Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Energy Deregulation Still Misunderstood

Recently, I have attended several conferences on Energy Deregulation in Connecticut and the United States. The state wide meeting I attended was with 500 people at the Marriott hotel in Stamford. The meeting was presided over by Kerry Breitbart President and CEO of the United Companies. Kerry was a world leader in energy trading through a company he founded called Amorex. He now is the champion behind the fastest growing energy deregulation company in Connecticut and has secured a $75M line of credit from Wells Fargo bank to bring that message to our city state and town consumers.

The statistics on energy deregulation in CT are however surprising. The facts show that only 20% of homeowners in the state are off the UI and CL&P program, businesses fare better with 40% of them being deregulated. However, the numbers tell that many people are still questioning the sincerity of this program, currently there are over 15 companies who claim to offer lower energy rates. Some have argued that UI seems to be going against their own interests. However this is a fallacy, actually UI and CL&P tell their consumers through inserts in your bills, on their websites and in public meetings that anyone who wishes to save money on their energy bills needs to pick another company besides them.

This is hard to believe, that the electric companies would be sending their customers to their competitors, but the reality is that this recommendation does not effect the overall profitability of their company. According to representatives at North American Power and Gas, the energy companies were deregulated many years ago. They were told to sell off their power plants and purchase their energy on the open market.

Connecticut traditionally has its bill bundled, combining the cost of delivery, with the cost of generation. After deregulation passed there was no profit incentive for the energy companies to produce energy. Most of the profit the energy companies make is through the delivery side of the energy bill, those costs pay the utility company for creating a customer bill, responding to emergencies and reading your energy meters.

None of this is effected when a person changes to an alternate energy provider. Effectively the only thing that changes is the price consumers pay for energy. This confusion is what is causing many people not to change over. Some people feel that if they change their service provider they will not get emergency service that they no longer will be able to speak with their electric company representative like they used to, or their electrician will not get help if he needs it... all of which is completely false.

Rarely do I recommend what people should do but if any of you out there reading this today have not changed your energy provider I urge you to call me at (203) 247-4357 to have your bill lowered. It takes about 5 minutes of your time, requires no contract to be signed and will save you about one of your bills a year in money. Its completely worth it to sign up with the right company.

For more information click the North America Power Advertisement to the right of this blog in the Ad Bar, there you will find a video just click the play button to learn more.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Messy Milford Homeowner Threatened With Punitive Fines

City Health Director Dr. A. Dennis McBride has warned the owner of a 19th century house on Gulf Street to clean up the property or face a $100 per day fine.

The 1890 home at 417 Gulf St. is owned by Neil Riggione, who used to own Knickerbockers Famous Bar and Grill at the Westfield Connecticut Post mall.The house has long drawn the ire of city officials, especially the Economic Development Commission.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Fire Breaks Out In Woodmont

Last night a big fire broke out in the Woodmont section of Milford. When the Fire department arrived the fire was fully involved and several adjoining houses were also damaged. The weather was also reported as a problem in fighting the fire.

The fire required the assistance of both Bridgeport and Stratford fire stations, and one Firefighter was reported rushed to the Milford Hospital with an ankle injury.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but residents on the scene indicated that a propane tank exploded and was the source of the blaze. The fire occurred last night and more photos are available at flicker. Click HERE to see the additional images.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fiscal Wake Up Tour, David Walker Releases IOUSA Free Documentary

The below documentary was released by David Walker, America's top accountant prior to his resignation five years ago. David launched the Fiscal Wake Up Tour to educate all Americans on the dangers of deficit spending, or living beyond our means. The documentary details how Americans inability to save and our current trade imbalances is creating a crisis only second to a terrorist detonating a nuke in America.

Watch the video and feel free to comment here on this blog or visit David Walker's website featured in the video.

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Negative Income Properties Arriving In Milford

Nothing threatens schools and education more than Negative Income Properties. NIP's unlike financially irresponsible politicians cannot be voted out of office on election day. NIP's consume more taxes and tax dollars than can ever be reasonably recouped by taxation. The following note that arrived to me today has all the hallmarks of a classic tax burden to the people of Milford. The e-mail reads as follows:

"The appeal to prevent the development of apartments on Prospect St. has failed after 4 years in court. The current owners have posted a Notice of Demolition on 25 Prospect St., the little brown house, after 4 years of neglect. It appears the developer will build their first proposal of 3 apartment buildings with minimum setbacks against the cemetery property and the railroad property. 84 apartments. 97 cars. "

