Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just When You Thought $1,200.00 Toilet Seats Were Bad

The Republican gang has once again put the "Rich" in Richetelli when he purchased himself, or perhaps his new Czars desk chairs for a whopping $700.00 each. This suspect number is perhaps light because if the chair requires assembly and shipping the taxpayers may just have paid as much as $800.00 per chair.

As I sit at my desk, in the nice leather chair I purchased from Staples, a store right here in Milford, I realized that all the ergonomic features on my chair may just as well be suspect. Because the rep at the store told me that my $299.00 chair was fully ergonomic.

So why did the mayor get so badly ripped off? Well in his defence, the chairs were approved by his newly elected group of "experienced" aldermen. Conservative Democrats have once again become critical of the liberal and wasteful spending of the Richetelli gang.

So far and just in the last year, the Republicans have spent the taxpayers money like "drunken sailors" on the shores and boardwalks of overseas brothels. There seems to be no recession going on at all in city hall.

With pockets flush full of taxpayer cash, Jim has doled out $95,000.00 to the Land Use Czar, $30,000.00 to a guy named Kimball to fix a broken department, $50,00 to the Police Department (and they did not even request it) $3,000,000.00 to himself in life long medical, health and retirement benefits, (he also accepted a Raise), $300.00 bonuses to city employees even to those working part time. He also doled out money to consultants at Eisenhower Park to report on work he had no intention of doing.

The real kicker, is the loss of mega dollars in federal stimulus money that is the subject of a freedom of information request by the Democratic party. The Democrats allege that the mayor's abdication to a Maryland Rehab cost the city an exorbitant sum of money. The Richetelli gang refused to provide records under the freedom of information request during the last election.

Quite sadly, few people in Milford are going to care about the mayors mis-givings or his excessively liberal distribution of your tax dollars. He does not care, because if he cared about saving money he would not be wasting it on $700.00-$800.00 Chairs. When you open your tax bill and feel the jubilee of your modicum of savings (thanks to the Democrats rejecting his budget last year) just know you are about to get very angry as Milford's debt continues to pile up against this years budget.

More than likely if you complain too loudly, your kids may end up paying for those chairs because Richetelli will not think twice about stuffing your kids in a Janitors closet with their teachers. That was his style last election and he has not changed.

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