Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mlford's 9Th Annual Lamp Light Stroll Set For Dec. 3Rd

Each year the Downtown Milford Business Associations organizes community events. One of the most fun is the annual Lamp Light Stroll. During this popular event, people come over from many local town and enjoy a fun and well organized event in the heart of Milford. The invitation below is from the DMBA website and a link below it will navigate you to a full list and schedule of activities. 

"Please join us on Friday, December 3rd 5pm - 9pm and Saturday, December 4th, 10am - 5pm for the Eighth Annual Downtown Milford Lamplight Stroll!Visit 30 of downtown’s finest shops! Collect your passport for the stroll at any participating shop, beginning Thanksgiving weekend. During the two-day event, stroll from shop to shop and have your passport stamped. Once the passport is complete, fill out the back of the passport and leave it at any of the participating shops to be eligible to win a gift basket filled with downtown Milford surprises, treats, treasures and gift cards!"


Monday, November 29, 2010


Proposed Zoning Change : On December 21st the Planning & Zoning Board will hold a public hearing to make a text change to the regulation for fences and walls.

If your property abuts the Long Island Sound or rivers, streams, or tidal wetlands you will not be allowed to have any type of fence wall or shrubs within the area located between the mean high water mark (boundary) and the applicable wall of the principle structure. A line extension is projected as being perpendicular from the side property lines to the rear corners of the principal building. The only exception is if a fence is required by the state building code.

It should be noted this regulation, Section, was adopted in 2005 to prevent property owners abutting the Long Island Sound  from erecting fences, walls, or shrubs that would obstruct the water views by other property owners.

I do not agree with the proposed wording, of just saying you "cannot," because it does not consider situations and conditions in which some types of barriers for the protection of children, pets, wildlife, buildings, natural land resources and/or personal property would be needed. There should be wording to allow for when such situations and/or conditions are an issue. I am not a big fan of fences or walls, but they do have purpose. Also, as a note FEMA allows fences in floodways when designed to allow water to flow thru them. [i.e.: channel of rivers, streams or tidal wetlands and the adjacent land used to contain flooding]

I also disagree with the wording of the current regulation in that if a fence/wall is required by the building code you have to have it approved by the City Planner and the P&Z Board.

It should be noted the building code specifies the fence construction type and minimum height.
To me this procedure is a waste of time and money to the property owner. The City Planner and P&Z Board do not have the authority to change the building code. So, since the building code specifies the type of construction and height, the regulation wording should be changed to read that the zoning enforcement officer should review it to see if the fence/wall is located to meet the specified need and minimize obstruction to residents views, and get them approved at time of the zoning application.

Last on this subject is that privacy style fencing is prohibited. This wording should also be updated. There are times you just do not want things to be visible.

In all, the text change as proposed, should be voted down. The existing regulation and wording needs to be thought thru and options investigated by the board members themselves to achieve a regulation that can work and not just say ‘no you cannot do this’.

As always the people on the board asked to represent YOU and you voted them in to do so. Contact your representatives on this and other matters to let them know your views on zoning issues. Do not let them guess want you want or do as they or the city wants.

John Grant

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Milford Mall Discounts On Black Friday

Everyplace I go I hear how lucky we are to have the Milford Mall in our community. The mall, Milford's largest taxpayer also brings a great deal of shopping anxiety to our streets. This year in particular is a special one, and thanks to our local Alderman a new ordinance was passed making it illegal to block a busy intersection.

The Police this morning were perched at the intersection of Rt 1 and Old Gate lane. They had their summons book in hand and were more than happy to ruin the holidays for anyone who dared get caught in their dragnet. The hefty fines for an unlucky few mean that someone out there is going to get  a cheap scarf instead of a trendy Northface fleece this year. If any kids are upset they should just go down to city hall grab the mike and vent your frustrations to the towns leaders.

The Mall should not be upset either over the new regulations, because thanks to Mayor Richetelli and the aggressive lawsuit filed against the city two years ago, the Mall owners won a 20% reduction in taxes on their property. The irony of the holidays! Higher property taxes, big fines for blocking intersections, and hey who wants to be negative Staples had a 500GB HD on sale for only 50 bucks and target a 50" Plasma for $495.00 Bucks! 

