Friday, May 28, 2010

Milford's Teachers's Union Failing To Protect Milford Teacher Jobs

Negotiating is simple, first both sides must be willing to negotiate. Are they? It appears not according to BOE Chairman Mark Stapleton who said "the problem could be worse next year" and warnings are emerging from DC that the Fed's will hold back 1.5 Million in school funding threatening more teachers jobs.

Second, in a fair negotiation both sides give up a little. The Taxpayers of Milford agree to pay a little more tax, the teachers union agrees to to take a little less of a raise.

Without compromise there is no progress on education. The taxpayers will not stand to take the entire burden of the flawed binding arbitration deal that was set in Hartford.

The teachers Union has a job of protecting its teachers, not hoarding their benefits, raises, and demanding excessive taxes.

Not to be rude but many of these teachers do not even live in Milford and could care less about our taxes because they do not have to pay them.

That is why, a school is closed and many teachers, albeit are not currently fired will be fired soon you can count on it.

The union is going to have to come up with something better than the "Education Outrage Machine" and for those of you who think we are not in a Depression should look up the fraudulent CERC figures for Milford.

Cerc Claims that our Employed Workforce is 30,834 people out of 54,040 in 2009. When you eliminate everyone over the age of 65 (assuming they are retired) and everyone under the school age of 18 you have 37,925 people eligible for work. (18-65 Range only). Add 7,091 people who are not counted to the ranks of the unemployed. My point is that the fraudulent figure put out the Federal Government is Dead Wrong! There are more than 8,000 unemployed people in Milford.

This does not count kids who are 16 and 17 looking for Summer Jobs, or the working elderly who could not retire.

Also if we look at the housing market for Milford at, you will notice that Milford has 489 homes for sale of which 112 homes are in some form of Foreclosure. That represents 22% of all homes for sale in town as being foreclosures, and yes Prices are plummeting, sales are plummeting and there is no more Home buyer credits.

For anyone to doubt we are in a Depression is a Fool, believing the fraud from the Washington DC Fraud and lie factory is what is wrong with many of you who believe in the non-sense that you are fed.

For a long time, when we were all kids we all knew the Tooth Fairy was real, Santa was real, and yes the Easter Bunny Too.

Today all of them are in Washington DC selling out our country to a Global Banking cabal who hates our way of life and is intent on destroying our Austerity through any scam they can think of. Derivatives, new taxes, credit default swaps, naked short selling, wars, etc.. etc..

The sooner you all wake up the sooner we can responsibly go about taking care of our business here in Milford.

Unemployment in Milford is not 1,571 people its more like 8,000.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Banks On The Green

Soon going downtown Milford will be a Bankers Paradise, this is because the old Harrison's Hardware store is being "eyed" by TD Bank North for their latest branch. They made their presentation before Zoning and Planning recently and of course, the very reaction from the board was "not good."

Most board members do not want the downtown Milford Landscape to be overwhelmed by banks. Should TD Bank prevail in its quest for Harrison's Hardware that would mark a Fifth large and imposing Bank in an area of about 100 Yards.

Currently, Downtown has a full size, Peoples, Webster, Bank of America, Milford Bank, and a Hudson United Bank. Then of course we have the added Mortgage Bankers to include a former Countrywide, (Now another BofA) and Personas Mortgage Co. I suppose a TD Bank added to the mix would certainly be hyping the dysfunctional landscape of Attorney's and Court Houses.

While some might be impervious to these economic anomalies, others are thankfully more aware and are wondering when the new creed for the Milford Business Association will read "Welcome to Downton Milford, a great place to Eat, Bank, & Sue Someone." I say this with sardonic humor, but all one has to do is look at who owns all the most valuable real estate on the Green and the answer is obvious. The type of downtown we build, and the kinds of businesses we nurture and encourage is a reflection on our community. If everyone loved Bankers and Lawyers we would be in great shape, however we try to cover that malaise with our Great Food establishments of which are packed with bankers and lawyers buying lunch with forclosure money and overdraft fees.

