Sunday, August 31, 2008

This Labor Day Let Us Remember What Our Leaders Did To Our Economy

Ross Perot Warned Us

Lou Dobbs Reported On Job Losses

Democrats Invented NAFTA and Signed away your Jobs.

New Haven Makes The News As a Sanctuary City

Now They want your vote, yet no candidate has directly said they will break all treaties and withdraw from NAFTA completely and with prdjudice. No candidate has expressed condemnation of NAFTA but did propose they rework it rather than eliminate it. I like what Perot said would Mexico take this deal?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Jonathan Law High School Renovations Boast Student Healthy Environment

With Construction and Asbestos abatement nearing completion, parents of the incoming freshman class at Jonathan Law have endured orientation cancellations and delays. These encumbrances, however annoying are welcomed and praised by many who now are excited that Milford's school is being upgraded and abated of its 60's era asbestos toxins.

With that said this years incoming students will enjoy not only a safe school but also a fully updated and upgraded computer program. This monumental IT task was achieved in tandem with the help and support of the Milford Board of Education employees and the tireless work of the ComputerFox on New Haven Avenue in Milford.

Paul Wydra, a 2008 Foran graduate and ComputerFox Employee during the this renovation, said that the "task was monumental, messy and not surprised there were delays. There was serious concerns over the cleanup and abatement of the asbestos particles and every precaution had to be taken to ensure the absolute safety and cleanup of any residual particles."

My youngest step daughter, who will be an incoming freshman at Jonathan Law this year, chimed in and said she "is very excited to know her high school is improved." She is also looking forward to reuniting with all her friends from last year. On a sad note she was a bit disappointed to have missed orientation but still remains upbeat and positive that so much care and hard work was given to her high school.

The School is expected to open on schedule to kick off the new year.

(Stock Photo of typical workers removing asbestos, these are not those at the school.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fire Show And Muster Eisenhower Park Gets Ready

The annual fire show and Muster returns to Milford this weekend. The following video is of last years show and is worth seeing. Some at the park who spoke about this event called it a fireman's fun day. Bonfires will be lit, and water games are expected again. Pranksters have also been known to have fun stacking tables in the dark of night at the expense of the DPW.

One Milford resident said that the parade of trucks can be heard all the way up North street as early as 9:00A.M. as they make their way into the park. Concession stands and vendors will also be setup on the park green. This a fun town tradition that is expected to be well attended. Ample parking for all welcome visitors.

The event is scheduled for Saturday September 6Th. 2008. At Eisenhower Park enter on the North Street side.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democrats Speak And Milford Is Glued To The T.V.

The Democratic National convention has been the top show on the tube. It is almost impossible to find someone in town that does not know what is on T.V. The speeches are great, and Barrack Obama was away on day-one visiting a family in Kansas. Today Hillary gave a flawless speech and a universal endorsement of Barrack Obama.

Many feel that Obama's biggest mistake was not picking Hillary as the Vice President. While Glenn Beck was all but impressed with Obama's choice of Delaware Senator Biden, he threw in his public reminder that Biden drew .9 percent of the delegates in his own state.

My personal thoughts on this Democratic event is one of amazement, well rehearsed speeches, constructed with cunning polling data and "silver tongues" scooping up votes, in the hope of winning our hearts and causing us to forget the past wrongs of corrupt Democrats.

What we forget is that this entire charade of a national event is solely for our amusement. Any Washington D.C. insider knows that the President, the Senate, and the House run little to nothing in Washington. The shots are called by big global industry and their associate lobbies who promise to destroy politicians who threaten their profits or challenge their elite status in the world.

Some like Speaker Pelosi set policy for profit and is accused of engaging in an unholy corporate relationship with T.Boone Pickens and his Wall Street energy Stock.

To paint the picture clearly watch the following self explanatory video of how Political action committees (PACS) buy airtime to prop up their favorite politicians and diminish others.

How soon we forget that the 9.6 trillion in national debt, the loss of jobs and industry, the collapse of national banks and the influx of illegal immigrants was a joint bipartisan effort of both parties.

Now on this great evening amid the bright lights, confetti, and grandiosity of impossible promises our hearts are being lifted yet again as they are every four years. Every election we think things will be better that the economy will improve and our country will prosper, instead the problems grow our leaders fight and gridlock shuts down the country.

Every President who does try to reverse this plight only deepens the irreversible abyss now on the horizon. With every new promise the nations printing presses print more cash to pay for things, foreigners continue to buy up that excess in our real estate and Treasury bills hence giving us the false illusion of an economy.