You just have to love the insanity of the holidays! Ho! Ho! Ho! happy Black Friday I am off to go shopping.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 The City of Milford’s 2010 Festival of Lights and Tree Lighting will take place on Friday, November 26th at the Gazebo on the Milford Green. Pre-lighting festivities will take place with horse and buggy rides courtesy of The Milford Bank from 5:30 – 8:00 PM. Free hot chocolate will be served courtesy of the Devon Rotary Club from 5:30 - 8:00 PM in the Milford Bank parking lot, 33 Broad Street. DJ Sheila and The Milford Concert Band will fill the air with holiday selections beginning at 5:30 PM.

Over 50,000 lights will light up the Green at approximately 6:30 PM. when the arrival of a very special jolly elf, dressed in red will be brought to us by the Milford Professional Firefighters Association. Milford Chamber officials and Mayor Richetelli will be on hand to help with the lighting. Immediately following the tree lighting, Santa will be on hand to greet children. Photos with Santa provided courtesy of Milford Photo.

The Downtown Milford Business Association will provide luminaries to a festive downtown Milford. Come dine & shop. Enjoy carolers. Retail stores will remain open until 9:00 PM.

The mission of the Milford Chamber of Commerce, as the clearinghouse for business, is to enhance business opportunity, empower its members and influence positive economic growth. For more information contact: Kathy Alagno, President & CEO at 203-878-0681 or email kalagno@milfordct.com.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Milford Forclosures Near 20% According To Trulia

The following snapshot is from Trulia, and is their assessment of the real estate market in Milford. Recently Chris Dodd met with the big mortgage lenders on the national foreclosure fiasco and it is important to note that 86% of all mortgages are "performing" or in other words listed as current. Trulias statistics as compare to that of the Senate Banking Committee hearing would indicate that 14% of all Real Estate loans are in Default. If Trulias figures are accurate that would put Milford at a 5% disadvantage compared to the national statistic. Trulia had this to say about Milford this month:

"Average price per square foot for Milford CT was $211, a decrease of 52% compared to the same period last year. The median sales price for homes in Milford CT for Aug 10 to Oct 10 was $273,000 based on 77 home sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median home sales price increased 5%, or $13,000, and the number of home sales decreased 39.8%. There are currently 468 resale and new homes in Milford on Trulia, including 1 open house, as well as 92 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process. The average listing price for homes for sale in Milford CT was $382,692 for the week ending Nov 17, which represents a decrease of 1.1%, or $4,075, compared to the prior week. Popular neighborhoods in Milford include Post Road North with average listing prices of $292,675 and $382,692."

Monday, November 22, 2010

Budget Woes Give Many Educators Anxiety

In a scenario likely to be repeated across Connecticut, federal funds that cover the salaries of 30 city teachers will likely not be renewed for the 2011-12 school year, leaving educators scrambling to make up a looming deficit. Milford is only one of scores of school districts in the state that would struggle to make up for the loss of federal stimulus money, which could potentially result in massive teacher layoffs statewide for the 2011-12 school year.

Acting Superintendent R. Michael Cummings Jr. will prepare a budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1 with the assumption that little, if any, of the $1.5 million will be replaced. "I'm very pessimistic that we'll be getting any of that next year, and that means we'll have 2 percent less than we do now.''


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Travel Warning To Milford Ct. Residents!

Many people this holiday season are planning to get on airplanes to visit their loved ones. In our area many kids reunite with their parents who live in Florida, are returning from college or just traveling for business. Regardless of what your need to travel this year is, it is dreadfully obvious that airport security has our citizens very upset.

While every American wants to have safer airlines, not every American wants to have their spouse and children sexually assaulted at the airport. This allegation has been repeated to me over and over by many people I know right here in Milford who have said they were sexually assaulted by the TSA while getting on an Airplane at a U.S. airport.

While on the surface these initial claims seemed outrageous, the reality of the graphic detail described to me by individual friends were confirmed by the national news media. Holiday travellers should be warned that the choices at the the airport are grim. When you decide to travel, you can either subject yourself to a potentially harmful dose of radiation, and provide a graphic naked picture to a stranger of yourself, or you can opt out and subject yourself and family to an "enhanced pat down." This "enhanced pat down" would be considered a sexual assault even by the standards of our local police department, who are not permitted to grab the genitals of a child, fondle a woman nor strip a cancer survivor of her prosthetic breasts. 