The first thing an outside visitor to Milford does is drive up and down the Town Green, and the nature of the businesses that reside on the Green are usually the first impression someone gets of our community. Restaurants are certainly nice but all the Banks and Legal Malaise are surely a disappointment and something to be concerned about.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wachovia Bank Bilks Milford Mom of $455.00 In Predatory Bank Fee's

With Trillions of our tax dollars being given to banks you would think that the cash in hand would be used to bail out struggling home owners, or those upside down on their mortgages but that is not the case.

The story printed in the Connecticut Post is only one of many reasons why draconian banking reform is required. Lori Anne Galligan, like most people in Milford struggle to pay bills and balance her budget, but our local Wachovia banks comprised of the worlds most evil people feel no crime is committed when they rob their clients of $10.3 Billion in overdraft fees.

Our founders warned us long ago about banks, and they said that "none are more imperiled than those people whose nations stand silent as crimes against them are made to be legally protected by the courts." My point is that if we rob a bank of $455.00 we can be charged with ROBBERY OR FRAUD, they on the other hand can call you STUPID AND NEGLIGENT then legally keep your money.

This is just but one of many creative violations of the 14Th Amendment that evil banks engage in on a regular basis. While Ms. Galligan pleaded with her bank manager at Wachovia, she like most of their customers are told to "Go Pound Salt" that there is no credit. Their favorite techniques is to make their customers who receive these fees feel stupid, negligent, and deserving of the fee because of the risk of loss they pose to the bank by their reckless behavior.

These arguments are all baseless, they are mere training techniques rendered by the senior managers to guarantee the 10 Billion in profits keep flowing into their pockets. They even add the added scam of electronically stacking the system against their customers. The do this by clearing the largest checks first and then churn multiple fees on the other smaller transactions. This is the only way its possible for banks to make the huge profits the need to support their overbearing banking presence in local communities.

Many people have asked banks for relief from these fees and Congress passed new banking reform that few people really understand but if one thing is for certain banks are making it clear that being middle class and having a bank account can be a very costly liability. Fee structures indirectly communicate that bank accounts are for the rich, or people so flush with cash that they can keep a massive base sum in their accounts.

Most banks offer "over draft protection" but even that is stacked to harm its consumers with fees and excessive interest, and more often than not they do their very best not to advertise it, offer it, or make it easy to qualify for.

The best way to retaliate against these abusive banks is to close out your account, convert all your savings into Gold (Contact you financial advisor) and have a bank account for the sole purpose of paying those bills that you cannot pay in cash. If you need a credit card, than use prepaid ones that cannot invoke hefty $35.00 fees. Lastly if you insist on using a bank write a letter to your old bank explaining that you switched to a bank that has lower fees, and are less abusive of their customers. The best relief that I personally found from greedy banks was to investigate credit unions.

You may also abandon your account with the negative balance, but some banks now report customers who fight back to the "CHEX" system. This is a "RAT" network of people on a "LIST" that are alleged abusers of their checking privileges. While some people rightfully deserve to be on this "LIST" there are others who are abusing it with customers who refuse to allow themselves to be cheated by their bank or simply just disagree with their charges.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Message From Bo ItsHaky

During the past week I gravely watched our grand State – Connecticut – and our grand Country slipping further and ever faster into a delusional state of denial. It is particularly distressing to watch what career politicians and insiders – Democrats and Republicans alike – have done to our country, our government and public service.

Like two peas in a pod!

For too long “We the People…” had no true representation in our government. Enough! …is what I hear on Main Street, enough with the dog and pony shows, enough with corruption, ”We want our voice back” and so do I.

As a response to the will of the People on Main Street and the shameful week-long hyped political circus, destructive bickering, abuses of true public-service and deflections from the issues that really matter – hello the economy, jobs? – I have decided to seek not, the nomination of the Republican Party for the 3rd District.

Instead, I will continue to run for Connecticut’s 3rd Congressional District as an Independent. I believe that I can and will better serve the People as an Independent, please join Our campaign and help us deliver Washington the message that We the People got pain – lots of it – and we can’t take it anymore.

Boaz ItsHaky

Taxes To Rise $159.00 Per Avg. House

Taxes on the typical home in Milford will rise $159 next year under the 2010-11 budget plan the Milford Board of Aldermen adopted Monday night.

The typical home is described as a Cape or raised ranch, valued at $337,900.

