Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rocco Frank For 118Th District State Representative

Rocco J. Frank, Jr., CEO of ComputerFox Stores, a local computer repair chain, will announce his candidacy for State Representative for the 118th District of Connecticut, on Wednesday May 19th, during a Milford Independent Party Town Committee.

Frank is a registered Independent, and in 2010 will run for a second time. Frank says, “He is frustrated by the lack of state funds to our schools, their associated unfunded mandates, and the sustained loss of individual rights as justified by our corrupt Federal Government.” Frank pledges that he “will introduce and support 9th and 10th amendment legislation if the Federal government continues to federally tax Milford’s citizens and then give no services in return.”

Frank, who is no stranger to politics, wants to eliminate political corruption and start a truth movement. He aims to make the Milford community passionate about important issues again, and to increase voter turnout. He is also a strong Constitutionalist, believing whole-heartedly in protecting our nation’s most valued document and upholding the Bill of Rights to ensure the freedoms of all Americans.

Frank’s large Milford ComputerFox location will also serve as his political headquarters. The facility is located at 374 New Haven Ave. in Milford. All are welcome to stop in to meet with the candidate and to learn more about what he stands for. All are encouraged to visit the official website at to check out his Biography, Political Agenda, see a schedule of events, to read or post blogs, watch important political videos, to obtain Contact Information and learn how to help with the Frank campaign.

The Frank campaign will begin with his speech at the start of the evening ITC meeting, which will run from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Wednesday May 19.

The Meeting is located at Citrus 56 Broad Street in Milford. Frank will be addressing the public on the viability of merging of the two High Schools and methods of procuring school construction dollars from the State of Connecticut. The meeting is free to attend.

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