Friday, February 29, 2008

Can Robots Be Guilty Of War Crimes?

The not so distant future is rapidly approaching, and anyone who is an enthusiast of the Discovery Channel or Science channel on cable should already be all too aware of the Robot warriors on the battle fields. The two most visible is the flying drone, the other the robot tank that assists troops in the field. (see video below)

This technology pales in comparison to the new stuff on the drawing board, imagine Asimo meets Rambo the perfect robot killer programmed like the freaky killer robots featured in the movie RoboCop."

What new questions will this technology bring to admonish the wrongdoing of others. As a computer expert here at the Computerfox in Milford, I can personally express my disgust with the classic excuse "my computer malfunctioned and therefore you cannot be assisted properly." War robots will give the Pentagon leaders some new ways of admonishing their responsibility when one of their robots malfunction and kill 150 civilians, 23 U.S. Soldiers, and 54 children.

The question of ethics will remain long into the future as to wether or not we can courtmarshall a robot? There will be no one to hold accountable as everyone will be separated and distanced from the crime it has committed even the programmers who certainly will have the robot code classified and protected by the evil of the Pentagon as a national security issue.

We can assume that these nightmarish robots will be adapted at some point in the not so distant future to police urban centers and big cities. They will more likely start off by accompanying bomb squads, assisting SWAT teams, and eventually hand you a parking or speeding ticket. This technology will pose the same troubling questions that were debated back in the 80's when HAL in the "Odyssey" nearly killed everyone on board the space ship for their own protection. Sound familiar? Check it out you decide.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Retiring Overseas Soon To Be Esoteric

As a young kid I grew up in Perugia Italy, a little town located in the province of Umbria. Umbria is a place made famous for food wine and Etruscan architecture. It was also the place that my father and brother chose to study veterinary medicine. Today both are doctors each with their own practice and my sister and I have gained a wealth of memories.

My mother was born in Sicily in a little town called San Fratello. The town was ancient when I visited there in the late seventies as It had no running water and an agrarian population that subsided by raising farm animals and growing food crops. My personal favorites, were grapes, figs, olives, prosciutto, and lots of wine.

This life was very unique, especially when compared to the grandiose lifestyle back in the United States. America being relatively new had large streets, and great big skyscrapers in every city. Italy was tight, and catered to the ancient Roman lifestyle of horse drawn carriages. Today the eco-friendly population has adapted modern day automotive technology to cater to the tight cobblestone streets that are the signature of the Roman antiquity. The photo below is of a 500 the car we used as a family back in the late 70's.

My mother and father had grown very fond of Italy as a result of their wonderful experiences, and today, have thought about retiring there. They are both already in their retirement years and have found themselves struggling to reallocate their assets in order to achieve their retirement objectives.

Like countless others they have had difficulty selling their business real-estate, have lost substantial sums of money in the market post 9/11 and today were once again reminded that America's falling dollar is making my mothers birthplace more unattainable. The reality is, that only those people who are capable of incurring such staggering losses, like the super rich, will have access to an overseas retirement.

All too many people and businesses have already fled the country, some businesses like Pfizer in Groton Ct. cannot flee fast enough as they have recently accelerated the closing of their plant. America has fallen upon hard times for reasons that few people understand or really know, but put simply our country has borrowed more than it could afford to pay and is now suffering the dire consequences.

As our nation continues its march toward a recession, or possibly a recession or worse, we all pay. We pay for our leaders mistakes at the gas pump, when we travel to other countries, when we sell our home, when we buy food, when we go to collect our social security, when we buy a car, pay our Dr's bill, or collect our 401K's and IRA's.

The most horrible position a nation can be in is where we are headed now, "Stagflation" a condition where a stagnating economy and inflation co-exist. This is the hardest condition for our leaders to cure because adjusting interest rates, and manipulating the money supply no longer work after a certain point. To put this into perspective imagine a see-saw where you fix one end of the problem and the other end gets worse and vice versa.

The next six months will determine what we as individuals will need to do to realign our lives for the new America. Should the economy continue to deteriorate then we will need to compensate in advance to prepare for a prolonged period of harder times. I will comment more on this as the new CPI or inflation figures emerge.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

UI Profits Soar 288%...And Accordingly So Does Milford's Forclosures!

UI had its annual conference call last week February 2008. To sum things up they whined that the economy was slow, you could not pay your bill and their losses on bogus xcelecom were disappointing.

On the party side their profit jumped 288% from 9 cents a share to 35 Cents a share! This profit was achieved by those of you who are paying your bills. They are anxiously waiting to fire up their pollution factories formerly known as the "filthy Five" and the "Sooty Seven" to increase their profits even more perversely.