The problem is costing airlines and the airline industry millions in lost revenue, and is the most aggressive and sexually invasive in the world. The type of sexual assaults being permitted in the name of terrorism is frightening. Anyone who allows themselves to think that a TSA worker is allowed to put their hands down a child's pants, (or any ones pants) to search for a bomb is a dangerous individual.

This holiday season, I would like to let any travelers out there in Milford (or coming to Milford) know that once you start the security process you cannot opt out. If you opt out you will be detained indefinitely and possibly fined up to $11,000.00 for changing your mind.

By all means, take a car and drive to your destination this holiday season.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smith Calls Truce To Milford Sign War

From Labor Day through Election Day, “politics” and “yard signs” go together like turkey and Thanksgiving.

That could have all changed, as Democrats proposed creating a political yard sign pact with Republicans Tuesday. Both parties would have banned political signs for the 2011 municipal election.

However, the city’s top Republican Tuesday said anybody already thinking of the next election, which is a long way off, “needs to get a life.”

Democratic Town Chairman Richard Smith, in a press release Tuesday, said numerous voters expressed their “frustration and fatigue” with political signs “cluttering and littering their streets and neighborhoods.”

Continue reading NH Register Story Click Here

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Milford Gets Updated Alert System

The City of Milford has implemented a state-of-the-art citywide notification system to alert citizens about emergencies and other community news. The Milford Alerts notification system, operated in partnership with Everbridge, enables the City to provide essential information quickly and for a variety of situations, such as severe weather, fires, floods, unexpected road closures, or evacuation of buildings or neighborhoods.

These notifications can be sent to a variety of devices such as home phone, work phone, cell phone, text messaging devices, e-mail and more. You choose what devices you are contacted on and in what order you would like to be contacted.

In addition to traditional emergency alerts, the system also allows you to sign up to receive a variety of other important community alerts and informational bulletins that interest you. For more information about the new Milford Alerts system, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.


Monday, November 15, 2010

A Outlook of The Weekly News And Milford's Road Ahead

Over the last few days I have been mourning the loss of my family dog. Our beloved Bella passed away last Saturday when she was struck by a hit and run driver. To all my loyal fans and avid readers out there just know I am still with you and my thoughts will continue as they always do moving forward.

Thus far I am back at my desk this morning and have been looking at and analyzing the latest local and state news and the biggest challenges on the table are those that have become emblematic of all communities in Connecticut. Education, education spending, property taxes, and the fragility of survival of our towns citizens who live pay check to pay check.

An eerie reminder of this fragility happened to me just over the weekend. While I was out with my wife and step daughter Lea. We were mourning the loss of our dog together when Terri looked out the window of our booth at the Kimberly Diner and and cried out "Oh my God a woman just fell and is lying motionless on the ground! Somebody call 911!"

Soon several people rushed to her aid, fortunately the woman was alright, but we were told by our waitress who had gone outside to assist that this woman was likely to need several stitches on her forehead. She argued with those aiding her that she had "no health insurance and did not want to go to the hospital" fearing that her inability to pay would result in some punitive financial measure against the little she had left.

The woman did go to the hospital, and thankfully the Kimberly Diner was well equipped with all the necessary first aid equipment to respond to such emergencies. However, there was some frustration expressed when the 911 operator needed the address to the Diner just across the street from the Milford P.D. who immediately responded when they were called directly.

While this is just a random experience of the many tribulations we are now coming to endure, civility in the coming years is going to be more important than ever. As the Federal Government continues to deny our city, and state federal student money and grants as part of these newly emerging global austerity measures the people of Milford will be struggling to find a life balance.

This balance, however is going to be threatened once again by the very pillars that carry the entire town budget. Our mill rate is expected to change dramatically after the new 2011 assessments are complete. Record spikes in foreclosures in Milford and New Haven County have driven down the cost of real estate and stagnated home sales and the entire housing market.

While city officials have all but thrown up their hands and said "regardless of what the Grand List out come is, the budget is the budget!" This is a truly disparaging approach to our looming financial problems. In the past years, Milford has been undergoing a mini-austerity style debacle of its own. The city has made deep cuts in education, closing a school, cuts to the bulk pick ups, and several consolidations and cost cutting restructuring schemes of the police and Fire Departments. Milford may one day be faced with selling off its real estate and assets just to keep up.

