the moment is that one victim is a student in Milford. The other injured youth we have no information on. One is age 15, the other age 19 is deceased. This tradgedy brings another somber day to the cities young people tomorrow.

The incident took place early morning in the Devon section of Milford at 477 Woodland Drive.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Heavy Rain Postpones St. Patrick's Day Parade

With heavy rain expected Saturday, organizers of Milford’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade have decided to set a rain date — just in case it’s needed.

Marty Hardiman, parade co-chairman and grand marshal of this year’s parade, initially said there would be no rain date because all the parade units have been booked.

But as weather forecasts became more daunting, he decided that if rain is too heavy, the parade will be held Sunday, March 21, instead of tomorrow.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

UI Watch

United Illuminating does quarterly conference calls to their shareholders. This archived audio was released to the UI shareholders to demonstrate the current progress of our energy grid.

To listen to the audio, click the link below and turn up your speaker volume. It is a very informative report from UI's "Top Brass." The most notable part of this audio is that Milford's "uncollectibles" are down. This is some long awaited good news. The bad news is that UI continues to pressure the DPUC for rate increases.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Richetelli Denies Anger's Allegations

The following quote appeared on the Milford Musing Blog run by veteran reporter Frank Juliano regarding the recent federal lawsuit and allegations made against the city.

"Mayor James L. Richetelli Jr. denied allegations in a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday by veteran assistant city attorney Cynthia Anger that she was fired because of her union-organizing activities.

But Larry Dorman, spokesman for AFSCME Council 4, said the union has filed a prohibited labor practice complaint against the city on those very grounds, and is seeking Anger’s reinstatement.

An informal hearing will be held March 23 in City Hall. If it is not resolved there it could go to arbitration, officials said."

This Richetelli rebuttal leads us no better off than when this first began, and the question still beckons what was his reasoning if his response directly challenges the thoughts of the person he fired?

This sounds like pure politics on the surface. This is also the first "non round-about" direct firing of a city employee by the Richetelli administration. Usually when a person crosses the Richetelli gang they end up being let go like Bob Adams, or in a manner that is very sneaky, confusing and stealthy never so abruptly.

Perhaps Anger was too well prepared for that kind of a practice and the direct approach was the only way he could exact his authority. Many people in town are still perplexed by this firing, few people were even aware that problems existed in the towns Law Department.

While we know that no one was previously fired for the failures of the Building Department, and no one said a word about firing anyone in the Tax Collectors office when their failure to collect taxes was outsourced. It would now appear that the Milford town authorities are only interested punishing those who are disobedient and disloyal to the expectations of their people.

Should Richetelli have fired someone in the building department, I think the town would have cheered. Had he fired someone in the tax collectors office for failure to collect the taxes he outsourced... the people probably would have understood and If he called for Barbara Lambert's resignation for playing Solitaire on the job he would have earned much public respect... but Cynthia Anger? We are still as perplexed today by this action as we were the moment it happened.

In all our endeavors, news articles and comments from locals it would appear that even Cynthia Anger appears to be confused as to why she was Fired. Can anyone explain how this is a justifiable dismissal I do'nt get it?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lawsuits Against City Mount

Many years ago when I used to meet with my life insurance broker, he and I discussed retirement options. During that time I was young and naive and I dared to ask the question "how does the average person find the millions required to retire?" Well ask a silly question and get a silly answer, he replied "Northwest Mutual did a survey on this very issue and one prominent and alarming response by many people was they expect to win a lawsuit."

As of today, the city of Milford certainly has its litigants lined up to collect from the "city till." This week the Board of Education reported they are "almost out of legal funds" having spent almost all their money combating Harvey Polanski, and other Special Education Lawsuits.

The Milford Police Department is expected to get hit with a "whopper" as a result of two wrongful death lawsuits on the part of fired officer Anderson. These suits are expected from the victims families whose children were killed. The city could expect to pay out Seven figures each to these litigants.

In the Milford law Department today, Cynthia Anger who was fired decided to sue the town in Federal Court over her alleged wrongful termination. She states that because she wanted to form a union the Mayor wrongfully fired her. Her former boss Winn Smith was also named in the lawsuit.

