Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jim Amann has a Growing Problem.

Jim Amann has been really screwing up with the public and their opinion of him. Just about every blog board is critical of his leadership and in many cases goes as far as saying that he illegally uses his office for his personal financial gain with a charity he is connected to. Most recently is a new emerging website entitled (Not affiliated with

But that aside I continue to distrust Amann across the board because of his support for Lieberman. Amann helped Lieberman get Re-Elected after his party dumped him, and if America starts WW3 due to the Work of Lieberman, then I believe Jim Amann should be held accountable for all the future lives of young men and women that needlessly will be lost. Vote him out of office!

The last thing Connecticut needs right now is a “Lieber-Loving tax and Spend Liberal.” While I resent Jims wish to bilk the governor out of “Millions of dollars” to fix our bridges, he has not mentioned a single word about holding those who wreck our infrastructure accountable, and I know that that is a major part of this budget.

I challenge the Speaker to propose a $10 or $20 Tax or Toll for “Big Rig” tractor trailer trucks, the overweight offenders, the 12 ton speeders, and the implementation of proper drainage systems and freight weight standards.

Lets not forget that the last bridge explosion in CT was in Black Rock, another one exploded on Rt 7 not too long ago, both were trucks full of Oil that created infernos and stopped traffic. Should these offenders be our problem? The passenger car drivers. I think not!

Amann should be suggesting real solutions rather than once again stealing the “limelight” after a Bridge collapses on T.V. and you Mr. Amann, if your reading this, should be ashamed of your “Telegislator” style! You should be ashamed that you have no semblence of a plan other than to be a “Tax and Spend” liberal.

This is the thinking that is resulting in the annual meltdown in Hartford. We keep allocating millions to departments and projects that are neither properly managed, financialy resourceful or efficient. I believe that not one cent should be appropriated to any single person or department that is devoid of a conservative plan to get their job done, and done without B.S. cost overuns and budget problems. I believe waste should be eliminated.

With that said I also believe the Speaker needs to force Connecticut to stand up for itself and take a position demanding that our Federal Income Tax Dollars be apportioned back to us as our U.S. Constitution requires of the Federal Government. As it stands the Federal Government annually takes 4 months of CT Citizens income in tax. None of it comes back to us or our state. Not a cent for our Schools, Roads, our Emergency services, or a single social program. Aaron Russo, featured on youtube will eloquently explain this to any “would be doubters,” but for now, I think we all need to be Mad as Hell over the cronyism, and racketeering going on in our government. These latest budget problems, and its associated “Pork” not excepted.

Join the “Truth Movement” Demand answers and boot the “Dinosaur Politicians.”

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Ban Connecticut Family Relations.

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce proceeding in Connecticut should be familiar with the Family Relations department at the courthouse. Being a past officer of the state Courthouse, and Divorced myself I think I am an expert in defining how helpful this organization is from both perspectives.

From my experience, the most annoying thing about the Family Relations office is of course their unholy relationship with the judges in the Family courtroom. These judges, in many instances accept their recommendations as if they are an authority on what is in a parties best interests. The truth is that family relations runs interference between the courts, and couple seeking to get a fast judgement to resolve a marital issue/s. This interference most adversely affects people representing themselves, it outright wastes their time. Many couples have no interest in engaging a Family Relations officer but they are forced to do it anyway. More insulting yet is that unless, like a child, a couple does not have a signed "hall pass" from Family Relations, a judge will not hear their case.

With that not bad enough family relations has made it their purpose to "stick their noses" in the business of divorcing couples and often mislead them to believe that what they recommend is somehow the law when it is not. I personally witnessed them bullying divorced couples into making binding agreements without actually knowing anything about the lives or the issues of the individuals in question.

From my own experience I will say that their decisions are based on dangerous precedents, superficial and insufficient knowledge of facts, and conclusions derived from a minimum of work, research and understanding beyond their own opinion. What is more upsetting, aside from that is this agencies insistence on wasting the time of people seeking a quick legal resolution. More often than not the agency advice is so bad that it complicates matters by making horrible recommendations that do not sit well with couples who just end up back in court. The picture below is an accurate portrayal of how many cases one social worker is forced to decide on in a day.

Personally I believe that this agency advances family conflict, rather than resolve it and it un-intentionally furthers child neglect; Through its ignorant approach to problem solving. This agency, time again has demonstrated that it offers little to nothing to divorced couples and their children and by all rights should be dissolved.

My personal belief is that the direct implementation of the Connecticut General Statues by a judge will better serve divorcing couples than the blind suppositions of a social worker untrained in Law. I believe judges prefer agreements because it absolves them of their responsibility to look up and responsibly implement the law or be held accountable for bad judgements.

Should there be a day we dissolve Family Relations in Connecticut, our citizens will suffer no loss. The courts in conjunction with the Department of Children and Families are more than capable of doing everything critical to Families, as well if not better, just by taking a "lases fare" approach to the personal business of litigious couples. These couples are just as capable of reaching agreements on their own without the forced unwelcome intrusive opinion of state social workers.

Closing these offices down will save the state millions that they could better use to help mothers living below the poverty line. This money could be used for health care now in jeopardy due to the Bush cuts. This savings could be used to improve the quality of education in our schools. Write the Governor and your Representative and ask them to cut funding to CT Family Relations. An arcane agency that has no place in our state.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Blackwater Corp. Mercinaries in "Hot Water."

The news has been very critical of Blackwater in the last several weeks. The accusations are that Blackwater has used lethal force against citizens of Iraq for no justified reason and engaged in illegal arms trading. This article today is going to look into the Blackwater criticism and hopefully give today's readers a better understanding of how this private security force conducts its operations.

First let's define Blackwater, (this information comes from Blackwater is a private corporation currently working under the U.S. Government, they provide assistance in the form of Aviation, Maritime, K9 Attack dogs, an Airborne style military, and security services. While it is difficult to assess the the total paramilitary employees this company has, estimates are 1000 multinational paramilitary soldiers in Iraq, and as high as 40,000 internationally. These personnel have come under fire for many reasons and the public has become increasingly sceptical of their involvement in the global war theater.

Abc News recently has reported accusations that Blackwater has been smuggling weapons into Iraq, weapons that have landed in the hands of Militants who are intent at using them to kill American soldiers. (See the ABC News archive at

Currently I have been actively investigating the scope of purpose of Blackwater, and I have heard a variety of reasons as to why they are benefiting the U.S. I still am not entirely certain on their usefulness. Hopefully the above captioned video helps get a novice started on understanding this company and the accusations against them. I believe that Blackwater may even be a CIA front company.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

CT Families Struggle Harder Than Ever

The purpose of my article today is to take pause and remember the difficulty faced by single parent homes in Connecticut. This is an issue that is very close to my heart as I have experienced the issues that divided and broken families can face. The Connecticut Family dynamic has been changing and children are the ones being impacted the most. From the ‘80s until now, the increase in single parent homes has been well in excess of 30 percent. Over 3/4 of those are female-headed.