Moving forward those schemes may be insufficient and not able to satisfy the current problems of the broader state and Federal economy still stuck at over 9.6% unemployment. While the worst unemployment picture we have since today's numbers date back to 1983 (when we had 13.5% unemployment,) those numbers were figured with a different formula. If we use the same formula from 1983 the true unemployment picture could be estimated at 18.9% making this recession the worst since 1929.

What remains as a state of severe uncertainty is the nature of the "Double dip." Experts tend to agree that our jobs and debt are unlikely to be abated soon making the "Double Dip" more likely rather than less likely. The nature of this "Double Dip" is an enigmatic one, but none-the-less of serious concern for a small city like ours. Should this dip become "Deflationary" like some fear than that would present a very different set of challenges than if the "Double Dip" goes "Inflationary" as several critics of the Fed's money printing program have been upset by.

There is going to be a strong need for some "math-magicians" at city hall to make it all work in 2011 and if we escape through the next budget without any dramatic tax increases or significant losses in services we should be proud of those who were able to negotiate and usher in those achievements. It is times like this that challenge, and threaten the very survival of our communities and only with lots of concessions, co-operation and civility can  Milford succeed in the road ahead. Our leaders must look to the future in a way way that prepares us for anything, because at this point anything is possible.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day And God Bless Our Future Heroes

Today I would like to express my gratitude to all our veterans out there who made America Great. While war is one of the most unfortunate and sad parts of our freedom as Americans, we must thank those who answered the call of duty and took up arms to defend us.

America has been and should always remain that beacon of hope and freedom whereby any person from around the world can aspire to escape to. What makes America an incredible place is our U.S. Constitution, and the spirit of liberty that our forefathers wrote into it.

While our veterans have secured us from those very tyrants, that denied us our freedom of speech, our freedom of religion, and our ability to thrive and prosper without fear of our leaders, new threats are emerging all the time.

The biggest threat in the coming years, to the American way of life, and our associated inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness is a hapless group of powerful leaders at the United Nations Environmental Summit. These people are so concerned about the atrocity of the human impact on the planet, that they are actively lobbying and gaining ground on their new agenda. This agenda was put in writing under Jimmy Carter in the 1970's (during the oil shock) and has never really left the table. The UN Agenda is called Agenda 21

Agenda 21, cites serious concern over human impact on the non-renewable resources of "mother earth." There is virtually irrefutable evidence of widespread deforestation, animal extinctions, droughts, air pollution, polar meltdown, desertification, waste disposal, famine and disease throughout the world. Agenda 21 seeks to elevate the importance of "mother earth" as being supreme to human beings whom are now expected to cross the Seven Billion Mark in 2011.

Many scientists have been arguing that humans are headed for the same end-game that colonies of bacteria face when all of their sustenance is consumed within the confines of their pietri dish. The condition, aptly referred to as "colony collapse disorder" occurs when the biological colony of bacteria contains more consumers than food resources to keep them alive. Scientists argue that Earth is little more than a giant pietri dish and our non-renewable natural resources is what keeps us alive.

Population growth has been a serious concern, and as such presents itself as one of the gravest threats to Libertarianism and the Libertarian movement as a whole. While it is clear that freedom can exist for many people today, it is unclear how many Billions of people can be allowed the same liberties in the future. While one thing scientists do all agree on is that humans do have an impact on the Earth, and even with the best of intentions and the greenest technologies there comes a point when Earth no longer can endure and sustain our aggregate presence. This number has been disputed for years. Some say that 7 Billion is too many, some say that we can have 30 Billion people and that would not be an issue however one thing remains certain for all and that is reproductive rights are in jeopardy.

The Earths population doubles every 40 years, and we could expect a child born today to be walking among 14 Billion people by age 40. By age 80 that same child will be walking among 28 Billion people. Our grandchildren may not see a world filled with 56Billion people. These staggering numbers are what concerns the U.N. and their global agenda to elevate the Rights of the Earth above those of human beings. They have very convincingly argued that unless we stem the tide of excessive population growth that animal/plant life including all humans could  suddenly collapse. This is much in the same way life abruptly collapses in that pietry dish mentioned earlier.