These are just some of the most mentionable lawsuits, but none-the-less they are aggregate to the several other legal nuances that normally occur as a result of the heavy hand of government taxes, home valuations, and environmental disasters.

The level of litigious discord in Milford is reaching a budget breaking climax. Sadly most of these cases are the result poor judgement on the part of someone with power who thought better.

Many are asking who is paying for all this? And this certainly remains a valid question. I believe the city has some insurance to cover losses but in the end taxpayers are picking up the tab for most of it.

The Lawyers who are currently "stirring the pot" could care less about you or I. They are self serving "spin doctors" who make money by perverting logic, and inflating the rewards and expectations of their clients. They love it when people cannot agree it means they get more fees and work. A rational individual could easily conclude that the longer a legal conflict goes on the more a law firm stands to benefit.

Personally, and having been a former Deputy Sheriff myself, I can honestly tell you from my countless hours working with lawyers that they have kids to put through college, mortgage payments, and bills to pay just like the rest of us. They are motivated to make money for themselves and their bosses.

While I agree attorneys have their place in city issues, I fear that this new and excessive use of them is a false sense of security. The end result is going to be higher taxes on the citizens of Milford, and endless ongoing and protracted litigation that every attorney is "salivating to get a piece of."

The surest way to guarantee that a simple problem is complicated beyond reason, is to combine the "pompous delusions of grandeur" of legal clients with as many "liberal self serving lawyers as possible." Only then can the town-wide legal "feeding frenzy" and taxpayer extortion begin.

The time is now for all Milford Bureaucrats to start obeying the law, or change it to avoid the egregious and continual waste of taxpayer dollars to a predatory group of Vulchers..

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Very Proud Day

Not often do I write about my kids achievements, but today was something special. The Connecticut post had a wonderful write up on one of my own for being selected to represent Milford in Washington D.C.

Lea Finch, my stepdaughter, was selected by her school teachers who were impressed with her community involvement and fundraising efforts for countless organizations from little league, to the Red Cross. As her her step dad who helped raise her since kindergarten my proudest day was the time we stood out on a cold day by Stop & Shop in Westport. Together she and my two kids Andrew and Rachel raised over $1,000.00 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

For as long as I can remember Lea has been giving to somebody, or helping someone. Each Christmas we still wrap gifts for children in the hospital ward, or deliver them to homeless shelters. The kids and adults are so thankful that they send us a constant flow of eternal gratitude in the form of thank you letters and awards.

Lea, will now be travelling to Washington D.C. on March 16Th - 24Th and will be meeting with our national leaders while touring the capitol. This is part of a program sponsored by the National Youth Leadership Conference to introduce our next generation of leaders to the inner sanctum of our American Republic. Her best financial sponsors that made this great dream a reality came from the generous support of her family, our neighbors, and the Milford Independent Party of which we all hope she will one day join.

The award bestowed upon her this day is best exemplified on page C1 under the Neighbors section of today's Connecticut Post where it states "Lea was selected for the honor based on outstanding scholastic merit, civic involvement and leadership potential." We certainly hope that in the coming years we will have a new candidate for public office. Hard work certainly has its rewards.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Board Of Education Moves To Fire Polanski

The Board of Education is moving on.

The board is expected Monday night to retain a Bridgeport law firm to represent it in potential termination hearings for suspended Superintendent Harvey Polansky. At the same time the board is expected to name itself as the search committee to find a new superintendent.

The 7 p.m. meeting in the Board of Education conference room in the Parsons Government Center will also include a report on the district's Breathalyzer and alcohol testing policy, and will involve setting the date and time for high school graduations in June.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

I95 In Milford Shut Down Since 2:00 A.M.

At 2:00 A.M. last night a big rig flipped over on the Moses Wheeler bridge in Devon. State Police and emergency personnel have the bridge closed while the accident is investigated and cleared.

Traffic is being rerouted over the Devon Bridge through Milford. Delays are expected for the next several hours until the truck is cleared and the bridge is re-opened. To view current conditions view the DOT Highway Cam website by CLICKING HERE. Please note that the cameras surrounding the accident site are inoperable.