As they increase their mega profits, the Connecticut Post today noted that Milford's pre-forclosures are up from 50 last month to 166 this month. The front page of the finance section bears concern of stagflation. But don't worry UI's Executives are also concerned about the economy, it has held their profits back to only 288% when they should have been more than that. The awful truth, if I may add a little sarcasm, is that purchasing candles has become a much cheaper lighting source than electric. This may now become even more relevant as the 2009 future prediction by UI's executives greedily boast double digit profit projections. I predict more people will be "breaking a sweat" flipping a light switch and/or acting out against family members who do not shut off lights.

I am absolutely baffled by the quote of Rich who said "Continuing operations for the fourth quarter are up nicely 35 Cents a share compared to 9 cents a share in 2006." I am absolutely speechless that this company was allowed to conduct itself in the economically oppressive manner that it has. This is an outrage and I am appalled that the DPUC has no control over the menacing profit of a public utility company.

Amazingly, they even succeeded in bilking the IRS out of 21 Million Dollars! Listen to the entire conference call because I am disappointed that in spite of the fact that this company has been given a new power grid, overcharged us with fraudulent meters, was given a 90% increase in just 7 years, killed parakeets, razed the landscape, devalued homes, and is now planning to poison our air in Milford come 2009, that DPUC continues to ignore the fact that people are losing their homes and need a break!

The conference call speaks for itself! Also the beginning of the broadcast is blank air time scroll to the middle of the feed for the conference call to begin.

Listen by clicking here.

It Is Nice To Be Back Home

Like the title says it is nice to be back home and away from the all too wonderful beaches in Florida. Don't get me wrong I had a great vacation with the family and actually got to do very valuable family bonding, but the trip was not without its family challenges, and certainly did not cater to my penchant for mountains.

There was one point that I would call the highlight of my trip, and I wish to share with all of you. In the photo above my family and I at the oldest school house in America. This school, located at St. Augustine is also in the oldest city in America. While it is no bigger than a small cape, with a school yard about as big as a typical back yard, the humility and simplicity is heartfelt.

If anyone ever has the ability to visit Florida I recommend this city. It is a treasure of history and beautiful architecture and is full of great museums and cultural activities. Below is a photo I have taken of some of the most spectacular architecture I have ever come across in Florida. The photo below is also for your enjoyment. (Castillo De San Marcos)

In the coming weeks I will be back on the big news and writing blog updates to address the difficult issues we are facing. As it stands I have been catching up and interpreting the news into common language and predictions.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Secret Service Stand Down At Obama Event Raises Suspicions

Steve Watson
Thursday, Feb 21, 2008

Dozens of police officers have voiced concern over a security stand down order issued by federal officials at Barack Obama’s rally in Dallas yesterday afternoon.

Security details at Barack Obama’s rally Wednesday stopped screening people for weapons at the front gates more than an hour before the Democratic presidential candidate took the stage at Reunion Arena, reports the Star-Telegram.

Police officers and security officials were surprised when they were told to stop using metal detectors and to stop checking bags at the entrance to the arena.

The Star Telegram article continues:

Doors opened to the public at 10 a.m., and for the first hour security officers scanned each person who came in and checked their belongings in a process that kept movement of the long lines at a crawl. Then, about 11 a.m., an order came down to allow the people in without being checked.

Many officers subsequently complained as they believed a lapse in security had occurred with thousands of people entering the arena without even cursory inspections.

The security concerns come on the back of warnings last week by British Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing that caused a media storm. The The 88-year-old novelist predicted the assassination of Barack Obama if he becomes the first black U.S. president.

Lessing said: “He would probably not last long, a black man in the position of president. They would kill him.” going on to comment that it would be better if Hillary Clinton became America’s first woman president with Obama as her running mate.

As researchers of the JFK assassination will be aware, in addition to those who have looked into the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, a secret service stand down at a large public event should set alarm bells ringing.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Message From Daytona

Just a quick note, I am currently in Daytona Fla. and have not been keeping up on things today. I will be here into early next week and plan on resuming my normal reporting on state local and national issues. The only excitement I had down here thus far was at the airport where they temporarily raised the homeland security threat level to orange.

I also witnessed a car drive off the road, the family got pretty shook up about it but I did call 911 and they responded with three cruisers and assisted the car driver with removing their car from the brush. Other than that the weather is great and I am looking forward to spending time with my family today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lin's Fortune Runs Out

Part of what I said about 2008 and the economy is becoming a local reality. Lin's a newly established restaurant at the Post Mall has "thrown in the towel." This knowledge came to me when I arrived at the Milford mall last night and noticed a curtain draped across the windows.

Curious as I am, I decided to check their hours posted on the door inside the mall and sure enough they were closed when the hours claimed they should be open. I walked up to a couple places and peeked behind one of the drapes and noticed there were no tables to be seen. I got the feeling that the entire restauraunt was emptied and the curtains just kept "busy bodies" like me to mind my own business.