The next battle to preserve the liberty, and freedom of the United States and the Rest of the World will hopefully not be the job of our veterans in epic wars over aerable land, food, oil, and water but rather the job of our scientists, engineers and our politicians who will be burdened to find a way to peacefully co-exist with our planet. The cost of defying our symbiotic relationship is not a popular one, and when all else fails and humanity rejects a common sense approach to living responsibly our future hopes and dreams fade for all, and spiral toward terrible wars and human annihilation.

This Veterans Day we should thank our heroes for their work in battle, their courage on the field, and together mourn their terrible loss of life. However, lets also keep in mind that the next generation of heroes is hopefully not going to be our veterans, but rather those future scientists, and engineers who discover a way for children born today to co-exist with "Mother Earth."

Video exposes the next great threat to humanity. Global Population explosions.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

North American Power Fighting For Low Cost Electric

Deregulation may be at risk with our governor elect Dan Malloy. Recently Jody Rell vetoed a new energy bill that would have killed competitors in the energy market. Currently there are over thirty companies out there that are thriving and competing to deliver you lower electric rates.

My personal favorite has been North American Power because they, like many of their competitors have a stable rate that rarely changes. As a consumer and salesperson for North American Power I can tell you with all sincerity that they have kept to their word and delivered when no one else out there could.

More often than not competitors offer suspiciously low rates only to have those rates marred with surprise increases after their teaser period expires. With NAP there are no teaser rates, and most exciting the CEO of this company Carey Turnbull and Kerry Breitbart are former owners of Amerex the largest energy trading and hedging company in America. Few people are as talented or able to compete with these individuals.

Wells Fargo Bank has offered NAP a 75M Dollar line of credit AS A START UP COMPANY! No other company in my recent memory has been give that kind of trust, or that kind of a "seal of approval."

Dan Mallow is expected to not VETO the energy bill that Rell did. The "job killing bill" may come up again in the near future, and when it does only those who are locked in at the lower rates will be able to keep them. The Democrats in Hartford are of the opinion that the Legislature is better off setting our rates rather than private enterprise. While many have argued this practice as Socialism and an attack on free enterprise, others have taken matters in their own hands enrolled, and given these privately owned companies the needed capital and resources they need to fight Socialism in Hartford. Your help would be greatly appreciated, and 400,000 already enrolled consumers in CT would also appreciate your support.

Click HERE for more information on how to enroll in Green energy or to lower you UI and CL&P Bill. 

Reference Article CLICK HERE

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Democrats Steal Elections, Voter Fraud Exposed

It is no secret that Bridgeport was ill prepared for the 2010 vote. What happened was a surprise to many including Mayor Finch who said "Bridgeport can't be remembered as the dimpled chad of elections."

An independent reporting agency asked the Democratic voter registrar what happened and they declined to comment, however the Republican registrar of voters in Bridgeport exposes criminal, civil and blatantly obvious election fraud. All of Acorns activities, a Government sponsored agency, were reported to the Democratic Secretary of State Suzan Byczewitz to investigate.

Some are clamoring that election fraud in Bridgeport was so pervasive, and yet advantageous to the Democratic party in Connecticut that the FBI should open a RICO investigation on ACORN for criminal activity.

What makes Bridgeport's voting so unusual is that the entire country favored Republicans this year, except Connecticut whose entire state and federal elections were thrown in favor of the Democrats. Watch the below video and perhaps we can gain perspective on why protests are the new focal point in Bridgeport.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Milford Post Election Results Commentary

The city of Milford had several terrific candidates that worked very hard this year. Also among these candidates were some not so terrific individuals, but even with that said the voters always get the government we elect. Gayle Slossberg whom was cross endorsed by the Independent Party will be returning to Hartford as a Senator. Richard Roy and Paul Davis will also be returning, additionally and a newcomer in the 118th Kim Rose will be this years freshman.

To add my thoughts, as the Independent candidate in this race, it is important to note that my views belong to me only. You may agree with them or challenge them using the comments section below. You may also feel free to do your own research . When I began this race I was intently familiar with all the candidates in the running. Of the four (now elected) Democrat candidates there was only one that was unknown Kim Rose.

Since we already know the record and reputation of Mr. Davis, Roy and Slossberg I am going to make the point of this article more about Ms. Rose who defeated the chairman of the Milford Board of Alderman much to the surprise of the Republican party and several thousand residents in Milford.

