Friday, May 21, 2010

A Message From Bo ItsHaky

During the past week I gravely watched our grand State – Connecticut – and our grand Country slipping further and ever faster into a delusional state of denial. It is particularly distressing to watch what career politicians and insiders – Democrats and Republicans alike – have done to our country, our government and public service.

Like two peas in a pod!

For too long “We the People…” had no true representation in our government. Enough! …is what I hear on Main Street, enough with the dog and pony shows, enough with corruption, ”We want our voice back” and so do I.

As a response to the will of the People on Main Street and the shameful week-long hyped political circus, destructive bickering, abuses of true public-service and deflections from the issues that really matter – hello the economy, jobs? – I have decided to seek not, the nomination of the Republican Party for the 3rd District.

Instead, I will continue to run for Connecticut’s 3rd Congressional District as an Independent. I believe that I can and will better serve the People as an Independent, please join Our campaign and help us deliver Washington the message that We the People got pain – lots of it – and we can’t take it anymore.

Boaz ItsHaky

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