Certainly I wanted to know what was going on, and since I had some business at the the AT&T store I thought I would casually ask the clerk. To my amazement I found a person who said he "loves chinese" food. However, he indicated he never ate there. I suppose we could imagine why. My partner at home, also a chinese food fan, (I have all the tupperware to prove this) made a similar snied remark.

My experience with Lynn's was at the chamber of commerce here in Milford where I remember them attending many meetings. One meeting in particular at the Daniel Street Pub was the most memorable. Lynn was very well dressed friendly and polite and we all wished him good fortune. The chamber being the activists they were also did a good deal of promoting for them.

While I cannot say for certain what led to Linn's closing, I will say that the Milford Mall is a very expensive place to do business, and food is very competitive. Lynn's being far removed from the food court, and occupying a rather expensive large parcel of space, may have hindered its ability to effectively compete with the upstairs food court. It may also have been economic circumtances surrounding the woes of the greater economy, or perhaps a little of both. In either case it always pains me to see bad fortune come to fledgling businesses and often wonder what could be done to incubate startup's from the high risk of "going under."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Illegal Dumping At Gulf Pond May Be A Town Policy Issue. (Opinion)

This problem occurrs as a result of the city of Milford charging a fee to use their dump. As a candidate for State Representative here in Milford ( ) I have been proposing that the town dump follow the same policy as the recycling center in Wesport.

Westport rarely has illegal dumping because there is no charge to use the dump. Many contractors are already using random garbage dumpsters around town and making small business owners upset. Even my office in Milford on New Haven Ave. is victim to mysterious piles of garbage appearing in the dark of night.

The cost of performing routine illegal dumping cleanups certainly must erode the small fees they collect, it makes no sense to have our city drop all their garbage on the curb each year for free, but we cannot use the city dump without paying a paltry few dollars.

What I propose is to eliminate the unsightly periodic street garbage dumping and make it free at the source. Hence, if revenue is an issue fines can be increased to install surveilance equipment at specific illegal dump sites.

Every problem dump site should have a sign directing people of consequences of illegal dumping and an advisory re-directing them to the town dump where they can unload for free.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Council Of Foreign Relations Has Top Three Contenders

There has been much "buzz" about the Council on Foreign Relations and its importance in American politics. As it stands our Current President George Bush, and all top three contenders Hillary, Barrack and McCain are also CFR members. Virtually every President in the last 50 years was a member, or has had involvement with the CFR.

With this given, it therefore becomes important to know what exactly is the CFR and what do they stand for? According to wikipedia: "The Council's mission is promoting understanding of foreign policy and America’s role in the world. Meetings are convened at which government officials, global leaders and prominent members debate major foreign-policy issues. It has a think tank that employs prominent scholars in international affairs and it commissions subsequent books and reports. A central aim of the Council, it states, is to "find and nurture the next generation of foreign policy leaders." It established "Independent Task Forces" in 1995, which encourage policy debate. Comprising experts with diverse backgrounds and expertise, these task forces seek consensus in making policy recommendations on critical issues; to date, the Council has convened more than fifty times.

The internal think tank is the The David Rockefeller Studies Program, which grants fellowships and whose programs are described as being integral to the goal of contributing to the ongoing debate on foreign policy; fellows in this program research and write on the most important challenges facing the United States and the world.

At the outset of the organization, founding member Elihu Root said the group's mission, epitomized in its journal Foreign Affairs, should be to "guide" American public opinion. In the early 1970s, the CFR changed the mission, saying that it wished instead to "inform" public opinion."

Many people who have knowledge of the CFR have said that they "guide" and "inform" us through manipulation and control of the media. One of the biggest critics of this media control has been Phil Donahue who has argued the Pentagon has hijacked our media and delivered us military news. It is also important to know that Donahue was cancelled from MSNBC because his post 9/11 view did not cater to the "Climate of Fear" that Peter Arnette (Also Fired) spoke about.

The underlying criticism of the CFR is that it shapes and promotes the opinion of these "study programs" and breeds American leaders whose foreign policy objectives become mere media trite and opinion by pre-selected pro-war groups of corporate controlled media outlets. This has been occurring at the expense of true and accurate reporting of which is based on the climate of the country and not the ambitions and needs of the military and its global objectives.

Fortunately many Americans are increasingly realizing that there is more opinion out there than actual news, and this is eroding the credibility of the mainstream media. We are increasingly seeing this through the financial hardship and growing competition from alternate news sources that are reporting facts instead of opinion. This problem is currently being dealt with through a legislative quest to regulate the prime source of contradictory views on media war reporting and opinion... the internet. Should the current plans become fully implemented it may become entirely possible that you will need a permit to launch a website and its content will have to comply with stricter laws and regulations or sites will be remotely cancelled.

The video below is from Phil Donahue, he brings up some very interesting points about media control and his view on the future of America and its war agenda.

Trailer Body Of War.

