Saturday, January 30, 2010

Milfords Budget Process Begins

The budget for next year begins deliberations this week. Things like the cost of education, infrastructure improvement, employee bonuses and compensation, etc. etc.. all come to fruition in the near future.

Republicans, have indicated they would like to see another budget cut, conservative Democrats and former mayoral candidate Genevieve Salvatore have written to the local paper and asked that we stay vigilant, take part, and speak out during the process.

The Mayor indicated that the "Grand List" will determine whether or not taxes go up down or stay the same. Early indications, however, are not good, and city services were cut many times already.

Senator Gayle Slossberg put city council on notice last month and told Milford lawmakers not to expect money from Hartford. This combined with Employee health insurance, pension payouts, and contractual wage increases, are expected to be the largest obstacles to be overcome. These issues are of vital importance to the stressed out taxpayers of Milford.

The stress I speak of is not just sardonic rhetoric. It is very real and was evident in recent news of a longtime resident who committed suicide in her home. This was alleged to have happened as a result of prolonged difficulty in paying her bills. This was only last month and should be a sobering reminder of how tough things have gotten for some.

Other sad news was about six months earlier, in the NY Times citing our Mayor Richetelli buying cab fare for a Milford mother and her two children who were forcibly evicted from their home. Their only crime was a lack of money and suitable employment to save the life and home they built here.

These incidents do not erase the fact that in Milford Two to Three people a week lose their home to foreclosure. These are real people, our friends, neighbors those with a real connection to this community and in need of sincere help.

The city has resources and can help some of these people. This help can come to Milfords poorest by way of abatement of irresponsible government, predatory loans, and tax breaks. This city does not need $95,000.00 a year Czars, $700.00 desk chairs, $50,000.00 consultants, employee buyouts, etc. etc.

The immorality of ignoring those people with the "hug and cab fare" mentality, is not the humane thing to do. Perhaps we should put our self in their shoes and imagine what it is like to live in a shelter, be out of work and in need of food.

Those arguing this years budget should remember this and more. Remember that we are all members of the same community and it is our responsibility to lend our financial help to those who are of good moral character and sincerely need a hand up, not raise taxes to pay higher wages or waste money.

Time to set greed aside and bring about some new revolutionary ideas that will inspire revolutionary change.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Goodbye Crispy Creme Welcome Sonic

The Coffee landscape in Milford is going through a remarkable transformation, with one Dunkin Donuts out, one Crispy Creme out, and Cafe Atlantique under new management coffee drinkers will be getting more consolidated.

While the departures of each of these establishments all have the same story, lost profitability and a desire to head for the exit, new faces and new enthusiasm is moving in to take on the challenges of the economy.

The newest replacement to the Crispy Creme location will be a new franchise known in the fast food world as Sonic. Sonic is a fast food establishment that will serve much more than coffee and doughnuts. Sonic will feature a full menu of hamburgers, chicken, fish and fries much like is many competitors up and down the Post Road.

The new establishment is expected to open in the coming months and after the completion of its renovations and upgrades. On behalf of all of us at the MDB we welcome Sonic to Milford thank you for setting up business in this states greatest town.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Busy Political Night In Milford

Tonight all three political parties in Milford are meeting in a manner that could be construed as steering committee of sorts. Select members of the Independent party will be having a small meeting at Cabo beginning 7:00P.M(Formerly Cancun Charlies), The Democrats will be having their meeting tonight with former Senatorial candidate Ned Lamont (now running for Governor). The Republicans are also meeting this evening and are actively engaged in their political discussions.

Of all political events listed, Lamont will certainly draw the largest crowd. He is already a very popular contender for Governor, and our own local Gubernatorial candidte Jim Amann indicated he will yield to Lamont's overwhelming popularity.

Those wishing to attend one of these events can visit any of the respective party websites. Democrats are at Republicans are

The Independent Party meeting at cabo is open to the public, and we will have our state chairman Mike Telesca from Waterbury CT in attendance. We will be having a few beers, and mingling with each other and the general public.

We encourage all people who love our community to support their respected parties and put your enthusiasm to work. When we all get involved we restore honest government. Thanks to you all we continue to work in a manner that is restoring high moral and ethical standards. Let us collectively continue to challenge those who usurp, and abuse public office for their own selfish gain.

Real Estate Transfers Update

Some questions have been arriving to us about our real estate transfers, notice that as of last year they were discontinued. You will be happy to know that we have discovered an alternate source and will be resuming the transfer list effective the below transfers from January 20th, 2010.