This type of development will result in new Milford residents that will potentially have one or more kids in our schools. The cost of educating those kids $12,500.00 each... the taxes they pay perhaps 4, or $5,000.00 per unit creating an additional tax burden on the people of Milford, and the kids we need to educate here. Truly sad and tragic.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Letter Exposes Kimball Report (KRIT) Not Implemented As Prescribed

"April 23, 2010

Dear [Board of Aldermen Members]

As elected current and former representatives of our communities, with more than 20 years between us serving the City of Milford as Planning and Zoning Board Commissioners, we know that what you do is important, difficult and at times, unfortunately, thankless. Please know, therefore, that our speaking out regarding the newly formed Department of Permitting and Land Use reflect genuine concerns regarding the re-alignment of the land use departments, and these concerns, expressed to your board before, reflect the views of many in our community.

As you know, this new department, formed by the Kimball Report Implementation Team, is a new item in the 2011 budget currently being reviewed by your board. This department was formed by the merging of three departments—Building, Inland Wetlands, and City Planning—into one department. The proposed budget reflects the cost of running those three departments and the salary of a new position, Director of the Department of Permitting and Land Use.

Comparing the budget request for this new department with the individual budgets for the once independent departments for FY 2010, shows that there is an 11% budget increase projected; this increase is comprised, in large part, of the salary for the Director. (Salaries for all three departments in FY 2010: $830,229 and the Mayor’s request is $934,385 for FY 2010). The total budget for these three departments: $892,752 FY 2010/$1,001,690 FY 2011. This increase does not include the cost of the Parsons remodel to accommodate the merging of the 3 departments which has been suggested to be $145,000. Part of the funding for this redesign and renovation is being funded through LOCIP Funds.

The increase – the largest for any City department – represents a stark departure from the intention of the Kimball Report which was initiated by the Board of Alderman and paid for from City Funds. In that report many recommendations were made to enhance the permitting process thereby ensuring better and more efficient customer service. Among the recommendations: Implementation of enhanced software; utilization of the City of Milford website; signage for Parsons Complex and a new staffing position, described in the report as a Permitting Authority or a concierge.

What the City has now is a position budgeted for a permanent Director of the Department of Permitting and Land Use who, according to the recently posted job description, has authority over three departments and professional staff, yet that position, paying $95,000 year, requires no land use experience, professional certification of any kind or post-high school education. During the almost 6 months that the interim Director has served the City, the operations of the three departments have remained pretty much the same; if anything the departments have less available resources than before this change was implemented in November of 2009. This was brought into stark clarity during your most recent budget hearing: the overtime costs for these departments remain as they were, and not only has overtime costs continued during the past 6 months, but staffing shortages are projected at the same level for all of 2011. As you know a key staff position (the Zoning Enforcement Officer) in the City Planning office remains unfilled, and a building inspector position in the building department has been removed from this year’s budget.

In short, the City is currently paying $95,000 for a position that has not alleviated staffing shortages as the Director of the Department of Permitting and Land Use testified to during the budget hearings.

What the City wanted with the hiring of an outside firm to review the permitting processes in the City was a plan for addressing the concerns of developers and residents who found working with the various departments difficult and confusing. But, the implementation of that plan has brought about little or no savings to the City and the key recommendations of the Kimball Report remain unfulfilled. But, more importantly, the cost for a Director overseeing professional staff has in fact made it impossible for these departments to be fully staffed and deprived these offices of some technical upgrades that were recommended and are necessary to expedite the permitting process.

As your board makes decisions on the budget, you are, as in good years and not-so-good years, left to make decisions about what is working and what is not as well setting the priorities of the City. Everyone has their own view; however, the cost to the City of a regular, full-time employee (including benefit package that will add at a minimum 10% additional cost for the position) overseeing the professional staff of three departments seems a very high price to pay when the City is cutting teachers or decreasing funding in other City departments or services. What makes the Director of Permitting and Land Use more important than preserving certain teaching positions?

In the case of the Director’s position, the City has had almost 6 months to review the progress of the changes envisioned by the implementation team, and the benefits to the City that that position has brought. We don’t believe that a fair and impartial look at what was envisioned by the Kimball Report and what has been delivered meets the vision of Kimball nor does it come close to satisfying the needs of the City.