CFR In The News:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bernanke Still Sweating On The Economy

Bernanke's Feb. 14th speech before congress was no Valentines Day gift. The video reposted for you below is full of big words and economic principles that average people may not understand. The purpose of this post is to give you the basic simple facts in a manner that is more easily understood.

To get to the point, there is no real good news other than Uncle Sam is going to mail you a check. Do not run to your mailbox though, because you may not get one unless you contact H.R. Block or some retail tax service and fill out your paperwork.

The reason you are getting this money is because all the big names in Washington are very upset over how many people cannot afford to pay for their home, their electric, gas, and yes their food. If you have been to the gas station, or the supermarket, than you know how much more expensive things have gotten lately.

The big bummer is that our schools, city buildings, bosses, and customers are just as strapped and squeezed by expensive food and energy as we are and because of that we pay more in taxes and work harder for less pay. In some really rare cases entire company’s close or lay people off. When this happens people worry about how long they can keep paying bills out of unemployment benefits or severance pay. They also have a harder time finding good paying jobs to replace the ones they lost.

The bottom line on all this Bernanke talk is that because of all these financial difficulties that people are having, many are not able to keep up with their bills. When this happens the bank, forecloses, or takes its house back and then sells it to the highest bidder to reclaim the money they are owed. Many people also made their problems worse by not reading or understanding their loans. They soon found out their payments kept going higher and higher each month while their incomes stayed the same.

During this time, the bank still has to pay the high city taxes and back taxes and late fees and interest, the lawyer’s charges, the insurance, and their employees handling the paperwork. This all cost the bank a lot of money. This has happened so often in the last five years that banks do not want to lend anyone any more money. They are afraid they may go out of business or worse end up sued by their owners because of poor lending decisions. Many of them have gone out of business and this has scared the owners of these lending companies.

Unfortunately we need banks. This is because houses are very expensive, people do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a home, and many already strapped for money, and left with bad credit, cannot buy a home. Some just have to accept they will be renting for a long time. This is very bad for the bank because now they have a harder time selling those houses making them worth less and less. In some cases the people who purchased these houses owe more money than their homes are worth, often by a lot! Since the bank took their house back as collateral they are stuck paying the amount that is short and due the bank owners who lent the buyers the money in the first place.

The real kicker is, and this is just an example, if a buyer purchased their home for $270,000.00 put $20,000.00 down and owed $250,000.00 at the time of foreclosure. The amount the bank is short according to the IRS is now taxable income to you. What do I mean? If that house was sold for only $100,000.00 because the previous owner did damage to it, than as far as the IRS is concerned the $150,000.00 difference is taxable income the forclosee owes putting previous owners in a deeper financial hole.

The biggest kicker in Bernanke speech is that he intends, if necessary, on cutting interest rates to banks to increase the banks profit. Very seldom does it lower your payment any. What Bernanke has done in the past, and will probably do again, is print money out of thin air to keep these banks from going completely out of business. The bad news is that the amount of "phony money" needed, if not done correctly, could hurt the entire world economy and create more inflation driving up the cost of milk eggs and gas even more.

Enjoy the video.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Something's Strange With Our City Water

These were the first words that came to mind after I learned that 90 plus million plastic water bottles were contaminating our landfills each year. But the bigger question remained why are so many people drinking bottled water to begin with? To me the answer was as simple as looking to my tap water.

Where I live here in Milford I have city water, I called the water company and asked them about water safety and additives to our tap water. What I learned is what I already knew from my earlier days selling water filters for a company, now out of business, Aqualife. What the water company uses to treat our public water is Chlorine, to kill pathogens or germs, and then adds fluoride of which is touted as being good for our teeth.

Congress once said that water filtration at “point of use” is the best remedy to protect ourselves against these contaminants and others. Many people have refrigerators with built in water filters that use carbon to remove many toxins, like lead and mercury. These filters will actually purge toxins and make you sick if you do not change them as required by the terms of use specified on each unit.

None of this was the eye opener for me; the eye opener was our loving Governments concern for our teeth. I was really floored that our country cared so much about me and my family that they would go through great lengths to protect the "Pearly Whites" of me and my family. Than I realized that this is rather out of character for our country and there must be more to it. I then learned that Fluoride is an industrial pollutant subject to grave tort litigation 50 or so years ago. Today they cut it with lead and arsenic and then add it to our city drinking water at two parts per million. America also uses it as a crop pesticide (we eat with our fruits and vegetables,) and we then brush our teeth with it.

Fluoride is the second most toxic substance on the periodic table (except it be radio active), second only to mercury. Most nations like Japan and China refuse to put it in their water and the science behind its application and benefits is hotly contested across many scientific disciplines.

To protect my self and family (at a substantial cost) I purchased a reverse osmosis or RO unit and plan to hook it up immediately. The bottled water dilemma I believe is as basic as human emotional intelligence. The same way a deer moves to a cleaner pond when the water is unfit for consumption so have we to bottled water.

