Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tea Party’s Economic Agenda Would Cause Next Great Depression

(Press Release Submitted by Warren Mosler.) Waterbury, CT - August 30, 2010, Warren Mosler, Independent candidate for US Senate, former Tea Party Democrat, and frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies, lashed out today at the political movement for its ill-thought demands to balance the budget which he contends is based on abject ignorance and counter to true Tea Party values. “The Tea Party’s demands to balance the budget and reduce the Federal deficit aren’t merely misguided, but dangerous, and would cause the worst depression in history,” stated Mosler, a financial expert with 37 years of experience in monetary operations. “I have been, and continue to be, a strong supporter of the core Tea Party values of lower taxes, limited government, competitive market solutions, and a return to personal responsibility. However, their proposals to balance the budget are the same suicidal policies that caused the 6 horrible depressions in the U.S. over the past 200 years. At the worst possible time to take money out of the economy, the Tea Party’s proposals would remove an estimated $1 trillion and cause the worst depression in world history, destroying tens of millions of jobs and ruining our children’s future.”

A Brief Explanation of the Modern Monetary System
Modern money, after the demise of the gold standard, is akin to a spreadsheet that simply works by computer. As Fed Chairman Bernanke explained on national television on 60 minutes, when the government spends or lends, it does so by adding numbers to private bank accounts. When it taxes, it marks those same accounts down. When it borrows, it simply shifts funds from a demand deposit (called a reserve account) at the Fed to a savings account (called a securities account) at the Fed. The money government spends doesn’t come from anywhere, and it doesn’t cost anything to produce. The government therefore cannot run out of money, nor does it need to borrow from the likes of China to finance anything. To better understand this, think about when a football team kicks a field goal; the number on the scoreboard goes from 0 to 3. Does anyone wonder where the stadium got those 3 points, or demand that the stadium keep a reserve of points in a “lock box”?

Moreover, government deficits ADD to our savings - to the penny - as a fact of accounting, not theory or philosophy. This means the Mosler payroll tax (FICA) holiday will directly increase incomes and savings, thus fixing the economy from the bottom up. For example, if the Mosler tax cut amounts to $20 billion per week, that will be the exact increase in income and savings for the rest of us as anyone in the Congressional Budget Office will confirm. For the Federal government, taxes don’t serve to collect revenue but are more like a thermostat that controls the temperature of the economy. When it is too hot, raising taxes will cool it down. And in this ice-cold economy, a very large tax cut is needed to warm the economy back up to operating temperature.

While Mosler fully supports the Tea Party desire to cut taxes, and recognizes the need to cut wasteful and unnecessary spending - in fact, his economic proposals will save the government hundreds of billions of dollars of unnecessary interest expense - he also recognizes, that tax cuts have to be much larger than spending cuts in order to ensure that less money is taken out of the economy, and not more as the Tea Party is currently demanding.

About Warren Mosler

Warren Mosler is running as an Independent. His populist economic message features: 1) a full payroll tax (FICA) holiday so that people working for a living can afford to buy the goods and services they produce. 2) $500 per capita Federal revenue distribution for the states 3) An $8/hr federally funded job to anyone willing and able to work to facilitate the transition form unemployment to private sector employment. He has also pledged never to vote for cuts in Social Security payments or benefits. Warren is a native of Manchester, Conn., where his father worked in a small insurance office and his mother was a night-shift nurse. After graduating from the University of Connecticut (BA Economics, 1971), and working on financial trading desks in NYC and Chicago, Warren started his current investment firm in 1982. For the last twenty years, Warren has also been involved in the academic community, publishing numerous journal articles, and giving conference presentations around the globe. Mosler’s new book “The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy” is a non technical guide to the actual workings of the monetary system and exposes the most commonly held misconceptions. He also founded Mosler Automotive, which builds the Mosler MT900, the world's top performance car that also gets 30 mpg at 55 mph.

Learn more at www.moslerforsenate.com

Monday, August 30, 2010

Milford Probate Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas Campaigning Hard

Milford has an interesting race for the probate court this year. The Orange and Milford courts (and many other state courts) have been merged in an effort to save the state of Connecticut Millions of dollars. This makes this years election for Probate judge interesting as we have two incumbent judges from two different courts and political parties opposing one another.