171 Kings Hwy, Bank of America NA to Gregory W. and Deborah Field, $656,000.00.

42 Atwater St. Duorshock, Richard W. Shumway to Andrew and Helly Rhodes. $340,000.00

7 Beacon Hill Lane, Lakic Andrijana Est and Damis Lacik to Damis V. and Jean M Lakiic. $80,747.00

712 East Broadway, East Broadway Associates LLC to John K. and Corrine C. Bennett. $260,000.00

50 Thompson Street, Stadish Construction LLC to Catherine and Eino H. Haujala


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Republican's Oust The Disloyal, And Outspoken

Several veteran Republicans who had openly challenged Mayor James L. Richetelli Jr. have been booted off the town committee.

The moves, which Richetelli on Monday denied any involvement in, are part of the annual realignment of the local political parties. Endorsed slates in each of the five voting districts were approved last week; final voting is March 25.

Several members of the Beirne family, including former aldermanic chairman Thomas F. Beirne, his wife Sheila and son Sean were left off the endorsed slate. Earlier Beirne's son Tom and daughter-in-law Colleen were dropped from the local GOP town committee.

Continue Reading Click Here

Photo of ousted Kevin Liddy Republican 2008 119th district State Rep. Candidate. Liddy is sitting board member, and a graduate of Annapolis.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VFW to sponsor exhibit of "The Crew"

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7788 will sponsor an exhibit by city artist R. Windsor Grobes featuring his special commission, “The Crew,” which will include a reunion with family members of those depicted in the painting. Exhibition hours are 3-7 p.m. Jan. 30 and 2-6 p.m. Jan. 31 at the Hilton Garden Inn, 291 Old Gate Lane. An opening reception will be held at 5 p.m. Jan. 30.

“The Crew” is a watercolor painting of six members of a B-25 Mitchell aircraft, 22nd Bomb Squadron China-Burma-India, that flew 52 missions during World War II.
The lone surviving member of “The Crew,” Paul Jackson, is scheduled to be in attendance.

(Original Announcement Posted By Helen Bennett)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Chris Dodd Refuses To Support An Audit Of The Federal Reserve

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd opposes including a provision to audit the Federal Reserve in the Senate’s regulatory reform package, the retiring Connecticut Democrat told the Huffington Post Thursday.

The measure made it into the House bill in November after an unusual insurgency led by Reps. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) beat back a concerted effort by the Fed to kill the provision, and won an overwhelming and bipartisan vote in the House Financial Services Committee. It was an unprecedented legislative defeat for the Federal Reserve, which has never had a real audit in its history. Little is known of what it does with the trillions of dollars at its disposal.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Milford's Pirate Heritage Revealead

Charles Island is accessible from shore via a tombolo (locally referred to as a sandbar), which is exposed at low tide. According to early local histories, the Sachem Ansantawae resided there during the summer months. European discovery of the island occurred in 1614 when Adriaen Block sailed through and mapped Long Island Sound. The island appears on his hand-drawn map found in The Netherlands National Archives.

After the Milford area was settled by the English in 1639 the island was referred to as Milford Island. After Charles Deal bought the island in 1657 it became known as Charles Island. Deal made a failed attempt to raise tobacco on the island – one of the first such efforts in Connecticut.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Polanski Saga Finally Ends

The heavily criticized Milford Board of Education ended the Harvey Polanski Saga last night by agreement. The closed door agreement entailed a payment of $110,000.00 an extension of his health benefits and an immediate suspension of his other benefits.

Milford's Board of education has taken the job of our schools as a top priority, and has now established a record of intolerance toward Superintendents that act in a manner that creates animosity toward co-workers and an illusion of perverse impropriety.

Firn, the Superintendent prior to Polanski was also paid off for similar controversial behavior. The parents of our children in Milford take their kids education seriously, as they should, they also want our school Superintendents to act in a professional manner and refrain from behavior that could be construed as lewd or lascivious.

Supporters of Polanski, alleged the now former Superintendent, was never permitted to tell his side of the story. This may or may not be true, but those investigating this case have had correspondence with his attorney Mr. Dorsey who on numerous occasions had numerous opportunities to set the record straight.

Polanski's court date is set for February 2, 2010 at the Milford court house. This day will most likely be his arraignment on the allegations made against him. While anyone who knows the legal system will tell you that an arrest is not any proof of wrong doing but rather a method of due process, we could expect his case to be placed before the court for a resolution.

