Saturday, December 5, 2009

Milford Board Of Ed Awaits Investigation Results

The Milford Board of Education will soon meet much in the same a way a court tribunal meets in the coming months. Their objective, will be fairness, justice, and a resolution to a bitter set of civil and criminal accusations stemming from two Principals and the current Superintendent. The consensus among board members is to wait for the professionals hired to finish their job and present the documents to the board.

Everyone on the board is reserving judgement until the evidence they requested is presented, and all parties involved have had their ability to speak and submit documents in their defence.

The board will be confronted with some hard choices for our school leaders. The best outcome would be a joint resolution of all parties differences, a co-operative agreement on a new code of conduct and no one gets fired, suspended or quits. The big decisions just get deferred at the next contract negotiation and renewal based on the merits of past performance.

The worst possible outcome, would be the buying out of another contract, costly ongoing lawsuits, and the school is left with yet another search for a new Superintendent with the current accusers later exposed (in court) as over-reactive trouble makers.

The decision and work of the attorneys and investigators in the Polanski case certainly have a lot to do. This week marked a second criminal complaint being filed against the now suspended Superintendent and a resurgence of the acrimonious and contentious relationship that exists among Milford's top educational leaders.

No matter what the outcome of this scenario some big career bets have been made, the accusing Principals have gone "all in" against the Superintendent and the focus now has become on who is proven right/wrong. Whoever prevails, may very well have a "doomed career" as a result of either false baseless accusations, or by way of inappropriate behavior.

This is truly a sad situation that will most certainly end up creating a large emotional and financial hole in Milford's schools.


BobJ said...

I hardly think that the BOE's determination will lead to any long-term resolution. Short-term, the Board may choose to defer any real resolution on its part until the time of contract renewal to avoid a contract buy-out, although one must question how a buy-out is on the table in the first place (will that also be be the 'resolution' for police officer Anderson?).

Longer-term will be the resolution of two criminal charges against Polansky, and that, certainly, is beyond the BOE's venue.

Anonymous said...

The last Super Fern was in-fact "bought out."

BobJ said...

Fern's situation was entirely different from Polansky's-- apples and oranges.