Taxes on that typical home were expected to rise $160 next year before the aldermen wrangled several hours Monday night, adjusting the city-wide spending plan by about $457,000, which included about $100,000 in Democrat-proposed reductions and other adjustments throughout the budget.

The new $175.5 million budget will produce a tax rate of 28.44 mills, up from the current rate of 27.50 mills. The mill rate represents the amount of taxes property owners pay for each $1,000 in assessed property value.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boaz Itshaky and Warren Mosler to be guest speakers at Milford Independent Town Committee

Our guest speakers at tomorrow's Independent Town Committee meeting will be Millionaire financial genius, former Presidential Candidate, and this years Independent Senate candidate Warren Mosler. Warren will be accompanied by last years Republican congressional candidate Boaz Itshaky and state party agent Mike Telesca.

Boaz and Mosler will be discussing the problems facing America, its impact on states and municipalities and their plan and ideas moving forward.

Seating is limited so please RSVP in advance if you will be attending with more than just yourselves.

Meeting will begin at 7:00P.M. in the meeting room at Citrus in Milford. To RSVP call (203) 247-4357.

Click here for Moslers Website

Gayle Slossberg Announces Senate Bid

Gayle Slossberg announced her Senate bid yesterday on the steps of the Milford Hospital. Gayle said she chose her venue based on the tax she opposed on Hospitals throughout Connecticut. Gayle said "the Milford Hospital like most hospitals and businesses in this recession is struggling, the Tax that Hartford wanted to levy would have cost Milford Hospital over One Million Dollars in new taxes, taxes that the sick would have had to pay." Gayle said that "a hospital that is already involved in closing units and laying off people should not have to deal with the added injury of new taxation."

Gayle alleged that the only thing that stood between the new tax and the wishes of the Senate was her "resolve to fight to the late hours of the evening and early morning making a case for its defeat." Gayle said that her efforts are the principal reason "the Hospital Tax failed to become law."

Gayle said that the coming years are going to be particularly difficult for the state of Connecticut, and she promised to "protect the middle class" from new and unwarranted taxation. Gayle also said that her approach to new bills is to look at each one as they come up, she does a "Cost Benefit Analysis" and makes her decisions based on what is best for the people of her district and Connecticut.

Gayle a mother of Three also said "she wants to build a Connecticut where kids can thrive and prosper and is committed in keeping our state affordable and attractive to businesses and students who want a good education."

Gayle was greeted by several members of the local press, party leaders from all three local political parties Republican, Democrat, and Independent and is cross endorsed by the Independent Party. Gayle has been a supporter and advocate of the Citizens Election Program of which encourages candidates to take a pledge to refuse PAC funding and encourages ordinary people to participate in politics.

Gayle's main opponent this year will be once again The Orange Town Attorney Vincent Marino who challenged her on her voting record last year. He was widely remembered for his conservative stance and the signs he peppered the streets of Milford with pointing to websites challenging Gayles record.

To read more at the NH Register click here

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Milford Real Estate Sales Still Slumping

From "Average price per square foot for Milford CT was $217, an increase of 10.2% compared to the same period last year. The median sales price for homes in Milford CT for Feb 10 to Apr 10 was $265,000 based on 58 home sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median home sales price increased 0.6%, or $1,500, and the number of home sales decreased 35.6%.

There are currently 489 resale and new homes in Milford on Trulia, including 51 open houses, as well as 112 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process. The average listing price for homes for sale in Milford CT was $424,142 for the week ending May 05, which represents a decrease of 0.3%, or $1,439, compared to the prior week. Popular neighborhoods in Milford include Post Road North and Milford's North End, with average listing prices of $334,914 and $424,142."

Friday, May 14, 2010

Peggy Rogers Running For State Rep 117th

Republicans unanimously endorsed Peggy Rogers as their candidate for State Representative for the 117th District which spans Milford, Orange and West Haven.
In accepting the nomination, Peggy said "I reached a turning point that many of us in this room have reached. It's the point in adulthood where we either turn away in disgust from what's going on in government, or we decide to reshuffle our commitments, roll up our sleeves, and get involved. I made a choice and got involved in politics, as did you.

But my politics and yours are not the Democrat politics of big budgets and polite promises. Ours are the politics of real work. We dig into causes and conditions. We refuse to throw money at problems that can be fixed other ways. Ours are the politics of real action. We work to reverse the growth of government. We strive to draw business back to Connecticut instead of driving them away."

