Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Milford PPSF House Values Plummet 51.5% In One Year!

The price per square foot or (PPSF) value on a home is a number that has many indications, but is often the figure that resembles the "canary in the coal mine" of Real Estate.

When the PPSF takes a dive the main reason is property neglect, neglect that can occurr due to homes being sold at discount prices to compensate new owners for the additional work these homes need.

In Milford there are 78 homes in the pre-foreclosure stage, and in my neighborhood there is one bank owned home that is not even for sale. As the home sits vacant the elements and bank neglect are incurring the wrath of nature and making the "out of pocket" restoration expenses to that home increase and the PPSF to plummet.

The following report on Milford is from Trulia, and tells a chilling tale! A tale that suggests many people in our community are letting the insides and outsides of their homes fall apart to avoid or delay costly repairs.  None-the-less home inspectors are reporting these discrepancies and shoddy workmanship at alarming rates.

According to Trulia the "average price per square foot for Milford CT was $207, a decrease of 51.5% compared to the same period last year. The median sales price for homes in Milford CT for Jun 10 to Aug 10 was $277,000 based on 89 home sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median home sales price increased 2.6%, or $7,000, and the number of home sales decreased 36.4%. There are currently 518 resale and new homes in Milford on Trulia, including 5 open houses, as well as 78 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process.

The average listing price for homes for sale in Milford CT was $383,088 for the week ending Sep 22, which represents a decrease of 1.9%, or $7,288, compared to the prior week. Popular neighborhoods in Milford include Post Road North and , with average listing prices of $269,621 and $383,088."


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oops! Milford Cop Deletes Video Evidence!

A police lieutenant was suspended for one day without pay for inadvertently ordering the destruction of thousands of hours of dashboard video sought by the family of one of the two teens killed when a speeding Milford police cruiser slammed into their car.

Police Chief Keith Mello said Monday afternoon that he suspended Lt. Dan Bothwell, who is in charge of the Records Division, in the incident. The video was the subject of a Freedom of Information request by lawyer Bart Halloran, who said that he hoped to use it to establish a pattern of Milford police officers using excessive speed on routine business.

"I am furious, absolutely outraged at this," Halloran said Monday night. "We will be pursuing every legal remedy available to us for destruction of evidence."

To Continue reading Frank Juliano Story Click Here

Friday, September 24, 2010

League of Women Voters Cancels Debates Chester Marsh Miffed

League of Women Voters Cancels Debates The League of Women Voters notified the Marsh campaign on Wednesday that they have canceled their 3 planned gubernatorial debates. When at least one of the major candidates declined to participate The League canceled.”This is an unfortunate development for Connecticut’s electorate” says Marsh. Marsh has been invited to participate in 11 debates and forums (now 8) around the state though he is excluded from two of the major televised debates.”My exclusion was prompted by the major party candidates’ refusal to share the televised stage, and the media sponsors caved to their demand. If I am off base, then I encourage both Mr. Malloy and Mr. Foley to publically request my inclusion. If that happens I will apologize for my assertions.

Tom believes that the focus on money, over message, has resulted in several of the major party candidates being weak debaters. Marsh contends “if you have the cash it is easier to lob 30 second grenades at your opponent on radio and TV than debate the issues.” The knock against me is that I don’t have the funding. “A Lack of money is different than a lack of message, and that makes me problematic in a debate”.

Marsh does understand the reality of politics and minor party exclusion is nothing new. Campaign strategy focuses on winning and if it is not in a candidate’s best interest to debate then other tools are used. “We saw however, what happened to Ned Lamont when he refused to debate” Marsh notes.

Finally, to Malloy’s credit, Marsh points out “Dan seems to be willing to participate in the non-televised debates and forums that I am included in. “For example we are both scheduled to participate in the ConnCAN forum on education this coming Monday in Middletown. As far as I know Foley has not responded”. Perhaps the Republicans let the wrong Tom get away.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chris Dodd Pushes Evil Agenda 21 Social Engineering Bill

A social engineering bill to restrict residence in the suburbs and rural areas and force Americans into city centers has passed the United States Senate Banking Committee and is on the fast track to passage in the Senate.