As the untold truth may be the Federal Reserve prints money to pay bills, then borrows more from the Chinese, and exports more to Arab oil producing nations. The purchase of Treasury bills by foreigners just shore up the currency by giving the illusion of demand. Hard to believe that one super economic power like China could destroy America in one feld swoop. Like a child America and Americans exist at the mercy of the Chinese who treat us like a child handing us money like allowance so we can continue to buy things. The math is simple, almost everything we buy is some other nations productivity and profit if the loans stop the country goes bust.

Some like David Walker a former GAO accountant said America's books are cooked, unsustainable. He even has gone so far as to resign and release a shocking documentary called IOUSA. This documentary is sounding the alarm on the unsustainable system of credit we have come to love and warns that with cradle to grave promises like health care for everybody, and social security we will have to make hard choices to pay for it all. The inside scoop in Washington is that our country is about to go bust and no one dare say a word as the political backlash will be a rude awakening and a political suicide of sorts.

Watching the continued promise of social programs and government mandates without first holding accountable the politicians and nations who robbed our country, is wrong. These so called patriots tore down our borders, robbed our industry, plundered our jobs and left us their apathy of continued loans to keep us from crying foul. They have and continue to go, not only unscathed, but rather seduce our nations people with baseless media assisted rhetoric, and all of us who dare feel the cruelty of hope act like a pandemonium of feeble minded ignorant morons cheering among masses only to be later betrayed.

Let it be known that I do understand "the audacity of hope", as there is nothing more alluring or enticing for a desperate nation to cry for real leadership. American's want to think America's problems are reversible and that with the right leadership our nation will prevail. Not to be rude or a party spoiler but according to people in the know the bill collectors are not that far off. When they come knocking on America's door the foreclosure fiasco will be upon the whole country not just our homes. Such an event could be expected to arrive in the form of global economic warfare depleting the little industry we have left. In such a scenario America and its citizens will thrive as a regional nation of domestic merchants and consultants domestically trapped under the weight of its devalued currency. Currency seen as nothing more than what it is, worthless paper. When that day arrives it will mean that we have officially been cut off from global trade.

Reports also have been arriving of America's wealthiest taking action by relocating real estate and protecting their wealth in anticipation of a dramatic economic event. With that in mind imagine that nearly 2 trillion military Pentagon dollars also have gone missing without any receipts or expenditure explanation. Why is this of little to no concern to anyone candidate? Turn off the TV tear down the curtains and realize our political system is owned and paid for by the "Man behind the curtain" aka the Global Corporate Business elite not the masters of deceit you see on T.V.

Monday, August 25, 2008

State Colleges Experience A Student Surge

As education costs grow to new highs each year, going to college in state is having lots of benefits. The biggest benefit are those in-state discounts. The Connecticut Post today reported a 60% increase in local student enrollment just at UNH, and this was matched by similar reports coming in from Milford's 2008 Grads.

This week the University of Connecticut is moving in its freshman students, the campus was overtaken with maximum resident occupancy, and according to reports students resembled an army of ants carrying everything from mini refridgerators, to computers, fans, chairs and trunks.

Personally I have recieved reports that many in-state regional schools are drawing more students attending night classes and commuting to school from their homes in the nearby areas.

The most likely culprit of this increase in in-state student enrollment is likely the effects of a poor performing stock market hurting education investments, the credit crunch drying up home equity loans, and the decline in wages for yet another year. This also does not bode well for our college students in need of loans. A 2112 college graduate could end up being handed a $50,000 bill with a well earned degree.

After graduating the big challenge will come, this challenge is one of finding a good paying job amid the economic malaise, and intense global competition now an everpresent reminder of our times. More challenging, Connecticut has actually been shrinking over the last few years, and future student enrollment is expected to drop further in the K-12 arena limiting teaching jobs, in addition to finance jobs and all else.

This years grads are expected to be placed under more pressure than any other group before them. They will inherit a state, and country mired with severe socio-economic concerns yet to be understood let alone solved. I anxiously challenge the class of 2012 an beyond to focus on solutions that rectify and innovate our state away from its past. This is a challenge that will require the most innovative and progressive thinking of our times. The future is here!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coyote Seen in Eisenhower Park Today

Today while exiting Eisenhower Park I spotted what looked like a coyote. The animal looked exacly as the one in the picture. The time was roughly around 1:00 P.M. and the animal appeared to skulk in the shadows of the forest tundra. In the event someone else has an encounter this post is intendeed to alert todays readers of their presence and to follow the following precautions.