According to the most recent Census Bureau statistics, 35 percent of those living in poverty in Connecticut are children under 18 years of age. Even more acute is the fact that 52 percent of female householder families with related children under 5 years of age are living in poverty.

What to make of these statistics. To most, numbers paint a picture of simple lifeless accounting. These numbers however, ignore the the feelings of neglect that many children feel after a home is broken. While the Connecticut Family court system allows any parent to buy their way out of court troubles, the reality is that the money does little to nothing to satisfy the "emptiness" that children feel. While there are several ways to collect on financial arrears, now to include your Passport to the list, there are virtually no like ways to combat "Parental Alienation Syndrome" or in lay terms the deliberate psychological destruction of another parent through the use of a parents love for their child. When that love is denied by another parent due to revenge or hatred the downward psychological spiral of the non custodial parent often leads to Depression, Debt, Unemployment and in many cases Incarceration.

Many new studies are discovering that women are 3 times more likely to initiate violence in their homes. This will be a shock for many and I am sure a concerted effort will be made to debunk this but here is the research: This research is also true for women being the main initiators of divorce, and ultimately a choice that land them living in poverty. My point here is not to point fingers or say that Men are better than Women, because I am neither interested nor concerned with anything other than to discover the complex issues that undermine our State, our Community and our Families.

The question here is not what to do about the generation of people who already have a broken family, or what to do about children in counseling and on psych meds, but to challenge you and the next generation of children to come up with the solutions required to solve "Parental Alienation." The goal and desires I have for our state is to reduce the 30% non H.S. graduation rate, a rate that is as high as 50% for poor families, and reduce the chances that child victims of "Parental Alienation" do not become the next generation of Connecticut's Felons. Steven Levitt author of the book "Freakanomics" actually has gone so far to say that abortion from the 1970's to today is largely responsible for the decline in the high crime rates our nation once had. Many people may remember the city of Bridgeport just a few miles down the road as being the "Murder Capitol" of CT back in the 90's. Good family policy will determine that those days never occur again.

While I respect Levitt as a researcher and author I must agree in protest and with a great deal of disbelief. I will not go so far as to call him wrong but I will say that when abortion becomes a way of reducing crime it is a real wake up call to the state of crisis our families are facing. These issues are very complex, and while sociology of the family can comprise volumes of information in and of itself, I will begin to conclude this article with my support of reforms that I believe will make improvements within the American family.

To begin the future generation of children are going to be skeptical of marriage, and quite favorably the birth rate in CT has been on the decline over the last several decades for numerous reasons. This new generation of families will mostly come from divorced homes and will have a rather uninformed view of what makes a relationship work. These kids need to be given a "heads up" a State test that accurately predicts the future compatibility of a couple. To see a description of a compatibility test go to this link: The second phase should be to require a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married. I believe that this is easier to achieve when things are good, and if monetary issues are to arise it is better to break up over a Prenup than after the wedding and in court. If like many you do not believe in marriage a "Child support and rearing agreement" should be required prior to receiving any prenatal care. If all fails and none of this is achievable due to extreme circumstances state aid should be made available to single custodial parents. Such aid should include Daycare, Rent, Energy assistance, and employment opportunities. This help should be paid back to the State by the parents after the youngest child reaches the age of 18. I believe that such aid should be a generous "hand up" not a "hand out."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keeping the Internet Free

The Internet is the last bastion of "Free Speech" that Americans truly have. As Americans we are taught that the U.S. Constitution's 1st Amendment protects this speech, so long as what we say is true, is not hate speech, and does not pose an irresponsible danger to the general public like screaming "Fire" in a movie theater.

The Internet has been dubbed by many as the new "Wild West" with rampant freedom of speech to include more than just speech but virtually everything that can be sent over a wire. Today people are freely sharing music, movies, conspiracy documents, blogs, news, pornography, and yes even hate speech. This has many very upset and frustrated, and it has also spurred a debate over censorship.

While I agree the Internet needs to be organized better and browsers need to be more conducive to censorship at the "Point of use" I very much oppose global or national censorship. There are currently several principals that govern the Internet one of the most important is "Net Neutrality" see: video:

The Internet network has been under attack, and has been calling attention to several areas that need our attention and concern. The ones listed at include Congress and AT&T working together to regulate a fee for speed. This law will slow down our networks at home, dramatically increase the networks of big corporations and make AT&T Billions in profit.

The Internet attack has begun some time ago, and currently there are even more aggressive direct criticisms of P2P sites or sites where users are permitted to share personal information from computer to computer. The reason our country wants P2P sites closed down is because they allege it poses a national security violation due to government computers having it installed by employees who unknowingly share confidential files.

The biggest loss this year was the "Internet Broadcast Act" that has forced many small home based Internet radio stations to pay excessive fees or shut down. There has been a campaign to inform the 20 Plus million listeners of theses Internet radio stations to come out and help fight the injustice by posting the following banner on independent websites. For anyone curios you can go to the logo's advertised website and read about the unfair new laws.

The news today, or the news that prompted me to write this blog, came from where Google was accused of steering traffic away from blog boards and small media sites that did not conform to the representations of the mainstream media. This process is called "Link Relevance." The way I understand it to work is that the more sites that post your website links, the more the Google search engine ups your "Link Relevance" and the more relevant the higher and more often your website appears on Google searches. Infowars has criticized Google as steering the majority of Internet traffic away from bloggers and minority news sources and exaggerated the "Link Relevance" of the main stream media. The purpose of this is to discriminate against public views while exaggerating corporate media opinions.

While I find these new technological ways of altering the Internet very Un_American, and unfair, I also believe that there will be a major negative ramification from any continued attempts to censor the Internet in favor of big corporations. I urge everyone who reads this to go to and sign the petition to preserve free speech on the Internet and preserve "Net Neutrality."

