Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ron Paul Cheated Again, this time by CNN

by Mike Vecch

If you have been following Ron Paul's run for president, you know by now that he has had more obstacles placed in front of him by the mainstream media and big government than any of his colleagues. He's been cheated in New Hampshire and Louisiana, the media ignored his second place victory in Nevada, and he's been given (on average) about one-third the speaking time of other candidates during debates. This is happening because Dr. Paul is NOT an establishment candidate. Simply put, the corporate mainstream media (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN) has been giving him little or no coverage since the beginning, favoring the candidates that would benefit them the most, if they were elected. So, it is no surprise that CNN cheated him again in the California debate, the last debate before Super Tuesday, in favor of their establishment puppets. Why? Well, because the polls show that Ron Paul (not McCain or Romney) is the only Republican that can defeat Hillary in a general election, and there was no way the Clinton News Network (CNN) was going to let that happen.

Ron Paul was asked only 5 questions by the faux-journalist and government mole Anderson Cooper (Yes, this member of the Vanderbilt dynasty was also a CIA trainee recruited from Yale when he made the "switch" to journalism. Just google his name and CIA). Anyway, Paul got 5 questions total, compared to McCain who was aked 15 questions and Romney who was asked 17. That's less than one-third the speaking time. And that's not even counting all the time McCain and Romney wasted during their little lover's quarrel. How could this be called a debate, when one debater received three times less time to make his points than the others? Huckabee supporters should be furious too, as the pastor is being phased out as well. Any sports fan will tell you that "time of possession" is a crucial statistic in the outcome of a game. Luckily, Ron Paul can score the same amount of points in one-third the amount of time. What CNN, "our news leader," really put on was not a debate. It was a complete farce, a lie, a sham, a publicity stunt promotion for their 2 favorite Republican candidates - the ones most likely to lose to Hillary/Obama '08. Even the seating was arranged in a way that the next days photos would show only McCain and Romney in photos closet to the "moderators", as if Huckabee and Paul weren't even sitting on the same panel. Talk about Framing . . . literally.

This is really a shame and a complete disgrace, and the people who will suffer for this deception are only the American people because almost everyone who hears Ron Paul speak wants to vote for him. But people don't get to hear him because the corporate mainstream media minimalizes his participation and ignores their duty to cover all the candidates. They are afraid that once Dr. Paul turns his watchful eye from the coruptions of the other establishment frauds (the Federal Reserve, IRS, the Military Industrial Complex, the Medical Industrial Complex, and useless money pits such as the UN, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Education, and Dept. of Homeland Security), that he will eventually make an effort to restore the integrity of our media outlets. Its past time that Americans were given the news as it happens, not how it is framed by the corporate media. Mass Communication has become a joke, and we all know it. If it wasn't for the internet, the only way to transmit a truthful message would be word-of-mouth like in a Ray Bradbury novel. And the government is working hard day and night trying to control the Internet. They just might do it too. But even if they do, rest assured communication will evolve into something else that they can't control, just like our will to live free and unoppressed.

But wait, there is hope for America, and even the blind corporate mainstream media realizes that Ron Paul is that hope, and thats why they fear his message. You see, what the establishment doesn't realize is that the Ron Paul Revolution is bigger than Ron Paul. They can silence one man, but try silencing millions, try silencing ideas. They can't do it because this is a revolution of the mind, not of one man, but of the country and it is spreading like wildfire, releasing people of all ages from their apathy, freeing them from the matrix. Ron Paul is just the beginning, the cornerstone that we built around, the voice that brought us all together. He laid out all the puzzle pieces for us so we could get the whole picture, and now we see it with open eyes and open minds. He expresses the ideas that everyone knows to be true, despite the establishments attempts to dodge them and demonize him. He's the alarm clock that has woken so many of us up to the deception and corruption of big Government, their brothers in Big Corporations and their mutual PR machine, the mainstream corporate media.

The establishment fails to realize that the revolution is not about one man, its about a much larger truth movement. Its about exposing their plans of a North American Union and an eventual One World Government. It's about reversing the trend of the last 7 years, injecting the spirit of freedom back into every American by restoring our civil liberties and helping us realize our individual power. Its about exposing the liars in Washington who say that socialism, communism, rigged elections, torture, war and poisoned food, water and toys are all good for us. Its about holding the political criminals accountable for what they have done to this country, and to prevent it in the future. Like Alan Moore wrote in V for Vendetta, "The people should not fear its government, but government should fear its people." Partisan totalitarians can succeed in controling the government, they can control the media, they can even control our elections, but power and corruption will always lead to one thing - Rebellion, because they cannot control the will of the people. We will live in fear and silence no longer, because we will remember that we were once truly free and we can be free again. Its time we all joined together and rallied behind the leaders of the revolution.

Police State Vs. Home Land Security

By: Mike Vecch

Is that a photo of an Urban Assault Vehicle, an International Peacekeeping tool imported for our security, a StormTrooper transport, or some other instrument of destruction? Whatever it is, its here. But is it here to help Secure the Homeland or is it here for the further promotion of turning America into a liberty-less Police State?

I was in Hartford on Monday to visit the office of the Secretary of the State. My appointment was over early, so I had the rest of the day to spend exploring Hartford with my cousin. We decided to take a tour of the Capital building and to visit other offices in search of an audience to hear us out on certain issues. We decided on the EPA and Dept. of Public Health to discuss water quality, particularly the flouride and mercury issues. After the EPA and on our way to the Department of Public Health building, we passed the Armory. We decided to stop when we saw a group of CT State Troopers outside the armory exhibiting one of their newer toys, an Urban Assault Vehicle.