To prevent coyotes from becoming further habituated to humans and human occupied areas please follow these tips:

1. Never feed coyotes intentionally or unintentionally. Be aware of possible sources of food in your yard.

2. Do not leave uneaten pet food outside.

3. Do not discard edible garbage where coyotes can get into it.

4. Secure garbage containers and eliminate their odors. Use a small amount of ammonia or cayenne pepper in the garbage to discourage scavenging.

5. Restrict use of birdseed. Coyotes are attracted to seed, and to the birds and rodents that use the feeder.

6. Wherever possible, eliminate outdoor sources of water. Be aware that coyotes will prey on coy fish if the fish do not have proper cover or a deep enough pond.

7. Trim and clear ground level shrubs that can provide cover for coyotes.

8. Use fencing to help deter coyotes. The fence must be at least six feet tall with the bottom extending at least six inches below ground level.

9. Actively discourage coyotes by making loud noises. Motion detector lights and alarm systems can also help from keeping coyotes out of your yard.

10. Pick fruit as soon as it ripens and keep rotted fruit off the ground.

11. Scattered mothballs and ammonia-soaked rags strategically placed may deter coyotes from entering your yard.

12. Keep cats and small dogs indoors, allowing them outside only under strict supervision.

13. Keep chickens, rabbits and other small animals in well-protected areas and in sturdy cages at night. Cages made of chicken wire are meant only for keeping small animals contained, not to keep coyotes out!

14. Coyotes are attracted to, and can mate with unspayed or unneutered domestic dogs. Unspayed female dogs in season will attract male coyotes, and unneutered male dogs can be lured away by the scent of a female coyote. There have been cases of male dogs being lured by the female coyote's scent and then killed by male coyotes.

15. If you do not mind sharing your space with coyotes, enjoy observing them with binoculars when they visit.

Coyotes are shy and a lot of patience is required to observe them. Coyotes will appear most often during the hours close to sunrise and sunset. In urban areas, coyotes may be a little bit bolder. Do not attempt to approach a coyote. It will most likely run away, but any cornered or frightened wild animal can be dangerous. Most importantly enjoy the brief and fortunate opportunity to observe one of the wild kingdom’s most amazing creatures. We all have something to learn form the coyote’s adaptable and undefeatable nature.

For more information click HERE

Friday, August 22, 2008

McSame And Obama Nation Some Would Rather Not Vote

Over the last six months it was pretty difficult to not hear the names of our Presidential candidates over and over again, and now with the Presidential primaries expected to launch that reality will be even more hard to ignore.

One thing I did learn on my endeavors in the past few months is the growing concern coming from a significant group who claims not to like either candidate. Today's post is to remind everyone out there that the television and corporate press does not have to rob you of your vote.

There is a big secret, a secret that both major parties are not happy about and that is there are other candidates in the running besides Obama and McCain, so if you do not like them you could perhaps vote for someone else?! The overwhelming response I get when I mention this radical idea of a third party is laughter and the snickering reply that third parties are not real candidates. Pehaps if they were the television would be all over it because lord only knows they would be going "Anna Nicole Smith" on a president that launched an illegal war, why we have a massive naval buildup in the Persian Gulf, and airing executives facing criminal racketeering by the hundreds in the wake of all these bank failures.

My point, is that the television is not your mind, it is not what is best for America, and it certainly ought not affect your opinion about who you believe is best for America. Below are the alternate Presidential Choices and their Ads. The Ads that you will probably never see. My point today, if you do not like McSame, or ObamaNation than come vote anyway and give one of these longshots a voice in 2012. If they score 10% they will be included in the debates next election.


Connecticut's Own Ralph Nader (Green Party/Independent Party)

A Voice For The U.S. Constitution Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party)

Former Republican U.S. Congressman Bob Barr (Libertarian Party)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Public Utility District And Consumer Demands

The Concern over the cost of electric continues to be at the forefront of the cost of living debate in Connecticut. Yesterday I met with an executive at Countrywide Financial who indicated that foreclosures in Milford have reached a record 350 with nearly 80% of the city mortgaged. Already declining real estate values have been impacting home equity lines of credit by having lenders either cancel them completely or reduce the amount by which can be drawn.

When I asked what advice he had for fixing these issues he said Connecticut needs living wage jobs and curbs on the cost of energy. There are too many Milford residents that are struggling and are in danger of losing their home. The news on Wall Street last week has also been disappointing with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae reaching new lows, lows so low that over 90% of their stock value has been lost in a year.

