Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day Of The Year

This year has certainly been a successful one at the Milford Daily Blog. Our most sincere thank you to all our dedicated and loyal readers who keep visiting our site, supporting our mission and offering your insightful thoughts.

We look forward to 2010, where we will continue to blog about the wonderful town we live in. We invite you to keep writing us, and lets challenge our politicians together.

Next post will be in 2010, and until that time arrives enjoy the holidays and have a happy and safe new year.

Best Wishes

Rocco J. Frank

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Downtown Dunkin Donuts Set To Close

The CT Post reported that the downtown Milford Dunkin Donuts is set to close in the near future. The problem happens to be an issue of profitability. Peter Spalthoff, of the neighboring Shoreline Mortgage and the former Independent Candidate for mayor believes that the lack of a drive thru was their biggest handicap.

The popular spot was a gathering place of sorts, and many locals have been spotted there waiting for a cab, the bus or just reading the paper. Milford already has several Dunkin Donuts with the newest one having opened less than a year ago across from Aldi's.

As of today there are Six Dunkin Donut stores in and around Milford. This does not include the several other competitors who also sell Coffee. The loss of the downtown store will certainly be an inconvenience to many nearby residents, but it will certainly be a business push to the smaller "Mom and Pop" establishments like Cafe Atlantique who will welcome the new business.

Like Dunkin Donuts, Cafe Atlantique is also a meeting spot. More upscale with free wireless Internet access and several meeting rooms. Local residents in town will soon get over the "mega corporation" in favor of this local "down to earth" friendly Establishment. Their coffee will be just as pleasing and it is only a very short walk away.

Milford's downtown will look much more attractive without the mega chains. Nothing adds charm to our local community than small community owned businesses. The large "megacorps" have long been argued as being loud, detractive and destructive of the beauty and individuality of New England charm.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black Out On New Haven Avenue

This evening at about 6:00 P.M. New Haven Avenue went completely dark. The bitter cold weather, and a great many electric heaters, holiday lights, high winds and the peak period of normal electrical use, was too much for an electrical system.

Reports arrived that the nearby substation, malfunctioned and possibly caught on fire. Other reports indicate downed power lines that caught fire, Emergency responders arrived at the scene, along with utility workers, to begin the process of restoring the electric to several thousand people in the North end of Milford.

UI Operators said the power may be down for several hours until the work was complete. There was no immediate feed back on the official nature or cause of the blackout. Our source Mike Giordano a former firefighter, indicated that under such circumstances utility workers are not even permitted access to the the substation until all fires are out and the area is deemed safe. These periods of time can vary depending on the intensity, and severity of the problem.

Mike witnessed several fire trucks working at the scene when he passed by it by way of the I95 exit ramp in the North End of Milford. He was not permitted to get close or directly question anyone while the emergency work was ongoing.

The problem will be fixed in the late of night and business will should resume on schedule Wednesday morning. Fortunately this problem happened at the end of the work day limiting the amount of downtime suffered by local area businesses on New Haven Ave. Residents left without heat, should expect things back to normal in the next few hours.

(Photo of a blackout, not the one mentioned in article)

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Late Milford Diner Seeks New Lease On LIfe

Community passion, and dedication to the Milford Diner is now center stage. Unfortunately the Diner/restaurant will most likely never serve another meal. This is because the kitchen that was once used decades ago does not meet the building and safety codes of today and the ECD office has no interest in pursuing another restauraunt in an area that has limited parking and excessive costs attached.

The Milford department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) has instead set up a 501-C3 style corporation that is charitable in nature. Donations made during future fund raisers like that recently held at Stone Bridge restaurant will be tax deductible.

Organizers of these charitable events, planned on restoring the Milford Diner as a Visitors Center to Milford. This center would be useful during the many "on the green" events that bring in out of town people. This could also double as a vehicle to direct consumers to local businesses and attractions in our area.

Although the cost of the Diner restoration is far from met, the committee chair, and its members are optimistic that through future fundraisers they will reach their restoration goal of $80,000.00. This high cost is due to Initial engineering and construction reports that estimate the cost of full restoration to be that much.

The main contact person for this project is Genevieve Salvatore, and the Milford Diner project has its own website with regular updates, and upcoming events. Their website is

Photos courtesy of the milford diner website.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

This Weeks Property Transfers

14 White Birch Dr, Richard and Judith W. Ganser to Wayne A. Cole and Loren Balletto-cole, $477,500.

31 Appletree Ln, Donna L. Sasso to John M. and Regina M. Gibbs, $300,000.

163 Clark St Unit A, Christine K. Hoyt to Danuta Wagner, $190,000.

98 Cricklewood Rd, Cassanova Prop 1st LLC to Ellen J. and Kevin L. Ryan, $239,000.

32 Deerwood Ave, Ingeberg Claudi Loff to Coude Hamlin and Lisa C. Gryskiewicz, $240,000.

141 Easy St, Felicia A. Wirbicki to Brian Kersten, $248,844.

19 Freemont Ave, WDI RE LLC to Kelly Chapple and Ryan P. Stone, $299,900.

John Henry Ln, Southworth Dev LLC to First County Bk, $1.

94 Knobb Hill Rd, Stephen W. and Marilyn M. Foster to David G. and Stephney M. Gonzalez, $355,000.

308 Meadowside Rd Unit 309, Joseph D. Diamautini to Leanne Romano, $160,000.

180 Melba St Unit 110, Ocean Point LLC to Lois A. Ruby, $202,723.

180 Melba St Unit 309, Ocean Point LLC to Jeffrey J. Fenlner, $210,000.

8-10 Merwin Ave, Deborah S. Rowe to Countrywide Home Loans, $1.

273 New Haven Ave Unit 6, William N G. and Robin Bosanquet to Luann Cullen, $240,000.

26 Pumpkin Delight Rd, Wayne A. Cole and Loren A. Balletto-Cole to Matthew S. Whelan, $252,000.

60 Thompson St, Matthew J. and Michelle O. Montana to Mitchell B. Kaufman, $365,000.

116 Tumblebrook Rd, Danuta Wagner to Jonathan A. Eyden and Danielle M. Amato, $310,000.

26 Twin Oaks Ter, BAMF Home Limited to Mitchell A. Horowitz and Lynn M. Lawlor, $351,000.

58 W Clark St, Donna J. Harelik to Michael J. Harelik, $112,050.

65 Warfield St, Debra Lydem to Christopher and Michael Laskowski, $110,000.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Milford's Most Illuminated House

To say that Chris Donnells gets into the Christmas spirit is like saying the Yankees play baseball.