Over the weekend I personally met with Judge Beverly Kefalas and we had the opportunity to speak in a rather campaign style way. She and I spoke while she was out on the campaign trail and in the local community. It was nice that she knew of me and my reputation with the work of the Milford Independent party, and I took pleasure in getting to know her, and her work in the court a little better as well.

Although our time was short the initial impression she made was really good, and we left each other in a manner that was in agreement with the high standards and principles that are emblematic of the Independent Party in Milford. We agreed that our leaders telling us the Truth is the most important attribute we can demand.

As a judge she also recognized that any Republican party judge under the direction of the demanding Richetelli administration would likely become an "activist Judge" who owes the Mayor and its party leadership favors in exchange for the campaign money and influence given him. This would impair and impede his ability to be Independent and impartial to the public.

Time and again the Milford Republican's have made their activism clear, we saw this when Kevin Liddy was denied his run as a Republican over his unacceptable vote on the P&Z, again when Cynthia Anger was Fired for not following orders, we saw this when RTC Member Tom Byrne was ejected from the RTC for challenging the mayor and again and again for every open minded individual who dared criticize the autocratic and plutocratic style of the angry Republican leadership in Milford.

The judge of probate is a very important position it requires a full time attorney, who is not distracted by their private practice to get the job done. Although the Independent party has been critical of candidates of both parties, we believe that Beverly will act on her own independent intuitions without the undue and negative influence of a political party. While we cannot comment on the nature of her opponent we can dismiss our support for him based on the history of the law breaking party he is affiliated with.

This I say with confidence and on the basis of factual information. This information can be obtained by evaluating the mounting lawsuits against the present administration. Lawsuits so prevalent that they have nearly depleted the entire legal defence fund in many areas of the city.

Most notably these challenges have been severest in education lawsuits and citywide litigation. Litigation that seems to get "stickier" every year. I believe that many of Milfords legal challenges were avaoidable had the present leadership not treated the law as a mere platitude to be ignored.

While we do not accuse or hold any of the Republican candidates this year personally responsible for the negligent actions of their party, we do challenge their judgement for associating with such a troubled group of individuals in the first place.

It is important to note that the the Independent party, without predjudice, has "cross endorsed" other Republican candidates including a U.S. congressional candidate in the Fifth District, Tom Marsh(Chester 1St. Selectman)we have also supported Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, and Invited Peter Schiff to Milford. However, the parties and people associated with those campaigns were embraced because they lack the personal and individual defects of many select members of the current Milford Republican Party.

The Independent Party has adopted the the motto "veritas" based on the tenet "that only the Truth Will Set You Free." We believe that Judge Beverly is the better candidate by virtue of the Time she is allocating to the job she is running for, and our opinion that the Democrats in Milford tend to be more truthful and honest than the Republicans. After meeting Judge Beverly in person, I am confident to say, that the Independent party, who has no candidate for the Probate office, really likes what she stands for and what she alleges she will do for us. We believe she will be a better choice than her opponent and I urge all Independent voters in our organization to vote for Beverly Streit-Kefalas on election day.

Below Article Published: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 in the New Haven Register

MILFORD — Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas has announced her candidacy for re-election as judge of probate and seeks election to serve as judge of the Milford-Orange Probate Court, a newly merged court effective in January 2011.

As Milford’s full-time probate judge, Streit-Kefalas has 20 years of experience as a lawyer and nearly 12 years as probate judge to serve Milford and Orange full time, she said in a statement.

Streit-Kefalas’ statement said: “It has been a distinct honor to serve the people of Milford and their families during times of crisis and in times of joy.

“Since taking office in 1999, I have worked to protect abused and neglected children, appointed conservators for elderly residents in need of assistance, and guardians for intellectually challenged adults, as well as bringing families together in adoption ceremonies. To me, it is all about family.”

