Thursday, January 3, 2008

Massive LNG Update

About a year ago there was an uproar over the implementation of a LNG or Liquefied Natural Gas platform being stationed off the coast of the Long Island Sound here in CT. NY got involved and last I heard Ct's opposition was complicated when the LNG representatives decided to park it a little further away into New York waters.

This LNG was all but a done deal, except it be that some permits were being awaited from the state of NY. today's post is to update you as to the current status of those developments, and the opposition to the projects as a whole.

Currently the opposition remains the same, that boaters object to it, as do residents of the local waterfront. The objections still remain that this barge will be an "eye soar" to look at, as well as pose a hardship to boaters as the safety perimeter is expected to cut off nearly one square mile of the sound.

Political and municipal concerns remain as to the terrorist hazard, and the cost of increased security in and around the harbor, a cost the LNG company does not wish to bear. LNG gas is highly flammable and any terrorist attack on the barge could result in an inferno and billowing smoke cloud over the sound, not to mention the pollution and hazard of a sunken tanker.

Residents are still objecting to the project and a dedicated website is in place at the following link. LNG UPDATE LINK.

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