Thursday, August 5, 2010

Five Thousand Connecticut Charities Threatened By Feds, Many Will Lose Exemption Status.

Recently I learned that nearly 25% of all 501C3 charities are being investigated. The attached PDF was sent to me by an Inside source who is also growing increasingly concerned with the Federal Governments use of the IRS to wage economic warfare on the state of Connecticut. Just last week an email arrived to me that depicted Connecticut and its residents as "ground zero" of the economic malaise being levied on our citizens.

Most Charitable organizations live in fear of the Government, I heard a story where a church "endorsed" a Pro-Life Pro-God candidate and that small "House of God" was treated like a "Den of Inequity" by the Feds who revoked their 501C3 essentially putting them out of business. The idea that the government is allowed to bully any charitable organization with an opinion, or who supports a candidate for office through their parish is really dis-heartening and an unfair encroachment by our country, who in its pledge of allegiance admits we are "one nation under God."

When a nation through a "heavy handed government" uses fear and intimidation to destroy the very moral fabric of society, including those who wish to help the disadvantaged, support minority and women's rights, foster education, and benevolent food and shelter organizations for the hungry are doomed to imperil the very land we call home. This imperilment will result in a world where the government will be directly responsible to help every disadvantaged person, and every disadvantage person will be dependent on the government for all that they have.

Social services in Connecticut is already mired in debt, in previous years massive amounts of energy assistance was doled out, affordable housing is in continuous demand, and food stamps are at a record high not only here in Connecticut but nationwide where 50+ plus million people are actively using them.

What this has done to Connecticut and new England is clear, it has become a target of the Federal Governments agenda to spread the wealth, and with the health care tax on its way in conjunction with the propensity for new tax increases in 2011 as the Bush tax cuts expire, this nation and Connecticut is in for a very troubled future. To prove my point here, the following article was featured in Money magazine and CLICK HERE it shows that the "per capita debt in the state of Connecticut is the highest in the nation" and eerily warns us that our state is on a "steady march toward bankruptcy.

While the Federal Government has the ability to print money at will, and use complex financial tools like "quantitative easing" to purchase its own bonds the state of Connecticut has to borrow all that it cannot come up with. Not since the 1890's has our state had a sovereign currency. Had our state created currency not been taxed out of existence by the Feds in the early 1900's CT may still have its own version of a sovereign independent monetary system today. While some argue this would create chaos others like representative Ron Paul have argued that "competing currencies" would be a good thing for the stability of our nation and protect us from the misplaced power of the federal reserve.

However unlikely that we would have our own currency, the problem of monetary abuse by the Feds and the US Treasury is merely aggregate to the compounded problem of the government being on every one's backs. This year the IRS is adding to its ranks 16,500 new health care tax collectors. They are expected to nearly double the Feared IRS in size and invade the last bastion of legitimate productivity and job creation; small Mom and Pop and father and son businesses. This is guaranteed to squeeze the life out of whats left of the U.S. and Connecticut's economy.

The march is on, the food pantry's are low to empty on food and now we need to be actively concerned and organized with a new form of governmental injury against low income Americans.

The following link is to the IRS List of Charities about to lose their exemption status.

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