Donnells and his wife Ann expand the glittering display of Christmas lights at their 75 Meadows End Road home annually, and this year have 45,000 bulbs glowing, twinkling and blinking from every surface.

The display goes beyond the typical outlining of the roof in lights: the Donnells' elaborate decor covers the front of the house as well as the garage, three trees, an archway and a line of shrubs.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays From All of us at The Milford Daily Blog.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 25th Celebrating Sol Invictus

The movie is in the theaters as we speak, but few know that Invictus is the Roman god of war, a pagan holiday embraced by Constantine to bring good fortune to the Roman soldiers fighting invading Barbarians.

While Christians celebrate this day as the birth of Christ, the real date may not be what we think. Experts in history and religious archaeology believe that the true date of Christ's birth is sometime in March, 7 B.C. This may be a surprise to all of you who have a Manger under your tree at the moment.

However, I will not spoil the festivities but invite you not to feel so bad about the commercialization of the holiday. Gift giving can be a guilt driven detraction from the Lord's birthday celebration.

Since we all love Saint Nick ("Santa Claus") and the tradition of holiday gift giving, all us Christians could save our day of prayer and celebration for the later March date.

Until that day arrives just know that holiday gift giving is not really a commercial distraction from anything holy. History and archaeology think differently. Christmas day was established at the Council of Nicea for political reasons and is little more than a date set over 1,700 years ago.

(Photo above of an artifact depicting the Roman Pagan God of war Invictus)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Senator Joe Lieberman Holds Deciding Health Care Vote

Hard to believe, but Joe Lieberman of our wonderful state holds the deciding vote on the health care bill before the U.S. Senate. Lieberman vowed a filibuster some time ago, and now has "flip flopped" the other way to join the 59 other Democratic senators in what is anything but a bi-partisan vote.

Whether you are for or against the current health care bill is irrelevant at this point. What is relevant is setting Joe straight on your personal sentiments on a government run health care system. Lieberman has become the target of just about every blog, national radio show and every health care corporation in the nation.

There will be no shortage of calls, mail, and concerns from all people in America. What Joe has not disclosed yet, is the price Congress payed for his vote. Certainly the entire first year of the Obama legacy rests in his hands. He can make Obama victorious or an abject failure.

The citizens of Connecticut have been very concerned over health care costs, just last week State Rep. Denise Merril said that Hartford's employee health care costs are driving taxes ever higher. She said it has become difficult for states to keep up and is hoping something will be done soon to grant relief to our state that is now deep in the red.

Some have objected to the present bill and question the constitutionality of it with concern over the extreme punitive measures aimed at those who cannot afford health care. These extreme measures include harsh prison sentences and heavy financial penalties against offenders. The bill could make going to the hospital a criminal offence if you lack insurance.

Religious sects, have also challenged any and all provisions that do not expressly prohibit abortion services as a public option. They believe it is not the taxpayers responsibility to fund abortions, especially when those abortions are objectionable to their personal beliefs.

The bill is certainly not perfect, but if we take heed to the words of David walker, the former Comptroller General of the U.S., "Congress must face some hard choices if the nation is to avert a medical bankrupcty." Walker points to the baby boomer generation who are now retiring en-masse with Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare benefits kicking in. Walker said the "United States has ZERO saved for a population that has been promised these entitlements, and is also on average living longer and maximizing our governments liability."

The health care bill has become a humanitarian, and constitutional crisis. Humanitarian because over 57 million Americans have no health insurance and each year over 100,000 Americans die from preventable diseases, misdiagnoses, or medical neglect. For many poor Americans the emergency room is their only health care option and this needs to change.

How it changes is certainly the challenge, because we are a nation who has emerged under a rule of law established by the U.S. Constitution. Certainly putting people in jail for not having health insurance is extreme and unconstitutional. The very notion of Congress taking part in our doctor patient relationship is also unconstitutional.

The present health care bill is riddled with mistakes, unlawful acts, new taxes, over-regulation and "heart stopping pork barrel" payouts to Senators for their votes. Senator Dodd once said that the public should never see two things, "making sausages and watching Congress make new laws." Now is your time to speak your mind, as all it will take is for Joe Lieberman to withdraw his vote and the entire bill fails in the U.S. Senate.

Lieberman's response to my letter is highlighted below


Mr. Rocco Frank
Milford, CT 06460-6664

Dear Mr. Frank:

Thank you for contacting me to express your opinion regarding health care reform efforts. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me, and I want you to know that I hear and understand your concerns.

Americans today are faced with great uncertainty about their health care coverage and insurance. These concerns focus on rising medical costs, access to coverage, and quality of care. With more than 45 million uninsured Americans and health care spending levels that exceed any in the world, our current health care system is unsustainable. Too often, we reward quantity over quality. The need for health care reform is clear. We must begin to provide Americans with the high-quality, affordable health care they need.

As you may know, over the last several weeks, I and several of my colleagues have worked together with Senate leaders to reach an agreement on a health care reform plan that addresses three critical goals: curbing the enormous increases in health care costs that burden almost every American family and detract from economic growth; regulating insurance companies to better protect patients and consumers; and making it easier for millions of Americans who can't afford health insurance to buy it.

In my view, the resulting legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590), would make significant progress toward reaching all three of these goals, and does so in a fiscally responsible way. It is estimated that, under this bill, 31 million previously uninsured Americans will be able to purchase health insurance, resulting in 94 percent of Americans being covered. This represents a historic achievement that will move us closer to fulfilling the goal of universal coverage. In addition, this measure contains a number of strong provisions designed to ensure that insurance companies treat their customers fairly. Specifically, insurers would be prohibited from denying Americans coverage because of a pre-existing condition and from rescinding an individual's coverage if they become sick.

