Friday, January 28, 2011

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Wrath Unleashed On Milford

Today I was reminded by my stepdaughter that in the last two weeks school was in session only six times due to the snow. This was particularly concerning because it is affecting the midterm exams that our kids usually take this time of year.

Last week Milford was struck with 18 inches of snow, and today freezing rain that made parking lots and driveways virtual ice rink's. Salt is everyone best friend and as usual is in high demand on days like this. So what is the story with this cold weather? Seems like not too long ago my mother-in-law handed me Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth Video.

With 49 out of 50 states covered under the snow, it is certainly hard to comprehend that global warming is a problem. Yesterday, I read in Yahoo news that scientists are still warning that our time to fix Climate Change is "running out" that we need to adopt a global treaty like the Kyoto Protocol or something equally relevant.

These scientists, however, are in deep trouble because their leaked e-mails resulted in a new debacle called climate-gate. Their mission was also further hindered by Jessee Ventura's Tru-TV Conspiracy theory who exposed the brainchild of climate change, and its Billionaire U.N. advocate Maurice Strong as fraudsters looking to get wealthier over the legal imposition of a carbon trading program devised by the now bankrupt Enron Corp.

The big oil companies, despite their gulf problems, are happily set to reap record profits from very cold winters. The oil companies according to internal wistle blowers (Jim Mars, and Lindsey Williams) allege that the OPEC style global monopoly is deliberately moving the price of oil upward. The final goal is $5.00 per gallon or apx $175PB by this summer. The price is to stay there for as long as they can hold it. Lucky for big oil cold weather bodes well with their shareholder profits, because home heating oil sales are set to jump, and so is the cost of producing food through industrial farming.

The Al Gore environmentalists are calling the oil companies irresponsible and have praised Obama moratoriums on gulf oil drilling. Some experts have even argued that drilling oil in the Gulf could possibly create a tsunami. This is possible according to geologists in two significant ways, first a giant sink hole could open up causing a major seafloor crater style tsunami, the other a massive uplift of methane gas creating one.

Of course none of this is even close to the theory being investigated by NASA and several other scientists that the cold weather we are experiencing is the result of a giant oil spill combined with chemical dispersant called "core-exit" disrupting the oceans conveyor belt system. If this system is disrupted, as geological records have shown it was in the past, than the warm waters of the south Atlantic will not warm the Northern Hemisphere by virtue of its normal flow of currents. This will result in an Ice Age that will start from the Northern Hemisphere on down. As we endure colder winters, and ice sheets spread scientists have also argued that the bright white snow, like a mirror, will reflect more heat into space.

While personally I have no idea what is going on with our planet, there is one thing that I am certain of. There is only one planet capable of keeping the Human Race alive and well. If we compared the planed to a boat I certainly would be upset with the amount of people climbing on board and I would certainly not allow them to shoot holes in the hull for their amusement or personal  exploration.

What is going on with the weather is hopefully still up to mother nature, but when I hear that our presence on the planet is now capable of experimenting with our survival or worse yet irreversibly damage our life sustaining planet then the time has come to act. If anything above is fact or true, or even if not, we cannot continue to condone behavior that is emblematic of  "biting of the hand that feeds us."

For further reference. New York University, and Central Intelligence Agency Employee uses Game theory to advise the Government on the impact of future treaties. The commentary he makes in the below video pertains to the failed Coppenhagen summit of earlier this year.

Monday, January 10, 2011

DeLauro Fear Tour Comes to Milford

On Monday January 11, Representative Rosa DeLauro spoke to a group at the Milford Senior Center about health care. Unfortunately, it appears that her main purpose in coming was to try to scare senior citizens for political purposes. Even though she knows that there is no chance health care will be repealed, she went out of her way to make it seem like seniors could lose popular benefits like expanded access to preventative care.

DeLauro never mentioned that the benefits are financed in large part by a $500 billion cut to Medicare. Seniors already have a problem finding doctors willing to take Medicare patients because of low reimbursements and the new cuts will make the situation worse. If this trend continues, seniors will have only three options: see inexperienced doctors, see bad doctors or pay for health care out of their own pocket.

Repost from Tom Jagodinski MRTC

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tyranny In Connecticut Is One Motor Vehicle Request Away

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles was once a practical and yet useful place to obtain a Drivers Licence, get your car inspected for safety and emissions and obtain the required paperwork to prove to the police you actually owned your car.

Over time the insurance lobby argued successfully that the DMV should insist that all Motorvehicles be insured. This was a major legislative victory that brought Billions in profits to the auto insurance industry. The system worked so well that towns adopted it to collect on outstanding property taxes on cars.