The bill is called the Livable Communities Act (SB 1619) and it was introduced by corruptocrat outgoing Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.). It seeks to fulfill the United Nation’s plan Agenda 21, adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and signed onto by “New World Order” President George H.W. Bush.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet and Greet Rocco Frank For State Rep.

To my fans out there who have asked when I am hosting a "meet and greet," well this thought never occurred to me because every day is a "meet and greet day." As I mentioned in my many and innumerable articles and on my campaign literature I am the owner of the ComputerFox in Milford. My address is 374 New Haven Ave. and anyone is welcome to come on over and do a meet and greet at their leisure.

One thing that is different about the Independent party is that we try to break from the "official" and "image driven" obfuscations that decieve people in believing the pompous and exaggerated claims of the Republicrats and their candidates. You are all welcome to meet me in my environment, as I am, as I look, and as I and my views portend to be.

My phone number is (203) 247-4357 and I am in my office every day from 10:30 to 6:00 except holidays, and weekends. During those times I like to enjoy nature and time with my family. However, you are always welcome to join me for a hike in the mountains.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pumpkin Delight Elevator Project Goes Up..Up...and Up!

The elevator at Pumpkin Delight Middle School is finally being installed after several years of complaints. Parents of disabled students thought it unfair that their kids could not reach the classrooms on the second floor.

The Americans with Disabilities Act also requires that all public buildings and places be equipped and built to accommodate disabled people. This includes properly sized bathrooms to fit wheel chairs, mirrors and sinks to be at a handicapped friendly height. Braille signs are also required for the visually impaired and of course an elevator and ramps where there are stairs.

The current problem is, that Pumpkin Delight School does not have an elevator, and the Board of education priced out the elevator and got an estimate requiring a $350,000.00 appropriation from Milford's Taxpayers CLICK HERE for original estimate.

Earlier this year the elevator issue became a point of contention, because parents and teachers who wanted to keep their neighborhood school open cited the cost of this elevator as a reason to choose Pumpkin Delight for closing instead of Simon Lake which is 100% ADA compliant. However, the Board of Education disagreed citing more land for expansion at Pumpkin Delight Click HERE.

The decision was made based on budgetary cutbacks to education that required revamping the school system to save money. Money that the Board of Alderman and the Board of Finance would not restore to the Board of Education. The board of Education was forced to redesign the school district at the behest of its interim Superintendent Michael Cummings Click HERE.

Thus far, and finally, the appropriation to make Pumpkin Delight ADA compliant has been made only it appears that the Republicans in charge have made an error of gross proportions. They were not properly quoted the cost of the elevator and are now nonchalantly asking the cash strapped taxpayers of Milford and Board of Education for another $70,000.00 for the "uplifting" elevator project CLICK HERE for new cost.

This additional funding over the original estimate is an outrage and deserves explanation. None has been given and the taxpayers were basically ignored by the media who said nothing about why the price "shot up" another 20 percent. This Elevator was quoted about a year ago, and why the cost is being allowed to be "jacked up" by the contractor is a mystery.

We need to demand answers from our Mayor on why this "Wonkavator" is so out of range from its original estimate. We need to investigate and ask why nothing has been said to the press or the people of Milford. "Forking over" another $70,000.00 of our children's education money to a contractor who can't stick to his original estimate is reprehensible and a disgrace. This is truly frivolous leadership and this article should be forwarded to decision makers in town while demanding answers.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Can Hartford Really Be Fixed By The 118Th?

The race for the 118th is just starting to kick off and in the next few months the voters will be rushing to the polls to vote in state and federal races. While I am quite pessimistic about this years choices fixing Washington I am also getting equally frustrated with the economic repairmen competing in our local races.

Dreadfully, I really dislike bringing up the past, but it is always important to know that there are plenty of very popular well meaning people out there. Our last two representatives in the 118th were both Democrats with Barbara Lambert resigning after serving just one term. Prior to that we had the former Speaker of the House Jim Amann who also resigned his post in favor of a Gubernatorial bid.

This year we have another three-way race with four political parties being represented. Added to the usual Republican, Independent, and Democrat Parties, we have the added intrusion of the Working Families Party. While most people think WF is a real party it is important to note that they rarely to never run any candidates.

Working Families is a labor union driven entity who has endorsed Democrats in 99% of every contested race in Connecticut. To see their list of cross endorsements click here.