H.R. 3950 also takes a number of substantial steps to reduce health care costs in the long-term. I am particularly pleased that this final package includes elements of several amendments I cosponsored to contain costs, provide patients with more information so that they can make better decisions about their care, and create incentives for physicians to deliver high-quality, efficient care.

According to the Congressional Budget office (CBO), this legislation would reduce the federal deficit by $132 billion over the next ten years, and will continue to reduce costs in the following decade. This bill will also extend the solvency of the Medicare Trust Fund for an additional nine years. Because of my serious concerns about our nation's long-term fiscal imbalances at this time, I opposed the inclusion of a non-essential government-run insurance program, including expanding Medicare to those 55 years of age and older. I felt any such new program was duplicative of other provisions in the underlying bill and could easily saddle the federal government with billions of dollars in additional debt and exacerbate Medicare's already perilous financial condition. Consequently, I supported Senate leaders' decision to remove such a plan from the final agreement.

On December 22, 2009, the Senate, with my support, approved a comprehensive amendment that contains key provisions of the final compromise package by a vote of 60-39. The Senate is expected to pass H.R. 3590 on December 24, after which it will have to reach a compromise agreement with the U.S. House of Representatives, which passed separate health care reform legislation (the Affordable Health Care for American Act; H.R. 3962) earlier this year. To keep track of further developments on this legislation, you can click on the "Track a Bill" button at

I am hopeful that leaders from both chambers will come together in the spirit of compromise to achieve meaningful health care reform that expands coverage, reduces costs, and improves the quality of care for everyone. Looking forward, I will not be able to support any compromise agreement that either includes a public option or does not contain provisions designed to lower health care costs and reduce the national debt over the long term. Please be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind as this debate continues to move forward.

Thank you again for sharing your views and concerns with me. I hope you will continue to visit my website at for updated news about my work on behalf of Connecticut and the nation. Please contact me if you have any additional questions or comments about our work in Congress.


Joseph I. Lieberman



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday's Bring Christmas Cheer

Last Sunday, my family and and I had our Fourth annual holiday party. The snow certainly was an inconvenience but the party was none-the-less a great success. Usually I do not share much on my blogs about my holiday endeavors, but this year was rather exceptionally special.

What made it special, was a summons by one of my guests. He came to me and said "nice touch Rock way to get the carolers here." Certainly I was perplexed, because I had no plan or organization of any carolers in my annual repertoire of holiday activities.

About a dozen of us left the warmth of my home, and braved the cold weather only to observe about twenty neighbors of mine standing on the corner, facing my home singing a holiday cheer.

The carolers, were uplifting, they brought a smile to us all, and they told a tale of the cold weather courage some people have in my neighborhood to overcome the grinches of Christmas.

This year the holiday season is strong with many united families who have put up lights, peppered their lawn with illuminated Santa's and reindeer, and done much creative work to amuse all of us.

My many thanks to all the light decors, and the carolers who made not just my night, and that of all my guests, a special one, but to every other family out there as well who has not yet enjoyed the spirit of the holiday as we did.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Milford's First Snow Storm

Early yesterday morning, the neighbors were out en-masse with their shovels and snow blowers. Mother nature dropped Ten inches of snow on our lovely town, turning it into a picturesque New England Community.

The roads were expediently plowed on all major routes, some of the lesser traveled routes were the last to be bailed out. Winter snow plow companies were especially happy, especially with the timing of the storm. In previous years, the snow plow business was hit hard with warmer weather, but according to my snow removal source, Andrew Falcone, in the last few years the snow has been re-surging.

He said we had more snow in New England in the last few years than at any time during the last decade. He expects that 2010 is going to be a colder snowier banner year. He expects the unusually cold weather throughout the nation to travel up to New England.

"Colder weather equals more profits" says Andrew Falcone a residential snow removal company business owner. Andrew intently follows the weather, and often works through the night. Andrew said: "On a storm like this I can reap $15,000.00 in revenue in a 16Hr shift with one truck in one night."

He expects that others will rush to enter the snow removal business as word spreads of the profitability from even small $50-$100 snow removal jobs. Andrew believes that this is going to be a great seasonal business in the years to come and looks forward to purchasing additional plows and trucks as his business expands.

When asked about global warming Andrew laughed, and said "I am no scientist but I believe it's snowing in CT like it always does every winter... if these people are right why is that happening?"

Andrew said "I can't run my business based on the fear that palm trees will be growing on the green, that's just not realistic, Right now I am more concerned with illegal immigrants driving uninsured trucks running illegal businesses that put legal businesses out of business, why is the government not worried about that?"

Mr. Falcone's remarks are certainly not that off the mark, and after hearing about the abject failure of the Copenhagen climate conference there is good reason to believe that the intuition of every day winter workers is "spot on."

Over the last month, and ahead of this storm we heard lots of talk about "Climategate." For those of you who may not know what Climategate is, that was an e-mail leak, resulting in a monumental blow to the Al Gore global warming gang.

While the debate was supposed to be over, few people in Copenhagen "took the bait" the climate conference fell apart, however the basic infrastructure was set up paving the way for a form of global taxation in the name of what is no longer dubbed "global warming" but rather the more elusive "Climate Change."

For all those out there losing sleep over the fear of rising oceans and "Bahamas style" winters here in Milford, you can rest assured that will not be happening in our lifetime. For today we ought to be more concerned with our nation's President violating the Logan Act rather than the chaos of Coppenhagen or the illusion of warmer winters in Milford.