Judge Streit-Kefalas in state role

April 7, 2010 at 11:42 am by Frank Juliano Connecticut Post Blog

Judge Beverly K. Streit-Kefalas has been elected the first vice president of the Connecticut Probate Assembly, her second statewide post.

“I am honored to be selected by my fellow judges as an officer of the Assembly. In that role, I look forward to working on a state-wide basis to continue our efforts to improve services to the public and the probate system as a whole,” she said.

Re-Elect Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas
New website: http://judgebeverly.com/

Above Photo of CT Rep. Dick Roy and Beverly Streit-Kefalas

Friday, August 27, 2010

Debunking Illegal Immigration

Each morning I thoroughly enjoy reading all the local blogs and news, and this week on the anniversary of the Martin Luther King speech "I have a dream" Glenn Beck will be holding a rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. to commemorate that monumental event.

Our nations heritage on illegal immigration, or I should say Immoral immigration began on the shores of South Carolina where slave ships arrived to an open market. This later evolved into a divisive issue, a civil war, and what later became Lincoln's "emancipation proclamation." Freed slaves, and their children were eventually given a birth right citizenship and afforded constitutional protections including a full right to vote under the Fifteenth Amendment.

Future generations of pre/post World War immigrants also were arriving at Ellis Island in New York, the location was selected because in order to become a U.S. citizen a proper screening of foreigners was thought a good idea. At Ellis Island the intake procedure required the documenting of individuals arriving into America and also a health assessment was required to ensure that diseases like cholera, malaria or the like was not going to be introduced to our country. Eventually all new immigrants were required to learn English, our Pledge of Allegiance, and the laws of our nation. The ultimate goal of the program was to create the Melting Pot whereby the noble goal of Assimilation and Acculturation was achieved.

Today's immigration system resembles very little of the old way of doing things. Clearly we cannot blame most people who wish to become Americans for not doing things in the correct way. All too often the barriers to immigration can be immense, including costly legal fees and years of waiting for INS to get its act together and dire circumstances in their host countries. But this in-and-of itself does not excuse those immigrants who break our laws and enter our country illegally.

The first thing one must consider on the Immigration debate, and often I fail to hear people discuss it, is the question "why are you interested in America?" The answers are often varied but one common theme is that America, unlike the rest of the world, is the last bastion of freedom on earth. Most countries have draconian immigration laws and are very unwelcoming of outsiders entering their countries. However, with most of the Third World people living on less than $2.00 a day America seems like a place ripe with opportunity. We are also world famous as a place where its citizens are afforded a Republic that bars and restricts our Government from infringing on our Inalienable rights as citizens.

As an Immigrant my Great Grandfather believed that the best reason to come to America is because you value and cherish our freedom, and wish to take part in the American dream. Despite the idea or notion that America has no more room for immigrants is flawed, what America is lacking today is leadership in Washington D.C. to tackle the Immigration problem in a way that builds America stronger with each passing generation. America needs a balance of quality Immigrants that will add to our competitive and entrepeneurial spirit as a nation.

What is truly sad today is that the Immigration system has broken down as much as it has. Sadly immigrants today are being chastised, and in some cases discriminated against, for doing what they believe is the right thing. Personally I respect and support foreigners wanting to come to America to be Americans. What I deject is foreigners coming to America to reap the benefits of socialized programs, refusing to Assimilate or Acculturate and then working illegally hence subjugating our labor laws. These individuals anger other Americans who see them send their tax free earnings (in some cases less than minimum wage) back to their families who are living in failed narco states.

To truly correct the issue of immigration, it becomes very important to separate immigrants into "Assets" and "Liabilities" whereby "Liabilities" come to America to commit crimes, and therefore are my and your enemies, and "Assets" come here to build the next generation of Americans "Stronger" than the last.

American citizenship should be a badge of honor that is earned. INS should require that all Immigrants speak fluent English, take a pledge of allegiance and not commit any crimes against others prior to getting a Green Card.The INS needs to strenghthen America by demanding Immigrants conform to the American way of life and not the other way around.