Harvey Polanski, will have his opportunity to tell his side of the story should he so chose and those who accused him will have to take the stand and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there is a basis in fact in the allegations they made against him.

While it is real easy to blame the the Milford Board of Education for the way this issue was handled, we must not forget that it has never been the role of a board to decide guilt or innocence. The job of the board, has and will remain political, as they are the public liaison who represents the wishes of their constituents who elected them. The people of Milford spoke "loud and clear" in Firn's case some three years ago. This should have been a warning to Polanski, that our community demands high moral standards and is intolerant of anything less than that.

This lesson was missed because the newspapers and Mr. Polanski mired themselves in controversy. Controversy that went back to the Rhorigs, also in court for criminal sexual misconduct. The public also had a suspicion over the investigation at his last place of employment. It could be fair to assume that mistakes were made during his hiring process, that the original decision was marred by the fact a thorough enough back ground check was not completed.

However, in defence of that decision, his stellar record and awards, mesmerized and wooed many people at the time. From the onset, and even amid failing CAPT test scores the Board of Education members gave him high praises. Our boards have an uncanny way of keeping their "blinders on" and ignoring the ugly truth until the apex of controversy no longer can be ignored. If anything his critics should be accusing the MBOE of being overly complacent, not "harsh, unfair or extreme."

The decision to rid our schools of this unfortunate situation was, in my view, a good one, and the Milford Board of Education Chairman Mark Stapleton should be commended for signaling yet again that our town will not tolerate, ignore or protect any conduct that is damaging to the image of our school system.

Sincerely, I hope that all Mr. Polanski said on record is in fact true. The people of Milford will be watching as his day in court approaches. Should he be vindicated, I am certain his reputation will be restored and action will be taken against those Principals who bared false witness against him.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jim Amman Update

(Press Release From The governor’s race in Connecticut is getting more and more interesting by the day.

When Governor M. Jodi Rell announced last month that she would not be seeking re-election, State Sen. Andrew Roraback praised the governor’s years of service and acknowledged the difficulty inherent in the job.

“It’s a tough job, particularly in these economic times,” he said.

That sentiment, though perhaps shared across the board, has not prevented numerous candidates from throwing their hats in the ring. Democrats in particular have been vocal, seeing the office as vulnerable, considering a Democratic majority in both the state house and senate, and the lack of a Republican incumbent.

On the Democratic side, a slew of candidates are taking a stab at the office, some with considerable political experience, like Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, considered by many to be a front runner, some with less, like Ned Lamont, the Harvard grad-turned U.S. Senate hopeful (Lamont was the democratic nominee in 2006, but was defeated by Joe Lieberman).

Democrats, already in a six-way race for the August primary, may see yet more competition, including Comptroller Nancy Wyman. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has said quite plainly that he’s not running for governor “at this time,” although rumors continue to persist.

Bysiewicz is seen as a strong candidate, though millionaire Lamont, heir to the J.P. Morgan fortune (his great-grandfather Thomas W. Lamont was a partner) used a considerable amount of his own funds, estimates ranging as high as $13 million.

Republicans have been less forthcoming, with only two officially announced candidates in the race — former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley and current Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele. Still, with nearly a year to go until the general election, more may come out of the woodwork, particularly House GOP leader Larry Cafero, Senate GOP leader John McKinney and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.

The fact that so many potential candidates have set up “exploratory committees” has rankled some politicians, particularly Gerry Garcia, Democratic candidate for secretary of the state, said candidates who use exploratory committees, rather than candidate committees, are “gaming” the system by getting around contribution limits.

We are just trying to call everybody out. It’s time to make a decision. ... We are really trying to get people to abide by the spirit of the rules,” said Ricky Baltimore, Garcia’s deputy campaign manager.

Jim Amann, former speaker of Connecticut’s House of Representatives and a Democratic candidate for governor, agreed.

“What is there to explore? We need to get a clear picture of who is in and who is out,” he said. Amann also asked if, when Bysiewicz appears during the day on what are essentially candidate panels, “is she getting paid as secretary of the state?”

Tanya Meck, campaign spokeswoman for Bysiewicz, said that, like other statewide officials, “she gets asked to speak to a lot of groups.”