This Weeks Real Estate Transfers

42 Point Beach Dr, Abar Dev LLC to Steve and Karen Fadden, $610,000.

19 Audubon Close Unit 19, Paul H. and Joan D. Sorenson to Emanuel J. Cosmaj, $298,00.

33 Austin Rd, Pamela Fausel to Country Home Loans, $1.

47 Beechwood Ave, Clini Eugene R Jr Est and Eugene R. Clini to Abar Dev LLC, $95,000.

573 Buckingham Ave, Leslie Collins to Melissa J. Bruno and Raymond E. Noel, $232,000.

52 Carriage Path S Unit 52, Gary P. Brechlin to Michelle Labella, $138,000.

14 Cherrywood Dr, Michael J. and Meghean E. Hayes to Mary U. Hewitt, $200,000.

84 Forest Rd, Mark Ochman and Mark A. Healy to First County Bk, $336,822.

53 Hill St, US Bk and Structured Asset INT to Sarah S. and Victor M. Ferrante, $225,000.

140 Hillside Ave, Dorothy V. Anderson to Michael Malone, $270,000.

139 Mary Ellen Dr, Dorothea Matto to Carmella Sheehan, $165,000.

180 Melba St Unit 111, Ocean Point LLC to Raymond H. and Myrna H. Brown, $299,900.

185 Melba St Unit 109, Joan Kalil to Thomas and Deborah Swirsky-Sacchetti, $225,000.

413 North St, Debra Goncalves and Casey Burke to US Bk, $228,964.

Popes Island Rd Unit C23, Theresa A. Bennett to Paul T. Viscount, $9,000.

91 Shelter Cove Rd, Roger E. and Carol A. Laflamme to Thomas W. Cabeen, $175,000.

24 Wayne Rd, Wayne A. Satterwhile to Christopher S. and Mary F. Carlson, $180,000.

337 Wheelers Farms Rd, Sue K. Shields to Samira M. and Murhaf A. Majeed, $249,000.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Headed Our Way

Well the snow season is officially being reigned in as the forcast is calling for a snow storm starting Saturday evening. The forcast calls for 6-12 inches of total accumulation and high winds to go along with the flurry.

If you lack four wheel drive this will be your opportunity to go out and get those last minute snow removal items before they are all gone. Ice melters are usually the biggest challenge, no one seems to want them until the ground is iced over then they dissappear from store shelves en-masse.

Please drive carefully, keep your cars out of snow removal zones and enjoy any holiday parties you might be attending.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Schiff HQ Grand Opening A Great Success

The 2010 candidate for the US Senate, Peter Schiff launched the grand opening of his state central HQ in Milford CT this evening. Some notable local guests were in attendance to lend their warm and welcoming support.

Tom Jagodinski the Milford GOP Chair as well as local alderman Frank Goodrich were present. U.S. House candidate Peggy Rogers showed up, tea party patriots, Ron Paul enthusiasts and virtually every member of the Milford Independent Party.

Peter Schiff supporters packed the room so tightly that it was often hard to move among the crowd. Schiff gave his expected stump speech condemning the wasteful ways of the Washington crowd, he said we need to send "Obama and his entire administration back home." Schiff also gained high praises from the audience when he said he is not intent on "making friends in the Senate" if he "ticked every one of them off thats fine, especially if they stand in the way of progress."

Schiff later pointed to his son and said "the most important reason driving me to run is so that my son has a better shot at a future." Schiff pointed out that volunteers are needed and will be key to victory. He believes he has the support, and unlike McMahon he will not have to "pay his supporters to get the job done," he said "people are going to help out because they believe in the principals of liberty and freedom that I stand to deliver."

Overall the night was spectacular, over 300 people from all over our state attended, one person was notably mentioned as having relocated to Milford, from Las Vegas, just to help Peter make it to the finish line.

Quite sadly the event got little coverage, especially from the CT post who was e-mailed by me personally ahead of this event. Hopefully any reporters reading this post today will take notice of an incredible missed opportunity.

Thankfully, Connecticut Bob shot video of the event, and we will make that available as soon as he posts a link to it.

(Above photo of me (Rocco J. Frank Jr.) and Peter Schiff)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Milford Subway Store Gets Robbed By Three Armed Bandits

Jared's Pants just got a little lighter this week, at least in the pockets.

Milford police are investigating an armed robbery that reportedly occurred at the Subway, located at 609 Bridgeport Ave. The crime took place Dec, 14, at approximately 9 p.m.

An early Investigation revealed that three males entered the store, pushed one employee into a rear bathroom, while a second suspect approached another employee, displayed a small handgun and ordered the employee to open the cash register. The second employee also was brought into the bathroom.

Police said the three suspects then fled the store with an undisclosed amount of money. There were no injuries during the robbery.

The suspects are described as Hispanic males with Latin accents, wearing black masks and gloves.

Suspect one was described as 5’7”, thin build, gray/green hooded sweatshirt and jeans that were faded on the front and dark in the back.

Suspect two was described as 5’8”-5”9”, medium build and possibly in his late twenties.

The third suspect was described as being 5’8-5’9” with an unknown clothing description.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact the Milford Police Detective Division at 203-874-4615. Refer to police case # 42559-09

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Peter Schiff Opens State HQ In Milford

Libertarian Republican Peter Schiff will be opening his campaign HQ in Milford, CT on Old Gate Lane right near the Independent Party HQ on New Haven Ave. Peter Schiff, has raised over $1.25 Million Dollars to run for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Christopher Dodd.

The opening of the Schiff HQ is Thursday December 17th 130 Old Gate Lane Unit A in Milford, CT. Several members of the Milford Independent Party will be in attendance including myself (Rocco J. Frank Jr.) to support Mr. Schiffs bid for the Senate.

The Independent HQ annex will also be working with Schiff's state HQ to assist in getting him elected. There are several contenders for the Republican nomination this year including WWF heavy weight contender Linda McMahon. The Republican State Central also has their favorite candidate Rob Simmons. Independents have entered Dr. John Mertens as their official Party Candidate. Peter Schiff's strategy has been to adopt a policy of Republican infiltration, as he views this as being more desirable than running on a 3rd party platform not embraced by the voters.

This policy was conveyed to the Connecticut Libertarian party where Schiff on occassion spoke. In his previous lecture he advised all Libertarians in the state of Connecticut, that if they were serious about winning elections they would be better off to disband and join forces with a major party. Doing so would provide for the Libertarian philosophy to embed itself into the Republican Party paradigm without taking on a 3rd party handicap.

Peter Schiff was also endorsed by Libertarian Republican Ron Paul, who gave us the now famous H.R. 1207 with 318 Co-Sponsors. This is the bill to audit the Federal Reserve. Paul endorsed Schiff after learning that his understanding of macroeconomic policies, combined with his stellar track record for economic predictions, earned him a position of high honor on just about every financial news network in America.