Should these two lending giants drop out of the lending arena, banks will have to issue their own in-house loans and reduce their risk to depositors by only writing loans to individuals with high credit scores. When I asked what the new magic number was, he indicated that would be somewhere between 740 and a 760 FICO score. Essentially this score would exclude 80-85% of all potential lenders. This is what has been dubbed as the "Credit crunch," and is going to pose some serious challenges for commission based professional dependent on loans being written to purchase property, build additions and conduct repairs.

On the local front, and specifically dealing with the energy issue alone, I have spoken with and written to some of our local leaders. I would like to add my concern that Jim Amann's last two legislative updates both ignored UI and the high cost of energy, this is even after I took issue with him after receiving the last 2007 legislative update. Not that I am a Rell fan but she has a "One Thing" program, what does Amann have or propose?

So far all I have seen from the Dem's, (and I single them out because all our elected state leaders in town are Democrats,) is one person looking to "condemn" the electric company and the other just completely ignores the issue, besides Slossberg "fighting the hike" where is the leadership?

I think you need to look at the UI situation like a bad marriage between us the ratepayers and them the monopoly. This is clearly an abusive relationship with UI as the abuser. We either need to fix the relationship or get a divorce from this company. Energy companies are a “dime a dozen” and the taxpayers have a real attractive “grid.” We do not need to take their abuse they produce nothing, since the 1999 deregulation they have become nothing more than brokers or middle men. Why can't we buy energy directly without having it marked up and resold to us? This was my question to Mike Brown who is a member of the Democratic Town Committee who responded to this question by making the following partisan statement:

"The Crux of the Situation: Government control of transmission and distribution, as indicated in the resolution, would require the establishment of a Public Utility District (PUD). This is the case throughout the country and is required by federal law. The PUD would manage the distribution of electricity. A government run district would be more inclined to promote reasonable energy development, conservation, and renewable generating methods. PUD's are nonprofit entities and are run by an elected board - elected by the citizens, not a shareholder in Texas.

And as for government control, would you let the State Government control the public highways? Oh, that's right, they already do - a very big "lemon aide stand" in deed (to quote Scott Willey). Apparently there are things called public libraries, also run by the government. Willey's rhetoric is right out of the Republican playbook. The Republicans say that "government doesn't work" and "government is bad." They often prove this once they get into power. Here in Milford, we suffered through 18 years of Republicans running the government - badly."

To conclude this post, I cannot emphasise more strongly that this is not an issue that we can afford to be partisan on. A solution must be found to benefit the thousands of struggling families trying to make ends meet. I believe that partisan politics will only prolong this problem and I am making a plea to all our Representatives here in town and the state to get on the same page. When we all agree miracles can happen!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carnival Comes To North Milford

August 21st-24th a carnival sponsored by the Knights of Columbus will be arriving at Christ The Redeemer Church on East Rutland Rd. in Milford. This carnival is a fundraiser aimed at helping defray the cost of a monument to be erected there.

The monument is part of a program called Project Moses, this project is the result of a Kansas courthouse barring a similar monument from the front of the courthouse in 2000. The court ruled that such monuments are a violation of church and state. The symbolism behind this project is none other than God's law as was biblically handed down to Moses. Many of theTen Commandments are the foundation of modern day law and this monument will serve as a reminder that there is a higher power watching over us, and even for those with conflicting views ought to be reminded that these laws apply to all good people who wish to live in an honest free world.

The fair will be a celebration aimed at celebrating and supporting the historical tenet of our forefathers, that we are "one nation under God." The Knights of Columbus will also be pursuing other churches, including Saint Mary's to erect the same or similar monuments.

For any non Christians out there who do not know what the Ten Commandments are they are certainly worth re-reading as they are the original foundation for law and order in virtually every nation on earth. Click HERE FOR THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

That aside, the event is expected to be a fun family festival with food rides and lots of great entertainment. The fest will cater to kids and adults of all ages and lots of vendors and gaming booths will be on hand to win prizes. This will be a much anticipated fun time not to be missed.

To get to the fair: (Northbound) Take exit 37 High Street, go left and proceed 1/2 mile to East Rutland church is 1/2 mile on right hand side.

To get to the fair: (Southbound) Take exit 39A proceed up post Rd. 1/2 mile to High Street (Corner of 7/11) Take a right proceed 3/4 mile to East Rutland. Church is 1/2 mile on Right.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

State Rep Cafero "Legislature Unfriendly To Small Business."

Larry Cafero, Norwalk state Representative in a recent meeting with republican candidates has called the state legislature "unfriendly to small business."