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Peggy Rogers And Peter Schiff Attend Tea Party

No crumpets were served at a City Hall “Tea Party.” Instead, Republican candidates for Senate and Congress helped a crowd dish out a generous dose of anti-government, anti-Obama sentiments and campaign promises—while clashing with a gate-crasher.

About 60 demonstrators gathered outside City Hall Saturday morning to protest health care reform legislation at a “STOP ObamaCare Rally,” an event organized by the local chapter of a national movement pushing Republican candidates to the Glenn Beck right fringes of their party.


Still No Improvement In Milford Real Estate Market

The following evaluation of Milfords Real Estate market was published by Trulia is a Real Estate Market research group specializing in residential Real Estate Trends.

The representations made by Trulia are those of the experts, and market researchers only and not an opinion expressed or implied by myself or anyone at the MDB.


"Average price per square foot for Milford CT was $194, a decrease of 24.8% compared to the same period last year. The median sales price for homes in Milford CT for Sep 09 to Nov 09 was $245,000 based on 137 home sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median home sales price decreased 15.5%, or $45,000, and the number of home sales increased 3%.

There are currently 333 resale and new homes in Milford on Trulia, including 41 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process. The average listing price for homes for sale in Milford CT was $443,596 for the week ending Jan 13, which represents a decrease of 2.3%, or $10,502, compared to the prior week. Popular neighborhoods in Milford include Post Road North and , with average listing prices of $345,615 and $443,596."

(Above photo of a recently sold home in Milford)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Greta Stanford Criticizes Milford Board Of Education

The seats of the Milford Board of Education had barely warmed when discussion turned political. Newly elected Republicans want to change the terms of office to four years, open the charter and possibly make the mayor, of all people, the board chairman. Reason? Shortly after the election, new board members must work on the next year’s budget.

One would think that when individuals were running for an office, at the very least, he/she would become acquainted with the responsibilities of that office, including the makeup of the current budget. Instead of complaining about “coming out on a cold night,” it might make better sense to get down to the business at hand.

In addition, one interesting comment that was made was that “our class sizes are luxurious.” Board members ought to visit classrooms, when school is in session, to check on this. Barring that, due to work or other commitments, a look at the extensive research done over decades would demonstrate that, second only to the classroom teacher, class size is the most important ingredient to a child’s achievement. Finally, here’s some simple advice from an “old” teacher (and I mean that literally). “Do the work you were elected to do, and remember, it’s not about you. It’s about the kids. They deserve better.”

Greta Stanford
(Originally submitted to the CT Post)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thank You Martin Luther King

Today is a day of remembrance, and observation of a very great man who gave countless individual African Americans the hope of a dream. This day is also shadowed with the greatest disaster facing Black Haitian Americans in the history of that nation.

Martin Luther King, shall forever remain an American beacon of light who brought a peaceful message of hope to those who thought it was lost. He gave us a message of peace in a nation entangled in a race war, but most importantly MLK showed that those who dare have a dream can rise victorious without promoting violence.

He sacrificed, and endangered his life to free the very people he loved from the bigotry that struck him down, MLK, in view, has become one of the most welcoming civil rights leaders this week.

If any inspirational martyr can be conjured up at this very moment, let it be him, one of our greatest American civil rights leaders of our time. His spirit ought to be a beacon of light that reunites the people of Haiti. I believe he is already there walking the streets and embracing the countless lost souls who need a guiding light.

May they all those who lost their lives on this day be remembered for the lives they lead, and the loved ones they left behind. and Let us also remember the sacrifices they have made and the continued suffering they endure. Let us pray for them all.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Milford Board Of Health H1N1 Clinics Offered To The Public

The photo attached to this blog is the insert that accompanies the Swine Flu (H1N1) vaccine. When a person enters a flu clinic rarely is the insert shown to the person receiving the shot.

The insert is displayed here, so you may read it. (Although the photo insert is of the most common type of vaccine, it may not specifically be the one you are receiving and you should therefore request the Insert at the medical establishment dispensing the inoculation.)

By double clicking the insert the scan of it will go full screen, and you will be able to read it. Some notable points have been highlighted for you above. The most obvious is that you are injecting the H1N1 virus, as well as two other additional flu viruses in your body.

Another point of concern is the ingredient called Thimerisol, a mercury based preservative that is also going into your blood stream. While I do not need to get into the neurotoxic effects of mercury I will point out that some discrepancies regarding mercury are being put out by the Milford Health Department including THIS article regarding the Mercury FLURBS. For those who may not know exactly how little mercury is contained in a Flurb it is so small you could call it invisible.