The link is:

Monday, September 24, 2007

An Innovative Idea to end Un-Insured Motorists

Many years back when I was a Connecticut Deputy Sheriff working in the courthouse I was confronted by several cases involving accidents. The affected parties were litigating to collect on auto damages due to accidents by "uninsured" motorists. While out driving today I started to think about revisiting this issue so I came home and started looking into exactly how big of a problem driving an uninsured car in CT really is. I thought it could not be that bad, especially since CT had a law requiring uninsured motorists to be covered by the guy with a valid policy. What are the odds of two vehicles in an accident both not having Insurance? Seems to me that things were pretty tight. Well these are some current statistics, lets see how big of a deal these Auto insurance issues really are.

The numbers average about 1 in 5 Cars have no insurance in CT. These numbers, of course are affected by income and education. The more Income and Education you have the more likely your neighbors are insured. This is the standard that was used by the CT legislature in CT's assessments to justify the drafting of laws to get people covered. To my shock and dismay this is the law.

"Any person who operates or permits the operation of his uninsured vehicle is guilty of a class C misdemeanor and subject to a fine up to $ 500, up to three months imprisonment, or both (CGS § 38a-371(d)). Upon conviction, an uninsured motorist is subject to a fine from $ 100 to $ 1,000 and a suspended registration and driver’s license for one month for a first conviction and six months for subsequent convictions (CGS § 14-213b). An uninsured motorist whose registration has been suspended may also have his license plates confiscated and vehicle impounded (CGS § 14-12h). "

This law seemed incredibly harsh, especially on the poor who in their CT survey said they often had difficulty keeping up with their bills. This problem I expect will become worse in CT as Education, Immigration, and the changing educational requirements for high skilled jobs continue to change. By my calculations Ct will have 1 in 4 uninsured motorists if the education principle holds true by 2012-2013. Here are some concerns that cause me to arrive to this conclusion. See the rough figures in the graph below.

To explain this graph, the CT OLR Research report from 2000 ( has drawn a conclusive result that Income and Education affect how many uninsured drivers exist on the road. Keep this statistic as a frame of reference.

Next we will look at the rate of change and addition of immigrants to the state of CT. This is important because the influx of immigrants between now and the year 2013 is expected to increase from 12% to 17% or another 5% jump. The incomes that these immigrants earn is usually far less for the largest group, the non-skilled labor group and non-English speaking group. This group is the majority of immigrants to arrive in CT, of which is receiving Immigrants at a far higher rate.

These matters are to be further exaggerated by the "High" level of inflation, or an "Inflation Tax" on the poor, now expected due to the Federal Reserve dramatically increasing the U.S. Money supply to bail out the Mortgage Industry. What we have here is a situation where I believe policy, not more draconian laws must be implemented as the solution. As it stands today, the Insurance industry in CT has a 2 for 1 profit margin on your premiums. That means that every $100 they pay out in claims and expenses they take in $200. The costs to these insurance companies are high because they need to advertise, pay mailing and marketing costs, agent fees and broker commissions across the state. While I am an advocate of jobs, I am also an advocate of solving the "Un-Insured" motorist problem. The idea I am about to propose will solve this problem by fairly adjusting premiums to every driver based on a real risk assessment.

The Solution is to to form an alliance between the Energy companies and the Insurance companies. Big corporations are better suited to do business with each other as they have better tools and negotiating skills than us lay people standing in line at Allstate. Imagine never receiving an auto insurance bill ever again, not worrying about paying insurance on that old car in the garage and furthermore not looking in the rearview mirror in anxiety that maybe you were cancelled last week by AIG. Imagine your legislator, thinking about something other than a stricter sentence for you the un-insured motorist. This is all possible if insurance companies compete with oil and gasoline companies for the fair market cost of insurance that will be added to your price per gallon. The idea is simple "No-Gas" "No-Insurance." The result is an end to the "Un-Insured motorist" nightmare coming down the Pike. It is also very fair, because people who drive less are less exposed to an accident and hence not as "High" of a risk than someone who drives intensely more; It also discourages excess wasteful driving.

The one concern that was brought to my attention, is "How does it adjust for the young inexperienced driver, the drunk driver with suspensions, and the persons with excessive accidents?" The answer is that I support strong laws to encourage these high risk drivers to "Ride the Bus" as it stands public transportation is suffering because laws getting these people off the road are not stern enough. But ultimately I would hope that the significant reduction in costs to this simplified way of doing business would adjust the PL graph to a comfortable spot. I believe it can be worked out.

These ideas can only be achieved by you believing they are fair, and electing people to office who are innovators in their thinking. That is why I am running for office. Help me get "Old School" politicians out of office. Support me Support my Ideas. Join My campaign to make CT a better place to live.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gov. Rell & Amann Fight over Money

Jim Amann is out to Spend more big bucks and further indebt the state of CT. Amann has threatened to rally his group of "tax and spend liberals" in Hartford in a bond cause likened to the abuse of the state credit card.

While it is clear there are projects that need funding in our state, charging them to the state credit card is irresponsible, especially when doing so may damage the states credit as Gov. Rell indicated. Higher interest means more taxes, and less money for future services. The following video depicts CT resident Elaine Brown, with her husband Ed Brown, now living in NH Fed up with excessive taxation.

Amann has made it clear that he does not care, that he will defiantly attempt to override the Governors veto while blaming former governor Rowland for the states debt. How can he use blame to justify indebting our state? Amaann blaming Rowland makes about as much sense as an Indian blaming the weather for a lack of rain.

CT is already outrageously paying %11.00 of all taxes collected in interest to banks. Is Amann really fighting to see that number increase further? Does he believe our state can absorb such massive bonding debt without a problem?

To hear Amman say its former Gov. Rowlands Fault is got to be the most ill thought excuse for spending I have ever heard. I thought only children cried over spilt milk. What about our already overburdened taxpayers, now burdened with foreclosures, high food costs, outrageous electric costs, and a devalued dollar? Is Amman that out of touch that he believes the rest of us should pick up the future increased interest bill to big banks? Or is there a more financially responsible way to fund government projects. Like cut spending from wasteful consulting projects and agencies to fund schools?

Is anyone fed-up with this guy’s lack of ideas yet? Or should CT follow in the footsteps of the Federal government and it’s out of control Debt problem? Somebody please help CT by kicking out this Lieberman loving “Tax and Spend Liberal.”

Enclosed is a PDF study where it is clearly indicated that Bond debt during a period of potentially high inflation could be disastrous. Read the associated PDF.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Where do all the Income tax dollars Go?

This has been a big mystery to me as I could never really explain where all the tax dollars go. I do know that the average employed American is working 4 to 5 months a year for our country. Naturally I assume that this money goes toward our roads bridges, schools infrastructure military and so on.