We encourage all like minded freedom loving people to join us this Thursday to make the event a monumental success and welcome Peter Schiff to Milford. The Official Schiff For Senate website is

Officer Anderson Relieved Of Duty

The Milford police officer who accidentally killed two Orange teens in June when his cruiser broadsided their car on the Boston Post Road lost his job Monday night.

The Board of Police Commissioners fired Jason Anderson, a five-year department veteran, and suspended another officer, Richard Pisani, for 30 days without pay in connection with the incident. The board also extended Pisani's probationary period, due to end in February, for another year


Monday, December 14, 2009

Black Ice Makes Mornings More Dangerous

The morning drive is always fun, especially if you do not have a garage or live near an area where there is ice build up and lots of hills and curves.

An indicator of what kind of conditions you are in for should be a frozen car with dry streets. When your car is covered in frozen dew, and you are using an ice scraper to clean your car windows, this is usually an indication to look out for Black ice. Black ice is very deceptive, because it does not look like snow, is on the pavement and looks slightly darker than the asphalt we drive on. Usually you will not sense any danger until you hit the brakes and you car does not stop.

Just last night these were the conditions that led to a 50 car pile-up in Shelton, and this morning the roads by my house where being sanded and salted after several people complained to the association about some scary launches into the middle of a busy road at the entrance to Lexington Green.

The main thing to keep in mind about the Black Ice Condition is vigilance, when your windows are frozen there is a good indication that the street is also frozen as well. Be especially careful when approaching, hills, stop lights, and stop signs. Go slow and keep lots of room between you and the car infrot of you to avoid an accident. Also give your self plenty of time in the morning to get where you are going, or just accept it is better to be late than not show at all because your car was in a wreck.

Please use caution in the coming months to avoid any mishaps.

This Weeks Real Estate Transfers

314 Bridgeport Ave, DA Black Inc to Outlaw Boxing Rats Inc, $850,000.

87 Berwyn St, Mary E. Patrick and David W. Harris to Jo Ann Russomanns, $160,000.

65 Chatham Ave, Salvatore V. and Larisa Sorce to Blake C. Gulino and Alisha M. Miner, $309,000.

41 Ettadore Park, Frank J. Zielinski to Joseph E. Leto and Rachel C. Voigt, $243,000.

25 Higgins Dr, David Kuehn and Bayview Loan Svcng LLC to Bayview Loan Svcng LLC, $1.

230 High St, Ashelford June M Est and Susan J. Ashelford to David E. and Marie Orrell, $185,000.

658 Milford Point Rd, Scott N. and Kelly B. Comboni to Larisa Chavenello, $239,900.

1144 Naugatuck Ave, Hilda Davis and James C. Jackson to Hilda Davis, $12,000.

1060 New Haven Ave Unit 8, Iris N. Rivera to Jose C. Rivera, $165,000.

20 Pickett St, William Robert Coughlin to Donald M. Iannuzzi, $200,000.

636 Popes Island Rd Unit 636, Elizabeth Whittier to Frederic B. Shove, $260,000.

2 Spruce Cir, Mary Ellen Grom and Countrywide Home Loans to Countrywide Home Loans, $1.

85 Viscount Dr Unit B52, RMP Beachfront LLC to Harry G. Hill, $230,000.

16 Wendy Rd, David P. and Jacqueline A. Leonard to Rexford M. and Ma Beata Legaspi, $327,500.

204 Zion Hill Rd, Josef Mozdzer to Matthew Thennes and Irene Patalano, $350,000.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Code Red" Alert Issued In Milford's North End

After a rash of burglaries in the north end of Milford, the local Police Department went on high alert. Chief Mello ordered a higher police presence in the post Rd, Orange area of Milford. The "Code Red" warning system, an automated high speed dialer, was also used to call area residents and warn them to be vigilant and watchful of their property.

Early reports, indicate that two men in a dark colored vehicle were breaking into homes. One report suggests that a garage window was broken and the latch to the garage was manually released hence making it possible to break in.

Other reports indicate that these crimes took place at the point of entry to the rear of the targeted houses. The doors were sometimes inadvertently left unlocked, or were breached by the burglars.

There has been no mention by the police of what items were stolen, or what the value of those items were. These crimes are also on the heels of other burglaries that took place on Riverdale Ave. in Devon earlier this year.

Homeowners are asked to please set their alarms, notify their neighbors if they leave for vacation and lock all their doors. Anyone with information, or is witness to suspicious activity in our community is urged to call the Milford Police Department immediately. Their phone number is 203-878-6551

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hours Changing At Milford Transfer Station

This Saturday will be the last Saturday trash can be dropped at the Milford Transfer station. Town officials have approved a measure that will suspend the plants extended hours effective December 19th, 2009.

Anyone who has to work during the week should consider taking advantage of this Saturday as your last opportunity to "clean house" of all your bulk waste and unwanted items.

The new schedule is 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., weekdays (closed noon to 12:30 p.m. for lunch) and 7 a.m. to noon, Saturdays.

The transfer station is open to Milford residents and commercial haulers. All guests are asked to present their vehicle registration at the gate. Milford residents are permitted to use the facility for free, commercial vehicles with either commercial or combination plates must pay to dispose of their trash. Hazardous waste is prohibited, and a call should be made to the MTS in the event you are uncertain.

The transfer station is located on Oronoque Rd. in Milford, CT. They can be reached by clicking HERE.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Milford's Animals Get A Gift

The following photo was taken from Frank Juliano's Milford Musings site (Link Below) of animals being helped in Milford. With my brother and Father both being Veterinarians I am always happy and grateful to see people in our community helping animals. Thank you to the Remax staff for thinking of God's creatures this Holiday Season.

Staff from REMAX Real Estate presents a donation to Scott Ellingson, the city’s assistant animal control officer, to buy pet food and treats for shelter animals.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just When You Thought $1,200.00 Toilet Seats Were Bad

The Republican gang has once again put the "Rich" in Richetelli when he purchased himself, or perhaps his new Czars desk chairs for a whopping $700.00 each. This suspect number is perhaps light because if the chair requires assembly and shipping the taxpayers may just have paid as much as $800.00 per chair.

