Friday, May 14, 2010

Peggy Rogers Running For State Rep 117th

Republicans unanimously endorsed Peggy Rogers as their candidate for State Representative for the 117th District which spans Milford, Orange and West Haven.
In accepting the nomination, Peggy said "I reached a turning point that many of us in this room have reached. It's the point in adulthood where we either turn away in disgust from what's going on in government, or we decide to reshuffle our commitments, roll up our sleeves, and get involved. I made a choice and got involved in politics, as did you.

But my politics and yours are not the Democrat politics of big budgets and polite promises. Ours are the politics of real work. We dig into causes and conditions. We refuse to throw money at problems that can be fixed other ways. Ours are the politics of real action. We work to reverse the growth of government. We strive to draw business back to Connecticut instead of driving them away."

Peggy will run against Paul Davis. Davis won in 2008 by the smallest margin of any Democratic candidate for state office from Milford.

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