Appalled by what I have learned, I have placed complaints to the water safety people in Hartford (who declined comment on Fluoride safety,) my local Aquarion water company (who admits its controversial,) I sat down with a representative in Hartford at the DEP who I educated about this information, called the attorney generals office to state a complaint and called Congressman Shays office and spoke with his intern who will hopefully share my thoughts with Chris some time soon.

Anyone who reads this article today needs to watch the video below. This is just to get you started; I also recommend you engage in your own research for the protection of your family. Most at risk are babies and young children who can develop a multitude of health problems from excessive fluoride consumption. Anyone with dental Fluorosis, toothpaste poisoning, or fluoride induced illnesses are urged to seek legal advice against the manufacturers of Fluoride and consequentially the state of CT for having a General Statue mandating the introduction of poison in our drinking water. Also note that some baby juices have been reported as having as much as three times the safe limit of the drug in the juice.

Fluoride health hazards include induced infertility, induced thyroid function, induced sexual dysfunction, dental fluororis, cancer, ADD, ADHD, MS, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and a host of other conditions. There is no benefit to the water injected drug and should be removed from our water in the same manner Asian countries have done.

Enjoy the video.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day, Remember Those You Love!

This Valentines Day has come amazingly fast this year. I feel as if I have been through this already just a short while ago. This year Terri and I plan on extending our Valentine wish to all of you. If we could have an unlimited amount of valentines I would beg of all of you to be ours. Just do not expect a box of candy, we are not quite that wealthy but will share this post as my pledge to you.

Valentines Day to me is a day that I remember all the good people closest to me in my life, all those that have brought me joy, love, and a smile to my face. I remember my family, kids, parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, and those of you who are alone. While I know there are many people out there who will not have a valentine this year, thanks to good fortune in my life I feel gifted and blessed to be surrounded by so many loving and supportive people and I am willing to share that good fortune with you. This year you are all welcome to visit our H.Q. I will be having an open house next Friday Feb. 22nd and I will be happy to give you a belated valentine treat if you show up in person.

Also note that the 22nd.of February is George Washington’s Birthday, and also a day that we will be discussing the impact of our marketing research and social engineering work. We would love to see you at 374 New Haven Ave. (Milford H.Q.) to share your input and views with us on that day, you are all welcome to stop by anytime from 11:00-7:00 P.M. look over our work and share your views. R.S.V.P. (203) 647-0380.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Milford Teens Lose Their Life In Car Accident.

At 6 A.M. this morning I received news of a horrible tragedy from the town kids. They were very saddened and upset by the news. The school indicated that they were responding with Grief counselors today at both High Schools and the Middle Schools to help affected kids with their sorrow.

As I understand it, this horrible tragedy occurred, at approximately 7:30 P.M. Last night two teenagers were killed, and another teen was seriously injured after Shaw Foley's 1990 Nissan 240SX crashed into a utility pole in the parking lot of the Connecticut Post Mall.

Also involved in the accident was Jonathan Dolceacqua, 18, and Michael Vicino, 16, both students from Milford's Jonathan Law High School.

Michael Vicino, 16, the only survivor is also from Milford, is currently in critical condition at Bridgeport Hospital. Vicino is a student at Bullard Haven Technical School in Bridgeport.

The Accident occurred when Foley, who was traveling from the front of the mall to the back and lost control of his vehicle. Police reports indicate that Foley tried passing another car as they approached a curve by "Target." Foley's car then hit a utility pole that demolished the vehicle.

The accident remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call Milford Police at (203)878-6551. Also there will be a 2:00 Press conference today at the Milford Police Department. The conference will be led by officer Dumas. The vehicle is also in police custody pending the completion of their investigation.

All three students will remain in our prayers and I offer the deepest of sympathy and sorrow to the parents who have lost their children last night.

Photo of the type of car Foley was driving:

See the Channel 8 News Video by clicking HERE

Monday, February 11, 2008

Teachers Wife Abused By Police Officers


The continual flow of political apathy, and a post 9/11 era (where the ideals of an undeclared marshall law in our nation, has led to brazen acts of tyranny against good people in American towns) has now come to haunt ordinary hard working Americans. Acts of extreme police brutality (like the one in this video), excessive surveilance, and a suspension of our basic liberties in the name of our security has resulted in a new country where police have less accountability and more power than ever before.

The video below, is not an isolated incident, but rather one of many thousands that go on each month across our country. Happily I will say that this tyrannical crime has not occurred in our town, but I will say that if it happened elsewhere it is not entirely impossible that it could not happen here. This woman, was the wife of a school teacher who I promise is no longer apathetic to politics. I suggest we not wait until this happens here before before we take action.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Full CT Prisons = Free Felons!

There are many scary and shady characters that are in prison in CT, some like the felon depicted in this picture are beginning to get breaks they never before imagined.