The shores of America were once a dumping ground for Englands most undesirable immigrants or a penal Colony of sorts. The English dumped its criminals on our shores and under the early years of that tumultuous period the Colonialists were confronted with an unwelcome challenge. Fortunately for the pilgrims gun control laws were not an issue. Despite popular misconceptions about guns they do keep criminals in check (just ask any police officer.) It appears that America today, is becoming Mexico's dumping ground for its criminal undesirables.

In conclusion to my post today I will say again that Immigrants who come to America to make our nation stronger not only should be pursued and welcomed, but also treated like our friends and respected guests. Those Immigrants who come to America to weaken our social and public services, break our laws and refuse to Assimilate and Acculturate should be regarded as our enemy as they always were in time past. I believe it is as simple as that.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Milford Oyster Festival A Tremendous Success For Independents

This years Milford Oyster Festival was a tremendous success for the Independent Party and all the state candidates in attendance as well. The party certainly impressed many locals who had little to no knowledge of the Independent Party or it's Candidates. Lisa Jones, a native of Stratford stood in amazement as she learned our Candidates came from many diverse backgrounds. One such academic Genius is our candidate for Treasurer Andrew White who successfully managed a multi billion dollar fund profitably during this recession.

White holds academic credentials that are the envy of Wall street. However, he refuses to run with a major party citing the same kind of corruption and distrust that is explosively gaining traction everywhere in Connecticut. White said at the Independent Party State Central meeting that "it is really a pleasant surprise, and yet sad to see, that opponents of third parties have to work so hard to lie time and again to decieve voters to see things their way."

The CT Independent Party candidate for U.S. Senate Warren Mosler was also in attendance and he discussed his many books with the public. Mosler is a niche author of several books, and has his own brand of high performance autos known to the racing community as Mosler Automotive. Warren has been invited to the elite annual Bilderberg conference and is expected to give his view on the state of the U.S. financial crisis to the top Global decision makers. CNBC has also dubbed Mr. Mosler as one of Americas "most brilliant economists" and past contributors to its network.

Independent Party Candidate for Governor Tom Marsh was out greeting local vendors at the fest with me (Rocco Frank Jr. Running for Milford State Rep.) Marsh is a First Selectman from Connecticut's most premier Town Chester. Marsh, while First Selectman of Chester, took great pride in making that small charming New England community the most Desirable place to live (according to CT Magazine) in the state. Marsh touts his experience as Mayor, and a business entrepreneur, as being pivotal to his success in Chester. Marsh is proud and and excited to add his expertise to the office of Governor.

When we go out to the voting booth this year Bo Itshaky (Candidate for Congress) wants everyone to be certain that you all "not throw away your votes" by voting for a party other than Independent. Hopefully voters will resonate with the great success of other Independents across the country and vote accordingly. The time is long overdue that we finally begin recognizing how hard the Independent Party has been working for the voters of Connecticut this year.

Above photo depicts Warren Mosler (L) Speaking with Peter Schiff (R) background depicts Dr. John Mertens of the Connecticut For Lieberman Party speaking to Simmonds during the senate debates.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tom Marsh Vies For Inclusion In Gubernatorial Debates

He won a spot on the ballot by gathering 11,000 signatures, but should Independent gubernatorial candidate, Tom Marsh be included in the debates?

Marsh, the first selectman of Chester who initially entered the race as a Republican and later changed his affiliation, said he’s currently speaking to debate organizers to make sure he’s included.

“I’ve been vetted. I’ve been through the process. I should be there,” Marsh said Thursday.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Milford CT, Real Estate Report

The median sales price for homes in ZIP code 06460 in Milford from May 10 to Jul 10 was $258,000 based on 79 sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median sales price increased 3.2%, or $8,000, and the number of sales decreased 19.4%.

Average price per square foot for homes in 06460 was $213, an increase of 6.5% compared to the same period last year. There are currently 412 resale and new homes in ZIP code 06460 on Trulia, including 57 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process. The average listing price for homes for sale in 06460 was $409,970 for the week ending Aug 11, which represents a decrease of 1.5%, or $6,091, compared to the prior week. Popular ZIP codes in Milford include 06460 and 06461, with average listing prices of $409,970 and $355,604

Source www.trulia.com

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Personal Note From Rocco J. Frank Jr.

