Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Low Life" Targets Town Soda Machines

About a week ago I was at K-Mart getting a Ping Pong table for my kids, when I arrived to the store I saw that just about every soda machine was vandalized and had the dollar bill validators destroyed. Then again today I saw on the Milford Mirror website of possibly the same "Low Life" on camera destroying yet more soda machines.

Take a good look at this persons face, and keep an eye out for him in town. He appears to be holding a tool in his hand that is being used to defile the machine. The tool looks like a small hand "Pick Gun" (See photo)that is being used to drill out the lock and open the door to the unit. By opening the door he can complete his objective of getting himself all the soda and cash that is available.

According to Hannah-Vending "these thieves are bold and brazen." Some of the things we can do to help catch these criminals is first call the police immediately or approach the soda machine and cause the criminal to run. Get the plate number to their car, and be especially concerned if they have a tool kit in their car with a pocket full of change and small bills. These are all tell tale signs that something is suspicious.

These vending machines can also be outfitted with alarms, the same type that you would find on your home. If the code is not entered properly the unit will wail alerting nearby persons to a theft in progress. This is a problem that can be corrected if we do our research and remain vigilant. Keep an eye out for crime, and vendors take additional security measures to protect your property.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of this man is asked to contact the Milford Police Department at (203) 878-6551.

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