The City needs to get the most value for their taxpayer’s money. We believe that if a position such as this is added to the City budget, this position should increase departmental efficiencies by providing customer service through a one-stop concierge service as envisioned in the Kimball Report. Further, as outlined in that report, providing customer service through development of internet tools that assist permit seekers with accurate information would go a long way to decreasing individual visits to various Land Use offices. Moreover, planned GIS upgrades—previously partially budgeted—should be implemented and inter-departmental information flow enhanced through electronic upgrades; all of which would allow professional staff to focus on their core jobs rather than attending to the myriad of questions and frustrations that arise everyday and could be handled by a mid-level employee. These affordable changes will help decrease overtime costs while providing builders and residents with quality and prompt information.

In addition to the known added costs of this implementation, there is also the unknown impact of pending grievances by union administrators. It would seem mandatory that this be dealt with before any position is funded.

We believe, that the City does not need to hire a permanent Director. However, if deemed necessary, that a job description be more in line with the goals set forth in Kimball—a mid-salary position where the duties emphasize the customer service aspect that is at the heart of the Kimball Report. Moreover, interdepartmental and extra-departmental communication needs to be enhanced through electronic upgrades that allow information to be shared across departments as well as providing basic land use information on the Milford City website.

An alternative scenario: “pause” further action and concentrate solely on the technology

up-grades; if necessary a tech consultant hired with oversight provided by a city administrator. At the end of the next fiscal year evaluate the need for any further change.

It doesn't make sense to us for the Board of Alderman to be looking at cutting overtime, consolidating copier costs and looking into cheaper ways to publicize announcements among the three departments without giving very serious consideration to the thousands and thousands of dollars the City is spending—and will continue to spend year after year—for a position that is not, in its present form, able to provide the full range of customer service objectives and departmental efficiencies that were the objectives of the City’s own funded report.

Please know that we understand the enormous responsibility you have and we hope you understand the value we place on your service to the City. We hope that with the understanding that we are all working together for a better Milford, that you consider our concerns and suggestions seriously."

With all respect,

Susan Shaw
Chairman, Planning and Zoning
203 874-0115

Jeanne Cervin
Past-Chairman, Planning and Zoning
203 878-1665

Jack Jansen
Past-Chairman, Planning and Zoning
203 215-4825

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gayle Slossberg Reception Tonight

This evening from 5:30 to 7:30 P.M Gayle Slossberg will be holding a Reception at Stonebridge Restaurant. The event is a celebration of her candidacy for the State Senate 14Th Senatorial District.

Gayle's District includes all of Milford, all of Orange and part of West Haven. This year Gayle has been cross endorsed by the Milford Independent party for her work as a non-partisan honest and Independent Democrat.

Her endorsement from the MIP came as a result of her support of the Endangered Citizens Election Program, her commitment to fight government corruption, and her courage to Independently stand up to her party and break with state caucuses on issues that could have hurt Middle Class people.

Last month Gayle did her announcement at the Milford Hospital, Gayle chose her venue based on her opposition to a Democrat proposed tax that would have been in her words little more than a "tax on the sick." Gayle said that the Milford Hospital, like most businesses is facing economic challenges. Recently the Milford Hospital announced they were laying off workers and closing a unit within the building.

Gayle was the main reason that our local hospital was saved from what would have amounted to a "One Million Dollar Tax." There are few politicians in town that really work hard for the people of our state, in the past we have seen our leaders playing solitaire during budget debates or just rising to stellar status and disconnecting from the people they represent in favor of influence peddlers. Gayle has always told the truth, and stood by the people she represents.

The Milford Independent Party has proudly supported Gayle this year for her well grounded efforts and her caring for ordinary people. We are proud that she accepted our support and we look forward to working together in shaping policy and legislation in the coming years.

Hopefully all of you who feel the same as we do will come tonight and show your support for Gayle this evening.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jobless Teachers, Political Recalls, and Frustrated Students and Parents

The times are upon us again, only this year many assumed that the layoff threat would be as it was last year just a threat. Over the last few weeks that proved to be a dangerous assumption and an abject failure of a miscalculation on the part of Milford's teachers union.

This year one school Simon Lake is officially closed and 25 Milford teachers are looking for jobs while seeking unemployment compensation. The city did promise "recall" rights to these teachers, but only if a vacancy occurs whereby a tenured teacher retires. This was already seen when Ms. Elmo retired, because in her words "she wanted to save the job of a younger teacher who needed it more."

For several weeks and months following the educational debates that filled the Jonathan Law auditorium not once but twice supporters of the Simon Lake school pleaded to keep it open just one more year, and the Milford Board of Education was unable to convince the the Board of Finance and the Board of Alderman to restore the funding to the school.