Few people really know their elected leaders and officials personally. I will take no exception to the fact that my opponents are formidable candidates. As I understand it, they both are very active in local politics, but last election each chose not to run for the 118Th. This year with Barbara Lambert out they are interested in the job.

Personally, and having worked tirelessly in the last few years for the CT Independent Party, I am no stranger to politics. I am also a small business owner here in Milford, CT who understands the delicate balance between taxes and job creation. My company is called the ComputerFox and like many people here in Milford I provide a trade to the community of which supports my family, and my employees families.

My two children are currently both in High School and Middle School. My eldest step-daughter is just starting off her career as a teacher, and my youngest step-daughter attends Jonathan Law High School. I have a total of four children three girls and one boy. I have two wonderful children from my first marriage and I have two fantastic children with my current partner, who has dedicated her life to her family as a homemaker and a mother.

My father, Rocco J. Frank, Sr., is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, who has lived and practiced in CT and Milford almost his entire career. My parents have, for over 2 decades, and still currently own and operate the Westport Animal Hospital. I have two brothers, one of which is also a Veterinarian, one sister, and a very large extended family.

Together we have lived in several CT towns, including Westport, Southport, and Milford, and I personally have lived in Hamden, & Berlin. I own ComputerFox stores in Milford, Norwalk, & Fairfield. My Fraternal lodge is in Stratford. With this mentioned it is safe for me to say I am no stranger to the local communities, people and politics of many Southern CT Municipalities.

Over the last five years I have also been active in several CT Masonic lodges in key leadership positions and have also been a member of the Milford Chamber of Commerce, the Fairfield Kiwanis Club and the Better Business Bureau. I am a past member of the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association as well a former Per Diem contractor for the state of CT as a Special Deputy Sheriff appointed by the then Elected High Sheriff Ed Mak.

My education and training are all local to the state of Connecticut, as I am a graduate of Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT, and have attended the CT School of Electronics (at the time) in West Haven, CT. My major in college was Political Science, and at CSE I studied Electronics. Currently I use my CSE post-graduation education in conjunction with my present career as the CEO of ComputerFox Stores.

My past political experiences are mostly in Republican politics, and over the last several years have been increasingly focused on what is best for our American Republic. I believe in ideas that preserve our individual freedom and pursuit of happiness and adamantly oppose a strong central government. My political beliefs do not limit me to a Republican party or Democratic party paradigm, but rather to the bigger ideal of what is American and Un-American. What is American to me is this great republic's Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, both of which I vigorously defend against the paradox that has become the Republican and Democratic parties.

In the past I have had many strong ties to the Republican Party. I have served on, and in, many local political organizations and have taken part in many Republican Presidential and Gubernatorial campaigns. Today I view politics with far greater sadness, but yet maintain much more hope than many years ago. My party affiliation is Independent because I believe the people of Connecticut who are overwhelmingly Independent deserve an organized Independent Party. My agenda for CT is focused on the difficult task of building a future where government is "off our backs," and individual economic opportunity and affordability exists for all who are willing to embrace it.

My Independent colleagues and I invite you to join our ranks and grow with us here in Connecticut. Please E-Mail me or comment on the issues that face you and your family. I also invite you to stop into our 374 NH Ave. headquarters to sign our petitions or to volunteer to make a change. For this reason my campaign has adopted the phrase “Veritas Vos Liberabit ” or “The Truth Will Set You Free.” … and you all are welcome to join our chorus.

Rocco J Frank Jr.
Candidate Milford State Representative 118Th District

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rosa Delauro Exposed As A Communist

The above photo appeared in today's New Haven Register. It shows that Rosa Delauro is sympathetic to Communists in America. In previous years she has voted for and supported every socialistic and communist program introduced by Congress. The caption on the photo at the Register reads as follows:

"Joelle Fishman of New Haven, chair of the Communist Party USA's political action commission, second from left, greets Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, left, before DeLauro speaks at the People's Center in New Haven as local groups gather there together to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Social Security. (Peter Hvizdak/Register)"

Please vote Communists out of our Republic as they have "NO PLACE IN AMERICA."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Milford's Peter Schiff Warns That We Are In The Early Statges Of A Depression

In August 2006, Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, offered what many considered to be an outlier prognosis for the economy: The exuberance would end, real estate prices would crash back down to earth, and consumers would revert to saving from spending. In short, a deep recession was in the works.