As more news arrives, this post will be updated.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Announcement From Geneveive Salvatore

Hello! I am pleased that I am again serving as the Chair of the FAAN CT Walk for Food Allergy. As you know, raising money for and awareness about life threatening food allergies is very important to me because of my son Geno’s severe allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. Because of Geno’s daily struggle to ensure his safety, I am committed to doing whatever I can to help find a cure.

This year, I decided to get an early start on our fundraising efforts so that we can raise as much money as we can. As you can imagine, while we did well last year, the poor state of the economy certainly took its toll. We are fortunate, though, that The Elwoods have continued to support FAAN with their generous donation of their amazing musical talent and will join us again this year.

So, on behalf of Geno, all of CT’s children with food allergies, and FAAN, I ask you to be as generous as you can in supporting this year’s walk. I’ve also included sponsorship information if you’d like recognition for your donation. The website for the walk is Donations can be sent to my office below or directly to FAAN, noting the “Hartford Walk.”

Thanks and I hope to see you walk day, October 17, 2010!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meet Milfords Most Menacing Object

Sadly, the utility pole in Milford is becoming the towns most menacing object. Just in the last week, a truck coming off exit 40 struck one destroying the rig, disrupting power to a major commercial area and putting the lives of fire fighters in jeopardy.

No sooner than that accident two more teens lost their life when their Honda struck a utility pole on Gulf Street, one year earlier Jill Copperwait lost her life to a pole on New Haven Ave. and three other teens lost their life when their car struck a utility pole at the mall. The cars involved, One Subaru, a Nissan, and a Honda all foreign medium sized cars.

The state legislature adopted new teen driving laws in July of 2008 in an effort to make the right of passage a safer one. The laws are described as the "MOST COMPREHENSIVE OVERHAUL IN 35 YEARS."

However, for some the relief this program was supposed to deliver fell short because their kids obtained their drivers licences prior to the benefits yielded by it. In all recent cases involving automotive fatalities the drivers obtained their Drivers Licences under the old rules.

Many residents are are awaiting the new data to come in for those kids who obtained their drivers licence under the new state mandates and motor vehicle regulations. We sincerely hope that tragic accidents like the one we experienced over the last several years are dramatically reduced.

As Milford anxiously awaits these "comprehensive overhauls" the towns kids, parents, relatives and loved ones will remain in mourning. All of us at the MDB offer our prayers and condolences to every family who endured these many painful losses.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Calling On All Milford Independents

Dear Independents,

This Thursday March 4Th, 2010 at 7:00 P.M the Independents will be meeting at the Howard Johnson's hotel Conference room at 1052 Boston Post Road Milford, CT 06460 (203) 878-4611.

This will be the First official meeting of the Milford Independent Town Committee. The purpose of our meeting will be a nominating convention to nominate Independents to run for public office.

We will be looking to fill the entire slate with Independent candidates for the State races of which include the 118th, 117th, 119th, etc.. We will also be discussing cross endorsements of candidates from other parties should we have no contenders to run for a given position.

Anyone interested in running for Federal positions should contact the State Agent for endorsements of the CT Central Independent Party Mike Telesca as we will not be nominating or endorsing anyone for Federal elections.

This meeting is a very important one so please make a point to attend or RSVP your regrets.

Thank you for all your support and dedication to out great city.


Rocco J. Frank Jr.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Devon Power Station Nears Completion

The city has endured truck after truck of "wide load" vehicles up and down New Haven Ave. Local onlookers watched and wondered at what the massive oversize structures were, and what they were intended for.

Well after several months, we can now see the colossal structures rising into giant smoke stacks along the Housatonic river in Devon. The site is the one formerly known as the Devon Power Plant owned and operated by United Illuminating and NRG.

The new project is one run by the energy giant NRG, (pronounced "Energy.") The new plant is expected to function as a "peaking station" or in layman's terms, it will add power in the summer and winter when we all have the air conditioners, or heaters on in extreme weather.

The current power grid included the Middletown station. With it now in ruins the new gas powered power plant may evolve as more than just a "peaking station."

The new gas powered power plant is expected to go online as early as this summer, and the need for it appears to be increasing as the rebuilding of the Middletown plant drags on pending investigations and litigation.

The site is now clearly visible from Naugatuck Ave. Anyone curious in what the project currently looks like can park along side the road and see for them selves.

(Above photo is an artists rendering of the final project.)