Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black Out On New Haven Avenue

This evening at about 6:00 P.M. New Haven Avenue went completely dark. The bitter cold weather, and a great many electric heaters, holiday lights, high winds and the peak period of normal electrical use, was too much for an electrical system.

Reports arrived that the nearby substation, malfunctioned and possibly caught on fire. Other reports indicate downed power lines that caught fire, Emergency responders arrived at the scene, along with utility workers, to begin the process of restoring the electric to several thousand people in the North end of Milford.

UI Operators said the power may be down for several hours until the work was complete. There was no immediate feed back on the official nature or cause of the blackout. Our source Mike Giordano a former firefighter, indicated that under such circumstances utility workers are not even permitted access to the the substation until all fires are out and the area is deemed safe. These periods of time can vary depending on the intensity, and severity of the problem.

Mike witnessed several fire trucks working at the scene when he passed by it by way of the I95 exit ramp in the North End of Milford. He was not permitted to get close or directly question anyone while the emergency work was ongoing.

The problem will be fixed in the late of night and business will should resume on schedule Wednesday morning. Fortunately this problem happened at the end of the work day limiting the amount of downtime suffered by local area businesses on New Haven Ave. Residents left without heat, should expect things back to normal in the next few hours.

(Photo of a blackout, not the one mentioned in article)

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