As outlandish as he may have sounded at the time, he was right. Four years and the worst recession since the Great Depression later, Schiff stands alone again with a bleaker diagnosis for the economy: an inflationary depression.

In an interview, Schiff, president and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Connecticut, and author of the new book How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes, said he thinks the government’s policies — massive fiscal stimulus and a zero interest-rate policy — have put the U.S. on a track for a collision course.

As such, to protect one’s wealth, Schiff recommends divesting U.S. assets and dollar-denominated debt in favor of emerging markets. He likes natural resources economies like Australia, Norway, and Canada.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Independent Party To Appear At The Milford Oyster Festival

The Milford Independent Party will be present at the annual Milford Oyster Festival this August. We will be located in the "non-profit" section of the Oyster Festival usually located near the flag pole section of the Milford Town Green.

This year will be a slightly different format as the event will require patrons to pay a small entrance fee. At the MIP booth we expect to have several visiting statewide candidates, including Tom Marsh and Cicero Booker (Independent Candidates for Gov. and Lt Gov.) Warren Mosler (Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate) along with Boaz Itshaki (Independent candidate for Congress). Also in attendance will be Rocco Frank (local Independent Candidate for Milford's State Representative.)

We encourage all visitors to stop by, show your support ask questions engage in discussions and register with the Independent Party as a future volunteer or possible candidate.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Five Thousand Connecticut Charities Threatened By Feds, Many Will Lose Exemption Status.

Recently I learned that nearly 25% of all 501C3 charities are being investigated. The attached PDF was sent to me by an Inside source who is also growing increasingly concerned with the Federal Governments use of the IRS to wage economic warfare on the state of Connecticut. Just last week an email arrived to me that depicted Connecticut and its residents as "ground zero" of the economic malaise being levied on our citizens.

Most Charitable organizations live in fear of the Government, I heard a story where a church "endorsed" a Pro-Life Pro-God candidate and that small "House of God" was treated like a "Den of Inequity" by the Feds who revoked their 501C3 essentially putting them out of business. The idea that the government is allowed to bully any charitable organization with an opinion, or who supports a candidate for office through their parish is really dis-heartening and an unfair encroachment by our country, who in its pledge of allegiance admits we are "one nation under God."

When a nation through a "heavy handed government" uses fear and intimidation to destroy the very moral fabric of society, including those who wish to help the disadvantaged, support minority and women's rights, foster education, and benevolent food and shelter organizations for the hungry are doomed to imperil the very land we call home. This imperilment will result in a world where the government will be directly responsible to help every disadvantaged person, and every disadvantage person will be dependent on the government for all that they have.

Social services in Connecticut is already mired in debt, in previous years massive amounts of energy assistance was doled out, affordable housing is in continuous demand, and food stamps are at a record high not only here in Connecticut but nationwide where 50+ plus million people are actively using them.

What this has done to Connecticut and new England is clear, it has become a target of the Federal Governments agenda to spread the wealth, and with the health care tax on its way in conjunction with the propensity for new tax increases in 2011 as the Bush tax cuts expire, this nation and Connecticut is in for a very troubled future. To prove my point here, the following article was featured in Money magazine and CLICK HERE it shows that the "per capita debt in the state of Connecticut is the highest in the nation" and eerily warns us that our state is on a "steady march toward bankruptcy.

While the Federal Government has the ability to print money at will, and use complex financial tools like "quantitative easing" to purchase its own bonds the state of Connecticut has to borrow all that it cannot come up with. Not since the 1890's has our state had a sovereign currency. Had our state created currency not been taxed out of existence by the Feds in the early 1900's CT may still have its own version of a sovereign independent monetary system today. While some argue this would create chaos others like representative Ron Paul have argued that "competing currencies" would be a good thing for the stability of our nation and protect us from the misplaced power of the federal reserve.