As I sit at my desk, in the nice leather chair I purchased from Staples, a store right here in Milford, I realized that all the ergonomic features on my chair may just as well be suspect. Because the rep at the store told me that my $299.00 chair was fully ergonomic.

So why did the mayor get so badly ripped off? Well in his defence, the chairs were approved by his newly elected group of "experienced" aldermen. Conservative Democrats have once again become critical of the liberal and wasteful spending of the Richetelli gang.

So far and just in the last year, the Republicans have spent the taxpayers money like "drunken sailors" on the shores and boardwalks of overseas brothels. There seems to be no recession going on at all in city hall.

With pockets flush full of taxpayer cash, Jim has doled out $95,000.00 to the Land Use Czar, $30,000.00 to a guy named Kimball to fix a broken department, $50,00 to the Police Department (and they did not even request it) $3,000,000.00 to himself in life long medical, health and retirement benefits, (he also accepted a Raise), $300.00 bonuses to city employees even to those working part time. He also doled out money to consultants at Eisenhower Park to report on work he had no intention of doing.

The real kicker, is the loss of mega dollars in federal stimulus money that is the subject of a freedom of information request by the Democratic party. The Democrats allege that the mayor's abdication to a Maryland Rehab cost the city an exorbitant sum of money. The Richetelli gang refused to provide records under the freedom of information request during the last election.

Quite sadly, few people in Milford are going to care about the mayors mis-givings or his excessively liberal distribution of your tax dollars. He does not care, because if he cared about saving money he would not be wasting it on $700.00-$800.00 Chairs. When you open your tax bill and feel the jubilee of your modicum of savings (thanks to the Democrats rejecting his budget last year) just know you are about to get very angry as Milford's debt continues to pile up against this years budget.

More than likely if you complain too loudly, your kids may end up paying for those chairs because Richetelli will not think twice about stuffing your kids in a Janitors closet with their teachers. That was his style last election and he has not changed.

For the price of Ergonomic Chairs CLICK HERE

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lord Monckton "Your Constitution Dies In Coppenhagen"

The US Bill of Rights and the Constitution will die in Coppenhagen according to Lord Monkton. The video clip below was recorded with a dire warning that the American people will fail to act over the next few days, and Obama will cede all our constitutional rights and U.S soveregnty to a dictatorial and radical Communist global regime. Watch the video so you know what your future holds and prepare accordingly.

About Lord Monckton:

Lord Monckton or 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, British politician, business consultant, policy adviser, writer, columnist, inventor and adviser to Margaret Thatcher's policy unit in the 1980s. Monckton is a vociferous critic of the climate scam gang.

Our Mini Documentary Is Complete

Dear Infowarriors, our latest mini documentary is complete, and no sooner than it was posted to Youtube it was silenced and banned. Thanks to this kind of censorship the video now appears on our servers, and is available for you to view outside the draconian control of the "Tube Mafia.". Enjoy it. (Double Click Video For Full Screen)

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Monday, December 7, 2009

A Dollar And A Dream? Or Is It A Nightmare?

Yes this was the title in the New Haven Register today as Geneveve Salvatore and Mayor Richetelli engaged in a new program to address the "Millions" of square feet in vacant retail space.

While the dollar is merely a figurative amount to keep an account open the dream is real, but for who is this dream real. If you look to the article below (Property Transfers), dreams and dollars are not exactly what go together these days.

When a house sells for a $1.00 that means the property was foreclosed, the owners evicted and their American Dream shattered. Milford has about two to three people a week losing their homes for a dollar.

This metaphor has an unintended consequence of being being in poor taste and offensive to those who lost their properties for a Dollar. My neighbor lost his retail space/business to undocumented and illegal workers giving away their services at prices that no legal business can compete with.

The city has a good idea in wanting to help businesses, the first thing that can be done to fill retail spaces is report undocumented workers to the INS, IRS, and Local police so legal businesses can stay in business, with registered cars, fair wages, and payment of taxes.

The next thing the city can do, is to remove the oppressive property tax that taxes businesses for their unused inventory, tables, chairs, paintings, computers etc. instead of auditing them to raise revenue.

One other thing that would be very helpful would be to streamline the permitting process, lower fees, and implement a program that does not disparage a person from wanting to even consider opening a business in Milford.

The last thing that I would personally do, would be to implement a grant program, much like other cities do, to help businesses obtain start up capital, and subsidized employees like those rendered by the Department of Social Services.

One last point, offer landlords tax breaks if 100% of their space is fully leased for two or more years. This will provide them with an incentive to keep rents low, and negotiate good leases.

Should a successful program prevail, brag about it. Advertise Milford as a "business friendly town," this would be much better than constantly looking at billboards full of conniving lying politicians. People want to visit Milford because something is here for them, like a movie theater, perhaps a future Maritime Museum, Pirate Ship or like attraction.

Until then the only thing a Dollar is going to buy in this town, is a foreclosed home and someone elses shattered dreams.

