Thursday, August 14, 2008

Independent Party Now At Milford Oyster Festival.

Today's blog is just a reminder to come meet and greet the Brass and muscle behind the Independent Party of Ct. The number of "unaffiliated" or as we like to say "Independents" has swelled year after year and is now the largest party in the state.

Come visit our booth, booth 13, right next to the flagpole on the green. In attendenace will be Mike Telesca our state Independent party chairman, Rocco Frank 118th Candidate For Milford State Rep., and other notable Independents. The focus of this event will also be to provide a service of registering new voters, disseminating information about registration party options and also fundraising activities selling popcorn, and soft drinks.

Most All merchandise will be sold at the minimum allowable by festival rules $1.00. Please do not miss an opportunity to visit the Independent party as they are often not this omnipresent.

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