Some questions you should ask is why the Milford health department is telling the public it is O.K. to inject our families with a product that is listed as a household Hazardous waste on their website?

One other interesting point about this H1N1 vaccine issue, is the suggested use of another immune stimulating additive called Squalene. Should our community decide to use this controversial additive in addition to the live viruses, and hazardous waste, we could expect a rise in immune system diseases and an malfunctions.

Specifically, the warning section points to Guillain-Barre syndrome a serious disorder that occurs when the body's defense (immune) system mistakenly attacks part of the nervous system. This leads to nerve inflammation that causes muscle weakness, which continues to get worse.

These were also the words of a world renowned Doctor, Reta Lebo whose husband is a Major General in the U.S. Army and had a practice that catered to many heads of state. In no way am I to suggest that fighting off a pandemic should not be done, but I am suggesting that the public educate itself as to the adverse health risks of the medical industry who is more concerned about next quarters profits, than the long term effects of their additives.

Options are available, safe vaccines do exist, they are often more expensive because they lack the mercury, but they must be requested by your family doctor. To all of you who are thinking about caving into the FEAR MONGERING by Dr. McBride and the Milford Health Department, should take a look out the window and notice there is no need for alarm. Few are erroneously concerned, and the current (H1N1) virus is way past its latency period. The level Six CDC and WHO alarm was sounded over five months ago and no one I know of in Milford is mortally sick.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Milford Police Arrest Superintendent Of Schools

Superintendent of Schools Harvey B. Polansky was charged Friday with two counts each of fourth-degree sexual assault and breach of peace, nearly two months after two city principals filed sexual harassment complaints against him.

Police said Polansky turned himself in at police headquarters at about 2 p.m. Friday and was charged on a warrant, then was released on a promise to appear in Superior Court in Milford on Feb. 2..


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teacher Layoffs Loom Again

Every year, the school budget is put under review, this year is no different than any other year. The Milford Board of education, already mired in difficulty is awaiting a resolution on this years budgetary issues.

The issues regarding education have often been blamed on the city charter, and union protagonists in the School system. Talk by some Board of Ed members has already taken place to re-open the city charter to address these problems.

However, critics of this action warn that re-opening the Charter will result in more changes than just those intended to be specifically addressed.

The issue this year has to do with teacher layoffs, due to the cities inability to close a growing multimillion dollar gap. This issue over educational funding has happened before, and last round of negotiations resulted in alarm that 180 teachers would be fired.

The result was a happy one last year, no teachers were let go, especially after the "Education Outrage Machine" went into full spin. For those who do not remember, kids were circulating petitions with thousands of signatures on them, and the Board of Ed meetings were packed with standing room only protesters.

The final result was a mild culling of the school system, marking the loss of several Administrative positions, and cutbacks to school services including landscaping and energy efficiency savings.

This year the picture is more daunting, because aside from the multi-million dollar shortfall, our schools are in disrepair and need costly improvements that are approaching almost the entire annual school budget of 80 plus million.

These issues are being addressed as part of a triage system at the moment, a system determined by the school engineers who have been making emergency repair requests. However not all are happy with this approach especially after the Milford PTA got fed up with our kids learning in janitors closets, and doing their science work on carts instead of labs.

The problem was partially fixed last fall when the Democratically controlled Board of Alderman defied the Wishes of Mayor Richetelli (including the defection of Republican Alderman Ray Vitale) and succeeded in defeating the Mayors agenda.

The problems this year are the same, Special Education funding is still of grave concern, and a steady stream of complaints and lawsuits regarding Special Ed. are plaguing our school system. The Bureaucracy, and state legislature still have no idea on how to best address these concerns and continue to impose ineffective unfunded mandates that the city must pay each year.

The state Constitution requires that all children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 be educated FOR FREE, and if cities cannot meet that obligation due to the physical or psychological condition of a child, parents have a legal right to sue the city. These lawsuits force Milford's taxpayers (in many cases) to pay $50,000.00 to $150,000.00 a year to a parent whose child had to be educated in a private school.

Part of the issue with Special Education also appears to be the towns open door policy. The law also prohibits the School district from refusing children, like those at The Boys and Girls Club on Wheelers farm Road the services they need including custom transportation.

When the city of Milford addresses these issues too well, we risk becoming a Magnet city. Parents of special needs children will often relocate to towns, with the best services to educate their kids. The result of doing a good job can inadvertently become a moral hazard.

