Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gayle Slossberg Reception Tonight

This evening from 5:30 to 7:30 P.M Gayle Slossberg will be holding a Reception at Stonebridge Restaurant. The event is a celebration of her candidacy for the State Senate 14Th Senatorial District.

Gayle's District includes all of Milford, all of Orange and part of West Haven. This year Gayle has been cross endorsed by the Milford Independent party for her work as a non-partisan honest and Independent Democrat.

Her endorsement from the MIP came as a result of her support of the Endangered Citizens Election Program, her commitment to fight government corruption, and her courage to Independently stand up to her party and break with state caucuses on issues that could have hurt Middle Class people.

Last month Gayle did her announcement at the Milford Hospital, Gayle chose her venue based on her opposition to a Democrat proposed tax that would have been in her words little more than a "tax on the sick." Gayle said that the Milford Hospital, like most businesses is facing economic challenges. Recently the Milford Hospital announced they were laying off workers and closing a unit within the building.

Gayle was the main reason that our local hospital was saved from what would have amounted to a "One Million Dollar Tax." There are few politicians in town that really work hard for the people of our state, in the past we have seen our leaders playing solitaire during budget debates or just rising to stellar status and disconnecting from the people they represent in favor of influence peddlers. Gayle has always told the truth, and stood by the people she represents.

The Milford Independent Party has proudly supported Gayle this year for her well grounded efforts and her caring for ordinary people. We are proud that she accepted our support and we look forward to working together in shaping policy and legislation in the coming years.

Hopefully all of you who feel the same as we do will come tonight and show your support for Gayle this evening.

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