Then it occurred to me that I pay Real estate taxes to pay for local government and infrastructure improvement. While at the gas pump I realized I am paying again additional gas taxes, as goes for my electric, cable and phone bill. We are taxed again when we purchase items at the store with sales tax, and we are also taxed in ways than I cannot fully understand like through inflation and floating prices due to government policy. The worst so far has been the cost of energy, an increase that many blame on the war and oil. Yet there are many others I cannot even explain like tariffs, excise taxes, inheritance taxes and so on and so on. Without a doubt we are taxed on everything and yet I still do not understand where our income tax dollars go.

For fun I googled the income tax and up came a series of pages calling the income tax a fraud, many bloggers were demanding a fair tax and Aaron Russo a former 1998 Republican candidate for Governor of Nevada (Deceased) made a documentary called "Freedom to Fascism" claiming the income tax is illegal. However preposterous I did a bunch of research and got the most indepth lesson on tax code I could find. While I must admit it is beyond what I or much less the average person can understand it certainly has a great presentation on the tax code whose facts I cannot attest to be true as I am not a tax expert. The presentation is included for your entertainment. I would love feedback from any professionals on tax law but this presentation certainly seemed legit to me.

Much of what I see here makes me inclined to believe that there has been some deception in the pursuit of taxation and when Ron Paul the 2008 Presidential candidate speaks about repealing the 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution it makes me believe that there is more to this tax thing than I know.

In reading the sixteenth amendment, and then actually understanding it, I realize that it exploits every American citizen and impedes their ability to save money. The 16th Amendment claims that it can take as much money as it wants from you, from what ever money they can find of yours, and then they (Our Government) does not need to give any back to you, your state or community. The IRS tax code goes further in forcing you to submit a tax return that they can use to put you in jail (But the IRS Claims this does not violate the 5th amendment.) The IRS has also claimed the right to search your home, confiscate your property, search your personal effects, and derive information from whatever they wish for purposes of collecting evidence to hold you criminally culpable for failure to pay an alleged debt. (This the IRS claims is not a violation of the 14th Amendment either.)

While it was amazing that such an amendment even exists, I am astounded that it has lasted as long as it has and if "death and taxes" go hand in hand the 16th amendment would surely help deprive every American of its most basic needs of food and shelter should it ever be used in a callous manner, or by a future tyrant government leader.

I do realize from my political science studies in college that allegations have been made by several Presidential administrations that the IRS was misused to gain submission and respect from political dissidents. This suggestion that the IRS could be used to abuse political dissidents, by itself should compell us to get rid of this agency and its associated amendment. It historically has demonstrated itself as a threat to free speech, especially when those execrcizing free speech must be concerned with the retaliation of an audit. The Clintons silenced their enemies this way.. see the link on yahoo news.

With this thought I must insist how wrong I think it is that Americans work so hard to pay a tax that appears to not benefit our communities, or our states in any meaningful way, a tax that becomes our master and enables tyrants to put the fear of big government in the hearts and minds of those who cannot stand do defend against it.

Aaron Russo states in his documentary that all this income tax money goes to pay interest on a national debt, now accruing at an estimated 400 Billion a year. This income tax money, Russo alleges, goes to a quasi government that is very a secretative and private. This private corporation posing as a government agency is the Federal Reserve Bank. While our president appoints the head of the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve offer up the candidates for the President to chose.

Personally I think Americans deserve to have their income tax dollars apportioned back to the states for our roads, schools, utilities, and social services to ease the increasing burden of heavy handed taxation and inflation due to our leaders mistakes and refusal to protect American's most basic rights to financially exist. I also believe that the tax code is not transparent and Americans deserve an easy to understand tax code. I also believe that if what the researcher of the above clip be proven factually true, than jurors on tax cases should request a copy of the Tax code to check out the law requiring a person to pay an income tax.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is Drinking Fluoride Really Good For your Teeth?

For years and even since I was I kid I remember my dentist using Fluoride on my teeth. My dentist told me that low levels of Fluoride are effective at helping our teeth. While I never really understood the nature of how Fluoride works I trusted that certainly our leaders in government were certainly looking out for the public good. After all it is in our drinking water, our tooth paste, it is naturally occurring in our food, and no one is really complaining that Fluoride is a problem. It is actually quite the contrary we have been taught to insist on fluoride and it is advertised in bold letters on our tooth paste mouthwash and better dental products.

One day, and after many years, I decided to read the label on the side of my toothpaste tube and I got real curious when it labeled fluoride as a poison and insisted that anyone ingesting it contact a poison control center. Naturally I was shocked! I certainly would not put poison in my mouth, think of it like brushing your teeth with ammonia or mercury. Both of these also would require a person to contact a poison control center. Like most I thought that mnaybe I was missing something, and so I began to research this concern of mine a bit more. I discovered a website called that basically debunked everything good about fluoride. They actually proved that Fluoride can permanently damage the health of babies, cause cancer, and put young children at risk.

With this debunked I watched the following video, I also learned that it cannot be filtered with carbon and many bottled water plants have fluoride in their spring water. Watch the video and then read on.

The history depicts that we are ingesting a toxic waste, a byproduct of Uranium production from the atom bomb and cold war era. The fact that the fluoride in our water is toxic waste grade is scary and there are many poisons beyond that that are untested.

We all instinctively know our water is disgusting, that is why Americans purchase 90+ Million bottles of water each year. This water amounts to an environmental and recyclying mess as there is no requirement to recycle them, so they all end up in landfills. Plastic bottles, unlike paper products, do not decompose and are with us for multiple future generations. The poisoning of our water is only one of many absurdities, a recent article I read made me aware that we now believe that injecting Mercury as part of a child's vaccine is healthy for our children.

Please take notice and become aware of the gross misuse of logic that is being presented to us as fact. Do not believe what you are told unless you check it out for yourself and it does not seem absurd. We must trust no one and question everything today.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The U.S. Dollar may become a Euro?!

While I have been commenting on the dollar decline for some time now, todays news was truly ominous, Former Fed Chairman Greenspan said that the Dollar may soon be replaced by the Euro! This news, however not surprising given the subprime meltdown, and economic debt of America, was news that arrived sooner than I expected.

While my personal opinion is that our dollar will not become worthless for at least another decade, Greenspan has pretty much led me to believe that it may be sooner than I think. The news in Europe yesterday was daunting with bank runs again today extending to more banks in England. But most disturbing was China's suggestion that they will destroy the value of our U.S. Dollar if we fail to give in to their wish of annexing Taiwan.

While the Federal Reserve act of 1913, and our annual trade deficits over the last century contributed to our leaders greatest fears about the Fed. Not only are they now being proven false and a lie, but we American's have been officially betrayed by the Federal Reserve. I still insist that Chris Dodd Impeach members of the Federal reserve for failing to deliver on the job they were originally entrusted to competently do.

