Friday, April 5, 2013

Gun Grabbing Gayle Slossberg

Gun Grabbing Gayle Slossberg votes her own way and not the way of her constituents on the state Gun Bill. Shame on Gayle for making the State Senate about what she personally wants and not what her constituents want. Truly sad and shameful ...behavior. This is why Kim Rose got the MIP endorsement and Gayle lost hers, its because she does not honor her responsibility to her constituents, and ignores polls, unless its election time. See vote here:
Rep Kim Rose had this to say much to her credit: "I believe that this is a layer of new regulations that are being applied to our law abiding citizens. Magazines on the streets will not be registered. Perhaps requiring a "permit" to purchase ammo will help although it will probably just create another illegal trafficking product. I have polled my constituency as well as fielded 1,000's of emails for those in my district and the majority of those who contacted me were opposed to these changes as well. I will have my office release an "official" statement in the next day or two. I thank you in advance to your understanding."
It is nice to see clear contrast between who in the Democratic party is representing us here in Milford, and who is representing themselves and their personal beliefs.
Photo of Gayle standing next to two armed soldiers, her hand Grabbing the rifle of a wounded soldier.