This years Republican Candidate is Greg Smith the present Chairman of the Milford Board of Alderman. Greg replaced the very popular tax cutting Ben Blake after the Republican landslide in 2010.

The Democrat Kim Rose is vying to retain the 118th yet again for the Democrats. Rose is active in several Milford organizations including the Elks, the Irish festival and the Planning and Zoning Board. Rose is also cross endorsed by the Working Families Party.

The Independent is Rocco Frank Jr. who is running again. Frank is a small business owner and has served the state of Connecticut as a Special Deputy Sheriff. Frank is also the Chairman of the Milford Independent Party and is largely responsible for all Independents that appear on the Milford ballot. Frank is also a former candidate for the Board of Education and has three children in High School.

Deciding who to vote for can be challenging, some things to remember is that this year, except for Frank, we have all new faces running for the 118th. Each of the candidates have their strengths and weaknesses.

The Democratic candidate biggest weakness may be her health, and issues that could impair her ability to represent her constituents. Driving back and forth to Hartford can be a taxing (no pun intended) experience and the same impairments that handicap her at her present job will again handicap her again if elected. Other than this issue Rose is a terrific person who has supported a great many honorable organizations and events in Milford.

The Republican Candidate Greg Smith has all of the luster of calling himself Chairman of the Milford Board of Alderman. Smith also calls himself a Libertarian and a Patriot and embraces Libertarian principles in an age where Tea Party Patriots seem to be en-vogue.

Smith's critics, however, have criticized him on several fronts and call him dis-ingenuous. Smith's greatest challenge came from the parents of Simon Lake school. Greg supported and cut the funding to Simon Lake against the wishes of several parents and teachers. Greg was also criticized again by the local media and several blogs when he voted in favor of paying $700.00 each for computer chairs at the mayors request. Greg has denied this to me in person but has failed to provede any proof by way of a reciept. These, in my opinion, are alleged errors in judgements that many of us use to cast doubt on his ability to "fix Hartford." Democrats have also alleged that Greg has voted to raise taxes more times than any Chairman I have ever known.

Rocco Frank Jr. The Independent has been dubbed and called opinionated and yet open minded at the same time. Frank as the owner of a small business, and as a former state employee has a great deal of state experience. The Milford Mirror called Frank an excellent choice in 2008, and was also endorsed by the Family Institute of CT, and every other state Independent party in the state including the American Independent Party.

Frank's biggest handicap this year is funding as he is self financed and has opted out of the Citizens Election Program. In 2008 Frank qualified and spent nearly $20,000.00 but due to a challenge expressed by Chris Healy (Chair of the CT Republicans) that this program amounts to public "theft" frank decided to opt out in 2010 until the program is proven ethical. Frank's critics have also alluded to the 10% margin he achieved in 2008 after spending $21,000.00. He has also been challenged on issues of physical graffiti objections and reforms in divorce law.

Photo above of Milford's 118th District

Mike V.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NRG Deception, Potentially Clean Peaker Plant

When it comes to the underhanded tactics of the energy monsters in Connecticut nothing surprises me any more. For all of you out there who may not remember let me refresh your memory on some key promises made by our "peaker plant" by NRG.

As you all know, we needed to upgrade our failing electrical grid and provide an emergency generator on the the multi billion dollar line that has aptly become known as the Middletown power project. Soon after the celebration of its completion and all the lawsuits that followed, the MIddletown power plant exploded due to the alleged negligence of a massive gas leak.

Lawsuits aside, and the massive downward property revaluations in Milford (that are now being handled by a class action lawsuit) the peaker plant was supposed to be clean. Well I have come to discover that technically it is clean because it has the ability to use natural Gas. If you believe the CO2 emissions from its billowing smokestacks is clean than I suppose we could agree it is cleaner than the legacy left behind by the "Sooty Seven."

When I heard this "Natural Gas Capable" remark from an employee who works at the NRG site my "antenna rose up" and I dared ask the question "what do you mean Natural Gas capable?" That is when he said that "in order for it to use Natural Gas in a "peaking situation" a contract to purchase that gas would have to be made in advance. Since we do not know when it will be "flipped on" management decided it is more cost effective to burn dirty Diesel Fuel."