Prison overcrowding has earned felons two major breaks so far. The first has been a lift on the parole ban of violent offenders, the second the lessoning of time in prison for drug related charges. Upon introduction back into society these felons will be assigned a probation officer who will expect them to get a job and be productive.

The first break came courtesy of Gov. Rell who was confronted with maxed out prisons that demanded some immediate answers. The lift on the Parole ban now means that Felons who were never eligible for parole can now be released at the discretion of a parole board. The judgment of the people on these parole boards was already problematic after two felons who were released committed some terrifying crimes against a doctor and his family in Cheshire about a year ago.

The other big break came courtesy of the Federal Government who felt minorities were serving unjustly long sentences for narcotics possession and use. The argument was that the punishment mandated by federal statue was too extreme for the casual user who kept getting caught up under the three strikes rule and then sentenced to a long prison term. To remedy the problem sentences are expected to be reduced and offenders are going to be subjected to more intense rehabs and programs like NA or AA.

The bigger picture here is that our streets, already pretty rough in some towns in CT are about to get rougher. The statistics and odds of repeat offences by parolees and narcotics convicts are very high. To make matters more interesting these inmates are excellent complainers who are able to exert their rights in court. Many judges, knowing that horrific deteriorating conditions are threatening the stability of the prison system are putting a lot of legal pressure on the state of CT to either reduce the prisoner population to acceptable levels or to build new prisons.

Both of these prospects are absolutely hard to accept, the state mired with debt, combined with a sensible populous here in CT do not want a prison built in their town. Prisons are the proverbial NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) of chaos in politics. The problem goes full circle when these early release prisoners raise local crime statistics and the cyclical debate of crime and prison construction come full circle.

This is a problem we can all monitor through local law enforcement and your police reports, should the new prisoner reduction policy in our state create a surge in crime we have our first clue that our state is now engaged in "revolving door" justice and on the path to NIMBY politics.,0,7949647.story

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Reminder Of The Power You Have... Get Off The Couch!

When the founders of the United States of America convened to write our U.S. Constitution they had you in mind. They did not trust the government, nor did they wish for any one man to have so much power that he could become a tyrant.

Liberty and freedom were so highly cherished that our Great nation embellished our Capitol building with the statue of Freedom, and placed the largest Liberty statue in America on Liberty Island in NYC.

These statutes are symbolic of the American Ideals, and libertarian principles that freed an entire country from the tyranny that was so prevalent in Europe. The very definition of freedom is "absence of law" and our founders knew that a lawless society would never work because it would deprive others of their pursuit of happiness. We instead built a republic based on sound moral principles of religious freedom, God fearing citizens, and required our great Republic to stand as a nation under God. Every time you say the Pledge of allegiance you utter these words.

Our founders expected Americans to fight for our freedom, they knew that your apathy was the only way we could lose it and they sought to protect that with inaliable rights.

Today freedom continues to be eroded by costly unjust wars. James Madison, Father of the Constitution, said:

"Of all the enemies to liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.... (Delegating) such powers (to the president) would have struck, not only at the fabric of the Constitution, but at the foundation of all well organized and well checked governments."

We have lost so much liberty today in the name of a Stalinist type terror campaign against an enemy that has no uniform, no military, no navy and no Army. We have dreadfully waged a war that restricts the prosperity and freedom of every American; a war that has put the world in a global economic crisis, sanctioned torture, and passed laws that have turned our democratically elected leaders into evil Oligarch's.

Every American is still vested with the power to stop tyranny, the most powerful voice you have is your vote! You can vote on juries to protect your peers from unfair laws and tyrannical government, you can vote to elect your legislators, and you can vote as part of grand juries in criminal cases. Your vote and voice has an enormous amount of power and should never be wasted.

There is unfortunately a very large number of apathetic individuals who have lost their way in democracy, those of you who are consumed with your life, fail to follow anything but sports, and feel that not voting is the best way to protest. I could not disagree more, the best way to lose America overnight is to have its people engage in continued apathy, and delve into obscurity. When a democracy fails it will happen so fast that activism will no longer work while you are in the custody of your unchecked government.

Unfortunately for the majority, your lack of participation effects us all in a way that you do not fully comprehend. The way this occurs is through others who did vote and consequentially decided your fate for you. These people are often minions of powerful party systems, either Democrat or Republican. Their sole intention is to fall in line with their party who may or may not have a vision of a future you agree with.

America today, has gone very far away from its original libertarian ideals. Most people still believe in freedom and liberty yet we, as a nation, continue to squander our jobs domestically and overseas. We allow our leaders to pass more laws that control us, and make it so you need permits to do anything, even own a dog. The post 911 trend is to continue its march toward an America that exerts more and more control over our individual freedoms, and essential liberty. The America our leaders envision appears to be one that renders the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights null and void.