Peggy will run against Paul Davis. Davis won in 2008 by the smallest margin of any Democratic candidate for state office from Milford.

(Reprint from

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rosa Delauro Runs For 11Th Term

One thing about Delauro and the Democrats... "Vote them out" does not apply to her and her 11 terms as a congresswoman.

FYI folks, she robbed 200,000 from the taxpayers to go vacationing in Italy on a jet intended for official business while then criticizing the Auto industry for having theirs. She also expensed the best food and hotels to the taxpayers as well another $111,000.

She is also "hell bent" on destroying local farming and food production rights with her "Food Safety and Modernization" Scam. Coincedentally her husband has Monsanto and its soon to be food Czars lined up for lucrative police state jobs. Jobs intent on regulating our state farmers with the new expansion of the Police State her bill calls for.

Also Instead of responsibly representing her constituents on real issues, she engages in Feminist battles to rescue and defend the illegal activities of Ms. Capone Almond and every other feminist who feels ripe with anger and injustice.

She also never misses an opportunity to raise taxes, and expand the welfare state.

She also supports Illegal immigration and the free stuff they demand. She also can't wait to get any illegal immigrants registered and voting Democrat.

Why do you Dems like this liberal Communist/ National Socialist who hates America and the US Constitution so openly and brazenly.

I just don't get it. What has Delauro done to make all her treasonous behavior so desirable to you all. You would think that with 41 Million American's on Food Stamps her job is done... perhaps she is aiming higher?

I don't get it can anyone explain their love for her?

Rocco J. Frank Jr.

Educations Future In Milford And Connecticut

We have all heard of the bailout for the auto industry, $4,500 credits, government stock buyouts and sweetheart loans that the average Joe could only dream to get. The big banks then labeled themselves as "too big to fail" and AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and all its crones were bailed out. Today the taxpayers own 80% of AIG alone and another massive amount of GM stock who could have ever imagined thing would get so out of hand.

The bailouts in the last few years were numerous, $8,500.00 first time home buyer credits, extended unemployment benefits for months beyond what is normally allowed, 40 Million Americans on food stamps and stimulus package after stimulus package packed with shovel ready pork.

Sadly, when we think of "No child left behind" and local education we are continually reminded of unfunded mandates and what a burden to the taxpayers those mandates have become. Instead of the Federal Government valuing our children we are told yet again this year that the city of Milford will be denied 1.5M of Federal funds to our schools placing an operational deficit in 2011 that could be as high as 5 Million.

Every effort is being made to streamline and contain education costs, teachers are retiring early, raises skipped, schools are being closed and local Milford residents are living more conservatively than ever. After attending several Board of education meetings it became clear that all our energy at city hall is being focused on our little patch of land we call Milford, and few remember that our patch of land is contained within the boundaries of the worst economic global downturn since the Great Depression.

My high school New York Military Academy in Cornwall NY was established in 1882 and it survived the Great Depression, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea and the energy crisis of the 1970's but this year its operational budget losses are so high, and its Alumni so impoverished that the school is expected to fail within the next year or so.

And these problems are symptomatic across the entire state of Connecticut where teachers from all communities are living with no job security, and are afraid of what they will do next if they join the growing ranks of the unemployed.

The reason we are in the situation that we are in is because of years of the Federal Reserve's "ponzi" style monetary policy whereby money can be printed at the whims of congress and the banks to fund the next popular war/invasion against an invisible tactic fear mongered as "TERRORISM."

While we all surrender our rights for our security and sit an awe over some person who lit his underwear on fire with a failed bomb, or the times Square Frizzler, our President, Obama makes jokes about the terror on the U.S. Arizona/Mexico border that has landed 17,000 people dead and murdered. Americans get kidnapped by Mexican drug dealers, they threaten and kill our nations police officers, and poison our people with the very drugs the U.S. troops protect for Karzai in Afghanistan and no one in the BS media covers it as terrorism.

The sooner we realize that Washington D.C. is no longer America's friend but rather it's enemy our mission will become clear. Our mission is to establish state sovereignty under the 9, 10Th Amendment dissolve all illegal treaties, break ties with all World Governments and start indicting U.S. Senators and Congressmen who willfully violated the Logan act and defied the U.S. Constitution. In other words Connecticut needs to start doing the Job the Federal Government is ignoring.