Without getting this guy in trouble, and the fact that I was Red with disgust and contempt for these environmental liars, I instead took the liberty to write this rant today and share my disgust with my readers. The point of the story folks, we may have gotten more tax revenue for the city of Milford but you just paid for it through higher energy prices and the maintenance of a plant that is in limited operation. So really we got little to nothing! just a big polluter and a bigger electric bill!

If you want to fight back call me, because thanks to energy deregulation we can eat into the profit structure of these criminal projects by switching your energy provider. I will gladly enroll you into North American Power, save you money, and at the same time send a message to the big lying polluters in town. Call me (203) 247-4357 in Five minutes we can have someone else supply your electric.

Above photo is the one issued by the UI/Nrg Public Relations office to the general public. Notice that the picture has all the local houses replaced with vegetation to deceive environmental objectors as to its true impact and vicinity on residential housing.

Monday, September 13, 2010

As Nation Sinks Into Despair Republicrats Offer Same Rhetoric

Every election we hear the same old B.S. from all the two party candidates we elect, re-elect and vote out. "ohhh, I mean business," "I will reduce the size of Government," "I will protect Jobs," "I will protect the environment," "I will, I will, I will... vote for me! Me! MEEEEE! Ohh Awww pleeease! I will I will I swear!"

Sick of it yet? Well if you have been lobotomized, unable to read a newspaper or kept to your promise of never discussing "religion or politics" then quit reading this blog and go back to your Ipod. (You will not get it.) But.. If you are smart, fed up, and sick and tired of all the cons, the lies, the deception, dishonesty and larceny than read on because I am going to offer you a solution to the rut our criminal government put us in.

Last year when I was out meeting people in Milford I witnessed first hand the wreckage in our community. While I heard our leaders proclaim victory and told us all that our city was in "great shape" I was reading facts, researching statistics and gathering first hand stories from ordinary people struggling under the incompetence of this city's leadership. Statistics and facts do not support the lies that the liars tell. The city is NOT "In Great Shape."

Are you in great shape? Are your neighbors living large? Is your employer hiring? Giving raises, or optimistic? Well if they are perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who knows how to profit from misery, but unfortunately those ill gotten gains are on the back of a dying Middle class or a group about to be further decimated by the large Tax increases looming on the city books.

While you are being told we are in "Great Shape" remember that there are little things that marr the great reputations of the lying liars in town. These are those things deliberately not reported to the papers in the hope that you will remain ignorant and clueless enough to think that your city services being cut are no cause for alarm.

Yes that is correct over the last Ten years your property taxes increased dramatically and your city services cut to the bone. The city has been busy getting sued to the point of wiping out the city's legal defence fund and our schools need 100 million in repairs. What are our leaders doing about this impending disaster?Absolutely nothing! They are pretending these problems do not even exist. You are being told there is no cause for alarm, or in other words they are taking the Steven King horror novel approach.

When we put our trust into a political party who will say and do anything to keep the town and its people in a trance for its own political and financial purposes then its time to worry. Do not wait for your taxes to skyrocket, your house values plummet, or your credit rating destroyed. You see, as you are being told the town is in "Great Shape" and there is nothing to worry about they are busy finding a way to shift blame when things fall apart.

Do not let these criminals jump in the get away car! Take action become involved visit and vote out the thieving duopoly that has become nothing more than gang style rule in our town. Vote both parties out and support the Independent Party. Even if you think Independents are not going to win still vote for them because it is more honorable to let the criminals know that they do not control your vote.

At this point in the game, the mistakes made are so enormous, that regardless of who wins the solutions will be out of reach to either candidates in this election cycle. There is no one in the running this year that has any ability to solve any problems at the federal level and we urge you to take action. Vote Independent! Register to Vote as an Independent! and tell the Duopoly you reject Gangs running our town!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Broken Promises, Broken Dreams, Republicans and Democrats Consistently Deliver

The people of our great city and state are real people, they have real hopes and real dreams. They want nothing more than to wake up each morning and not have to ever be concerned with religion or politics but rather place their trust and faith in the American Party based system that is dominated by the Republican and Democrats.

