Friday, August 1, 2008

Plans Underway For A Milford Computer Recycling Day

Plans are currently underway to investigate an ideal site and location for a Milford Computer Recycling day. The program will most likely be held at an Eco-friendly location here in Milford and will focus on cleaning up old computers and E-Waste from the community. Old computers contain heavy metals including lead, beryllium, phosphorus and like contaminants making their recycling greatly important in reducing the impact on the environment.

The program also combats identity theft by destroying hard drives, and any access to personal files on your computer. Destroying these drives makes it impossible for thieves to use data mining to steal credit card numbers, Social Security Information or like accounts that can lead to years of credit correction issues.

We have not yet set an official date but expect we will announce one soon. For anyone interested in volunteering or offering ideas the ComputerFox located on New Haven Ave. in Milford will be entertaining questions and suggestions. Please feel free to contact Rocco J. Frank at (203) 247-4357 and leave a message.

This program has already been successfully implemented at nature centers in New Canaan and Westport.

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