Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day And God Bless Our Future Heroes

Today I would like to express my gratitude to all our veterans out there who made America Great. While war is one of the most unfortunate and sad parts of our freedom as Americans, we must thank those who answered the call of duty and took up arms to defend us.

America has been and should always remain that beacon of hope and freedom whereby any person from around the world can aspire to escape to. What makes America an incredible place is our U.S. Constitution, and the spirit of liberty that our forefathers wrote into it.

While our veterans have secured us from those very tyrants, that denied us our freedom of speech, our freedom of religion, and our ability to thrive and prosper without fear of our leaders, new threats are emerging all the time.

The biggest threat in the coming years, to the American way of life, and our associated inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness is a hapless group of powerful leaders at the United Nations Environmental Summit. These people are so concerned about the atrocity of the human impact on the planet, that they are actively lobbying and gaining ground on their new agenda. This agenda was put in writing under Jimmy Carter in the 1970's (during the oil shock) and has never really left the table. The UN Agenda is called Agenda 21

Agenda 21, cites serious concern over human impact on the non-renewable resources of "mother earth." There is virtually irrefutable evidence of widespread deforestation, animal extinctions, droughts, air pollution, polar meltdown, desertification, waste disposal, famine and disease throughout the world. Agenda 21 seeks to elevate the importance of "mother earth" as being supreme to human beings whom are now expected to cross the Seven Billion Mark in 2011.

Many scientists have been arguing that humans are headed for the same end-game that colonies of bacteria face when all of their sustenance is consumed within the confines of their pietri dish. The condition, aptly referred to as "colony collapse disorder" occurs when the biological colony of bacteria contains more consumers than food resources to keep them alive. Scientists argue that Earth is little more than a giant pietri dish and our non-renewable natural resources is what keeps us alive.

Population growth has been a serious concern, and as such presents itself as one of the gravest threats to Libertarianism and the Libertarian movement as a whole. While it is clear that freedom can exist for many people today, it is unclear how many Billions of people can be allowed the same liberties in the future. While one thing scientists do all agree on is that humans do have an impact on the Earth, and even with the best of intentions and the greenest technologies there comes a point when Earth no longer can endure and sustain our aggregate presence. This number has been disputed for years. Some say that 7 Billion is too many, some say that we can have 30 Billion people and that would not be an issue however one thing remains certain for all and that is reproductive rights are in jeopardy.

The Earths population doubles every 40 years, and we could expect a child born today to be walking among 14 Billion people by age 40. By age 80 that same child will be walking among 28 Billion people. Our grandchildren may not see a world filled with 56Billion people. These staggering numbers are what concerns the U.N. and their global agenda to elevate the Rights of the Earth above those of human beings. They have very convincingly argued that unless we stem the tide of excessive population growth that animal/plant life including all humans could  suddenly collapse. This is much in the same way life abruptly collapses in that pietry dish mentioned earlier.

The next battle to preserve the liberty, and freedom of the United States and the Rest of the World will hopefully not be the job of our veterans in epic wars over aerable land, food, oil, and water but rather the job of our scientists, engineers and our politicians who will be burdened to find a way to peacefully co-exist with our planet. The cost of defying our symbiotic relationship is not a popular one, and when all else fails and humanity rejects a common sense approach to living responsibly our future hopes and dreams fade for all, and spiral toward terrible wars and human annihilation.

This Veterans Day we should thank our heroes for their work in battle, their courage on the field, and together mourn their terrible loss of life. However, lets also keep in mind that the next generation of heroes is hopefully not going to be our veterans, but rather those future scientists, and engineers who discover a way for children born today to co-exist with "Mother Earth."

Video exposes the next great threat to humanity. Global Population explosions.

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