This Weeks Property Transfers

990 Naugatuck Ave, Richard J. Barrett to Joseph F. and Janet Barrett, $1,275,000.

354 Anderson Ave, Paulo J. and Rosa Debarros Amaro to Peter Sena, $255,000.

43 Barton Rd, Phillip and Lisa Napolitano to Ryan P. Gottsegen, $260,000.

790 E Broadway, Eva Porzio to James Porugini, $200,000.

89 Edgefield Ave, James W. Tift to Bob Paige Plumbing&Heat, $160,000.

99 Fairview St, Laura Boughton-Ahlborn to Geoffrey M. Spinelli and Shauna E. Aiken, $260,000.

22 Florence Ave, Steward S. and Whitney A. Tosh to Kathleen and Andrew Laird, $310,000.

33 Foran Rd Unit 7, Marcy Secondi to Antonio Zeko, $140,000.

14 Golden Hill St, Philip M. and Rebecca L. Wenzel to Lindsay Clifford and Brian Diango, $257,000.

79 Hill St Unit G, Janet Harlow to Mark A. Sabatino, $157,000.

4 Jackson Dr Unit 4, Alan V. Ado to Justin T. Andrews and Rebecca H. Layman, $222,000.

67 Jackson Dr Unit 67, Cathy Ginise to Countrywide Home Loans, $1.

300 Meadowside Rd Unit 303, Michelle L. Dasilva to David E. Zotti, $150,000.

308 Meadowside Rd Unit 205, Hoffman Christopher Est and Joseph J. Mager to Kenneth J. Mysogland, $142,500.

180 Melba St Unit 61, Ocean Point LLC to Sheila Starr, $250,000.

185 Melba St Unit 210, Bradley Fiminger to Lonos A. Gurliacci, $199,900.

267 Melba St Unit C10, Christopher M. Barnes and Tyanna R. Neil to Joy L. Southard, $222,000.

69 Merwin Ave Unit 69, Joan A Grossman Family LP to Suzanne Lussier and Shaun Wilson, $210,000.

130 Merwin Ave, US Bk and Home Equity Asset T to Lufam Homes LLC, $100,000.

28 Millard Dr, Paul and Jocelyn Robertson to Neema and Kathryn Vaheb, $345,900.

Naugatuck Ave, Constance G. Barrett and Michael Dedonato to Recycling Inc, $425,000.

1060 New Haven Ave Unit 1, Hart Winifred B Est and William D. Hart to Janet Harlow, $140,000.

190 Orange Ave, Manuel Alvarez to Countrywide Home Loans, $1.

113 Overhill Rd, Diane J. Troncone to Justin P. and Theresa Walker, $245,000.

1 Point Beach Dr, Robert H. Smith to Carter Mario, $65,000.

Popes Island Rd Unit B5, Val Santos to David Morais, $7,000.

Popes Island Rd Unit D8, Iric Pleszko to Joseph and Karen Treotola, $10,000.

70 Raton Rd Unit F, William A. and Amy Jean Vanarsdale to Sheil Systems LLC, $80,000.

117 Seaside Ave, Arthur A. Crisel and Gerald A. Heffernan to Mathew J. and Teresa Alaimo, $117,000.

1 Spice Bush Ln Unit 1, Dennis M. and Virginia P. Ring to Philip E. and Jane F. Norgren, $370,000.

35 Sunnyside Ct, Angela Marie Harvey and Eleanor Ann Mcmahan to David Forero and Christie L. Gillis, $240,000.

74 Sunnyside Ct, Vania Martins to National City Mortgage Co, $1.

556 Swanson Cres Unit 556, Peter Romick and Janelle Kan-drach to Meredith Gull, $195,000.

12 Union St, William FT and Gail Murban to Brock T. Dubin and Melissa Cagginello, $346,800.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Milford Board Of Ed Awaits Investigation Results

The Milford Board of Education will soon meet much in the same a way a court tribunal meets in the coming months. Their objective, will be fairness, justice, and a resolution to a bitter set of civil and criminal accusations stemming from two Principals and the current Superintendent. The consensus among board members is to wait for the professionals hired to finish their job and present the documents to the board.

Everyone on the board is reserving judgement until the evidence they requested is presented, and all parties involved have had their ability to speak and submit documents in their defence.

The board will be confronted with some hard choices for our school leaders. The best outcome would be a joint resolution of all parties differences, a co-operative agreement on a new code of conduct and no one gets fired, suspended or quits. The big decisions just get deferred at the next contract negotiation and renewal based on the merits of past performance.

The worst possible outcome, would be the buying out of another contract, costly ongoing lawsuits, and the school is left with yet another search for a new Superintendent with the current accusers later exposed (in court) as over-reactive trouble makers.

The decision and work of the attorneys and investigators in the Polanski case certainly have a lot to do. This week marked a second criminal complaint being filed against the now suspended Superintendent and a resurgence of the acrimonious and contentious relationship that exists among Milford's top educational leaders.

No matter what the outcome of this scenario some big career bets have been made, the accusing Principals have gone "all in" against the Superintendent and the focus now has become on who is proven right/wrong. Whoever prevails, may very well have a "doomed career" as a result of either false baseless accusations, or by way of inappropriate behavior.

This is truly a sad situation that will most certainly end up creating a large emotional and financial hole in Milford's schools.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Milford's 8th Annual Lamp Light Stroll Tonight

The Downtown Milford Busness Association is launching its Eighth annual Lamp Light Stroll this Weekend. The event will commence tonight Friday December 4th from 5pm - 9pm and Saturday, December 5th, 10 - 5pm.

As part of this ongoing tradition participants will visit 30 participating stores. Each person who enlists in the program will recieve a passport that you will get stamped.

Once the passport is complete, fill out the back of the passport and leave it at any of the participating shops to be eligible to win one of four baskets filled with downtown Milford surprises, treats, treasures and gift cards!

The event will also have fun family activities including:

* Horse and Carriage rides with Santa and Mrs. Claus from 5:30 to 8:30pm around the green.

* The Yuletide Carolers will be strolling and caroling around downtown.

* Watch for the Town Crier who will be announcing store specials and events!

* Cornerstone Christian Church Choir will be performing on the steps of Milford Photo during the hours of 5:30 to 8:30pm

To visit the official event website CLICK HERE.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peggy Rogers Announces GOP Bid For Congress

For some time I have been hearing that Peggy Rogers was intent on a bid for congress, the first word I received was from a nearby competitor of hers in the automotive industry who indicated that she was very vocal about her intentions earlier this year at a trade show meeting in the automotive sector.

Last elections, we met up at the polls at Orange Ave. and in a brief conversation we exchanged information and had a brief discussion about her ambitious intentions and what her immediate needs were.

Peggy and I also share a very zealous and energetic Independent minded person from my Lexington Green Development. Lorraine Murphy, Lorraine was an instrumental volunteer, who helped me raise money, work at the polls and get out the vote of the Independent party.

Peggy, the beneficiary of Ms. Murphy's services is the owner of the landmark auto collision center down in the center of town that most everyone recognizes as Center Auto Body. Peggy is seeking the Republican endorsement, and will be in competition with several other pre-announced contenders of the Republican party.

