Tuesday, November 9, 2010

North American Power Fighting For Low Cost Electric

Deregulation may be at risk with our governor elect Dan Malloy. Recently Jody Rell vetoed a new energy bill that would have killed competitors in the energy market. Currently there are over thirty companies out there that are thriving and competing to deliver you lower electric rates.

My personal favorite has been North American Power because they, like many of their competitors have a stable rate that rarely changes. As a consumer and salesperson for North American Power I can tell you with all sincerity that they have kept to their word and delivered when no one else out there could.

More often than not competitors offer suspiciously low rates only to have those rates marred with surprise increases after their teaser period expires. With NAP there are no teaser rates, and most exciting the CEO of this company Carey Turnbull and Kerry Breitbart are former owners of Amerex the largest energy trading and hedging company in America. Few people are as talented or able to compete with these individuals.

Wells Fargo Bank has offered NAP a 75M Dollar line of credit AS A START UP COMPANY! No other company in my recent memory has been give that kind of trust, or that kind of a "seal of approval."

Dan Mallow is expected to not VETO the energy bill that Rell did. The "job killing bill" may come up again in the near future, and when it does only those who are locked in at the lower rates will be able to keep them. The Democrats in Hartford are of the opinion that the Legislature is better off setting our rates rather than private enterprise. While many have argued this practice as Socialism and an attack on free enterprise, others have taken matters in their own hands enrolled, and given these privately owned companies the needed capital and resources they need to fight Socialism in Hartford. Your help would be greatly appreciated, and 400,000 already enrolled consumers in CT would also appreciate your support.

Click HERE for more information on how to enroll in Green energy or to lower you UI and CL&P Bill. 

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