The Libertarian leaning Chairman of the board of Alderman Greg Smith, supported the schools closing citing that the "city could no longer afford it." However some parents disagreed and started a recall process this week against Republican school board member Robert White R3, who said he was unconcerned and a "recall effort is their right" but few are convinced the recall will resolve anything since Milford has never had a successful recall of a board member.

Several parents are out collecting signatures from voters and people who agree with their view that Mr. White did not listen to his constituents and callously disregarded them when they asked for a remedy to the injury of closing a school in his district. The parents of those kids are now trying to collect 675 signatures that Republican Town Clerk Linda Stock will have to verify as legitimate. Once the signature threshold is reached a recall procedure can be initiated and early reports indicate the parents are 3/4 of the way there.

Acting Superintendent of schools, Cummings gave several elaborate presentations to the public defending his plan to reorganize Milford's schools. He promised all the affected parents of the closed school that despite a commuter inconvenience and having their kids go to multiple schools that "their kids education would not suffer."

Several Republican board members in town were satisfied that the closing of Simon Lake School is a "win win" situation whereby kids still get a "Good education" and taxpayers get a "minor" tax increase.

As a former candidate for the school board myself, it is my opinion that the very notion of change during hard economic times, is unpalatable to some parents who will be forced to redo and rethink how they get their kids off to school in the morning. Some are concerned about commuting, class sizes and of course are upset with their child's teacher being let go.

As the tumultuous nature of the Education Outrage Machine goes into full swing in the coming months and years none are less prepared for the nasty changes that will arrive in 2011 than the city government. In 2011 the Milford Board of Education is expected to lose 1.5 Million in Federal funding plus take on an additional routine increase of 3.5 Million in Cost of Living adjustments, health care costs, and contractual raises.

The 2011 Educational budget spells "DISASTER" in 2011 for all parties involved. The alternatives may require additional school closings or large increases in property taxes that may be as high as 5%. Some argued that the solution to this problem will be the construction of a new Green High School that merges Jonathan Law and Foran into a single "Green" energy efficient modern facility.

The construction of a new High School has not been pursued in many decades and most of this work will be funded by the state of Connecticut and the sale of Milford's most energy inefficient crumbling schools. As it stands Mark Stapleton the current Chairman of the Milford Board of Education said "Milford's Schools need $100,000,000.00 in repairs at the moment the current method of implementing this has been a triage system."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Independents Booker And Marsh Rise Up!

The frontrunner in the gubernatorial race on the Republican side doesn’t have one, his opponent has chosen a Caucasian male, the two Democratic candidates have chosen female running mates, but Independent Party candidate Tom Marsh continues to differentiate himself from the other five gubernatorial candidates.

On Monday Marsh will announce he has chosen Cicero Booker, a retired police lieutenant and past president of the Waterbury branch of the NAACP, as his running mate.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Readers

Please be advised that our Milford Daily Blogs will be slowing down some due to the intense nature of campaigning on my part. The Independent party has Ten's of thousands of signatures to collect across the state and here locally.

Most will find me at your local busy spots in town with my candidate petitions in hand, we are eager to get a full slate of candidates on the ballot from the ground up. This year marks the 3rd. year of the Independent party in Milford and proudly follows on the heels of this towns legendary Mayor Charles Iovino. Iovino proved to the world, and Time magazine, that an Independent candidate can succeed with a powerful message.

The Independent party is a local Milford Party, who advocates a Constitutional form of government, with an educational system that educates with freedom and liberty from state and Federal Encumbrances. We only run candidates that are of good moral character, tell the truth, and are qualified for the office they seek.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Milford's Peter Schiff Challenges Obama Recovery

In recent months, GDP numbers have rebounded - primarily as a result of record low interest rates reliquifying the credit market and government stimulus jolting consumer spending. Although the "positive growth" has delighted Obama's economic brain trust, it has done little to boost the fortunes of Main Street. As I have said many times, GDP largely measures spending, and spending is not growth.

Last Friday we received the latest indication that the real economy is not recovering in the slightest. The Labor Department reported that non-farm payrolls increased by 431,000 jobs in May. In a press statement, the President himself crowed at the news, noting that the official employment rate fell to 9.7% from 9.9%. However, just inches below the headline, red flags were everywhere. Only 41,000 of those jobs were generated in the private sector - far below the median forecast of 180,000. Even more troubling was the fact that the Census Bureau alone accounted for 411,000 new jobs, which were almost exclusively temporary positions.