The average person in town may even know the name of a candidate, know a little about their past and believe that the mailing sent to their house is reason enough to believe that we have good candidates running for office. In those cases where voters have no idea who their candidate is, they ask their friends "who are you going to vote for?" or "Who should we support?" and as such excitement starts to brew as the lead candidates begin spending money and pushing their exciting "facts" and "opinions"... and so desperate are you to just blindly trust and believe in those words and promises.

Voters go about their day, and notice and read signs with catchy phrases like "Responsible," "Leadership," "Experienced," "Rebuilding," "Restoring," "Hope," "Change," "Put Americans Back To Work," the promises are endless and yet the inaction is also endless.

Every election the disappointed Independents decide they are angry at the individual candidates political party so they vote the other way. This is a strange Paradox of disenfranchisement whereby upset voters, who feel responsible to vote, throw away their vote to the other major party because they are upset with the present administration. Not knowing who they voted for, what that other person represents or what agenda they possess has become irrelevant to many who are more interested in exerting their mass authority to "fire" our representative leaders than actually look to a logical choice or alternative.

The voter has become part of the problem, especially those who call themselves Independent but have never voted for anything other than a Democrat or Republican. The two party system likes it this way because they claim ownership over Independents while marginalizing their third party candidates. When an Independent runs for office, they are usually put in a position whereby they have to beg and fight for everything. This happens when they are routinely excluded from debates, are excluded from voting in primaries, are given very discouraging hurdles to conquer and are offered a barrage of often limited or discriminatory coverage by the media.

This is because the two party system, loves Independent voters, while dislikes Independent candidates unless the latest poll shows their candidate eating away at their opponents lead. The rudeness of name calling is also another past time of the two party system who dubbed the words "spoiler", "throw away you vote", "they never win" and so on and so on.

The joke is finally on the tax payers of America who are being "wiped out" by the very "liars" whom they elect and fire each and every year. This year, in Ct, we have a stellar group of some of the most clever crooks and thieves that the world has ever seen. Remember, that as you are voting for an established party candidate, you are doing nothing more that what generations of individuals have done before you.

The result of those votes created the disaster that now has put America and Americans in the worst position it has ever been since the nation was established. Record job losses, record, deficits, record foreclosures, record dollar devaluation, record Gold prices, record illiteracy, record illegal immigration and thanks to your assumed vote I am certain there will be some more new records.

To all my readers and fans today I beg of you to not "throw away your vote," yet again, voting for the same established political parties that have corrupted everything. I instead beg of you to have the courage to not collapse the candidate this year but rather follow suit in you original view about party affiliation and actually vote the entire two party system out. Your family and our children deserve better than what they delivered, and I promise "No candidate could do a worse job than Congress has already done." This election lets make our mark by voting out all corrupt political party candidates.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Milfords Educational Crisis Can Be Solved

The city of Milford has an ugly little secret when it comes to education, or in other words the iconic "third rail" that few dare to address. That rail is what I aptly call the 100 Million Dollar Dilemma or the the cost of repairing the failing energy wasting infrastructure of our educational system.

For the last twenty years the city of Milford and the Milford Board of Education have adopted a triage policy where-by only catastrophic mechanical failures are addressed, but the issues with our crumbling schools go beyond just those simple repairs. Milford has not had a new school built in many decades, and the thought of education improvements is always a bitter battle against those who do not want taxes, and those with kids who just want their kids educated.

For a very long time there has been no way of breaking this taxpayer, parent stalemate until recently. The answer came to my desk at the Milford Independent Party after consulting with numerous experts and municipalities across Connecticut and the United States for a solution to this very problem. Finally a real solution to the Milford Education crisis was presented to me by Balfour Betty Construction. This company is a world class company and is rated one of the top companies to work for in America.

Balfour Betty delivers billions of dollars in sales annually. The project in question that has now become the national model for Leeds Certified education was delivered to the Irving Texas School District this year. Click HERE for a tour of Lady Bird Johnson Middle School the nations first "Net Zero" Middle School. According to Balfour Betty's spokesperson "Charter Builders was awarded the $29 million contract to manage construction of the new school, located in Irving, Texas.

The 150,000-square-foot facility will produce its own energy via solar panels, geothermal energy harvesting, and wind turbines. If the school produces excess energy, the district could sell energy to a local electric provider, creating a potential revenue source for the district." Should our local leaders dare embrace the vision of the future, a project like this can easily be initiated in Milford and Connecticut. Most of the delivery cost can easily be absorbed without incident or consequence to the local taxpayers.