As a disclaimer and before you read on, please note that this is not about "sour grapes" or me being upset over getting defeated. I knew "full well" that I was not going to get elected this election as an Independent. I spent about $250.00 against two established party candidates who randomly spent about $60,000.00.

In 2008 I spent $21,000.00 to get 10% of the vote. This year I instead, opted to be a candidate provocateur. I found that the best way to expose corruption is from within, a side position that I plan on clinging to for many more years so I can keep blogging about the disinformation being told to the people of the 118th.

Since 2006, (when I came on the scene), the 118th has been a sore subject for Independents and Republicans in Milford. This seat became a point of contention when in 2006, it was left unchallenged with only Jim Amann on the Ballot. While Amann was revered as one of the greatest icons in Milford, that view soon became short sighted and unenlightened when it was challenged by Milford Independents. The Democrats later, via courtesy of a video produced at the Milford train station by (Democratic Party member) Bob Adams challenged Amann over his support of Joe Lieberman. Adams recorded a angry Amann Rant, whereby he arrogantly said "if you have any idiot in this town run against me I will crush him." The video went viral and in 2007 Milford was the joke of Connecticut.

While Amann is now out of office, having resigned his speakership in search of a failed gubernatorial bid, its important to note that Amann's record is over stated. Milford benefited little from Amann's personal success. Amann is one of the few Speakers in Connecticut who has the not so enviable and conservative record of delivering the least amount of money to our city.

One of Amman's last projects, before he left office, was the Boardwalk handed over to Barbara Lambert in 2009. Today the project appears abandoned and is currently unfinished after several years of disingenuous remarks by her and the Milford Democratic Town Committee. The boardwalk was sidelined when concern emerged over a new embarrassing national scandal she initiated.

The 2009 scandal involved an AP photographer recording what our legislators do in chambers. What they photographed went viral and the Milford Democrats and our candidate for the 118th became the laughing stock of the entire country. Some of the captions read (along these lines) "Connecticut Representatives Play Solitaire During Crisis." and "Connecticut Fiscal Crisis Second to Baseball Scores and Solitaire."

The Milford Democratic Town Committee, led by Party loyalist Richard Smith, defended Lambert and her actions despite the national and international criticism of this monumental blunder. Lamberts actions were considered so serious that rules regarding laptops had to be changed for the entire Connecticut legislature.

Sadly even with these hard pressed lessons of national shame and embarrassment the Milford Democrats learned little to nothing. To make matters more interesting the voters of the the118th, or the Devon Section of Milford did not care and were blissfully unaware. The "solitaire queen" who resigned of her own free will and accord, was instead heroically revived and placed at her favorite polling place on 11/02/10 Meadowside School. She even cross endorsed Kim Rose despite all the inter party and internal warnings that Ms. Rose is a major liability to the state of Connecticut and Milford.

Many are wondering how did Ms. Rose pull it off? The answer required an enormous amount of research, and even more probing then has previously been done by the Independent Party in Milford. The information we are about to divulge is not flattering but keeps our promise of "veritas" or "truth." All of the information we provide is carefully looked at and validated through credible sources. Readers are free to comment if we have it wrong.

In the 2010 Election Ms. Rose articulated herself well, a skill she practices as a secretary at the Bridgeport Building and Permit Department.  While there are many underlying issues that can be brought up about her personal character flaws we, at the Milford Daily Blog are only going to focus on those that concern the people she will represent and the acrimony reported to us by members of her party.

The information we have received was sent to us by inside sources. Many documents were e-mailed anonymously while others are based on first hand accounts of people who directly work with her in community organizations and public projects. It is my opinion that the information that we received reveals that Ms. Rose is going to be a Major liability in Hartford, and to her present employer.

Sadly, this is a tough job for me because never in my life or career have I been burdened with the knowledge that I have come to bear. I have always liked clean elections and ran a clean race in 2007, and again in 2008. But part of what I believe is the job of a political party is to act responsibly, and keep the Chairman's of the other political parties in check when they act against the interests of our city and state. As such my task is one that will certainly draw criticism, but with courage and resolve I am up to that challenge.