Rather than a recovery, the jobs data seems to indicate that we are still mired in the first economic depression since the 1930s. Back in 1931, two full years after the Crash of 1929, there were still very few people who thought that the recession then underway would one day be called the Great Depression. (See my commentary from March 1st "Don't Bet on a Recovery)

Increased spending, financed by unprecedented borrowing, will prove to be just as temporary as a US census job (unless, in the name of stimulus, Obama decides to make "people counting" a permanent function of the US government.). When the bills come due, the next leg down will be even more severe than the last.

The swelling ranks of the government payroll, and the shrinking number of private taxpayers footing the bill, will guarantee larger deficits and a weaker economy for years to come. In addition, the artificial spending has prevented a much-needed restructuring from taking place, leaving our economy far less efficient than before the crisis began. In other words, we have dug ourselves into a much deeper hole while failing utterly to build any means to climb out.

One reason that we have thus far been spared the full wrath of Washington's poor decisions is that we are still benefiting from problems abroad, particularly in the eurozone. As sovereign debt issues have temporarily caused a flight to the dollar, our economy has benefited from lower interest rates and restrained consumer prices.

However, EU member-states have shown some willingness to confront their problems by cutting government spending - correctly ignoring US government suggestions that they do the opposite.

Just today, newly elected UK Prime Minister David Cameron prepared his constituents for austerity. Citing a budget deficit that is currently running at 11 percent of GDP, Cameron indicated that government spending would have to fall in order to maintain solvency and a high standard of living.

Cameron went on to say, "Greece stands as a warning of what happens to countries that lose their credibility, or whose governments pretend that difficult decisions can somehow be avoided." This type of realistic sentiment is completely absent in our current leadership in Washington, even though the US deficit is 9.9 percent of GDP and mounting. Meanwhile, the tough decisions being made by European governments will start to rebuild investor confidence in the euro.

Once the euro finally stabilizes against the dollar, I expect commodity prices to resume their rise, especially oil. Normally, the uncertainty created by the disastrous oil spill in the gulf, and the resulting moratorium on deep-water drilling, would have sent crude oil prices skyrocketing. However, fears of a global slowdown, euro weakness, and general risk aversion have held prices in check. As Asia continues its growth and Europe regains its footing, I expect a delayed surge in oil prices, which will put yet another obstacle on the road to US recovery.

Our last remaining leg of support has been the activity of Asian central banks, who have continued in their herculean efforts to prop up the dollar and bail out Americans with low interest rates and cheap imports. However, when sovereign credit risk eventually rears its head in America, look for Asian policymakers to finally wise up. Once that prop is removed, there will be no questions about the gravity of our situation - and little dispute that it amounts to a depression.

The real danger will be if we follow our own foolish advice that Europe appears to have rejected. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has bluntly suggested that European governments should print and spend money in order to keep their economies out of recession. In reality, cutting government spending is a far better stimulus. Maintaining lavish budgets through the use of the printing press will only result in disaster. Not only will such action fail to avert a double-dip recession, but it will practically ensure an inflationary depression.

As I have said before, we can't simultaneously grow the economy and grow government. The latest jobs report shows that we are just growing government. If that trend doesn't soon reverse, investors will start betting on the collapse of the dollarzone.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picking Our Pockets One Business at a Time

Faux Pas Conservative Mayor Jim Richetelli announced with pride today that the city hired, private corporate tax collector strong armed Milford businesses out of triple the amount they hoped to collect a whopping $560 Grand.

While the Mayor called Milford business owners "scofflaws" and "tax cheats" he ignored the fact that Republicans are historically proponents of small business. The very engine that drives Milford's local economy. Today, despite the Richetelli propaganda Milford is indeed under severe duress, and the Tax attacks on small business are being exacerbated in aggregate. $560 Grand Collected, means the people of Milford have paid that money. This Money has been paid by the Milford Hospital Closing a unit and laying off people, money that our larger companies recoup by letting people go, cut their hours or just fire them.

In exchange the city raises our property taxes, cuts our services, grants themselves raises and closes our schools. How people are not outraged is beyond me, but as the dissatisfaction of our local Government continues and Milford's austerity goes by the wayside, the pandemonium of excessive spending at city hall continues.