The Stormtrooper Transport Unit Providing Indispensible Defense holds 24 (12 inside and 12 on the roof) SWAT team member and their various assault weapons and battering rams. The vehicle grants troopers access to second and third story windows, and the roof in most instances, via the vehicles own high roof and the adjustable ramp system. This makes it real easy to crash through the bottom 3 floors of a building and/or roof simultaneously.

I have to say, the state troopers were very nice to us. We asked them a great deal of questions, all of which were answered with courtesy. However, when we started asking about the application of such a vehicle within the state of Connecticut, a representative from the Department of Homeland Security decided to interrupt the conversation by introducing himself, revealing who was really in charge. He also took our picture several times without asking.

However, granted this rare opportunity, we decided to start questioning the representative of the Department of Homeland Security. My first question would be a simple non-threatening conversation starter, and theoretically easy to answer, "How have you made the homeland more secure?" His answer, "How haven't we made the homeland more secure?" I guess I should have expected a government official to answer a question with another question. I mean, who expects an answer to a question these days anyway?

But riddle me this, "How does this particular vehicle (deployed in the state of CT) help secure the homeland?" His answer was to go into an in-depth explanation about the features and benefits of the vehicle itself, as if I were on the lot of a Hummer dealership asking about fuel efficiency. Maybe he thought I was in the market for one, I don't know. OK, another question dodged, maybe I needed to ask more direct questions.

And since he went the "salesman" route anyway, I decided I would give him the opportunity to close the sale. So my third question was "How much did this vehicle cost, and who made it?" He said, "It was made in South Africa for a cost to the taxpayer of about a half-million dollars." A bargain in today's economy. I also asked, "Why South Africa, doesn't an American company make something similar?" The reply was that they have been using these vehicles successfully throughout Africa for years, and that this particular vehicle was already about 4 years old. I guess there is a lot we can learn from African nations when it comes to law enforcement and crowd control. Who knew? So, I took a few photos, and after giving the troopers a brief education in the effects of water flouridation, we decided to leave.

So . . . Why do we need this vehicle in CT and What scenarios in particular would justify its use? The State Troopers said that it was used around 20 times, most recently used against the Hell's Angels. I didn't even know they had a chapter here. But, who is this vehicle going to be used against in the future, besides the Hell's Angels? Drug dealers? Maybe terrorists? Maybe at CT's vulnerable ports along the Long Island sound? I hate to speculate but I suspect that it will also be used against other American citizens, thereby not helping to secure the homeland from foreign threats, and that this is just another instrument of a fascist government whose goal is to turn America into a complete police state. This is further evidence that all local Law Enforcement is turning into a paramilitary force. But law enforcement doesn't fight foreign threats, it polices the American people. They are beefing up security for us, all of us, not just the Hell's Angels. And yes, I know they have other, more powerful weapons and vehicles at their disposal, this is just one example that motivated me to write this article.

I also suspect that those photos taken of us are now in some Homeland Security database, along with millions of other Americans who have had their 4th Amendment (amongst other rights) violated. Or, maybe my friends are right, and I'm a little too paranoid. I'm not trying to convince you of anything. All I ask is that you remain vigilant of the growing power of our local, state, and federal governments and that you do not blindly accept whatever they do but rather question everything, especially those things that are done in the name of national security because they are not all in your best interests. Which war is homeland security really fighting? The war on terror or the war on our rights?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Unbelivable Acts Of Voter Fraud! CT Beware!

Several candidates and New Hampshire voters complained that their votes were not counted. When the secretary of state in New Hampshire was challenged he demanded that who ever wanted a recount of the Primary ballots had to pay for it out of pocket.

Just that was done and Bev Harris, was commissioned to assist in a investigation regarding the chain of custody, and accuracy in counting. What Bev revealed to America was shocking and amazing. Boxes were discovered with broken seals, some boxes appeared to be open and re-taped shut, and others flat out had the tamper seals broken.

Most troubling, the seals that were used in NH did not even properly adhere to the ballot boxes. The glue on the seals was so ineffective that seals could be removed and reattached several times without even showing any evidence of a removal.

This is of serious concern, because the two handlers hired by the NH Secretary of State, whose names are Hoppy and Butch acted completely unprofessional. These two men actively involved in the handling of ballot boxes are suspected of tampering with the seals and the contents of the boxes.

Video and photos above and below clearly show the unprofessional and unsecured manner in which the ballot boxes were treated. To make matters more interesting hand counts versus machine counts were completely inconsistent. The hand counted results have now proven conclusevely that the computers "threw" the election in favor of the Clinton's.

These problems are very upsetting to me. I believed that such corruption was limited to the brute force and malaise found in most "banana republics." It is outright sad and disparaging to see the entire American electoral process under such a loud protest. Furthermore it astonishes me that there is little to no mention of it in the "opinion" reports of most major news agencies. This clearly demonstrates once again that we, the common middle class, are of little to no value to the owners of these media empires. They have given their program orders to their "opinion" anchors who like robots report lies; as if generally accepted facts. Aggregate to this harm is their openly shameless lust for power and profit. These treasonous media "princes" continue to merely promulgate globalist variations of subjective Un-American trite, instead of what they are supposed to, the sovereign American truth to the people who live here.

Watch the videos, see what the media has denied you, and remember how many delegates have already withdrawn in protest of this corrupt system. Stop and ask yourself if this is just some mundane conspiracy, or do your "lying eyes" continue to deceive you. NH Secretary of state ought to be ashamed of himself and resign!

Voice your opinion in the upcoming state hearings. Click this Link.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Startford Mayor James Miron Honors Fund Raising Efforts

Each year the fraternal lodge of Masons engages in fundraising activities to help various charities. The organization is put together and currently spearheaded by: (From Left to Right) Dave Urban, Rocco J. Frank, James Miron, Bruce Swan, and Tammy Trojanski.