One of the principal concerns we have when running our own candidates is their overall health. This was an issue in 2006 when some questioned Ammans Cancer and again in 2008 when I questioned Lamberts age and ability to drive long distances late at night. Our state Legislators endure a great deal of stress, both mental and physical. Sessions sometimes end as late as 3:00A.M. and the commute from Milford to Hartford can exceed an hour or more. Yet we at the MIP have discovered information that confirms our newly elected State Representative is severely handicapped. Her problem is not visible to the naked eye, but if one dare ask her about her handicap she will be forced to admit the ugly truth about her Pneumonectomy . As outrageous and preposterous a conspiracy this may sound it has been validated by Ms. Rose herself, who sadly has also been witnessed smoking.

Very credible reports have arrived to our office that Ms. Roses condition is so severe, that on more than one occasion and by her own conversations with others, revealed severe work debilitating migraine headaches and repeated tardiness and absenteeism from her current work responsibilities. It will be therefore of critical importance to monitor Ms. Roses attendance record at the capitol starting Jan. 7, 2011. Should Ms. Rose fail in her contractual responsibility to represent our state it will be the responsibility of the Milford Republicans and Independents to call upon her to resign.

Right about now many of you who voted for her are probably feeling upset over this unflattering revelation, and believe me the cowards at the newspapers do not want to report this. They are protective of their advertising dollars. This ad money, ironically all comes by way of the CEP or the Citizens Election Program. A program ruled unconstitutional by judge Underhill in the last year. As a Constitutionalists myself, I refused to participate in this program that I also now agree may be  "Unconstitutional." Any person with integrity should also refuse this money.

As a brief history this year it is important to mention that the CEP only benefited the major parties. It fell far short and in most cases failed in its primary objective to keep Criminal Rowland style union lobbyists like the Working Families Party at bay. This year the WFP party cross endorsed, not only our Ms. Rose, but 100% of all "sold out" Democrats.

When asked why, a spokesman said that Democrats overwhelmingly support the monetary demands of the states labor unions including those of the SEIU and several others like the UFW and AFLCIO. While it is illegal for a candidate to accept money from a Lobbyist in tandem with CEP funding it remains unclear as to wether or not Ms. Rose broke the law during her election. The only thing that appears very certain is that Ms. Rose sold out Milfords Middle Class citizens in favor of the states labor unions.

In 2010 every third party candidate was audited by the Elections Enforcement Commission, most of these audits lasted about two years and were very discouraging to the candidates Treasures who in 2010 refused to be responsible under the criminal threats made by the Elections Enforcement agency.

The CEP from its onset was challenged by Chris Healy, the Republican Party state Chairman who said in a committee hearing that this program amounts to "little more than legalized theft of public money." Sadly Healy was correct because in 2010 all of the CEP money was directed toward Major Parties with scores of murky endorsements from special interest groups. I personally believe that time will reveal massive corruption at the CEP and eventually that corruption will result in the dissolution of the entire program as in-effective.

For those of you who wish to reclaim your lost or misplaced money, and take it away from the tyrannical machine that has become Hartford visit the link below and follow the instructions. You will be surprised at how many people have had their hard earned personal money sent to political parties. Click HERE to see if your name is on the official list at the State of Connecticut's office. You can also help liquidate this "shady" misused "Republicrat slush fund" by directing your friends in Connecticut to this blog and asking them to make their withdrawal. The more people who do this the more we will be spared from the countless future negative ads purchased by campaigns.

(Above photo of CT 118th Rep. Elect Kim Rose)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rocco Frank's Urgent Message To Milford Voters

Milford CT Voting Locations And Instructions

First and foremost find your voting center by going to the bottom of this page or click THIS LINK. Know where to go.

Next bring your ID. Acceptable forms of ID are valid non expired drivers licences, military, or passport id's, or certified state ID's. If you have none of these go to the Parson's complex voter registrar and obtain a voter ID card.

Once this is sorted out, on Tuesday November 2Nd. go to your designated voting location between the hours of 6:00am till 7:30pm . If you are unfamiliar with the Diabold system watch the video above explaining its use.

As a final note, and to make sure your vote counted look at the numerical counter on the Diebold machine. (The counter will be located on the front panel and look like the odometer on your car.) Notice the number before you put your card in, then look again to be certain the number counted up.

Any problems please report them to the poll watchers and contact me on my cell. (203) 247-4357. or call the Voter Regisrar Office by clicking HERE.

This Blog Courtesy of Rocco Frank (Independent Candidate For The 118th State Rep. Race)