Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Downtown Dunkin Donuts Set To Close

The CT Post reported that the downtown Milford Dunkin Donuts is set to close in the near future. The problem happens to be an issue of profitability. Peter Spalthoff, of the neighboring Shoreline Mortgage and the former Independent Candidate for mayor believes that the lack of a drive thru was their biggest handicap.

The popular spot was a gathering place of sorts, and many locals have been spotted there waiting for a cab, the bus or just reading the paper. Milford already has several Dunkin Donuts with the newest one having opened less than a year ago across from Aldi's.

As of today there are Six Dunkin Donut stores in and around Milford. This does not include the several other competitors who also sell Coffee. The loss of the downtown store will certainly be an inconvenience to many nearby residents, but it will certainly be a business push to the smaller "Mom and Pop" establishments like Cafe Atlantique who will welcome the new business.

Like Dunkin Donuts, Cafe Atlantique is also a meeting spot. More upscale with free wireless Internet access and several meeting rooms. Local residents in town will soon get over the "mega corporation" in favor of this local "down to earth" friendly Establishment. Their coffee will be just as pleasing and it is only a very short walk away.

Milford's downtown will look much more attractive without the mega chains. Nothing adds charm to our local community than small community owned businesses. The large "megacorps" have long been argued as being loud, detractive and destructive of the beauty and individuality of New England charm.


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