Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Race For State House Milford's Early Contenders

While many of you already know that I am running for the 118th, looks like things are getting crowded yet again this election. Barbara Lambert recently stepped down after her Solitaire fiasco, and in her place early contenders are Kim Rose for the Democrats Greg Smith for the Republicans.

In the 119th Kevin Liddy may be faced with a tough decision in the wake of E-Mailgate. Republican party bosses are not happy with Liddy voting for himself as chairman of the P&Z and characterized his winning of the Republican bid as "remote as cold fusion." Fortunately Liddy has won the support of some key leaders in town including Bob Adams who supports Liddy running on the independent slate. Bob Adams said that the Republicans in Milford demonstrate that "crossing them means big trouble."

We are actively holding open a place for Kevin Liddy should he decide to take it. As things move forward and websites pop up and tempers flare over ECS funding, the outcome this year will hinge once again on the voters who will express their discontent with the two party tax and spend pendulum.

Every so often it swings wildly to the left or the right, and everyone wishes there were a better choice than the same old two parties controlled by the same powerful people and lawyers in town that now has also become the subject of an ongoing investigation by the MDB.

Just when you thought Smith and the Republican crew voting down an investigation into Cynthia Angers wrongful termination was insensitive, the collaboration between other law firms and attorneys is presenting a picture that is beyond cronyism and irresponsible misuse of power and taxpayer funds.

This year will again and the state races will yield many issues and contentious criticisms of government and why we need to get "this and that" from Hartford but none who run against me will dare say our Federal Government committed economic crimes against the American people including 9/11 and a false "green house gas" movement that was revealed with that fraudster Al Gore.

None will dare demand or introduce legislation that will call out the Federal Government to give us, the people of Milford, the services our Federal income tax dollars pay for. The people of Milford want more than just a receipt for interest payments on a national debt they did not personally incur.

And not one of any of the cowards who run against me will dare stand up and demand that the State of CT express sovereign 9th and 10th amendment rights against the Federal Government who has bankrupted our country with a fraudulent banking and monetary system. None will dare introduce legislation making illegal immigration a state crime that is incarcerable in state prison nor will they punish those who aid and abed illegal immigrants in our state with hefty fines. I will!

My guess is that of all the "dilly dally, wimpy social butterflies" I will be up against not one will speak in terms that challenge, educate or address any of the issues pertaining to the New World Order. Nor will they address any of the harm or injury that has been orchestrated by their own parties illegitimate and treasonous leaders.

They will instead paint an image of perpetual mediocrity and continue the same stupid game of blaming one another for the mess their opponents parties created.... and yet again the people of Milford will happily vote the other way in droves. This will happen because the media and the newscasters have made everyone insane. The people of Milford are also falsely confiding in mailbox trash propaganda and doing the same thing over and over again every election and expecting a different result.

Unless you personally get out and stop the madness dead in its tracks and dare show the people you know the truth (go to and listen to the Alex Jones show if you do yet now) our state, your job, and your freedom will continue its slide toward a place where your property taxes are as high as renting, and your home values are marginalized by foreclosure. If you are one of the lucky ones come 2012 and you still have a job, food, a car and a home my guess is your friends and family will be begging for anything you can share or lend.

These are the times that try men's souls and we do not send Lambs off to attack wolves! We need leaders who fear no danger and embrace aggressive legislation and prosecution against all forms of treason and treasonous traitors who have taken control of our country and soon our liberty. Begging Washington to save our liberty is not the solution but a cruel joke that is the root of our nations fiscal, moral, and economic cancer.

To all of you who find it convenient to depend on the government for everything just know that you foolishly gave your government the power to take away everything you have. That is not the freedom I seek and it should neither be the freedom you seek.

Who of us do you think would dare to fly the Gadsden flag at his home if asked?

A government crime against one American is a crime against all American's. To you who think this post is funny, I added a clip below on what the New World Order police state brings to America. This raid is over a neighbor complaint that drugs were being used in this persons house. The raid yielded his neighbor losing both his kids to DCF, both his dogs shot dead, 1 gram of heroine and a suspended sentence. REAL FUNNY HUH??

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