For those of you who still do not get it, you should be aware by now that Washington D.C. has been waging a war on the Middle Class while making the rich richer and you poorer. As we rebel against the Tyranny of Washington D.C. they have launched a police state against us whereby "lists" are being used to circumvent the Constitution and punish anyone who dare preach their inaliable rights in America.

All these problems are rapidly coming home to roost, right here in our state and our town. The message from Washington DC is clear we have trillions for war, now billions to bail out Greece but little to nothing to help educate America's kids. This message, by virtue of its priorities should beckon you to rise up and join Tea Parties everywhere.

Moving forward the structural deficits now being exaggerated by the federal government and the inevitable climbs in interest rates due to inflation in the next 24 months is expected to destabilize every grand list in America let alone Milford. Hartford is going to have a challenging time managing the take over of cities like Bridgeport, Hartford and Waterbury who have had structural deficits that bankrupted them long ago. Those problems are going to spread beyond the normal areas that they normally occupy.

Taxes alone will not solve our problems in education because equilibrium will be reached relative to tax collection and the maximum attainable mill rate. There comes a point under the immutable laws of the Bell shaped Laffer curve that dictate a collection threshold. Once equilibrium is reached less taxes are collected, and sadly that threshold is also under assault as the Federal and state government also add to the tax burden of ordinary CT citizens.

The best course of action we can take to alleviate the pressure of these problems is to rebuild our school district under the principles of the New Urbanization Initiative, and Smart Growth while interest rates are low. Once those rates rise our window of opportunity will be closed and Hartford will have to beg the Federal Government to fund our schools. The alternative is over taxation and the fostering of one of the largest underground economies America has ever seen.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Connecticut Retired Teacher's Healthcare Fund Almost Bankrupt

A group of retired teachers grilled outgoing Majority Leader Denise Merrill and Rep. John Geragosian, chairman of the legislature’s spending committee, Monday over the state’s decision to delay its payment to the Retired Teachers’ Health Insurance Fund.

In order to balance both the 2010 and 2011 budget, the state’s $60.5 million contribution to the fund was delayed for the first time in the fund’s history.
“By 2014 and 2015 it will be bankrupt,” Cathy D’Agostino, co-chairwoman of the Association of Retired Teachers in Connecticut, said. She said the recent teacher retirements and salary reductions, in addition to more retired teachers seeking to participate in the fund, have compounded the problem. The organization represents more than 10,000 retired teachers.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Rasmusen Poll Reveals Early Gubernatorial Leaders

The following statistics are being reported by CTBOB on the Connecticut Governors race. Bob has reported the following at his blog

"On Wednesday Rasmussen published the results of a telephone poll of 500 likely voters in Connecticut, and here's the results:

Ned Lamont (D) 42
Tom Foley (R) 35
Some other 11
Not sure 13
Dan Malloy also has a lead, although slightly smaller, over Foley:
Dan Malloy (D) 38
Tom Foley (R) 35
Some other 11
Not sure 16

Margin of error is 4.5%, putting the two Democratic candidates in a theoretical dead heat over Foley. The last Rasmussen poll, from April 1st, showed Foley with a slight lead over both Lamont and Malloy.

The general consensus among bloggers I've talked with is that Rasmussen slants somewhat conservative, because telephone polls typically are limited to calls to people who own land-line phones. A larger percentage of young people and college-age students only have a cell phone. So for the sake of argument, you can probably figure there's at least a several percent older (and thus more likely conservative) demographic being polled."

To add to this statement by CTBob I would like to add that the nature of this years election will require the winner of the Gubernatorial race to deal with the impact of the global fiasco and the 1.6 Quadrillion in worldwide derivative failures. The future economy of CT will be one that requires our new Governor to return our state to its farming roots amid an emerging Fascist philosophy.

Once the stimulus dollars run out, (I.E. extended unemployment, 40 Million people on Food Stamps, $8,500.00 home buyer credits, $4,500.00 cash for clunkers, on the job training programs and bail out after bailout for Banks, automakers, etc. etc..) Milford will be "put out to pasture" along with every other town in the state of Connecticut. We need a truly miraculous Governor I pray that we get one.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Crowd Expected Monday Night At Jonathan Law

Monday night’s regular Board of Education meeting will be filled with education discussions, including talk about a budget transfer of $80,000, use of Jonathan Law High School for a local church’s religious services and reports by student representatives from the two public high schools.