To remind all of you who may have forgotten the job and history of the Federal Reserve, they were originally established under the belief that our leaders were incapable of managing money and they would need a trustworthy central bank to prevent inflation. The Federal reserve was entrusted to regulate the value of the U.S. dollar and curb and or prevent inflation.

Greenspan's latest remarks are a direct confession that the Federal Reserve has FAILED in its duties. Many economists believe their latest half point rate cut, combined with its monetary expansion was irresponsible, as it inflates the losses of foreign dollar holders by accelerating inflation and holding no one accountable.

Now to think that "Recession" or even a "Depression" may be coming our way is incredible! I still find it outrageous that Bush is being blamed by Fed officials for bad loans originated by banks and brokers under their policy. It is incredible that the Fed. and its officers have been exonerated from any culpability in this criminal destruction of the dollar. Were they not behind purchasing these bad loans through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Even more astounding yet is how trusting global hedgefunds were to purchase these bad loans, how many people in other countries has the Fed hurt? I can only sit back in sadness as Millions of Americans lose their homes in the next few years, and as our economy slides into greater chaos I can only pray to God that what comes out of the ashes is still American and sovereign. Are there any answers? Is there any hope? or should we all just accept that this is the end of America and the beginning of Globalism and the New World Order Bush 1 spoke of?

Some new news on the Dollar decline today 9/20/07 is Alex Jones report that the Saudis and some other oil producing countries have begun dumping the U.S. dollar accelerating its decline. The Dollar is so low today that for the first time in history Canadian money is worth more than U.S. money.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Electricity and Energy Agenda In CT

Hopefully the last of the UI rate hikes are complete and to make sure we do not over extend ourselves the most important thing we can do this coming year is educate ourselves on energy conservation. In reading scores of news stories and blogs there appears to be a lot of dissappointment with the way CT’s Citizens are treated these days. Lets face it, you, me, and everyone alike, has been (and continues to be) an awesome opportunity for big business to procure revenue on behalf of themselves and investors. In some cases we are the investors reaping the rewards of the misery big business pushes on others. A case in point is the staggering profits of Exxon Mobil and I assure you as I was cursing the Gas pump there were countless others who invested in Exxon that got their Gas money back in spades.

Unfortunately I do not believe UIL stock is going to show the same level of gratitude I would suggest that anybody and everybody who own UIL stock sell every penny of it and inform their friends and relatives to do the same. This is the best message we can send.

I believe that this rate increase is not because of anything, other than, recouping lost profit from an 18 Million dollar loss on UI’s Xelcom nightmare, and pressure to get the “Filthy Five” back in business burning natural Gas. Gas delivered from a horrific LNG nightmare off the coast of West Haven. I believe that UI is cut from the same mold as Enron it is hard to feel sorry for a company that delivered us the highest electrical rates in the continental U.S. I also remember the nuclear power plant they wanted to build in Westport 40 years ago today.

Now UI wants to get back in the generation business. They want to reap even bigger profits by repurchasing the power plants they sold. I believe they know that gas burns cleaner hence resolving the coal burning pollution trouble of UI’s “Filthy Five” problem. Their massive rate hikes also quite ironically erase their irresponsible losses on the Xelcom fiasco too perfectly.

The old CEO left pretty much in a hurry and the new guy Mr. Torgensen does not give a hoot about us the consumers. UI has offered nothing to the poorest of the poor so far. At the moment His entire day appears to be consumed battling politicians, arbitrating down UI’s employees, and counting wall street profit. The only time we, the CT consumer, are ever thought of is when we fail to afford our electric and the power is shut off.

As a small business owner I just opened a little company called the ComputerFox right here in Milford Ct on New Haven ave. and I cannot tell you how every penny counts in starting a business. Up front losses are expected but thanks to UI’s 50% rate hike for commercial locations I am quite certain that that my growth plans are being impacted.

The consensus of many of my collegues at the chamber of commerce is that business is becomming more and more challenging in CT. I can only hope that some one sees that the aggregate carelessness of utilities, taxation, insurance, and services directly impact the already micro-wage economy that we have built.

The problem goes full circle in that the same underpaid people just return to your business and force small business to either collect less or nothing. Blumenthal is correct in calling UI’S rate hike a “Tsunami” I see it more as the “final nail in the coffin” of New Haven as well as the modern harbinger furthering the spread of poverty. It would appear that the BIC corporation closed its plant just in time. I fear Sikorski will move out of state next taking dictaphone with it. Many news companies, I believe, will also be impacted as many small businesses who advertise in will have to chose between fewer ads or power.

The only good news I see in the distant future is that Deregulation may be accelerated and new companies will be offering competitive rates, however Gov. Rell says that she see’s no short term solution in sight due to UI’s contract obligations. For now we may all have to buy more efficient light bulbs and use less power. Keep CT in your prayers.

To listen to UI's Conference call click on the link:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Armageddon Global Disaster Heading our Way.

European Stock markets were in turmoil today, thousands of people in Britain engaged in a bank run to withdraw Billions of dollars in deposits from Northern Rock Bank. Northern Rock is a mortgage lender, whose run was triggered by the banks financial crisis. This event is significant because Northern rock is Britains first major casualty as one of the nations top ten largest banks.

More interestingly this bank run is accompanied by a "Bin Laden" trade on the european stock market index. Someone placed a 4.5 Billion dollar bet that the european markets would collapse by 30% or more before the 21st of this month.

While no one knows for sure what catastrophic event could cause this market demise, many are becoming fearful that the Chinese and other nations are secretely dumping the U.S. Dollar. Although this is not yet confirmed what is confirmed is that the U.S. has printed an estimated $200 billion in new currency to bail out the U.S. economy and its banking woes. We also know that the U.S. dollar declined in value by as much as 35%-50% in the last 5 years and Gold has since doubled in value. More alarming yet every major economist is making dire predictions about the U.S. economy including Walker from the U.S. Governments GAO Accountability Office.

So what is going on in America, It almost looks like the entire country is becoming increasingly desperate to fix its troubles. Joe Lieberman our State Senator has been insisting that we need to invade Iran now to stop their nuclear ambitions, the French Foreign Minister Kouchner today warned the entire world to prepare for war with Iran and civil unrest is growing in America. Our functional internment camps in the U.S. have now grown to 600 including the reactivation of the WW2 Japanese internment camp. Oil is at new record highs on the market yet the pump price has not moved much yet.

