Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Educations Future In Milford And Connecticut

We have all heard of the bailout for the auto industry, $4,500 credits, government stock buyouts and sweetheart loans that the average Joe could only dream to get. The big banks then labeled themselves as "too big to fail" and AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and all its crones were bailed out. Today the taxpayers own 80% of AIG alone and another massive amount of GM stock who could have ever imagined thing would get so out of hand.

The bailouts in the last few years were numerous, $8,500.00 first time home buyer credits, extended unemployment benefits for months beyond what is normally allowed, 40 Million Americans on food stamps and stimulus package after stimulus package packed with shovel ready pork.

Sadly, when we think of "No child left behind" and local education we are continually reminded of unfunded mandates and what a burden to the taxpayers those mandates have become. Instead of the Federal Government valuing our children we are told yet again this year that the city of Milford will be denied 1.5M of Federal funds to our schools placing an operational deficit in 2011 that could be as high as 5 Million.

Every effort is being made to streamline and contain education costs, teachers are retiring early, raises skipped, schools are being closed and local Milford residents are living more conservatively than ever. After attending several Board of education meetings it became clear that all our energy at city hall is being focused on our little patch of land we call Milford, and few remember that our patch of land is contained within the boundaries of the worst economic global downturn since the Great Depression.

My high school New York Military Academy in Cornwall NY was established in 1882 and it survived the Great Depression, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea and the energy crisis of the 1970's but this year its operational budget losses are so high, and its Alumni so impoverished that the school is expected to fail within the next year or so.

And these problems are symptomatic across the entire state of Connecticut where teachers from all communities are living with no job security, and are afraid of what they will do next if they join the growing ranks of the unemployed.

The reason we are in the situation that we are in is because of years of the Federal Reserve's "ponzi" style monetary policy whereby money can be printed at the whims of congress and the banks to fund the next popular war/invasion against an invisible tactic fear mongered as "TERRORISM."

While we all surrender our rights for our security and sit an awe over some person who lit his underwear on fire with a failed bomb, or the times Square Frizzler, our President, Obama makes jokes about the terror on the U.S. Arizona/Mexico border that has landed 17,000 people dead and murdered. Americans get kidnapped by Mexican drug dealers, they threaten and kill our nations police officers, and poison our people with the very drugs the U.S. troops protect for Karzai in Afghanistan and no one in the BS media covers it as terrorism.

The sooner we realize that Washington D.C. is no longer America's friend but rather it's enemy our mission will become clear. Our mission is to establish state sovereignty under the 9, 10Th Amendment dissolve all illegal treaties, break ties with all World Governments and start indicting U.S. Senators and Congressmen who willfully violated the Logan act and defied the U.S. Constitution. In other words Connecticut needs to start doing the Job the Federal Government is ignoring.

For those of you who still do not get it, you should be aware by now that Washington D.C. has been waging a war on the Middle Class while making the rich richer and you poorer. As we rebel against the Tyranny of Washington D.C. they have launched a police state against us whereby "lists" are being used to circumvent the Constitution and punish anyone who dare preach their inaliable rights in America.

All these problems are rapidly coming home to roost, right here in our state and our town. The message from Washington DC is clear we have trillions for war, now billions to bail out Greece but little to nothing to help educate America's kids. This message, by virtue of its priorities should beckon you to rise up and join Tea Parties everywhere.

Moving forward the structural deficits now being exaggerated by the federal government and the inevitable climbs in interest rates due to inflation in the next 24 months is expected to destabilize every grand list in America let alone Milford. Hartford is going to have a challenging time managing the take over of cities like Bridgeport, Hartford and Waterbury who have had structural deficits that bankrupted them long ago. Those problems are going to spread beyond the normal areas that they normally occupy.

Taxes alone will not solve our problems in education because equilibrium will be reached relative to tax collection and the maximum attainable mill rate. There comes a point under the immutable laws of the Bell shaped Laffer curve that dictate a collection threshold. Once equilibrium is reached less taxes are collected, and sadly that threshold is also under assault as the Federal and state government also add to the tax burden of ordinary CT citizens.

The best course of action we can take to alleviate the pressure of these problems is to rebuild our school district under the principles of the New Urbanization Initiative, and Smart Growth while interest rates are low. Once those rates rise our window of opportunity will be closed and Hartford will have to beg the Federal Government to fund our schools. The alternative is over taxation and the fostering of one of the largest underground economies America has ever seen.

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