But the meeting agenda item expected to garner the most attention will be one of the final items on the schedule: Public comment.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Race For State House Milford's Early Contenders

While many of you already know that I am running for the 118th, looks like things are getting crowded yet again this election. Barbara Lambert recently stepped down after her Solitaire fiasco, and in her place early contenders are Kim Rose for the Democrats Greg Smith for the Republicans.

In the 119th Kevin Liddy may be faced with a tough decision in the wake of E-Mailgate. Republican party bosses are not happy with Liddy voting for himself as chairman of the P&Z and characterized his winning of the Republican bid as "remote as cold fusion." Fortunately Liddy has won the support of some key leaders in town including Bob Adams who supports Liddy running on the independent slate. Bob Adams said that the Republicans in Milford demonstrate that "crossing them means big trouble."

We are actively holding open a place for Kevin Liddy should he decide to take it. As things move forward and websites pop up and tempers flare over ECS funding, the outcome this year will hinge once again on the voters who will express their discontent with the two party tax and spend pendulum.

Every so often it swings wildly to the left or the right, and everyone wishes there were a better choice than the same old two parties controlled by the same powerful people and lawyers in town that now has also become the subject of an ongoing investigation by the MDB.

Just when you thought Smith and the Republican crew voting down an investigation into Cynthia Angers wrongful termination was insensitive, the collaboration between other law firms and attorneys is presenting a picture that is beyond cronyism and irresponsible misuse of power and taxpayer funds.

This year will again and the state races will yield many issues and contentious criticisms of government and why we need to get "this and that" from Hartford but none who run against me will dare say our Federal Government committed economic crimes against the American people including 9/11 and a false "green house gas" movement that was revealed with that fraudster Al Gore.

None will dare demand or introduce legislation that will call out the Federal Government to give us, the people of Milford, the services our Federal income tax dollars pay for. The people of Milford want more than just a receipt for interest payments on a national debt they did not personally incur.

And not one of any of the cowards who run against me will dare stand up and demand that the State of CT express sovereign 9th and 10th amendment rights against the Federal Government who has bankrupted our country with a fraudulent banking and monetary system. None will dare introduce legislation making illegal immigration a state crime that is incarcerable in state prison nor will they punish those who aid and abed illegal immigrants in our state with hefty fines. I will!

My guess is that of all the "dilly dally, wimpy social butterflies" I will be up against not one will speak in terms that challenge, educate or address any of the issues pertaining to the New World Order. Nor will they address any of the harm or injury that has been orchestrated by their own parties illegitimate and treasonous leaders.

They will instead paint an image of perpetual mediocrity and continue the same stupid game of blaming one another for the mess their opponents parties created.... and yet again the people of Milford will happily vote the other way in droves. This will happen because the media and the newscasters have made everyone insane. The people of Milford are also falsely confiding in mailbox trash propaganda and doing the same thing over and over again every election and expecting a different result.

Unless you personally get out and stop the madness dead in its tracks and dare show the people you know the truth (go to and listen to the Alex Jones show if you do yet now) our state, your job, and your freedom will continue its slide toward a place where your property taxes are as high as renting, and your home values are marginalized by foreclosure. If you are one of the lucky ones come 2012 and you still have a job, food, a car and a home my guess is your friends and family will be begging for anything you can share or lend.

These are the times that try men's souls and we do not send Lambs off to attack wolves! We need leaders who fear no danger and embrace aggressive legislation and prosecution against all forms of treason and treasonous traitors who have taken control of our country and soon our liberty. Begging Washington to save our liberty is not the solution but a cruel joke that is the root of our nations fiscal, moral, and economic cancer.

To all of you who find it convenient to depend on the government for everything just know that you foolishly gave your government the power to take away everything you have. That is not the freedom I seek and it should neither be the freedom you seek.

Who of us do you think would dare to fly the Gadsden flag at his home if asked?