In a partisan and divisive attack, Rep. Cafero blamed the house Democrats as the culprits behind the economic turmoil in our state. Cafero has claimed that our state legislature was rated "50Th out of 50" as the least friendly legislature to small business in America.

As a small business owner myself, I can certainly agree that there are challenges, but placing blame one single party is a stretch unless we exclude the Rowland era corruption and the accusations of bid rigging and beyond all over the state.

From my vantage point, and as a small business owner myself, I can personally attest that the problems I face are more to do with my customers struggling to make ends meet. While I, like most businesses do no not have a Beverly Hills elite clientele but rather the everyday middle class family people as my customers, charging a profit in the wake of fierce competition can hardly be blamed on any one single party let alone the Democrats.

What challenges small business in Connecticut is as simple as the cost of living, Food and Energy inflation and the availability of living wage jobs. Our state legislature certainly can make things easier by lowering the price of gas, but I assure you that if the energy price drops to that of New Jersey we will need tolls. Even in NJ where gas is cheap in the long run you pay more just through the aggregate taxation of tolls added to the cost of getting around.

With our legislative record now marred as the worst in America perhaps it is time to get serious about providing solutions and not blaming Democrats for political gain. When Cafero indicated in his July stump speech that he let the National Republicans define the scope and purpose of our state leaders, he admitted that their complacency and trust for their national party has become a problem.

The Republicans now are composed of less than 400,000 to the overwhelming 700,00 democrats in this state. Nothing however compares to the largest group of registered voters the "Unaffiliated" (Or as I believe the Independents) now registered to the tune of 800,000.

These numbers speak clearly to me about how the public feels toward the policies of the Republicans and the national agenda that Cafero wants to step away from. Cafero has good reason to try and reinvent the Republican Party in this state, he needs to take it back from the national leaders who have let the Bush Cheney legacy erode at the core of its scope and purpose.

The Republican party, as I remembered it was one that marked the progress and protections of the Constitution and kept the Republic of America strong. The Republicans were the precursor to the agenda of the upper class in America. Today we are struggling to maintain the integrity of the U.S. Constitution, we are debating things like freedom of speech as basic civil rights again. These were all policies imposed after 9/11 by the Republican administration.

In 2005 Bush called the constitution a "Goddamn piece of paper" and followed up with the Patriot act 1 & 2, started multiple wars with botched CIA intelligence and promoted the Anti-American agenda of the PNAC (Project for a new American Century). These are not to include the colossal bipartisan blunder of NAFTA, GAFTA and every other policy that allows for foreign invasion and export of jobs. Also, Illegal migrant workers were permitted leniency by both parties and are now the subject of angry debate not only in Connecticut but all over America.

How do we restore a sound macro-economy in connecticut when our biggest industry is weapons? Connectut makes Submarines, Helicopters, Satellites, Armaments, Radar, and yes of course gambling. Tradgically war is good for the state economy, however sad and frustrating this is to me Connecticut spoke again when our favorite war hawk Joe Lieberman was ousted from his own party. Our state is craving a peace industry, we do not desire to be a global supplyer of death merchandise and gambling.

Personally I respect Rep. Cafero, however I do not agree with his rhetoric that divides the parties rather than unites them. The problems we all face are not Republican or Democrat problems, they are Federal problems, they are global competition problems, energy problems, inflation problems and deficit in leadership problems. I know Mr. Cafero knows this, that is why I wrote this article today to take issue with his polarizing blame of something he clearly knows better on.

The answers to small business in Connecticut, is good Jobs, not just any job but good paying living wage jobs. Tax cuts for unemployed people do not help small business, nor does a little cheaper gas. What helps small business is for our kids and grand kids to have a future in which they can afford a home, a car, an education, and to go shopping. I cannot emphasize enough that jobs and living wage incomes is what this state needs and Connecticut should be focused on that, not blaming opponents for Connecticut's horrible record. Show me real solutions not blame!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Milford Oyster Fest Posts Huge Turnout Despite A Little Rain

The Milford Oyster festival was a huge success marked with much community involvement from a plethora of small business owners, arts and crafts vendors, rides, and political celebrities.

The most notable guest of this years festival, besides Foghat, was Jim Amann's 2010 opponent for governor Jody Rell. Some have clamored the irony of her guest appearance here in Milford but she was not short of company as local politicians, including our mayor and other candidates here in town, were "glued" to her as she travelled from booth to booth.

