Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Milford Oyster Festival A Tremendous Success For Independents

This years Milford Oyster Festival was a tremendous success for the Independent Party and all the state candidates in attendance as well. The party certainly impressed many locals who had little to no knowledge of the Independent Party or it's Candidates. Lisa Jones, a native of Stratford stood in amazement as she learned our Candidates came from many diverse backgrounds. One such academic Genius is our candidate for Treasurer Andrew White who successfully managed a multi billion dollar fund profitably during this recession.

White holds academic credentials that are the envy of Wall street. However, he refuses to run with a major party citing the same kind of corruption and distrust that is explosively gaining traction everywhere in Connecticut. White said at the Independent Party State Central meeting that "it is really a pleasant surprise, and yet sad to see, that opponents of third parties have to work so hard to lie time and again to decieve voters to see things their way."

The CT Independent Party candidate for U.S. Senate Warren Mosler was also in attendance and he discussed his many books with the public. Mosler is a niche author of several books, and has his own brand of high performance autos known to the racing community as Mosler Automotive. Warren has been invited to the elite annual Bilderberg conference and is expected to give his view on the state of the U.S. financial crisis to the top Global decision makers. CNBC has also dubbed Mr. Mosler as one of Americas "most brilliant economists" and past contributors to its network.

Independent Party Candidate for Governor Tom Marsh was out greeting local vendors at the fest with me (Rocco Frank Jr. Running for Milford State Rep.) Marsh is a First Selectman from Connecticut's most premier Town Chester. Marsh, while First Selectman of Chester, took great pride in making that small charming New England community the most Desirable place to live (according to CT Magazine) in the state. Marsh touts his experience as Mayor, and a business entrepreneur, as being pivotal to his success in Chester. Marsh is proud and and excited to add his expertise to the office of Governor.

When we go out to the voting booth this year Bo Itshaky (Candidate for Congress) wants everyone to be certain that you all "not throw away your votes" by voting for a party other than Independent. Hopefully voters will resonate with the great success of other Independents across the country and vote accordingly. The time is long overdue that we finally begin recognizing how hard the Independent Party has been working for the voters of Connecticut this year.

Above photo depicts Warren Mosler (L) Speaking with Peter Schiff (R) background depicts Dr. John Mertens of the Connecticut For Lieberman Party speaking to Simmonds during the senate debates.

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