Tammy is the representative of the charitable organization who benefited from our fundraising event. Her organization works with families in crisis that need emergency food and shelter, she works with several facilities including the Bethel center here in Milford.

This is our first official charitable donation and more are expected to come. If you know of anyone who needs help and could benefit from our support please contact me or Dave Urban for details. My Telephone number is (203) 247-HELP, Dave can be reached at (203) 377-6056.

We also have been pleasantly surprised with one of the most amazing opportunities ever. Mayor James Miron has indicated that he will run in next years Turkey Trot race. This will make Mayor James the first mayor to participate in our new town tradition of health and fitness. Our most sincere thanks to mayor Miron for helping us grow.

Todays event is expected to appear in the upcoming Stratford Star available at the town local library and residents.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Milford's Sea Rising And Razing

Complaints have been coming in from residents living on the waterfront in Milford. The section in question is the area in the vicinity of Silver Sands State Park. The complaints we have received are what to do about shoreline erosion, invasive plant life intrusion, and flooding.

These problems, may be natural, or consequential to Solar and or Global warming. The erosion and coastal problems plaguing New England are well documented. The root cause of these issues are expected to occur in the near future. "Al Gore" has said that as "Glaciers continue to melt sea levels will rise." We, living on the Long Island Sound are no exception to this inconvenient fact.

How long, or to what extent the damage of arctic ice caps melting will have here in CT is unknown. Scientists can say with absolute certainty however, that the sea levels are higher today than they were just 30 years ago. Those living along the water should be aware that the thousands of square miles of water from melted ice has to go somewhere. It just may be your back yard if you live at or below sea level.

The only practical defence to the swell of the sound is eventually going to be what was done in New Orleans. Once the problem becomes so evident that it can no longer be ignored, FEMA, CT or some Federal agency will commission and or fund the Army Corp of Engineers to build Levy's, sea barriers and/or construct higher ground. Some cases may be so difficult that the property may not be salvageable at all.

Flood gates may have to be considered in places, along with pumping stations to rapidly remove water concentrations. System failures should be taken into consideration and back up systems need to be built. Should the problem of flooding be left completely unchecked, the eventual course of nature in its natural meandering of rivers will result in damage caused by natural water erosion. This will be most serious after our first hurricane or basic weather anomaly.

Erosion and water damage cannot be taken lightly and must swiftly be dealt with. Not doing so can have drastic and catastrophic consequences to people and real estate. It is my understanding that a committee has been formed to address these problems. I wish this committee much success in building the required infrastructure to control water damage that may be imminent. Please consider the urgency of this matter with an increased risk of imminent natural disasters.

Above photo of storm surge in East Lyme Connecticut.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ron Paul Rising With Cramer's Synergy

The Ron Paul Phenomenon is pushing forward in the Presidential Primaries. Ron Paul Scored an impressive second place finish in Nevada, and actually took first place in Louisiana. Although the media reported his finish in LA as a second place finish, the true number after all the delegate votes were counted put Ron Paul at a first place finish.

However this victory can be called a Pyrrhic victory as the continued implications of the chaotic caucus process, and Ron Paul media black out, continues to leave undesirable results and general distrust for the integrity and honesty of the primary system. This system is now marred so bad that courts could be used again, as in the Bush Gore Election, to decide who our next President is. Already there has been a recount in New Hampshire, and a revelation of the criminal record of an official at the Diebold company. The process has now set a record so problematic that we can expect a continuous flow of challenges to the primary results.

With this in mind, I can at least say that there is some good news. Ron Paul continues his rise to awareness when respected market enthusiast Cramer, who hosts the stock market television show Mad Money had Ron Paul on as a guest. Cramer endorsed all the ideas and principles that Ron Paul stands for. Most particularly, his criticism of the Federal Reserve System who acts with complete impunity from the wreckless policies they set for the American economy. Watch the clip as it is the first time I have ever seen Cramer so excited.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maintaining Your Privacy Online

Many people are completely unaware that their online privacy may be compromised. Many devices such as cable modems, DSL Modems, and routers record and assign every computer with an IP (Internet Protocol)address that is as unique and as traceable as your home phone number.

Our Ip addresses have the the likenesses of a phone number except it be a caller ID on who is entering your computer. If you could install the the equivalent of a "Caller Id" on your computer you might just be amazed at how many unauthorized intrusions are out there.

The novice person often has no clue who these intruders are, but in most cases they end up being Ad Servers, Data Mining Programs, or possibly even more destructive nuisances like Computer Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and Adware.

In either case we do not want them in our computers. The way I personally maintain privacy is by first using a virus utility, my favorite is AVG Free, next I install Windows Defender, I then make sure all my windows updates are up to par. The most important being the Microsoft Malware Remover and Anti-Phishing program update. To cap the entire security gamut I add an IP privacy program called "Proxyway."

Anyone wishing to test their security can find a host of websites designed to try and figure out who you are. If they cannot ID who you are then its safe to do true anonymous surfing and blogging with more confidence and less fear of "big brother." One last point to those of you who have a camera and microphone hooked up to your computer, BAD IDEA!!!

Youtube and many video upload sites have the ability to take control of your webcam and microphone. Aside from the Orwellian creepiness of this, who knows what they can do once it is accessed. Best advice on this front is turn your computer off, and unplug the studio. This is the best way to know that your computer is not listening or staring back at you.

Mac users should have little concern over viruses, as the OS is much more protected than that of a PC but as a precaution I would include an IP Privacy tool on Safary or your favorite browser. Mostly follow the same guidelines as PC users.

