Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Readers

Please be advised that our Milford Daily Blogs will be slowing down some due to the intense nature of campaigning on my part. The Independent party has Ten's of thousands of signatures to collect across the state and here locally.

Most will find me at your local busy spots in town with my candidate petitions in hand, we are eager to get a full slate of candidates on the ballot from the ground up. This year marks the 3rd. year of the Independent party in Milford and proudly follows on the heels of this towns legendary Mayor Charles Iovino. Iovino proved to the world, and Time magazine, that an Independent candidate can succeed with a powerful message.

The Independent party is a local Milford Party, who advocates a Constitutional form of government, with an educational system that educates with freedom and liberty from state and Federal Encumbrances. We only run candidates that are of good moral character, tell the truth, and are qualified for the office they seek.

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