To our disappointment her entourage came within our vicinity and stared at the Independent Party booth. One of our volunteers Terri, said they looked rather perplexed, unsure what to do and ultimately walked passed us as if it was the right thing to do. Others disagreed and thank Gayle Slossberg who greeted us with her entire entourage with hugs for some of us who are her fans. I also would like to thank Richard Roy our state Representative from the 119Th who also was polite, introduced himself and engaged in positive friendly chat and Mike Brown who openly introduced himself and invited me to meet my Democratic opponent.

When I first embarked on this venture for state Rep. I called Jim Amann who said it was rather "odd" that I made a request to meet with him since I was in the running against him. His refusal to meet with me was even more strange in that he decided not to run shortly after the request was made. The reason that I add this point here is because at no time is my door closed to meeting with my opponents or anyone with ambitions of taking office. I have not met both my opponents but while I was out canvassing I did have the opportunity to present myself to my Republican contender.

My door is always open to any and all leaders I hold no allegiance to any party, I pay no favors to anyone. My beliefs and faith are in the values and integrity of good people, especially those who keep our best interests at heart.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Independent Party Now At Milford Oyster Festival.

Today's blog is just a reminder to come meet and greet the Brass and muscle behind the Independent Party of Ct. The number of "unaffiliated" or as we like to say "Independents" has swelled year after year and is now the largest party in the state.

Come visit our booth, booth 13, right next to the flagpole on the green. In attendenace will be Mike Telesca our state Independent party chairman, Rocco Frank 118th Candidate For Milford State Rep., and other notable Independents. The focus of this event will also be to provide a service of registering new voters, disseminating information about registration party options and also fundraising activities selling popcorn, and soft drinks.

Most All merchandise will be sold at the minimum allowable by festival rules $1.00. Please do not miss an opportunity to visit the Independent party as they are often not this omnipresent.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hartford City Council OK's Immigration Ordinance

The city council staked its ground Monday in the immigration debate, unanimously approving an ordinance that bars police from inquiring about immigration status.

The ordinance, if signed by Mayor Eddie Perez, would prevent police from arresting or detaining anyone solely because immigration authorities had issued an administrative warrant for them, which is a civil matter.

The ordinance also prohibits other city employees from asking anyone seeking services about their immigration status.

Councilman Pedro E. Segarra called the decision "bold and courageous" and said he was impressed by the dozens of people in the city who spoke in favor of the proposal at a public hearing last month. There was no opposition.

Segarra said he did not support illegal immigration, but had to respond to the needs of people living in the city. He said that opponents who contacted him since the proposal received media attention lived in the suburbs or as far away as Texas.

"My responsibility as a council person is to the residents of Hartford," he said. "I'm not responsible for securing our borders. I'm not responsible for issuing visas."

Although Perez has said he supports the concept behind the ordinance, it is not clear whether he will sign it.

He has maintained that an order issued by Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts in March that said city police would not make immigration arrests unless there was also a criminal investigation was adequate.

In a letter to the council Monday, Perez expressed concern about "codifying standards for internal police matters in the city code."

Councilman Luis Cotto, who introduced the ordinance, said it was important to pass it so illegal immigrants could be confident they can cooperate with police in criminal investigations without fear of being deported.

Gerry Pleasent, a retired Hartford deputy police chief, opposed the ordinance, saying it was tantamount to usurping the role of the federal government.

"We cannot have each city running around implementing its own immigration ordinance," he said.

Author Contact: Mark Spencer at

Main Stream Issues Hit The Movies

Last night my friend Peter and I saw the movie Swing Vote at the Post Mall, this movie became our choice because we were looking for something different, something free from the Hollywood special effects and mayhem of tyranny vs. insanity. Looking at the reviews for the movie was a bit enticing as it was rated very highly by, and as such I thought it would be a perfect match for our entertainment ambitions that evening.

Peter and I both saw and loved the film as it was a complete parody on mainstream reality, the growing surge in new Independent registered voters, confusion and the obsessive competitive nature of politics that trivializes the political process and gives apathy a reason to exist.

Kevin Costner, the main character, gave a stellar performance as a recently laid off worker in an egg plant. He is a single father raising his young daughter who is more serious about life than he is. Costner, who is "Bud" in the movie has a penchant for drinking that ultimatly causes him to lose his job. His co-workers, on the other hand, express their growing concern over what they describe as "insorcing" or the replacement of American workers with cheaper undocumented migrant workers.

The movie continues with his young daughter, pressing him to get serious about his "swing vote" his single irregular computer cast ballot that will now determine the next President of the United States a vote he personally did not cast but is afraid to say so out of fear that another felony on (Cosner "Bud") her father's record will land him in jail and her in a foster home.