This Invalidation has been going on for a while, and anyone familiar with the I.R.S. Code knows that the 5th amendment has been compromised there. If you are wondering how so, you will probably remember the public trials on the Enron debacle where almost all of the executives were pleading the 5th. They were not giving any information to the government that may incriminate them. The building, World Trade Center 7 that contained all of their incriminating records did succeed in imploding despite the fact that nothing hit it and was over 300 yards away from the twin towers.

The 5th does not apply to the IRS because if you fail to hand over a tax return you are committing a crime. The information we are forced to hand over to the government can in turn be used to charge you with a felony. The IRS also has the power to violate our rights through searches and seizures of items in your home.

That was just the scenario for the last 85 years; today the post 9/11 era has targeted everyone. You are subject to having your mail read, your phones tapped, your car tracked, your cell phone tracked, even your color printer leaves invisible and yet identifying marks that can be tracked back to you. All of this of course is in the name of security. There is only one big problem however, our borders are wide open and most of our troops and resources are tied up overseas. This is by far the most compelling proof that our leaders are not taking our domestic security seriously.

While we are busy defending some strangers liberty, we tax and invade the privacy of every American, we have no clue who any of the thousands of people who cross into America even are nor do we act like we care. We put the fear of terror into the hearts and minds of all Americans and yet there is a growing movement of people who question the official 9/11 story. Many, like Dan Rather, Peter Arnette, Phil Donahue, Daniel Pearl and Peter Jennings are told to go along with the climate of fear or get terminated.

America has developed a reputation for manufacturing false flag operations, we now know that JFK was killed with the help of his vice President LBJ, that the U.S.S. Liberty was a false flag operation, that the Gulf of Tonkin was a false Flag operation, and by the admission of the CIA such social engineering operations are still ongoing to further the illegal goals and ideals of a select group of globalist criminals who hijacked our government.

War always seems to be their answer, and if history repeats itself it will cause the economy to improve, Americans to rally around our corrupt leaders, and countless people to die in the name of war profits and a preservation of the power vested in America's oligarchs.

To sum up this article today I will quote once again one of the warnings from our founders: "Anyone who sacrifices Liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security!" Benjamin Franklin.

With this said I now ask you to get your Asses off the couch and fight for America!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Willie Nelson Calls For A New Investigation into 911

America’s most beloved country singer Willie Nelson was recently on the GCN Network’s Alex Jones Radio show and spoke briefly with Alex about his views on our government and the events surrounding our direction as a country.

Willie posed genuine and sincere concern, and asked that all Americans take a stand and demand that our leaders tell us the truth, to not blindly accept concocted reports and media trite as factual truth.

Willie is no stranger to the long hand of the law; he was severely punished by the IRS some years back and was forced into a state of near financial ruin. Willie is free today, but as an aging country singer he still wears his heart on his sleeve.

He is somewhat of a cultural folk hero in many parts and is revered by a loyal following of adoring fans. The “neocons,” will find attacking Willie very hard for these reasons. Below is the video posted on youtube of the latest revolutionary and American Icon to join the truth movement against the post 9/11 “neocon” tyranny. Enjoy the video.

The growing List of Celebrities questioning 9/11 now Include: Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, Rosie O'Donnel, Tom Delonge, Sean Penn, Mark Stepnoski, George Carlin and Ex Italian Prime Minister Francesco Cossiga .

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday, Get Out And Vote!

Today is Super Tuesday, the day we get to make our voice heard. Republicans and Democrats get off the couch and go Vote! What happens today decides the fate of our country.

If you are an Independent, sorry but you missed the deadline and cannot vote! You can try and show up at your local polling station for an exception but I am pretty sure that will not work. The deadline was the end of last month, but some people were able to get on a supplemental list that registered in early February.

Hopefully, you will all remember to vote for Ron Paul the only candidate that has the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights as his platform. Also remember to bring your I.D. Drivers Licence, Passport, or Military are acceptable.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Amann's Betrayal Continues To Haunt Him.

Jim Amann thought he would kick off his announcement for Governor with a warm reception and lots of hugs, kisses and congratulations. Unfortunately, a Hearse pulled up in front of city hall with a platoon of protesters.

Jim Amann has sewn the seeds of his own destruction when he decided to "stab his own party in the back." He has gotten so many in the Democratic party so upset over his disloyalty and party disrespect that he has now pitted himself against a hostile Democratic party whom he expects to nominate him for Governor.

This battle ensued when Jim Amann endorsed Joe Lieberman after he lost in a very honorable primary against Ned Lamont. Joe, most remembered for causing Al Gore's election loss, and aggressive stance to instate a Military Draft and wage war with Iran, is Jim Amann's choice of a candidate.

Jim Amann is a tyrant who has driven up our electric rates, opposed ethics in government, wasted millions in tax dollars, and built a list of enemies on the web that rival those of Osama Bin Laden. This Novemeber 2008 I wish for everyone to remember that he said you are an "Idiot" a quote taken from his tyrannical video now featured at the Fourth Anti-Amann website on the net.