However unlikely that we would have our own currency, the problem of monetary abuse by the Feds and the US Treasury is merely aggregate to the compounded problem of the government being on every one's backs. This year the IRS is adding to its ranks 16,500 new health care tax collectors. They are expected to nearly double the Feared IRS in size and invade the last bastion of legitimate productivity and job creation; small Mom and Pop and father and son businesses. This is guaranteed to squeeze the life out of whats left of the U.S. and Connecticut's economy.

The march is on, the food pantry's are low to empty on food and now we need to be actively concerned and organized with a new form of governmental injury against low income Americans.

The following link is to the IRS List of Charities about to lose their exemption status.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Independents Represent Economic Fixes Through Individual Tax Fairness

Upstart candidate Boaz ItsHaky is back this year to run against U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro for the second time, now as an Independent. He’s offering a new solution to the nation’s economic woes: an “income tax holiday.”

ItsHaky (pictured) said he’d like to see all taxes—income, property, city, state, and federal—suspended for a period of six months or a year. It would put money back in the pocket of consumers and kick the economy into gear, he said.

ItsHaky presented that idea on Friday afternoon at the Bella Vista retirement community in Fair Haven Heights, where he made an appearance as part of his quest for signatures to appear on the ballot In November for U.S. representative for Connecticut’s Third Congressional District, which includes New Haven and 24 surrounding towns. That seat is currently occupied by 19-year incumbent U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, against whom ItsHaky ran two years ago, when he was a Republican.

ItsHaky, a Bethany acupuncturist who has never held public office, appearedwith a slate of state and federal candidates from a new organization, the Independent Party. His tax idea is loosely based on a plan offered by Warren Mosler, a millionaire financial analyst, banker, and race car entrepreneur who’s the party’s candidate for the U.S. Senate seat now occupied by Sen. Chris Dodd, who is retiring at the end of this year. Mosler later cautioned that ItsHaky’s idea was not exactly what he, Mosler, had in mind.

Other Independent candidates at the Friday event included Chester First Selectman and gubernatorial candidate Tom Marsh and Waterbury Alderman and candidate for Lt. Governor Cicero Booker.

Those candidates, including Mosler, have already secured their spots on the ballot in November. ItsHaky is still working to gather the signatures he needs before the deadline on Wednesday.

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Peter Schiff Launches New McMahon Attack Ad

Developer Says Homes On 40 Foot Cliff Should Move Forward As Original Plan Required

Developer Louis D’Amato has filed suit challenging the Planning and Zoning Board’s changes to a proposed 28-unit residential development at 90 Heenan Drive.

The board unanimously approved the project in July with a number of conditions. D’Amato said the appeal seeks to have the project go forward in its original form.

D’Amato’s primary complaint centers on the board’s requirement to connect the upper and lower levels of the project, which are separated by a 40-foot cliff. He said this would likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and substantially raise the cost of the homes.

PZB Chairwoman Susan Shaw, D-4, said the connection between the two levels of the project is essential to protecting the public’s safety.

“The original police report recommended that the applicant do just that,” she said. “For the board, as it was for the Police Department, it was a matter of safety for the residents that the upper and lower portions of the site be connected.”

Most of the units will be priced at about $130,000, with 30 percent designated as affordable housing and costing about $75,000. But D’Amato said the cost of the homes could rise depending on the cost of legal fees and the length of the appeal.

The project, situated on 4.1 acres near the Ryder Mobile Home Park at Cascade Boulevard, would consist of 1,100-square-foot manufactured houses with two or three bedrooms.

D’Amato said the board “denies all affordable-housing applications” regardless of their merits. He added that he made concessions to address the board’s criticisms of the project, such as additional landscaping, engineering work and a widened road, but the final conditions made the project unfeasible.

Shaw said 6 percent of Milford’s housing stock is classified as affordable and that the objections to the project were not related to the cost of housing.

“While cost-containment is a part of any developer’s goal ... no one could or would argue that safety should be sacrificed in order to provide more and cheaper housing,” she said.

Original Story by Chris Rhatigan