Friday, May 22, 2015

Milford, Meet Your New Government!

Developers, affordable housing projects and civil discord is the theme in 2015. Last night I attended City Hall, and there was a full house of over 100 People in attendance. Everyone was against a New Jersey Developer, and a high powered Lawyer. Still, in his very professional presentation along with his paid experts, a controversial argument was made to sell his bosses project to the Planning and Zoning Commission in Milford.

One of the key anti 8-30G organizers, June O'Connell was in attendance. In hand she had petitions and documented proof that these types of projects not only destroy our animal sanctuaries, but they create traffic congestion, noise and light pollution, and are a direct assault on pets and wild animals whom are expected to get hit by cars in increasing numbers.

Developers have faced such an uphill battle on these projects that they have resorted to the courts and an obscure Law called 8-30G. If people knew that 8-30G was more than just a law, but rather a tool used by builders to sue cities like ours, they would be appalled.

Lets get you up to speed here on 8-30G because in my opinion its much more than just a tool of a socially liberal agenda to colonize unwilling communities. It is rather, a wrecking ball to all that we hold dear, it overrides the decisions made by our democratically elected leaders, and it invalidates any and all petitions we submit regardless of the number of signatures. It destroys our woods, overloads our sewer systems, taxes our Police and Fire Department and creates ever increasing demands on our government for services that have already been slightly cut each year due to fiscal constraints and budgetary challenges within our city. Most upsetting it changes the social makeup of our community by bringing in a populace, both legal and illegal, that statistically will vote for a liberal agenda of increased taxes and more free social services.

Developers, however are unconcerned, their goal is to use this Law to MAKE MONEY, they build in areas where they could not ordinarily build under the legitimate laws of the community. Many accept the guaranteed rental payouts by HUD and section 8 tenants. Many could care less about the nature of the people who rent their property, even if they are fresh out of prison, a child molester or an undocumented family bused in by FEMA. We are told that the people who will be living in these complexes are Teachers, Firefighters, and upstanding members of our community, however, when looking at similar developments it becomes clear that this is just another of many lies. Consider this, if this is true why are the people of Milford being called Racist or rather intolerant?

Most frustrating for the people of Milford is that despite the repeated denials by our local Planning and Zoning Boards, developers just get their permits approved by the Superior Courts. The builders claim a wrongful denial of their projects under the 8-30G Affordable Housing Statue of the state of Connecticut. The judges almost always side with the developers who then can build exactly what they want. This by decree makes an unelected Judge our government robbing us of our right to self govern.

The issue here, at least for me is a matter of principle, a matter of (Historically Speaking) our new Manifest Destiny, only this time its developers who are colonizing our cities and towns because they feel its their right to do so with whomever will settle into their objectionable projects. Projects not born of sound Democratic policies, nor built with the consent of the governed but rather built by decree of a tyrannical judge hiding behind a tyrannical law. When it comes to 8-30G I ask how can a law be just when so many are openly against it?

The days ahead, I expect are going to be rocky. The Developers keep submitting 8-30G petitions and the game is afoot. The object of the game is to garner enough points so we win a moratorium of 4 years. Then we play again and again, at least until the only thing left to do in Milford is to "vote with your feet" and leave the state. I suppose if nothing changes, we should all save our pictures so one day we can remember how Milford used to have woods, and a pretty serene country setting.

In conclusion I will say, that its better for an elected official to defend our honor as citizens, and  to do so by defending our community by voting against any projects that threatens to destroy the public trust, and/or render the power of the P and Z as celebratory. Personally, I believe we need to deny these permits on principle alone, thus exposing the fact that the Superior Court and 8-30G is our government and not the Planning and Zoning Commission. The people of Milford deserve to learn the truth, the type of truth David Sulkis our  corrupt "City Planner"  who in a recent memo to a Developer all but said (siding with developers) these projects are a "certainty" and will be "approved" no matter how much we object.

With all this going on. Where are our State Reps? Where are our Senators? Why are they MIA at these meetings?

See a mere sample of these references on objections to similar Milford projects now with thousands of signatures against them.