If anyone has any other questions regarding software and computer security feel free to leave your comments below and I will answer them next time I log on.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rethinking Wall Street, The Federal Reserve Vs. "Laissez Fare" Economics.

John Maynard Keynes, Milton Friedman and Murray Rothbard, started this ongoing debate many years ago. Each argued the the merits and misery of two competing economic philosophies. "Laissez Fare" Economics is viewed as Libertarian in principle, because it begs the government to leave its hand out of the economy and trust business to flourish on its own.

The principle of "Laissez Fare" is an economic system that economically challenges people who are unwilling to work, are lazy or lack the basic self respect and pride needed in the furtherance of their life. It does not, however, allow for the rise of Fascist Oligarchs and Monopolies. In principle it leaves the running of our commerce to ourselves in a manner that ensures free and open trade with all nations.

Our current economic system as seen by the Federal Reserves intervention today was a display of unparalleled meddling, a desperate move to stop the volatile market decline on Wall Street. This interventionist policy takes the free choice out of the hands of people like you and I who have our own principles and ideas on commerce.

The Fed Funds Rate cut of .75% was amazing in calming the U.S. market, but was troubling for the U.S. dollar as those international nations who trade with us begged us not to cut the rate. Many nations already are burdened with dollars that become worth less every day, dollars some nations in Opec are refusing to accept.

There is an illusion going on that only a handful of people see, an illusion that magically keeps an appearance that our stock market losses are low. It does this with inflated dollars that are worth less. To put this into a simple perspective imagine you purchased a new car for $10,000.00 and after driving it for ten years you sell it for $12,000.00. You are under the illusion that you just made 20% on the sale of your car. What would you then do if you found out that $12,000.00 today only could purchase what $3,000.00 purchased ten years ago?

The math is simple, Inflation robbed you of $9,000.00 or 90% of the original purchase price. The real horror about inflation is that many Americans are becoming savvy of the Federal Reserves tricks. The Fed concerned about letting their inflation scam out of the bag, found a way not to include food and energy as part of their reported inflation figure. This is probably due to the negative and embarassing image image to the Fed that these wrecklessly inflated items represent. Thes Items, used most often by us, have artificially surged 10%-20% in price over the last year. You confusion over these "cooked books" is deliberate and amounts to nothing more than the science of aggregate Federal Grand Larceny of us the people.

To make things look even rosier our leaders enter America into treaties like NAFTA and GAFTA and Export our jobs and manufacturing to countries that have no labor unions, few human rights laws, and extreme poverty. We in turn are calmed into believing that these cheap toxic slave products is the true purchasing power of the dollar. Meanwhile inflation gets reported at an unbelievable 4.1% (Something to remember next time you buy a gallon of gas and milk.)

History always shows that in the end, the Federal Reserve Systems policy of creating money out of thin air fails, and fails hard. We have seen this in Germany with the Deuchmark and every other place on Earth where a policy of printing money for debt was ever undertaken.

Today's market volatility, is not over only delayed a while. Our country has made more debt and empty promises than it can afford to pay for. America is becoming a nation up for sale at the bargain price of desperation and failed economic policy. If we can recover from the horrific mistake of excessive debt, greed, broken promises, and our systematic attack on our right to exist as a nation, it will be several years of hardship gone by.

I personally believe that the Federal Reserve System has failed in its function and now is the time to press for a return to a "Laissez Fare" Economy with a sound monetary sytem.

"Low Life" Targets Town Soda Machines

About a week ago I was at K-Mart getting a Ping Pong table for my kids, when I arrived to the store I saw that just about every soda machine was vandalized and had the dollar bill validators destroyed. Then again today I saw on the Milford Mirror website of possibly the same "Low Life" on camera destroying yet more soda machines.

Take a good look at this persons face, and keep an eye out for him in town. He appears to be holding a tool in his hand that is being used to defile the machine. The tool looks like a small hand "Pick Gun" (See photo)that is being used to drill out the lock and open the door to the unit. By opening the door he can complete his objective of getting himself all the soda and cash that is available.

According to Hannah-Vending "these thieves are bold and brazen." Some of the things we can do to help catch these criminals is first call the police immediately or approach the soda machine and cause the criminal to run. Get the plate number to their car, and be especially concerned if they have a tool kit in their car with a pocket full of change and small bills. These are all tell tale signs that something is suspicious.

These vending machines can also be outfitted with alarms, the same type that you would find on your home. If the code is not entered properly the unit will wail alerting nearby persons to a theft in progress. This is a problem that can be corrected if we do our research and remain vigilant. Keep an eye out for crime, and vendors take additional security measures to protect your property.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of this man is asked to contact the Milford Police Department at (203) 878-6551.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

CIA Agent Makes Death Bed Confession To His Son.

E. Howard Hunt worked for the CIA during the 60's. This was a turbulent time in history, and one of the closest the world has ever seen to a nuclear war with Russia. E. Howard Hunt was sworn to secrecy by the powers in charge and even suffered the loss of his wife in a crash that was deemed pilot error and also a dubious warning as to how far our government will go to ensure secrecy.

E. Howard Hunt has a son Saint John Hunt, and he asked him to bring a message to the world to finally put an end to the mystery surrounding the JFK Murder, and the reasons surrounding the decision, to not only end his life, but to place a more "hawkish" President in office; Lyndon Banes Johnson.

After hearing the testimony of Saint John Hunt it became clear to me that the CIA and JFK's Vice President LBJ had knowledge of the plot to kill Kennedy. The consensus was that with the world so dangerously close to global nuclear war that Kennedy would be a perilous and weak leader in the face of the Soviet threat. One of the concerns mentioned was the mishandling of the "bay of pigs" and his hesitation to call in the air force. According to the recorded confession of E. Howard Hunt the CIA and LBJ worked together to set up and neutralize JFK under the noble idea that he was a danger to our safety and security in America.