Should she prevail in winning a Republican endorsement, her most formidable opponent will be the politically battered Democrat Rosa Delauro, Rosa is in a weak position this year, especially after the last election results that were a crushing defeat of the Dem's ideology. Adding to the Delauro problem, is her political alignment with Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd and her refusal to Co-Sponsor a bill to audit the Federal Reserve. Delauro also drew national fire when she introduced a bill to federalize the family farm, and put big-agra corporations like Monsanto in control of our local farm rules.

Rogers, will also need over a million plus dollars to run an effective campaign, and money is on the side of Delauro as like all incumbent Congressmen possess a war chest full of special interest money that a "long shot" like Rogers will not have access to.

This could change if the Republican state Party Central decides to bring down their top Celebrity politicians and do the $1,000.00 a plate fundraisers to meet some top brass like Governor Rell, or maybe a member of the Bush clan. However, the likelihood of this happening might be a large task for a newcomer to politics.

Peggy certainly has the credentials to run, as she holds a masters degree and is a small business owner who like all others is living under the tyrannical rule of Washington D.C. and suffering by way of their monumental mistakes. She is outspoken and very energetic and she is also welcome to run as an Independent in the event the Republican "Boys Club" "kick her to the curb."

Republican Tom Jagodinski already "doomed her candidacy with this remark in the CT post:"

"Milford GOP Chairman Tom Jagodzinski said that Labriola has name recognition -- his father ran for the U.S. Senate several years ago -- and has fundraising connections within the party, but Rogers is a strong entry into the race. "We'll be able to field a strong team, and there are a number of factors in our favor," Jagodzinski said."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What To Buy For The Holidays This Year

This year is expected to be a lean one for retailers, but that does not mean the spirit of Christmas is not alive and well with the 54 plus thousand people here in Milford. Bargain shoppers are out there, and some people I have talked to this holiday season has brought back the "gift closet."

The "Gift Closet" is that special place where you accumulate those gifts that did not fit you, were not your style, or was such a summer bargain that you could not say no. This is one of the most novel ways to have something to give without actually going deep into debt.

Kids on the other hand, are a more creative and each year never do I expect anything over the top from my kids, but none-the-less that feeling of giving is an important one and Mom's and Dads can help them feel special this holiday by doing creative things.

One of my kids favorites is having them spend their allowance at the dollar store and purchase some extra large frames, we then go through some old photos of the family and our most memorable times and make a montage of memories. Writing a letter and then gluing it to the back of the picture will make it all that more meaningful in the years to come, especially when years go by and the person who received it has that extra bit of information to remind them where it came from.

However, some families are not at all that easy to please, so one thing that my step-daughter likes to do is go to the Christmas Tree Shoppe here in town and buy some very inexpensive cookie tins, and then fill them with home made baked cookies that she generously shares with all her friends and family. These are also accompanied by a small holiday greeting card with a message of holiday cheer.

For all those other folks out there that still like to give gifts, I found lots of those bargain items sold on T.V. can be interesting items to give, especially if I know someone who has commented on something they saw. It is also a great way to avoid the holiday rush and have items delivered to your doorstep.

These are most of the secrets that my family and I utilize each holiday season to keep in spirit with the gift giving tradition and also avoid placing that undue stress that a personal sense of obligation can bring. The holidays are a time of unity and togetherness and I would sincerely hope that people take a conservative approach to remove the undue hardship of protracted credit card payments and future indebtedness.

Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Milford Gets Another Czar

The term Czar certainly makes one think of the Obama administration and his record 22 Czars, we really do not think of local government when using the word Czar. This was in fact the case just last Fall when the city appointed Board of Health Director Dennis McBride as Milford's first Czar.

Some people think there is no place for Czar's in local government, and just as soon as the debate started it ended because McBride was not really costing the city any additional money to take on the job.

Well this is now changing, especially since our new "Land Use Manager/Director" is being installed as a full time position. The interim director Mr. Douglas M. Novak is being paid as much as the Mayor who appointed him, a whopping $95,000.00 per year to do the job of a Zoning Planning Board, wetlands commission, building department, Economic and Community Development Officer and the town Conservation Committee.

This position is interesting because just about every city agency reports to the Land Use Director, but who does the Land Use Director Report To? Certainly this sounds like all the attributes of a Czar, and if that is the case, as some believe, than this would in fact be Czar number Two in Milford.

The Obama presidency is certainly emblematic of this style of government, but for a Republican mayor to follow suit is enigmatic. Milford is unlike the woods of Weston where there is also a Land use Czar, Milford's demographics are much simpler, with a whole lot less nature. This new directors job has not really been specified in depth, and some are wondering how much time does it take to go from Eisenhower Park, to the woods along the river of the town Library and perhaps visit the few farms that are left in town. Sounds like another Napoleonic coffee drinking bueracrat in the taxpayers pocket.

The issues with our land use Czar go further, and some bloggers on the Internet are wondering why the mayor chose to hire him in the first place. The blogger argues that given the "high rate of local unemployment it should be mayor Richetelli's prerogative to go easy on the taxpayers."

Some bloggers feel that the exorbitant salary, combined with the fact that this job is purely a "cushy job" has been the root cause of what some want investigated as nepotism or perhaps worse cronyism.

The arguments appear to be gaining traction as well, because if you mention these issues to anyone in town and let them know the new Czar's salary, the job description and the fact that the person who got the job does not have to do much. Milfordites get upset and also feel that their interests are not being looked after.

Most people in Milford are struggling to pay their taxes, they are not understanding of these new Czars, nor do they want a continuation of the wasteful spending of the last decade. The spending during that period resulted in an unintentional punitive tax against Milford citizens, young, old and poor. Thankfully conservative Democrats reversed that trend this year, by overiding a proposed tax increse by the Republican administration but with those Democrats gone the "Money Spigot" is turned on "Full Blast" with few conservatives left to turn it off.

As the city continues to spend on wasteful Czars, and is thinking of new ways to yet again waste more money by cutting city services and education, Milford's citizens need to prepare themselves for the next fiscal crisis and double digit tax increases. The trend of wasteful spending is leading toward this inevitable reality.