The finale of the movie is "Bud" calling for a last debate where he reads questions from letters he recieves in the mail from countless American's. The first letter is a divisive question from a veteran asking the presidential candidates. "If America is the greatest nation on earth why is it that so few of us can afford to live here?"

Friday, August 8, 2008

UI "Shocks" Ratepayers With Another Jaw Dropping Increase Request!

Press Release From Yahoo Finance


Connecticut utility United Illuminating files rate increase application with state regulators.

"NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) -- Electric utility The United Illuminating Co. has filed an application with Connecticut authorities seeking a rate increase.
If approved by the Department of Public Utility Control, electric bills for residential customers using 700 kilowatt-hours per month will rise by about $6.60 per month. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, says he will fight the increase.

United Illuminating says it understands that rising energy costs are creating difficulties for consumers, but the company needs to increase its electricity distribution rate because of higher expenses, lower sales and increased capital costs.

Blumenthal says UI must tighten its belt and make do with less.

UI serves more than 323,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the greater New Haven and Bridgeport areas.


In Summary UI alleges profits are up in some areas down in others and maintain that conservation and delinquent accounts are costing them dearly. UI has also indicated that customers are more hostile and are planning or considering a system that remotely shuts off non paying customers. This will save UI money by eliminating jobs, and avoiding their hostile customers, vicious dogs, and inaccessible meters.

Conference Call Second Quarter 2008. [Click HERE] Scroll to middle of audio clip for conference call to begin. It starts after the music on hold.

Special point to add to this "shocker" is that shortly after the DPUC got slammed with this UI request our Spanish owned gas provider got caught over charging Milford for gas. They are now being forced to give us some money back, up to $9.00 per month.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Video Of Tornado In Milford

The following video is of what appears to be a tornado touching down in Milford CT. These videos were shot by Joe and I, Joe is an employee of the ComputerFox in Milford, CT. The idea to go storm chasing came about when we all began to recieve telephone calls of erratic weather in the area. News even emerged that a tornado was in Milford or had touched down in surrounding areas near Milford.

Since a tornado in Connecticut is about as rare as a snowfall in Florida Joe and I decided to have fun and go storm chasing. We can now bring you the only footage of its kind depicting this weather anomaly.

The video below was truly more than we expected to capture, but one thing to mention is that what we left out was two large downed trees (See Photo) and quite a bit of flooding and emergency calls to the fire departments. Please pardon the quality as the video and photos were shot using Motorola Razr telephones.

Devon Day Vs. Devon Revitalization Committee

Some time ago I created a post that was communicated to me as ambiguous and even was told that it did not accurately discern the difference between Devon Day, the community event, and the Devon Revitilazation Commiittee, the elected officials and influencial citizens spending the state grant money.

This post today came about in the final days of working the campaign trail, in the perils of meeting folks out in Devon I had the opportunity of speaking with a member of the Devon Day board. Needless to say she was upset with one of my posts, she felt that because Nanci Seltzer who is associated with Devon Day and is now running for state Representative has put the work and mission of the community event under fire.

First I would like to restate what I menioned in the earlier article that I wrote, that is I support not only Devon Day but any community event that brings people together in a good way. There is nothing more important to me than people and events that build community pride and help their less fortunate neighbors improve their community.

This means helping the seniors keep their yards in order, picking up trash on your street, leaving a garbage can in a park if the city has not. Doing things to show we care about the places in which we live, and keeping clean the place where kids play. This all starts in your own piece of milford, your yard.

My issues with Devon are not with the unrelated Devon Day, but the Devon Revitalization Committee who, in the past, and in my opinion has made some bad decisions with the use of the grant money they recieved. I.E. building a park on a bridge, and then putting an 80,000 clock there that now is broken.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gov. Says Saving Energy Takes Just "One Thing"

Governor Rell here in our state has launched a energy saving campaign some time ago called "One Thing" while the name can be cathchy I recently discovered that some people did not exactly know what this "one thing" was.

This blog today will hopefully make it clear as to the intentions behind the Governors campaign, now featured on highway billboards, newspapers, and just about everywhere you could get the word out. The purpose of the campaign is to promote energy conservation here in our state.

It does not take an expert to open an electric bill look at the amount due for just 30 days and realize something is alarmingly wrong, high energy expenses in Connecticut has already crippled our economy, and contributed to a boom in foreclosures. Rep. Cafero said Connecticut is ranked 50th out of 50 states, dead last, for being the least favorable state in America to conduct business in. Our leaders in Hartford for the first time in a long time are showing signs that our state finances are unraveling as a result, and the state is now taking on new debt and being forced into spending its surplus money.