E. Howard Hunt admitted that he loved our country, and at the time of this CIA executive order there was a general and sincere urgency to act in the best interests of our nation. This decision was accompanied by a genuine internal fear over a possible nuclear war with Russia.

While I must admit that I was not yet born when Kennedy was murdered, I always found the lasting legacy of the mystery surrounding his death interesting. This latest story I believe gives those who were saddened by the death of JFK the most amount of closure yet.

The Kennedy family, who has received, too much loss in my opinion has yet to comment on this latest news. If any members of the general public, whom for years have always questioned the official government story would like more information, you may contact Saint John Hunt (The son of E. Howard Hunt.) He has posted an informative website with lots of information. His website link is: Feel free to comment back.

Perhaps this Martin Luther King Day we can think about the senseless killing of another great leader. Martin Luther King had his life end at his hotel. He was senselessly shot by a sniper.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Milford is getting Ready for the Connecticut Presidential Primary

This post only applies to new and unaffiliated Connecticut voters. The final date for you to register and pick a political party is Thursday Jan. 31st 2008. The procedure is simple, call the Voter Registrars office in your town and request the appropriate forms. These will be either a party affiliation form, or a new voter registration form. The town of Milford, (Our town) can be reached at (203) 783-3240.

Some things to point out that may be odd are the names you will see on the ballot. Dodd, Biden, and Richardson have dropped out of the Presidential race and have done so in a manner that left their names on the Connecticut ballot. FYI THEY ARE NOT RUNNING ANYMORE DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR VOTE.

The date you will vote is going to be Feb. 5Th 2008 at your local precinct. If you do not know your local precinct call the voter registrars and they will tell you where to vote. Remember to bring your ID, a Valid non-expired CT drivers licence, passport or military Id are acceptable.

One last point to mention is that your vote has more power in a primary than the actual election. In the past it has been pointed out to me that as few as several hundred votes decided the victor in our town. For this reason if you are passionate about your candidate loading up your car can make an enormous difference in the outcome of this primary.

As a last point, if anyone out there does not know who they want to vote for, and trust my advice, I plan on voting for Ron Paul. The reason for my choice is because I still believe in the US Constitution and Bill of rights. Of all candidates Ron Paul has the voting record to back this up. Some may make allegations that Ron Paul is a racist, those are malicious lies debunked by the NAACP themselves. See the links below.

Ron Paul Smear Debunked

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dow Plunges Again! Somebody Please Turn off My TV!

The stock market plunged again, this time over 300 points. Recession talk on Wall Street intensifies as a new breed of investors start looking to profit from the market going down.

Real Estate still remains weak, and inflation is "sky high." The local news today reminds us again that our city and schools are having a hard time keeping everyone happy. The state news is that a big LNG that no one wants is making progress, while in my mail my outrageous electric bill arrives.

On T.V. the Presidential primaries are anything but organized, with a different candidate winning in each state. Michigan, of course did not count as all the Democrats (except for Hillary) boycotted the ballot, and NH is still being recounted because the computers appeared as if they could not add properly. I was hoping to find a picture of a leaking dam with all of us running for cover but had no luck.

Suppose the right thing to do for our sanity is go about our lives, and make the best of things when we have a bad day.

To end my post today I will quote my 95 year old Italian Grandmother who said (Laughing) "Rocco stop thinking so hard if I was able to live through Hitler and WWII I am certain we can make it through this!."

Thank you grandma for that small bit of wisdom today.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jesse Ventura "Don't Start The Revolution Without Me!"

Former Minnesota Governor Jessee Ventura has come out of his Mexican Siesta and is ready to take part in the rebuilding of America. This is particularly exciting news because Jesse, a former, and very popular WWF wrestler, ex-Navy Seal, and accomplished political leader has always had the ability to energize the despondent and apathetic voters of America.

Jesse mentions in his new book that after winning the gubernatorial election in Minnesota he was met by several CIA operatives in the basement conference room at the capitol building. Their questions were pertaining to how he pulled off such a victory in Minnesota. Their questions revealed interest in his unconventional victory through the mobilization of people who rarely or never voted.

While I personally have not yet read his book it sounds very much like a very exciting, and yet interesting story that will hopefully spark more positive change here in America.

According to Dick Russel whose name also appears on the cover, "Ventura uses the book – part personal memoir, part political rant – to rail against organized religion and the media, detail his brushes with celebrities and suggests that he should be viewed as a possible presidential candidate."

I would highly recommend reading his complete synopsis on the book if you do not plan on purchasing it. Jesse's unconventional leadership has been dubbed "genius" by many in his state while others viewed him as a symbol of how "mad" America has gotten. In either case, no matter what you believe, I always thought Jesse was somewhat of a superstar in the political arena who energized the public in a positive way.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2007 Inflation Est. at 4.1% LOL!

This figure is suspicious because my "lying eyes" are seeing excessive surges in food prices, surges in energy prices, health care cost surges, and surges in insurance premiums. These are excepting the losses we suffered because our homes are worth less, our jobs have been pared down to mostly lower paying jobs with smaller pay increases and our ability to obtain credit has diminished.

These revolutionary changes are the core that effects the common American, the "bread and butter" of life our happiness and our future. Americans are increasingly paring back, and cutting back across the board. We are taking more modest family vacations, or none at all. We already spend less on food (about 10% of our income) less than any other industrialized nation on earth. Americans consumption of poor quality food contributes to our people being sicker than ever, with record autism, diabetes, obesity, and cancers. Hospitals have earned the disgraceful statistic of being 10Th in the world in preventing preventable deaths and our farmers are losing their markets to a merciless junk food industry.