The Milford leaders who bless this tax assault know nothing of the fact that Just under Obama tax levy's increased 10 Fold to 3.7 Million. To give the readers an inclination on how drastic of an increase this number is, the IRS statistics cited merely 200,000 levy's 10 years ago vs. 3.7M today confirming that there is no bailout for business owners. These levy's carry hefty penalties and interest that only go away after they are paid or the person who owes them dies trying to get out of debt.

We always hear about how Republicans are critical of Obama, the health care tax, the carbon tax the increase on capital gains tax etc. and yet we find that there are only differences in their logo's not their actions. Quite sadly and as a small business owner myself, I have seen and experienced first hand the tyranny of the IRS and the draconian measures of courts when times are tough. This year alone I had to say goodbye to many employees, and friends who lost their businesses and witnessed swarms of tax collectors shaking down businesses. If you want to see for yourself how bad things have gotten just ask you mail person how many IRS and Tax Collector letters they deliver daily and I promise you will be stunned.

But no matter how hard things get, I always find there is some clueless chap who is still willing to take a risk and rent a retail space in pursuit of the American dream. They do this with the same naivety and ignorance of their predecessors who, like them, were also unaware of how many tax predators will arrive at their doorstep demanding money.

Personally, I am a person that likes to rise to these kinds of challenges and find solutions. My friend Steve Pjuria who teaches a Milford Ed class on how to Start a Business brings his students to me for final training. I have been happy to give groups of aspiring business owners lessons in the pitfalls of opening a business. Sadly I must inform many of them that the city of Milford is hostile toward large businesses and today's headlines prove me right that government sanctioned corporations (on commission) will attack them and invade their books for a buck in this town.

This is not to say people should quit trying to make living, or pursue their dreams, but rather they need to consider a plan whereby success is profit based and often that includes taking your business mode to cyberspace, working out of your car or carving a space out in your home before becoming a Commercial tax target.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Independents Mobilizing

This Sunday from 9:30 A.M. on, the Independent Party of Milford and beyond will be mobilizing to garner signatures for its impressive slate of Candidates. Some top names include Multi-Millionaire Warren Mosler, Bo Itshaki, Gayle Slossberg, and Chester's First Selectman (and this years Independent Gubernatorial candidate) Tom Marsh.

For a full description of all candidates visit the Milford Independent Party website at

The scope and purpose of this event is to invite the public to spread the word, attend the meeting at the ComputerFox at 374 New Haven Ave. and be prepared for a day of working with others to collect signatures.

No RSVP is required, just attend at 9:30 A.M. and a complimentary Continental breakfast will be available to all participants. This will be followed by a brief Power Point Presentation and training period. We expect that each volunteer be able to garner 150-200 signatures in a day.

This is a very important day in third party politics as it is Germain to all our official candidates garnering the necessary public support required by the Secretary of the State for ballot access.

If you are a person who believes that no matter how you vote Republican or Democrat the country goes in the wrong direction, then this is your moment in time to make your voice count. We promise that the petitions you return will place a message on every ballot in Connecticut that will be heard loud and clear by the political establishment that we will not stand for their lack of public service and their incompetence as leaders.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rosa Delauro's Ties To BP Challenged

Republican candidate for Congress Jerry Labriola Tuesday called on Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro to explain why she hasn’t disclosed her husband’s lucrative relationship with the company behind the largest environmental disaster in American history.

Stanley Greenberg is president of a public relations and polling company which represents British Petroleum (BP), which owns the damaged drilling site which continues to spew oil into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

“Rosa DeLauro is an insider, and because she’s an insider, she has said nothing about the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Labriola. “Worse, Rosa DeLauro has not disclosed this conflict perhaps because of her husband’s business interests.”

Rosa DeLauro, the second highest ranking woman in the Congress next to Nancy Pelosi, claims on her official website: “we have a responsibility to protect our natural resources and ensure that we have a clean, healthy environment.”

“Stan Greenberg is entitled to make a living, but where is the line?” asked Labriola. “One has to ask: does the money Stan Greenberg makes conflict with his wife’s ability to represent the people of the 3rd Congressional District and her claims on her website?”


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

118Th Seat Challenged By Independent Party

Independent Party Town Committee Chairman Rocco Frank announced recently that he will run for the 118th District House seat this fall on a platform of protecting the Bill of Rights and increasing state funding for schools.

Rep. Barbara Lambert, D-Milford, is not running for re-election in the district. Frank ran against her and Republican Nanci Seltzer in 2008 for the seat after former House Speaker James A. Amann opted not to run again.

Frank said recently that his previous campaign experience showed him that voters wanted an alternative to Democrats and Republicans.