The world is definetely on the edge. Could this be the calm before the storm?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura on U.S. Security.

Whenever I think of innovative leaders I think about people just like you and me. We all have our own attributes and let’s face it many ordinary Americans are not clean shaven, in perfect physical shape or even snappy dressers for that matter. Politicians who dress in expensive clothes, and wear fancy jewelry are a turn off, and those who leave their gems at home and dress to con the public image even more of a turn off. One thing I always admired about Jesse Ventura is his candid, unrehersed, and open approach to speaking on the issues.

Ventura has since dropped out of the public arena, citing that he paid his dues through service to our country as a Navy Seal, Mayor, and Governor. Today he enjoys early retirement down in Mexico. His last known involvement in politics was fulfilling his promise to help out Kinki Friedman in is 06 bid for Governor. He also gave an interview with Alex Jones and will be featured in Jones's new upcoming documentary.

Jesse Ventura has always been somewhat of a cultural Icon to me, not only because of his WWF connection to our home state in Stamford, CT but also because he is now working with Kinki in Texas to find solutions to our border crisis. Connecticut ranks 9th on the list and is viewed by “illegals” as a "Magnet State." With poor and affordable cities to live in such as Bridgeport, New Haven, and Danbury nearby work is offered these immigrants from the wealthier cities in Fairfield County.

Connecticut Magazine already cited massive illegal immigrant problems in both these cities with New Haven having an estimated 12,000 illegals and Danbury facing similar issues. The main problems that “illegals” bring is that they fall outside the median income levels, are from countries where agrarian lifestyles are the way of life, they are not concerned with 10-20 people living in a single family house, and pose significant costs to health care, education, and government. Many do not speak English very well and are very nationalistic often sending their earnings back to Mexico.

While I am in no way anti immigrant, because I believe in immigration since that is how my grandparent’s parents came to America, I am pro responsible Immigration and that requires our country to enforce its laws on our books to protect our nation from illegal border crossings. These crossings can be anything from terrorists entering America, to drugs, murder, rape, and in many cases crimes requiring investigation and police resources to investigate border crimes on our soil. The border laws must be enforced for the sanctity of our country and I sincerely hope that Texas's Governor Perry take border enforcement seriously for the sake of CT. I also hope CT will begin to pursue policies that discourage "magnet" cities to exist.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Smart Growth at the Expense of Your Property Rights.

"Smart Growth" for our cities is something I have recently been looking into with a great deal of "Open Mindedness." While "Smart Growth" appears to offer a Utopian approach to land use, there are many unresolved questions. These questions arise out of the pushiness of its promoters to our elected leaders in the public arena and of course whenever something of a new program emerges that is being peddled around the country I naturally get curious. My first instinct is to figure out who started this latest movement. In the case of "Smart Growth" the earliest instance of who thought it up appears to be a 1970's architect Peter Caltorpe. To begin lets focus on Peter. For starters Peter is no slouch in the arena of imposing his ideology on Government and municipalities, as a matter of fact his traveling road show already convinced several cities to implement his "Smart Growth" plan. Peter is someone I know from a documentary entitled "The end of Suburbia." He claims that "Peak Oil" a concept where we will eventually run out of "Cheap Oil" is going to force all of us to abandon our homes in the countryside for more congested cities where life will be cheaper. Peter and I both can agree that oil has no future, but I am pretty sure I am not going to abandon my home in my lifetime and I certainly hope the Hydrogen economy emerges before an oil crash does.

On my website, and under my agenda I have expressed my opposition to "Smart Growth." It was a hard position for me to take, and I must admit that the temptation of having a picture perfect Utopia, with dedicated open space, artsy historic buildings, biking and hiking trails and happy Americans is amazingly tempting. The part I like the most is the "Green" vision of these utopian cities where we will all use less energy because urban planning will be as such that we will not need to go far for services. Than it occurred to me, we have such a place and it is only a train ride away, you know it too its called "Manhattan."

Aside from the strangeness of creating little Utopian artsy communities of which may or may not be wonderful, I am more against "Smart Growth" on the grounds that it is intent on violating our "Individual Property Rights" it expands the powers of "Eminent Domain," has the effect of upsetting "Real Estate Values" and fills our Town planning offices with "closed minded" idealists that will draft more un-constitutional zoning laws. That aside, lets talk about what else may change with "Smart Growth." For starters, some land such as large parcels of open space will be pressured down in value due to new land use and zoning restrictions. Other homes in the vicinity of where the "Smart Growth" Utopia is built up, the property values "Sky Rocket" making those homes "Un-Affordable." Note these are not my personal objections but rather the results of what has happened in communities where this "Smart Growth" has been tried. Not everyone believes "Smart Growth" has been good for their towns. The objections and concerns that I have mentioned are by people who have experienced smart growth first hand. See the "opponents" reference link below.

While during my campaign for State Representative in Milford Ct. I will welcome any and all suggestions that may help our community and state improve its infrastructure, I am adamantly against anything that will impose sanctions against American individual property rights, and property use. This goes against freedom, It goes against the fabric of a "Free America." While I do admire their ideas, their energy, their resolve and mostly their willingness to convince our elected leaders, I must protest their plan as it further imposes the already "heavy hand" of government upon Americans. Maybe I am wrong, but I sincerely believe that we American's are getting "sick and tired" of being duped out of our freedoms. The Government must protect our individual property rights.

If "Smart Growth" is really that important to a municipality, than that municipality should not abuse its powers to alter real estate values in favor of an experimental ideology. Municipalities intent on smart growth should compete for Real Estate the same as any American. Land owners are entitled to fair value for their property, and municipalities can build whatever they wish, with whatever developer they want. Municipalities also have tools at their disposal such as a "Zoning Board of appeals," and the ability to get a "Variance" from local neighbors for their "Smart Growth" projects. I sincerely believe "Smart Growth" is a great idea, but I cannot agree with it as long as it continues to insist on taking away our individual property rights.

For more information see the below links:



Thursday, September 13, 2007

Computer Recycling New Connecticut Law

The ComputerFox in Conjunction with the Earthplace Center in Westport, Ct has taken on the battle to protect the privacy of its local citizens. The ComputerFox whose main headquarters is in Milford, CT also has regional locations in Fairfield and Norwalk, CT.

Michael Vecchiarelly the Public Relations person for these public events, said that "the statistics on identy theft are staggering. Each year millions of people have their credit affected due to fraud, and the principal way people have their identies stolen is through their faulty computer security practices."