Yet our politicians continue their unrestrained spending, have mismanaged our social security, and set aside no future investment to pay for the health care they promised. With all this bad news you would think the time to get serious would finally be upon us, but instead we were given another empty unaffordable promise called the "prescription drug bill" one that has insufficient funding and will cost more than the entire national debt of 9 Trillion..

The news on the financial markets is even more troubling as our nations industrial back bone is selling out to Chinese and Arab investors. This is happening as our country continues to borrow and print money and the dollar continues to decline. Our land and our opportunities are all but more affordable. Middle class Americans continue to struggle just to survive.

Disenfranchised and apathetic as we may be, it seems that we have all but given up on life, trivialized our right to vote, evaded participation in jury duty, or excused ourselves from taking action in defense of our dying country. The threat America faces today is from within not without. Such a threat is at the hands and ideas of our leaders faults, mistakes, and sadest of all cronyism and tyranny. This mailaise is being forced upon us by a handful of evil oligarchs whose global vision is sold to us for a huge fee; Our Country and national sovereignty.

Have we forgotten that our nation was built and based on the Bill of Rights, our U.S. Constitution, and the very freedom from a British empire that ruled men like disposable property of the king? The time is upon us again that our very rights are under attack by an elite group of individuals whose vision of America is not one that takes into consideration your job, family, children's future, or your basic needs of affordable food, clean water and a safe place to raise and interact with your family. It is a vision based on globalism, world government, and a borderless America.

Turn the television OFF, start using your own mind, look at how our leaders vote, read books, read the works of our founders, and know in your heart there is something horribly wrong in America. Find a place in your heart for our country and know the continued empty promises of our leaders, and our slide toward a fascist America is wrong. We can still work to take back our individual power in America if we stand together and believe our "own eyes and ears" rather than the unbelievable news that mocks us daily with jobs reports, inflation reports and market data.

Believe in yourself, believe in America, find the answers and protect our country as if your own son or daughter. America needs you now more than ever!

Yahoo Link on Inflation 1/16/08

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cries of New Hampshire Voter Fraud Get Louder!

When I first heard this accusation of New Hampshire voter fraud a week ago I just dismissed it as "sour grapes." My first thought was that of the typical "sore loser" concept we have seen again and again in ultra competitive elections.

That view of mine is beginning to change, Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh (below) have joined the growing list of protesters calling the Diabold count "troubling." The list of opponents are now comprised of Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Rep. Ron Paul, Voter Fraud Expert Bev Harris, computer science experts at Princeton University, and of course radio hosts Alex Jones and others at the GCN network.

This problem became even more apparent when I recently discovered that these complaints are omnipresent and repeated across the country. But most troubling is the criminal and felonious drug dealing record of Ken Hajjar, the Director of Sales and Marketing for LHS Associates, and childhood friend of company owner John Silvestro.

These are very grave concerns because Diebold has the contract for the state of Connecticut and these machines are now used to decide our elections. Poll watchers, and the chain of custody, as well as a paper record will become critical to guarantee that our elections remain honest. People need to get involved in the electoral process if we are to preserve liberty in America. There is no place for secrecy when it comes to ballot counting, the process must remain transparent, and the public deserves the right to inspect any suspicious computer code.

Below is another historical opinion from Rush Limbaugh, one of very few, I personally agreed with.

Continued updates:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Credit Card Debt Soars to One Trillion!

Some time ago I warned that the faltering subprime credit mess would put pressure on consumers to turn to their credit cards for money. The start of 2008 is showing just that, many American's have now "balooned" their credit card debt to a record one trillion dollars.

This is an enormous problem as our entire economy is built on a system of credit. Debt is what makes it possible to own a home, buy a car, build a business and believe it or not retire. But why does a person need credit to retire? The answer is that inflation, low Social Security payments, and stock market madness has led to a revolution in "Reverse Mortgage" retirement. This allows an elderly person to sell their home to the bank before they pass on.

Identity theft has compounded this debt problem, and resulted in a decrease in FICO Scores. The signs of contracting credit is placing a burden on all areas of the American Economy. Banks afraid of more defaults are eliminating subprime lending, creating superfunds to absorb losses and even borrowing from overseas investors.

Today Gold hit $900.00 per ounce, this is an indication that world markets are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the U.S., and possibly the Global Economy. The real challenge will emerge when the new bankruptcy law is imposed against Americans who believe that going broke is an option as if like it was for our parents. This may not be the case anymore, because the level of difficulty in having your debt pardoned, and being granted a fresh start is not what it used to be.

Bailing on your debt has more in common with trying to bail on child support today. Although there is no "official" debtors prison we do have "contempt of court" of which is the same thing. For now America's future economic fate is no longer in Americas hands. We have something called a "Dollar Peg" that is in the hands of foreign nations who are mired with troubled dollars they no longer want.

Many nations are already distancing themselves from the U.S. currency, while Americas leaders continue to ignore all the warning signs even those from Americas chief accountant David Walker who has gone public on the debt and credit fiasco undermining our national sovereignty.

David's message, recently was again on Glenn Beck.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Economic Impact of Casinos

The great state of Connecticut has some of the largest casinos in the world, they enviously contribute to our state 400 million dollars in tax revenue each year. We are also told by our leaders that that amount is higher than what most other states get.

Casinos have told local communities that they are a positive contributor to the economy, and as far as I can tell from the early days they were. They created thousands of jobs, employed countless contractors and built magnificent spectacular displays of modern architecture in our state.

Casino's are advertised with star attractions, with big national names and celebrities from all four corners of the world. The stars are the attraction but the objective is for you to gamble along the way.

Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun each gross billions of dollars annually, and have each enjoyed a monopoly in our state for over a decade. This success has not come without its price, however. Bridgeport, and its associated Golden Pequosset Indians have fought hard and have continued to lose its battles in the wake of a competitive challenge from the state of CT and its vested interests from Foxwoods, and Mohegan Sun; Each vying to protect their interest. The Golden Pequossets have also threatened to reverse titles on countless properties in Fairfield county as a threat.

Yet this pales in comparison to negative effects of the dreaded and painful Gamblers Anonymous. The millions of people seduced by the serotonin high of winning money at the expense of others.

Casino's often try to ignore this type of bad press and dupe the public that they are somehow an industry, and that they will contribute to society in a health commercial way. While there is no way we can fully assess the economic impact on CT and its citizens I can say that casinos have not demonstrated much benefit to the local towns or CT, now already mired with over 18 billion in debt.

Casinos also do not not manufacture anything, contribute positively as they grow, or provide many respectable living wage jobs. Casinos are an industry that sells the illusion of chance, when in reality every brick, every window, every decoration in their palaces are built on the blood, sweat, and tears, of losers. This is hardly an industry worth nurturing as the "backbone" of a sound economy.

The historical model of casinos on local communities is more like what happened to Atlantic City where a once middle class community slid into greater poverty and a reduced standard of living for the local inhabitants. As the economy slips, the corruption of casinos may seek to expand in an effort to fix the problem they created. People are quick to propose and build casinos, because there is the illusion of riches and as state funds dry up and our state debt continues to rise, I get concerned that feeble minded legislators will see such a ploy as an opportunity to bring NY revenue into CT. The goal being to procure perhaps another 300 to 400 million in tax revenue.

Please read all the documented links in this diary today and know that this is only a short term fix with a devastating long term consequence that will ultimately deliver more misery to an already troubled state. It is the wrong direction.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"War Hawks" Win in New Hampshire, Electronic Voting Suspect.

Joe Lieberman should be proud today, as John McCain and Hillary both came up on top in New Hampshire. The two "pro-war", "pro-empire building", "pro-war spending" candidates have risen like a couple "phoenix from the ashes" in defiance of the polls.

Some attribute Hillary's rise as a result of her "teary eyed" speech after her Iowa loss, others have come forth and cried "fowl" blaming Diabold, the makers of the very controversial voting machines.

Disturbing reports came about from all sources, to include poll watchers being dismissed, to ballots being counted in secrecy. A flurry of videos on the Internet demonstrated the ease and speed in which the voting machines can be hacked to throw elections, and a recent poll I did online gave Diabold a very low margin of trust. This concern spread to Connecticut and again to many local elections prompting our Secretary of State Susan Byscewitz to address public trust concerns.

The biggest shocker was when voter fraud expert Harris sounded the alarm on New Hampshire calling concern to the ease of hacking and cheating the count.

To quote Paul Hoffman from the Ron Paul CT New Haven County Meetup group "81% of New Hampshire ballots are counted in secret by a private corporation named Diebold Election Systems (now known as “Premier”). The elections run on these machines are programmed by one company, LHS Associates, based in Methuen, MA. The public knows nothing about the people programming these machines, and even less is known about LHS Associates. No one knows about the secret vote counting software used to tabulate 81% of the ballots either. People like to say “but we use paper ballots” as if that were somehow proof that we aren’t a banana republic. But that term’s meaningless. The election last night was stolen, outright. There’s no question."

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Frills on U.S. Flags Art Imitating Life?

Noticed a rather odd thing last time I was in the state Court House. What I saw was a U.S. flag being displayed with three sides marked with Gold frills. Certainly we do not fly U.S. flags with "Gold Frills" so why do we have them in our public buildings, and most often in places where authoritative persons hold office?

My curiosity got the better of me and I asked a few people who worked for government and the most common answer I got was that they were prettier than ordinary flags and looked nicer with the frill. Some said they had no idea why, but the general consensus was that they are just more artistically pretty and nicer to look at and there is really nothing more to it than that.

The answer did not satisfy me, so I asked some friends of mine in the military. They, of course, know all about flags as they are taught their uses in every ceremony. There are "Storm" flags, "Parade" flags, "Garrison" Flags. Flags that are used for covering a the tomb of a fallen soldier etc..

This made me feel like I was on the right track and the answer came back to me that the flag with a "Frill" around it is known to the military as an "Admiral" flag or one used by military service persons at sea on a U.S. Ship or during war.

Here is the actual description from a military manual:

"Pursuant to U.S.C. Chapter 1, 2, and 3; Executive Order No. 10834, August 21, 1959, 24 F.R. 6865, a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a YELLOW FRINGE, bordered on three sides. The President of the United states designates this deviation from the regular flag, by executive order, and in his capacity as COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF of the Armed forces."

With this mentioned I must ask everyone in public office buildings. Are we part of a militarized society? Or is your "frilled" flag just pretty art?

Monday, January 7, 2008

UI Dupes Milford on "Clean Energy"

The most clever profiteer in Milford is by far The United Illuminating Company who has achieved a stellar profit record for their share holders and future interests. In 2007 UI was able to circumvent the "Windfall Profits Tax", duped the CT House of Representatives with (HB 7432) by charging you "for lost profits", charging you again for a "Rebate Program", UI "Defrauded" customers with meters that overcharge, was "gifted" a brand new power grid, and most insulting of all won permission to raise our electrical rates 90% in just a few years.