Jim Amann must be stopped dead in his tracks if we are to save our state. He has taken part in one of the most egregious acts of wasteful spending and indebtedness in all my memory in this state. Jim has lead a once beautiful sanctuary of a state 16 years ago to a now debt ridden, overtaxed, business exodus resulting in the hardest economic times ever. Jim also takes no responsibility for his part in any of this, and always finds plenty of people to blame. Jim never blames himself for anything! Even when we all can see with our own two eyes that he is acting against the public interest. The largest case in point is how he continues to use his position at his fundraising charity so shake down lobbyists for his personal financial gain. Perhaps there is more to this and that is why he is so adamantly against an ethics panel.

With Jim upping the anti to Governor, it is time to move into high gear and do our part in notifying every person in his district that his "tax and spend" policy will result in higher taxes, more poverty and hardship and possibly the the greatest exodus of this states remaining industry. Jim must be stopped if we care about our state, your childrens future (Now nearly 15 Billion in Debt), and the responsible continuity of government in a positive direction. Talk to your neighbors tell them not to vote for Jim this November and lets send him a message that we are tired of his pompous arrogant "tax and spend" disconnect from our needs.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Surveillance Cameras To Be In Every Town In America

by Mike Vecch

In 2001, Tampa became the first major US city to install face scanning security cameras. They started with 36 in the popular nightlife area of Ybor City, with the goal of arresting individuals with outstanding warrants. The cameras scan the face of every passerby, capture it in an image, than relay that image to a central processing system where it attempts matching it with mug shots of wanted individuals in a database. At the time, it was a hotly contested issue, one that some Tampanians fought based on privacy concerns. However, the plans went ahead and cameras were installed, justifying there use by labeling the Ybor City area as a "crime-ridden" district of the city.

You may be asking why I am bringing this story back to light now. Well, for one, I was living in Tampa at the time, so the story and city are near and dear to me. Furthermore, I always like to start at the beginning, recounting the first instance where we had a chance to stop tyranny. What started in Tampa, continues today throughout America. Shortly after the face-scanning cameras were installed in Tampa (the test market), our nation was faced with 9-11-2001, which spawned the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. Between 2003 and 2007, Homeland Security authorized grants in the amounts of $23 Billion for towns and cities alike to install similar surveillance cameras on city streets and in city parks.

Now they are in major cities like New York, Baltimore, Boston and Chicago. These cities have massive surveillance systems purchased with federal grants, that may be linked with private surveillance systems as well. And just last year, St. Paul, MN; Madison, WI; and Pittsburgh, PA all got multi-million dollar surveillance systems. Most disturbing though, is small-town USA. Towns with populations as low as 95 people have been installing cameras in their public spaces, systems that were originally designed for Times Square.

In many instances local government realizes that the systems are not entirely necessary but the Department of Homeland Security makes them very attractive, by offering federal money that could be used for other things to make the cities and towns "safer." The cameras make people uncomfortable, to say the least, but more importantly, they make us feel less free. The videos are high resolution and digital from start to finish. The footage is transmitted easily and stored digitally and indefinitely on hard drives. Working in IT, I know that hard drive space is very cheap, takes up very little room, and can hold what seems like unlimited amounts of data if you have enough of it. Plus, the software is designed to scan without the need of a human user, it simply looks for certain types of behavior.

All this, and studies show that installing surveillance cameras DOES NOT deter crime or terrorism. In some instances it makes it easier to apprehend a suspect after the act was committed. However, what else could have been done with $23 Billion in 5 years, to help apprehend suspects? So far, how many terrorists have been caught using this system? Let me know if you have heard of one.

At the time, what was happening in Tampa was just a threat to our civil liberties and a scary sign of possible things to come, if we did not challenge them there at the beginning. Some tried but it wasn't enough and now the threat is reality. There were protests of course, as there always are, because some saw the unlimited potential for abuse. Today, that potential is realized because we put no restrictions on how the cameras were to be used. The Supreme Court has ruled that Americans should not expect privacy once they step outside their homes, but most Americans do expect a certain degree of anonymity. Plus, I don't think that the legislators and justices ever envisioned law enforcement and government abusing this technology to the degree that they have. I don't believe that they saw the potential for law enforcement to turn America into an Orwelian Totalitarian Police State, under the watchful eye of Big Brother, where images of our faces are scanned into a national database by simply walking down the street or through a park.

The only question now is, which mask do I wear when I go out in public now? Would it be cliche to wear a Guy Fawkes mask? How about George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or maybe Ron Paul?

Further, your not safe in your car either. This same technology is also used to scan license plates, so don't be surprised when you get a traffic violation in the mail for something you can't remember doing. And cell phones, if you have one, your voice has been recorded in a voice database as well. So, maybe my credit card company is right and I need Identity Theft protection . . . from the government.