In some cases brazen criminals will rifle through your home trash looking for Social security numbers, maiden names, and accounts you may have. For this reason the Frank campaign has organized an onsite shredding service and Computer Recycling program aimed at destroying data. Frank is also available to teach local corporations what documents a criminal would be interested in and how to shred or dispose of those documents in a secure way.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. is a security expert and former law enforcement agent he has also stated that there has been a recent influx of computer repair businesses in the market in the last few years. This rise has been due to the vast riches that were attained in the late 90's and many people from all areas of troubled countries like Nigeria have entered the Identity Theft arena in the hope of big profits. Even locally some unreputable computer repair people have turned to crime and are under investigation for criminal offenses including the former manager of the Norwalk Gateway Country store, who is serving time in prison on Federal Charges, stemming from thefts at Sikorski.

Consumers are encouraged to work with reputable computer companies who have demonstrated a solid role within their community and are well referenced. Frank stages each event for the purpose of achieving greater awarness of todays computer challenges and aims to win the trust of many locals who are afraid their data could fall into the wrong hands.

This is increasingly important because According to the state Department of Environmental Protection's Web site at a recent study estimates that Americans discard 12 to 14 million computer systems each year. Careful disposal of electronic devises is important because some contain "hazardous components that can include leaded glass from computer monitors and televisions. Materials such as beryllium, mercury, cadmium, nickel, zinc, silver and gold can be found in printed circuit boards. Other substances such as cadmium may be contained in batteries and mercury may also be present in relays and switches," writes the DEP.

Things on the identity theft front are about to get more interesting because Gov. Rell recently announced that she has signed into law a bill that calls for mandatory recycling of certain major electronic appliances.

The Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority, also known as RESCO in Bridgeport has began recycling computers in 1999, and its Web site ( claims the CRRA has collected more than 2.6 million pounds of unwanted, obsolete electronics equipment. These include personal computers. Computers that may contain information that an identity thief could use to steal your identity. Anyone concerned about data should contact Frank at the Computerfox at (203) 647-0380 for a secure erase data destruction.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our States Roads and Bridges

Each year our state spends an estimated 2.3 billion dollars on roads and bridges the Federal Government kicks in an additional 107 Billion Nationally. Many after the fatal collapse of a bridge in Minnesota became concerned about our bridges here in CT. Our Speaker of the House in CT challenged the Governor and demanded immediate funds to perform emergency repairs. While the Speaker and the Governor disagreed over the release of funds this battle is now ongoing.

When breaking stories emerge on T.V. and legislators take action while "perched" in front of their favorite news channel, I cannot help but think that there is something wrong with this type of response to a problem. I have actually created my own "Snigglet" to describe the combination of media opportunity in conjunction with legislation. I call such politicians "telegislators" a combination of television and legislation. This reckless and careless panic response is what led to America making all its horrible post 9/11 wars and police state laws. I believe that "telegislators" are dangerous to the responsible implementation of policy, as they rush to judgment without consideration of responsibility or holding the proper people accountable.

But since the Speaker is my opponent in the 2008 election, I thought it would be appropriate to express my thoughts and beliefs on where the accountability lies. Take a look at the youtube video below, depicting a fire on the Tappanzee bridge, and see how much damage fire does.

The answer, I believe, is not the "Fix it First" initiative, my opponent mentions. "Fix it First" is flawed because it is linked to "Smart growth" and is emblematic of reprehensible abuses of zoning powers and urban development to achieve the objectives of an ideaology. "Smart Growth" is really nothing more than a Socialist dream of a national "Utopia." This dream costs citizens their property rights by way of government abuses of eminent domain, something I oppose. But that aside I do believe smart growth has good design ideas, save the constitutional rights violations, and the draconian idealogues intent on imposing confiscatory laws to govern citizen land use and ownership rights on everything, not just bridges.

However, if we are to even take this issue seriously than the answer to averting bridge repairs and damage prevention, is to start by ensuring the largest offenders are respecting our highways. The state of CT should be holding offenders accountable by enforcing existing laws. Trucks on I95 and on the Merrit Parkway have caused untold amounts of damage. Many of you may remember driving in traffic on the Merrit only to determine that a mobile home or Truck crashed and got stuck under a bridge. Personally I remember some time ago my car cutting through bowl shaped impressions in the asphalt while driving. Most memorable was the flaming inferno of an exploding oil truck that completely destroyed an overpass in Bridgeport on I95. See the photos below to imagine the damage to the states bridges.

With these obvious culprits I personally believe that the "casual" driver should not be made to pay for these types of costly disasters. The correct answer is not to be impulsive and raid the state surplus, but to enforce the existing laws on the books, operate the states weigh stations, and work on imposing a $20.00 big rig toll at the borders of every major highway entering this state. I also believe that "over height" bars should be placed on all entrance ramps to the Meritt Parkway to minimize damage to over height trucks that may have accidentally got on the wrong route.

Although the short term approach should include the current DOT system perform only emergency bridge repairs, the long term approach should be to revise the way roads and bridges are built. The process is often way over budget, takes excessive periods of time, is subject to litigation, design changes and is often not rewarding contractors well enough for fast and competent completion of our roads. I believe that contractors should be rewarded for fast and professional work and should be afforded bonuses and incentives for completing work ahead of schedule and under budget.

So far Ct has not been immune to bridge failures we have learned hard lessons with the Mianus River Bridge collapse in Greenwich back in 1983 when 3 people lost their lives. The incident was blamed on inadequate inspection resources in the state of Connecticut at the time of the disaster; the state had just 12 engineers, working in pairs, assigned to inspect 3,425 bridges. This cannot occur again if we are to truly take this problem seriously. More sadly our state must adjust to accomplishing this future work with declining resources from the financially belabored Federal Government already on the brink of insolvency.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Connecticut & the Nutmeg Notes

Some communities are printing their own currency in the face of the Federal Reserve. One such town is Great Barrington New Hampshire and they are currently taking the lead with "Berkshare" bank notes. Locals especially love these notes because the big chain stores do not accept them and business is driven back to the local merchants. Although these notes cost a premium and still must be purchased with Dollars, merchants welcome them and offer discounts to customers who patronize local businesses. After having been in circulation for several years most of the internet chatter suggests that these notes are a great success. So why can't we in CT enjoy the same great success?

This novel Idea has got me remembering back in my collection of old bank notes. One in particular reminded me that New London Connecticut once printed its own money. With so much talk about inflation and the decline of the U.S. Dollar, now worth an astounding .04 Cents since 1913, I thought what a great insurance policy for CT and its citizens against inflation. Lets "get real" America has a catastrophic debt. Walker from the GAO (See my previous article) surely believes that unless our politicians control their voracious appetite for spending, our economy will suffer a "sudden fall." You can use your imagination on what exactly "sudden fall" is but my guess is; that it shares the same space in the dictionary with "Broke," "Bankrupt," and "Foreclosed." Personally I do not believe Connecticut should have to suffer for the financial mismanagement of our Federal leaders.