With such a solid business climate you would think that UI would be satisfied, as a matter of fact they decided to do business with Energy Inc. to reopen what they call a "clean power plant" here in Milford. This partnership is with a company that owns TEN, a company that is now in court with Attorney General Blumenthal for allegations that it breached its contract and overcharged taxpayers over 14 Million Dollars. TEN even has gone so far as to attempt a disruption of power to important buildings at the State Capitol.

With such a marred controversial record, are we now to believe and trust that UI and NRG burning natural gas is "clean?" The facts indicate otherwise, as these natural gas plants will likely need to obtain their fuel from a foreign source. The North East peaked on oil and gas some time ago, and a opportunity has been created for a controversial LNG or Liquefied Natural Gas facility off the coast of CT in NY waters. Unfortunately the game is "afoot" because NY Gov. Spitzer is holding the fate of CT's waterfront. If the Gov. approves the LNG than UI scores another big victory while we the inhabitants of this state lose yet again.

Make no mistake, mining for Gas is not "Eco friendly" an LNG is not "Eco-friendly" and the billowing smoke coming out of UI's smoke stack will still create massive CO2 "greenhouse gas" emissions with reduced air quality in our town. The only thing "clean" about gas is that it puts less mercury into the environment. This comes at a huge price, the price being a "reshuffling" of environmentally destructive sources. Do not believe the news in the Milford Mirror as fact because they originate from UI press releases and connected sources. They are intended to make you feel content with their 700 Million dollar plant opening right near your home as somehow safe.

The real kicker, aside from, obvious health risks, the transport of more toxic and explosive gas and chemicals, and increased traffic congestion, is UI's demand that we pay them yet again as a reward for building a "clean" plant. UI has yet done too little to remediate the massive mercury and methylmercury problem they created just a few short years ago. To any naysayers out there, if it has a billowing smokestack it is not clean, it is as simple as that.

Link on Gas Plants LNG Opposition

As it stands my opponent has supported UI and its associated interests.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama & Huckabee Win, Fox News "Cheats" Ron Paul.

The Iowa Caucus is over and the two big emerging first place winners are Mike Huckabee and Barrack Obama. This victory marks a clear message that Celebrity endorsements do matter in politics. Barrack who was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey saw his numbers rise over Hillary Clinton's, and Mike Huckabee, endorsed by Chuck Norris, saw his numbers rise to a stellar Iowa victory.

This may lead the rest of the flock to seek big celebrities to back them up in their quest for the Presidency of the United States. Ron Paul who has no celebrity endorsers that are omnipresent, saw an impressive gain and fifth place finish with a whopping 10% of the vote. Ron Paul was very excited about his 5Th place finish because he topped the Republican hopeful Rudy Giuliani by a wide margin.

The Fox news network promised the top five winners of the Iowa caucus a seat on their televised debate, Ron Paul who finished 5Th and ahead of Rudy Giuliani, was given the boot. Even though he fared much better than Rudi, Rudi will be taking his place in the Fox news debate.

This poor decision has led to a flurry of protest calling the word of "Fox News" worthless, their stock has seen a decline that may be related to their bias agenda, and unfair treatment of public opinion. Bloggers have gone insofar as renaming their network the "faux" news network in response to their selective reporting.

Expected protests are now underway, even from within Fox's own ranks, to stick to their word and honor their "top five" promise and include Ron Paul. Even if you do not support Ron Paul, I urge everyone to take part in complaining over the injustice of the fox network. The Fox network is part of the reason that America has sunken to a level equal to that of Slovakia on the list of press freedom. This is an injustice against all Americans and the First Amendment.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Massive LNG Update

About a year ago there was an uproar over the implementation of a LNG or Liquefied Natural Gas platform being stationed off the coast of the Long Island Sound here in CT. NY got involved and last I heard Ct's opposition was complicated when the LNG representatives decided to park it a little further away into New York waters.

This LNG was all but a done deal, except it be that some permits were being awaited from the state of NY. today's post is to update you as to the current status of those developments, and the opposition to the projects as a whole.

Currently the opposition remains the same, that boaters object to it, as do residents of the local waterfront. The objections still remain that this barge will be an "eye soar" to look at, as well as pose a hardship to boaters as the safety perimeter is expected to cut off nearly one square mile of the sound.

Political and municipal concerns remain as to the terrorist hazard, and the cost of increased security in and around the harbor, a cost the LNG company does not wish to bear. LNG gas is highly flammable and any terrorist attack on the barge could result in an inferno and billowing smoke cloud over the sound, not to mention the pollution and hazard of a sunken tanker.

Residents are still objecting to the project and a dedicated website is in place at the following link. LNG UPDATE LINK.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Codex Alimentarius and Your Food

Codex Alimentarius is the Latin word for "food code" and was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Association contained within the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

The scope and purpose of the food Codex is to resolve issues pertaining to food safety, these include residual and types of pesticide, meats from animals that may be diseased, unsafe food additives, labeling procedures and many other aspects. In short the "Food Codex" controls everything we eat except it be home grown.

This is especially important to know because the scope of responsibility and level of efficacy is Germain to every American who buys their food from a grocery store. Most of us blindly trust that our interests are being accurately represented and that our food is safe, while others are not entirely content with some of the rules.

One case in point is the new law requiring minerals, herbs, vitamin supplements to be labeled and dosed according to the new codex rules. Many countries who see these items as medicinal in nature fear that their control and regulation, under the authority of the 2008 Codex commission held in Jan. of 2005, has crossed the line from food into medicine. The video excerpt below is from one such person who has added a legal explaination and is worth watching and taking notice of, especially since so many people use the items under review for regulation as medicine.

This change will have a far reaching effect on everyone from Homeopathic services, to body builders, to the allowed nutritional contents labeled on our foods such as cereals. Enjoy the video, and as always feel free to add your opinions.