The "One Thing" program asks you and your family to practice energy conservation, Rell believes that if every person in the state turned off one or two lights each day that would be over one million lights out, over the course of a year this could add up to billions of lights out saving an enourmous amount of energy.

By simply turning off a light each day you are helping your family save on energy, helping the environment by reducing greenhouse gas, and helping others by reducing demand for energy. Reduced demand will make future energy more affordable.

Turning off our lights is not a matter of "cheapness or stinginess" but rather an issue of "ignorance and selfishness" on the part of those who wrecklessly disregard others or trivialize the true impact a person can have on the environment.

Rell's program, is just a start and I personally believe that it is a great program if we follow it. Please talk to your family and kids about energy conservation and get as many as you can onboard. See the "One Thing" Website.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meet The Independent Party At The Milford Oyster Fest

Rocco J. Frank Jr. and the Independent Party of Connecticut will be in attendance at the Milford Oyster Festival on August 15th and August 16th registering voters and greeting local youth, and residents.

Independent voters, also recognized as Un-affiliated voters compose a substantial part of the electoral system. The Independent Party of Connecticut also aims to organize and assist all future persons who desire to become part of the Independent Party candidate advancement program.

The event will be attended by Mike Telesca, the chairman of the Independent Party, and also several statewide Independent candidates. Volunteers will be spending their time to assist new voters register, and meet residents of Milford and the surrounding community.

The scope and purpose of this event will be to bring awareness to the multitudes of voters that the Republican and Democratic parties are not exclusive to the candidacy process. As of 2007 the Connecticut Citizens Election Program now offers equal funding (by way of Grants) to all persons interested in pursuing public office.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Connecticut Cops Pre-Emptively Seize Guns

Paul Hughes
August 3, 2008

Using a unique state law, police in Connecticut have disarmed dozens of gun owners based on suspicions that they might harm themselves or others.

The state’s gun seizure law is considered the first and only law in the country that allows the confiscation of a gun before the owner commits an act of violence. Police and state prosecutors can obtain seizure warrants based on concerns about someone’s intentions.

State police and 53 police departments have seized more than 1,700 guns since the law took effect in October 1999, according to a new report to the legislature. There are nearly 900,000 privately owned firearms in Connecticut today.

Opponents of a gun seizure law expressed fears in 1999 that police would abuse the law. Today, the law’s backers say the record shows that hasn’t been the case.

“It certainly has not been abused. It may be underutilized,” said Ron Pinciaro, coexecutive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence.

Photo: (Boston Police display their success in pre-emptively disarming citizens in their Gun Buyback Program."

Friday, August 1, 2008

Plans Underway For A Milford Computer Recycling Day

Plans are currently underway to investigate an ideal site and location for a Milford Computer Recycling day. The program will most likely be held at an Eco-friendly location here in Milford and will focus on cleaning up old computers and E-Waste from the community. Old computers contain heavy metals including lead, beryllium, phosphorus and like contaminants making their recycling greatly important in reducing the impact on the environment.

The program also combats identity theft by destroying hard drives, and any access to personal files on your computer. Destroying these drives makes it impossible for thieves to use data mining to steal credit card numbers, Social Security Information or like accounts that can lead to years of credit correction issues.

We have not yet set an official date but expect we will announce one soon. For anyone interested in volunteering or offering ideas the ComputerFox located on New Haven Ave. in Milford will be entertaining questions and suggestions. Please feel free to contact Rocco J. Frank at (203) 247-4357 and leave a message.

This program has already been successfully implemented at nature centers in New Canaan and Westport.

Bridges For Sale

"Charming historic Manhattan Bridge, connects Manhattan to Brooklyn and is in need of some repairs. To make an offer call NYC Mayor Bloomberg."

Some thought the old saying "I have a bridge for sale" was a mark of a naive individual who was clueless to the tactics of con artists and thieves, but in these hard pressed economic times with cities and states running deficits don't be so quick to throw out a guy that is trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

This ARTICLE was featured on a CBS website forever bringing America to new and bizarre practices of debt relief. The investors who either lease or purchase these bridges would be able to procure revenue from tolls. Currently the MTA is responsible for these bridges, but due to municipal economic pressures the idea that their sale may offset major repair costs through privatization may be "on the table." If, or ever the Broooklyn Bridge, or any bridge sells for that matter, will be a question that sparks much future controversy and debate.