We could still use Dollars but I was thinking that we could trade perhaps one of ours for a dozen of theirs. This will work so long as we have every note backed by something tangible like hard assets, such as Real Estate, Land, and commodities. In either case I am no expert, but I do know that in order for this to work some money genius will have to make sure they can't be printed out of "thin air" like the U.S. Dollar.

As a strong proponent of States Rights it would be awesome to take the "Berkshares" idea to create "Nutmeg Notes." Since the U.S. dollar is backed, well. By absolutely nothing and America has become the largest debtor nation on earth it might be a great idea to have our own backup currency in case "sudden fall" includes the Dollar losing its purchasing power. As it stands foreigners hold more dollars than Americans and the global currency market decides the value of our money. Some have even hinted that China's sell trades alone could make our Dollar worthless. This is not a good or safe feeling to know that China has more power than the Federal Reserve over the value of our money. What would happen if we suddenly fell out of favor with China? And why do our leaders allow this?

Before the Federal Reserve Act existed CT had its own monetary system. The Union Bank of New-London printed money for Connecticut up to the ladder part of the 19th century. There is a colorful history of these state banks, their stock holders and much more. I will include the link to a very informative paper for anyone out there who is curious. This paper can be found at:

Below is a picture of this currency, and if I think I know CT as well as I do I would be willing to see how many of these old banking laws are still on the books facilitating the creation of our own nutmeg notes.

I would love to hear any of your comments on the practicality and initial perception of this idea. Please leave me your comments on this “blog” space and I will check back from time to time to discuss some thoughts. This is an important thought to me and I also made it part of my campaign agenda because I believe it will protect CT from a global run on the Dollar of which is becoming increasingly popular due to the mortgage crisis and loan failures.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Remembering 911

This day was as powerful a day for me as was the Kennedy assassination to my parents. While I was too young to remember the tragedy of that day, my parents were old enough to live through yet another.

On September 9th of that same year my partner and I took a picture together in the lower lobby. I was there that day because I thought how spectacular the view from atop of the greatest city on earth was. Terri my now life partner, had never seen the top and I am glad she did. We had made plans to return with the kids, as we felt they would enjoy the great experience we had. We thought they would like to shop for souvenirs and look out the binoculars onto Manhattan and its boroughs. That day of return was expected to have been sometime around the terror attacks.

The morning of Sept 11 I woke to turn on the T.V. in my basement bedroom and saw the scarred and burning skin of one of the towers. Like many I thought it to be nothing more than a horrible accident. The media was reporting as such also, as that day transpired I continued on to work and saw on the news in my office that a second plane had hit. This was the point when I realized that the odds of two such accidents were impossible and that our country was under attack.

As the news broke, the country went on high alert and more high jacked planes were perilously headed toward suspected targets in the capitol. Both towers collapsed and a panic was set in motion throughout New York City and within the suburbs that I lived. While I was uncertain as to the outcome and meaning of why we were attacked I was very concerned that something more catastrophic was in the works. Fortunately the smoke cleared four planes down three direct hits and the saga ended with no more threats beyond Washington and N.Y.

The news broke for days, weeks and months, my brother Sam called me and informed me that we lost two of our childhood friends. Keith Coleman, 34, and Scott Coleman, 31, died in the collapse of the World Trade Center, they were brothers who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, the bond trading firm. Keith, of Warren, New Jersey, is survived by his wife, Elodie, and two young children, Neva and Vaughn. Scott, of New York City, was engaged to be married to Jessica Nardone. They were sons of Neil and Jean Coleman, longtime members of the Unitarian Church of Westport, Connecticut.

Keith and Scott were great friends of my brother and I through middle school in Westport where we played for the Westport PAL soccer league. Knowing that there is no opportunity to ever reconnect I write this and pause and ask that we all take a moment of silence for all our fallen heroes today, especially the emergency personell who fought so hard to save so many lives. May we never forget!

Link for more Information:

Sunday, September 9, 2007

America, CT and your Future

Recently after seeing Walker of the General Accountability Office, a branch of our Federal Government, give a lecture posted on Youtube, I became concerned. Walker has fallen short of calling the U.S. Government "Insolvent" and also cited in his 2007 GAO report ( that the primary cause of this "insolvency" stemmed from the DOD's poor accounting for the last decade, and entitlements due the baby boomers set to retire in 2008. The cost of those entitlements, primarily healthcare cost the greatest concern.

After reading the entire report, I e-mailed a note to every key politician I know including Rell, Shays, Lieberman, Dodd, and DeLauro. Naturally if we are to avert the bankrupcy of America of which may arrive as early as next decade, our Representatives should have a plan.

It occurred to me after watching Walker speak that any politician looking to help Ameriaca's poor fiscal condition must adapt a platform to include. Cutting your Social Security, Cutting your Medicaid and Medicare, Cutting your V.A. Benefits, Cutting state funding, reducing if not eliminating foreign aid, withdraw from engaging in expensive wars, and simultaneously increase every tax to yield maximum revenue back to the government to pay debts.

To put the seriousness of this problem into perspective, America has indebted every American family almost $600,000 dollars (by todays estimated calculations.) The government currently owes 57 Trillion Dollars. With this looming disaster, and the head of the GAO screaming this message, still virtually no one sees, or cares, about the impending economic collapse. There is no talk of it anywhere!

At some future point it may be entirely necessary for CT to abandon the Dollar and print its own currency, you may need to be friendly with your neighbors and learn to barter again until the nation recovers from its failures. I say this because I believe that not one single future politician will be electable if they take the saving of America seriously. I do not wish to be harsh but too many American's do not care about government, we are largely uninformed, and naively believe mass media to be news. A media which is governed not by News, but advertising and ratings.

America's culture prefers to tune out negativity, American's would rather watch celebrity gossip, and a barage of stories focused on our own people committing crimes against each other while our powerful leaders enjoy media exile and benefit from your uninformed oasis.

Every great nation on earth has fallen, The Aztec's, The Egyptian's, The Romans, and perhaps in the not so distant future America. Watch the warning from Walker the GAO Sr. officer. He is begging our Representatives for action, and now he is begging you to listen! Our Government has become apathetic and is hopelessly addicted to spending.

Our Current Debt s of today.