Monday, March 22, 2010

ObamaCare? Oh Yes They Did! Now What Next...


59% Of Americans Reject ObamaCare

16,500 New IRS Agents will be hired to confiscate assets of ordinary Americans to pay for Obamacare.

Hundreds of thousands of American Small businesses will terminate marginally productive employees to keep in compliance with the IRS Obamacare division.

The cost savings touted by Speaker Pelosy are not factual, they are false and misleading.

One Fifth of the US Economy will be governed according to the principles set forth in Communism.

Most upsetting, our Congresswoman Rosa Delauro PUSHED, VOTED FOR, and CHEERED WHEN THIS BILL WAS PASSED. Remember that come November.

The boondoggle will climax within a year or two of its implementation. Health insurance will be mandated for all except those who will be part of a gigantic growing underground cash economy. As unemployment looms, and illegal immigration gives rise to more bandito Senators and Congressmen "the gig will be up."

Poverty and and the "heavy hand of government will be at odds with one another. As the IRS chases Americans into Canada, and forces businesses to downsize to keep up with costs, doctors and insurance companies will be battling for increases in premiums. This will all arrive on the heels of a new generation of young healthy claimants trying to get their money's worth.

Ordinarily this is a good thing because it prevents major illness, but what if that situation is to include the millions of young people filing claims over stomach aches and head aches?

Under applied game theory the health insurance industry will see a short time one year rise in profits and shortly after move into bankruptcy, bailout, and eventually federal receivership.

The law as Congressman Ron Paul stated, will not be repealed by virtue of its profitability it will most likely be repealed to stop the damage to our economy and in response to an outcry over our loss of constitutional freedoms.


Wolfgang said...

Reads like a "Fox" News Blog. Propaganda anyone? The Republicans Health Plan #1 Get ill, We won't pay the bill. #2 Get sick, Die quick. #3 Not healthy? Should have been wealthy! #4 We have a cheaper plan, It does'nt cover anything! And finally #5 Wish for the Republicans help in one hand, poop in the other hand and see which hand fills up faster!

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

This is not a fox nes plan. Sadly the world economies are in terrible shape, the dollar buys less all the time.

Iceland Collapsed, Greece, portugal, and many other nations in europe under water.

This program is communism. That however is not the problem, when your nations health care system is dying I suppose doing something, anything, is better than doing nothing even if that means a desperate measure like the one we saw.

What I preach are the calculations projected by Game Theory, they are neither Republican, Nor Democrat but rather the work of a Mr. John Nash whose life was depicted in the movie "A Beautiful Mind."

The continuation of his work was picked up by the CIA, and a one Bruce Bueno De. Mesquite.

Accordian to the CIA the formula is 91% accurate. Sadly the outcome on this bill is a "crash in burn" in as little 24-30 months after its implementation.

There is only an 8.7% chance that I am wrong.