Thursday, August 7, 2008

Video Of Tornado In Milford

The following video is of what appears to be a tornado touching down in Milford CT. These videos were shot by Joe and I, Joe is an employee of the ComputerFox in Milford, CT. The idea to go storm chasing came about when we all began to recieve telephone calls of erratic weather in the area. News even emerged that a tornado was in Milford or had touched down in surrounding areas near Milford.

Since a tornado in Connecticut is about as rare as a snowfall in Florida Joe and I decided to have fun and go storm chasing. We can now bring you the only footage of its kind depicting this weather anomaly.

The video below was truly more than we expected to capture, but one thing to mention is that what we left out was two large downed trees (See Photo) and quite a bit of flooding and emergency calls to the fire departments. Please pardon the quality as the video and photos were shot using Motorola Razr telephones.

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