Friday, November 26, 2010

The Milford Mall Discounts On Black Friday

Everyplace I go I hear how lucky we are to have the Milford Mall in our community. The mall, Milford's largest taxpayer also brings a great deal of shopping anxiety to our streets. This year in particular is a special one, and thanks to our local Alderman a new ordinance was passed making it illegal to block a busy intersection.

The Police this morning were perched at the intersection of Rt 1 and Old Gate lane. They had their summons book in hand and were more than happy to ruin the holidays for anyone who dared get caught in their dragnet. The hefty fines for an unlucky few mean that someone out there is going to get  a cheap scarf instead of a trendy Northface fleece this year. If any kids are upset they should just go down to city hall grab the mike and vent your frustrations to the towns leaders.

The Mall should not be upset either over the new regulations, because thanks to Mayor Richetelli and the aggressive lawsuit filed against the city two years ago, the Mall owners won a 20% reduction in taxes on their property. The irony of the holidays! Higher property taxes, big fines for blocking intersections, and hey who wants to be negative Staples had a 500GB HD on sale for only 50 bucks and target a 50" Plasma for $495.00 Bucks! 

You just have to love the insanity of the holidays! Ho! Ho! Ho! happy Black Friday I am off to go shopping.

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