Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NRG Deception, Potentially Clean Peaker Plant

When it comes to the underhanded tactics of the energy monsters in Connecticut nothing surprises me any more. For all of you out there who may not remember let me refresh your memory on some key promises made by our "peaker plant" by NRG.

As you all know, we needed to upgrade our failing electrical grid and provide an emergency generator on the the multi billion dollar line that has aptly become known as the Middletown power project. Soon after the celebration of its completion and all the lawsuits that followed, the MIddletown power plant exploded due to the alleged negligence of a massive gas leak.

Lawsuits aside, and the massive downward property revaluations in Milford (that are now being handled by a class action lawsuit) the peaker plant was supposed to be clean. Well I have come to discover that technically it is clean because it has the ability to use natural Gas. If you believe the CO2 emissions from its billowing smokestacks is clean than I suppose we could agree it is cleaner than the legacy left behind by the "Sooty Seven."

When I heard this "Natural Gas Capable" remark from an employee who works at the NRG site my "antenna rose up" and I dared ask the question "what do you mean Natural Gas capable?" That is when he said that "in order for it to use Natural Gas in a "peaking situation" a contract to purchase that gas would have to be made in advance. Since we do not know when it will be "flipped on" management decided it is more cost effective to burn dirty Diesel Fuel."

Without getting this guy in trouble, and the fact that I was Red with disgust and contempt for these environmental liars, I instead took the liberty to write this rant today and share my disgust with my readers. The point of the story folks, we may have gotten more tax revenue for the city of Milford but you just paid for it through higher energy prices and the maintenance of a plant that is in limited operation. So really we got little to nothing! just a big polluter and a bigger electric bill!

If you want to fight back call me, because thanks to energy deregulation we can eat into the profit structure of these criminal projects by switching your energy provider. I will gladly enroll you into North American Power, save you money, and at the same time send a message to the big lying polluters in town. Call me (203) 247-4357 in Five minutes we can have someone else supply your electric.

Above photo is the one issued by the UI/Nrg Public Relations office to the general public. Notice that the picture has all the local houses replaced with vegetation to deceive environmental objectors as to its true impact and vicinity on residential housing.

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