This is because 60% of the cost of the school would be paid for by Hartford, another 10% could be covered by Federal Clean Energy grants and the rest %30 covered by bonds. The payments on those bonds would be at record low interest rates and paid for with the monthly savings from repairs, Gas, Electric, and energy. For example at current rates of 4% a loan for the difference or an est. $20,000.00 per month in un-needed electric and gas bills could be easily converted to the loan payment. This will cover the unfunded and bonded portion of the construction.

If Milford also decides to sell off and combine some failing Schools, it is even possible that a new school could be built for FREE. There may even be additional money in the bank to use for our kids currently unfunded programs. This is a project that is a "big win" for the people and city and should be seriously pursued to fix our towns 100 Million Dollar Dilemma.

We now just need to get the word out, because the lack of vision and inaction on behalf of the cities taxpayers and children is UNACCEPTABLE. We all need to put pressure on the present administration to take meaningful action to solve our educational crisis. Milford students should not be learning in hallways on carts and certainly they do not deserve to have their schools shut down. Demand Action, direct decision makers to this post and ask them to do the right thing for the sake our children.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Krazy City In Milford Closes Its Doors

Early reports indicate that ailing Krazy City Amusements located in the Connecticut Post Plaza Mall has closed its doors today due to what appears to be severe financial difficulties. A former employee who wished to remain anonymous said what many already thought to be inevitable "that they were hemorrhaging money like mad. The owners have tried to make a go of the establishment but the place was age appropriate meaning that it was only for kids who liked amusements. Take this in the age of X-Box, a faltering economy, and huge rent and utility bills and you have a really bad business decision."

Should the owners fail to reach an agreement to re-open the store it is entirely likely that the local courts will decide the fate of all the assets and past due expenses if any. The already struggling Post Mall will likely suffer another terrible financial loss due to the fact that Krazy City occupies five retail spaces. The Post Mall was recently awarded a substantial property tax cut of Apx. 20% after they sued the Richetelli Administration and the Tax Assessor in court over their high tax bill.

Information (Awaiting Additional Confirmation)

Warren Mosler Right On The Money

Warren is a brilliant economist, at first I doubted his wisdom because it has all the attributes of a cruel paradox. Then I realized that Warren is spot on. Our deficit does not matter because it has "NO VALUE" our Dollar is nothing more than paper and ink and our debt could be eliminated by losing electricity and having those computer digits die in the circuits that created them.

Money is nothing more than a tool to allow our government to exchange something of no value (Paper and Ink) for something that has value your goods and services of which the government wants. The purpose of the Fiat monetary system is to use the money supply M3 as a counterweight to the demand for money of which the government can create at will with the stroke of a computer number pad.

Some believe that this is immoral, because they (like me) object to the Government (possibly corrupt) having absolute control and power over money creation, especially when that money is used as a means to expand the government with impunity over the rights and will of the people. Some feel that having a bit of a monetary challenge to the government would be good for our republic, or in other words require the government to have money backed by something of value like a commodoty of sorts. This will guarantee that the people of America will also benefit from new money creation not just the swiss press and paper & ink industry.

Pesonally I believe and have confidence that Warren can make the current FIAT system work and I agree with Ron Paul that our government (through its incompetence) should be forbidden from abusing the currency through erratic inflation, deflation and its induced economic booms and busts like we are experiencing now.

I think Warren is one of the only people I know that can restore balance to our economic system that deperately needs to be "papered over" properly. If any of you are worried about your money being worth anything remember that you can buy Gold, Silver or some other rapidly appreciating commodoty you need not be "Papered up" yourseves. The wealthy elite do this frequently because they (unlike the masses) know (and laugh at) paper money when regarded as something of value. To them it is little more than a permission slip or for lack of a better description "casino points or credits" that can be used for merchandise.

Warren has also indicated that the IRS places so little importance on cash as money that if you dare pay your taxes in cash, they will carefully count it, give you credit (a reciept), and after you leave drop the entire pile in their shredder. Those shreds are then happily resold to tourists visiting Washington D.C.