A government crime against one American is a crime against all American's. To you who think this post is funny, I added a clip below on what the New World Order police state brings to America. This raid is over a neighbor complaint that drugs were being used in this persons house. The raid yielded his neighbor losing both his kids to DCF, both his dogs shot dead, 1 gram of heroine and a suspended sentence. REAL FUNNY HUH??

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Times Square Bomber Had His Shelton Home Foreclosure In Milford Court

MSN News is reporting today that the Times square terrorist, apprehended at a NYC airport attempting to leave the country, had his Shelton home foreclosure case in Milford Superior Court. Faisal Shahzad defaulted on his mortgage of $200,000 to Chase Bank and the bank initiated foreclosure proceedings against him.

These new charges will preclude him from returning to Milford as Shahzad, is scheduled to appear later Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan, there he will face new terrorism and weapons of mass destruction charges.

While no one was able to comment on his foreclosure case, many are wondering if there will be a media frenzy at the local Milford Courthouse in his current foreclosure case.

Read more:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mexican Invaders Threaten All Of America

The problem of illegal immigration is going to persist for many years to come. Arizona recently passed a law that few liberal minded people really understand. What I have done to help highlight the tragic invasion of illegal immigrants into America is post the above photo whereby the person holding it is alleging to "kill more police officers unless they get a job, a free house, free food, and no taxes."

The image was posted at Alex Jones's whereby articles there state that America has been infiltrated with an estimated 50 Million illegal immigrants many of its most violent are responsible for 17,000 drug related murders last year alone on the U.S. border.

The U.S. Border is officially the most violent border on earth surpassing every gulf war in the last decade. Our Washington leaders refuse to help or support law enforcement officers like Sheriff Arpao who for years was threatened and harassed for doing his job of fighting illegals. Recently Lou Dobbs a media reporter and critic of illegal immigration resigned from the news when he and his family's home was shot at.

Connecticut, mainly lower fairfield county is a "magnet state" for illegal immigrants. Most come to America to usurp our laws, and prey on the very benefits created to care for legal U.S. citizens. What they found here was a liberal Democrat welcome wagon intent on assimilating them into a large Democratic voting block to defeat Republicans.

While this cruel game has been ongoing for a decade, America has been destabilized and overwhelmed with taxes to fund the strain placed as a result of the free entitlements that have to be paid out to this invading population.

These people come from a country, whereby you would be extorted arrested and imprisoned for crossing into their country's border illegally. These are also the same people who reduced Mexico into a Third World "hell hole" and now the same is beginning to happen in "America." Kudos to Arizona's Governor and her new illegal immigration law and the 70+ percent of the states population who demanded the bill.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rocco Frank For 118Th District State Representative

Rocco J. Frank, Jr., CEO of ComputerFox Stores, a local computer repair chain, will announce his candidacy for State Representative for the 118th District of Connecticut, on Wednesday May 19th, during a Milford Independent Party Town Committee.

Frank is a registered Independent, and in 2010 will run for a second time. Frank says, “He is frustrated by the lack of state funds to our schools, their associated unfunded mandates, and the sustained loss of individual rights as justified by our corrupt Federal Government.” Frank pledges that he “will introduce and support 9th and 10th amendment legislation if the Federal government continues to federally tax Milford’s citizens and then give no services in return.”

Frank, who is no stranger to politics, wants to eliminate political corruption and start a truth movement. He aims to make the Milford community passionate about important issues again, and to increase voter turnout. He is also a strong Constitutionalist, believing whole-heartedly in protecting our nation’s most valued document and upholding the Bill of Rights to ensure the freedoms of all Americans.

Frank’s large Milford ComputerFox location will also serve as his political headquarters. The facility is located at 374 New Haven Ave. in Milford. All are welcome to stop in to meet with the candidate and to learn more about what he stands for. All are encouraged to visit the official website at to check out his Biography, Political Agenda, see a schedule of events, to read or post blogs, watch important political videos, to obtain Contact Information and learn how to help with the Frank campaign.

The Frank campaign will begin with his speech at the start of the evening ITC meeting, which will run from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Wednesday May 19.

The Meeting is located at Citrus 56 Broad Street in Milford. Frank will be addressing the public on the viability of merging of the two High Schools and methods of procuring school construction dollars from the State of Connecticut. The meeting is free to attend.