The Local Police Departments also loved the idea and soon if you owed on more than Five parking tickets then you were also denied your driving privilige. The DMV in Connecticut has not gone completely extreme like some states have, but the trend against personal liberty is alarming. Some states have implemented programs that deny DMV services to individuals that have past due child support obligations.

To make matters more interesting Connecticut recently joined Homeland Security in turning our DMV's into "report you neighbor" Stazi broadcast centers. This is a similar program that is expected to be adopted at 9,000 Walmart stores.

While the electronic billboards are relatively new, you will soon notice them while awaiting your number to be called. These billboards casually display DHS messages while you enjoy the latest pop gossip, stock reports and a message from Janet Napolitano asking the public to Rat on their friends and neighbors should they look "suspicious."

To make matters more troubling the Connecticut DMV is now linked to Fusion Centers, or those public data collection agencies who spy on the American public. Fusion Centers are highly secretive and operate outside the jurisdiction and management of Congressional oversight.

The Government recognizes that Driving is sacred to the public. Imagine what your life would be like if you were not allowed to drive your car? The DMV is being transformed into a battleground against the New World Order. We have seen this battle some years back when they were tasked to usher in the controversial Real ID act. Fortunately that bill died with the arrest of CT state Senator Deluca who had some very questionable ties to organized crime.

The issues facing the public, and the misuse and abuse of the Patriot act to suppress the angry public are of great concern to freedom loving people every where. While I do not advocate violence, I do advocate an Infowar against every Federally Elected criminal in Washington D.C. The most powerful weapon we have is our minds and our mouths. When combined with the truth they create an unstoppable movement that restores our nation to the place where it belongs, above reproach and a beacon of light that signal to the world that America's people will never take part in the evils of a Communist World Government.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year Is Here And Milfords Kids Future Is Near

The Holiday Cheer is behind us and for some that is a relief from all the joy that the holiday seasons brings. Every year I hold an annual Christmas party at my home and every year it grows to new stellar levels. The parties are fun, the kids love to play and celebrate with time off from school and we as parents honor our kids achievements with thoughtful gifts and presents.

The most important part of the holiday season, is to close out the old year and set the course for the new year. Some in my family have made resolutions, I on the other hand stay resolute and continue to find those solutions to the difficult problems that face the average person like myself and my family.

Each time I spend time with my kids, I am reminded of how much I love each and every one them. I also have dedicated my life to working hard and spending every penny I have to make sure they have a good home, food on the table and get a good education.

All of my remaining wonderful children and step children, two girls and one boy will be going off to college soon and like most kids they will have high hopes and dreams of aspiring to great things. My eldest step daughter already graduated from college, completed her Masters degree and is a teacher in the Fairfield Public School system. We are all very proud of Brianna who has made such great decisions for herself.

With the new year coming upon us, all too often we parents place all our energy in taking care of our kids up until college. To few of us teach our kids to fight the very forces in Washington D.C. who pass laws exporting their jobs to China and India.  This reality is increasingly frustrating universities and our youth who are discovering that they cannot find jobs that are good enough to pay for the loans they took out to pay for their education.
What I learned over the last year, and in talking to and meeting with several college graduates is that they are all to often struggling. Many believed that College and good grades were the answer to what we as parents taught them are the keys to independence and success.

The job of raising and loving your kids today is being redefined, and as such a crossroads exist. We can tell our kids to get good grades, go to college and with that diploma live a life inferior of that of their parents. Or we can accept that raising a kid today is more then just about good grades, a diploma and lots of student debt. Anyone out there who is raising children needs to accept that education is only a small part of parenting, the biggest part is making sure your kids are politically involved and actively discussing politics.

There is no way to make the next generation stronger than the last without demanding that our kids take part in elections as well as get a good education. Our kids need to learn how to fight corrupt congress people like Rosa Delauro who support and promote Communist ideals in our state.

We as parents want our kids to succeed, but when the wholesale destruction and dismantling of our economy is permitted in the name of bribery and corruption, we could expect our kids to live lives inferior to those that we as their parents made them accustomed to. The straddling of debt and being the product of a diploma mill will ultimately lead to our kids being increasingly frustrated. This year lets make it our mission to love our kids enough to teach them how to vote and identify those corrupt individuals who are ruining their future out of office. There is no greater new years resolution than to teach your kids how to identify and fight those politicians who destroy their future and then lie about it. Raise your kids to be infowarriors!

Happy New Year