Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picking Our Pockets One Business at a Time

Faux Pas Conservative Mayor Jim Richetelli announced with pride today that the city hired, private corporate tax collector strong armed Milford businesses out of triple the amount they hoped to collect a whopping $560 Grand.

While the Mayor called Milford business owners "scofflaws" and "tax cheats" he ignored the fact that Republicans are historically proponents of small business. The very engine that drives Milford's local economy. Today, despite the Richetelli propaganda Milford is indeed under severe duress, and the Tax attacks on small business are being exacerbated in aggregate. $560 Grand Collected, means the people of Milford have paid that money. This Money has been paid by the Milford Hospital Closing a unit and laying off people, money that our larger companies recoup by letting people go, cut their hours or just fire them.

In exchange the city raises our property taxes, cuts our services, grants themselves raises and closes our schools. How people are not outraged is beyond me, but as the dissatisfaction of our local Government continues and Milford's austerity goes by the wayside, the pandemonium of excessive spending at city hall continues.

The Milford leaders who bless this tax assault know nothing of the fact that Just under Obama tax levy's increased 10 Fold to 3.7 Million. To give the readers an inclination on how drastic of an increase this number is, the IRS statistics cited merely 200,000 levy's 10 years ago vs. 3.7M today confirming that there is no bailout for business owners. These levy's carry hefty penalties and interest that only go away after they are paid or the person who owes them dies trying to get out of debt.

We always hear about how Republicans are critical of Obama, the health care tax, the carbon tax the increase on capital gains tax etc. and yet we find that there are only differences in their logo's not their actions. Quite sadly and as a small business owner myself, I have seen and experienced first hand the tyranny of the IRS and the draconian measures of courts when times are tough. This year alone I had to say goodbye to many employees, and friends who lost their businesses and witnessed swarms of tax collectors shaking down businesses. If you want to see for yourself how bad things have gotten just ask you mail person how many IRS and Tax Collector letters they deliver daily and I promise you will be stunned.

But no matter how hard things get, I always find there is some clueless chap who is still willing to take a risk and rent a retail space in pursuit of the American dream. They do this with the same naivety and ignorance of their predecessors who, like them, were also unaware of how many tax predators will arrive at their doorstep demanding money.

Personally, I am a person that likes to rise to these kinds of challenges and find solutions. My friend Steve Pjuria who teaches a Milford Ed class on how to Start a Business brings his students to me for final training. I have been happy to give groups of aspiring business owners lessons in the pitfalls of opening a business. Sadly I must inform many of them that the city of Milford is hostile toward large businesses and today's headlines prove me right that government sanctioned corporations (on commission) will attack them and invade their books for a buck in this town.

This is not to say people should quit trying to make living, or pursue their dreams, but rather they need to consider a plan whereby success is profit based and often that includes taking your business mode to cyberspace, working out of your car or carving a space out in your home before becoming a Commercial tax target.

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