This hazard is often on the backs of lower income people who already lose their homes in town at a rate of two to three a week. The loss is often due to foreclosure, these happen when property taxes are too high, the economy is weak, and our local elected leaders fail to find solutions that satisfy the issues of property owners.

Some cities like Westport allow for people over 70 to stop paying their property tax all together. But the catch is to collect it from the estate of which the city is the First Lien Holder. Most cities including ours already have a program in place to grant tax relief to Veterans and the Elderly, but the cost of education and the dwindling state and Federal Resources are forcing towns into a process called Binding Arbitration.

This Arbitration is often a last ditch attempt, whereby arbitrators in Hartford settle monetary disputes between city unions, taxpayers, and school boards. Since most people do not understand that Arbitrators have the right to override decisions by school boards, a frustrated public retaliates with their votes in municipal elections.

The people who are voted out of office are usually completely powerless and never had any meaningful authority over a contractual monetary dispute in the first place. Regardless, this has somewhat managed to trivialize the ability of the Milford School board to respond to any financial settlement outside a drastic, or perhaps worse catastrophic financial event.

In order for there to ever be any resolution on education, budgets or negotiations, all parties must agree to accept the money that reasonably could be paid and derived from taxes and grants. The most irresponsible actions any union or board could ever take, is to litigate a situation to the point where it forces our city to continue toward a path of financial indebtedness, or worse, default on its current obligations.

The solutions to these problems rests soley in the hands of those people who created them. The caveat (to quote Einstein), however, "is that the same level of thinking that got us into this crisis cannot be used to resolve it."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cafe Atlantique Under New Management

The popular Downtown Cafe, closed just soon after Dunkin Donuts shut their doors. Cafe Atlantique, however closed for a much different reason, as the signs on the windows clearly indicate. The Coffee shop has been sold and is now under new management. The establishment will re-open after renovations are complete.

Although we have not had an opportunity to speak with the new owners, we have been told that the establishment will still cater to the old customers and their coffee needs. The computer that was so popularly used and provided to the old establishment free of charge will no longer be there.

We sincerely hope that the allure of wireless Internet, great coffee and meeting place will continue under the new management. Cafe Atlantique has been for sale for some time, and was advertised in a few online venues. We can only assume that with the closure of Dunkin Donuts, the task of completing a sale was greatly simplified.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dollar Scheduled To Be Replaced

The dollar we carry around in our pockets have been under fire for a very long time. Once guided by the noble principles of the Bretton Woods Agreement, and backed by solid Gold the Dollar was the most respected post World War II currency in the world.

The Arab nations all have denominated dollars for the purchase of oil exports, and most every other nation in the world must purchase dollars from the Federal Reserve in order to complete their exchange with OPEC the group that regulates oil production.

The gold standard ended under Richard Nixon, the mounting war debt and pressure from within his administration to give us new money not backed by Gold, but Legal Tender. This new standard made the Economic engine of America, and the strong financial position of Americans as the new commodity that gives the dollar value.

This also gave Washington D.C. a blank check, and the ability to print money at will. Every time our country is broke Congress ordered/s the Treasury department to cart over more T-Bills to the FED for fiat cash.

This has been done to the tune of 12.5 trillion in debt, an expansion of government that is unparalleled in history and an accelerated decline of the current American system along with our economy.

The dollar policy, along with our export of jobs, and favorable climate created for overseas slave labor made America feel the Dollar had value again. Despite having a declining industrial base, American's are still able to purchase slave goods from massive import corporations like Walmart, and Target.

The Dollar abuses have now entered their "Death spiral" a term used by economists who have always known that every fiat based currency eventually collapses due to abuses. No fiat currency system in history ever survived, eventually the abuses undermine the legitimacy and value represented by the currency. People need more and more of it just to get by, and finally this year or by early 2011 it will all come crashing down.

The worlds central banks are being told by the FED as we speak to make way for a "re-valued" dollar in preparation for the collapse of the current "green back." The revaluation will be a surprise to most, and it must be if we are to avert a mass panic and a premature liquidation.

The Federal Reserve Act HR 1207 and SB 604 (in waiting) was just approved by congress, and pending lawsuits by Bloomberg against the FED are tearing down the facade to reveal the "ugly beast" hidden in the FED temple. End the Fed Rallies at every Federal Reserve have also sent a clear and concise message to the Banksters responsible for the coming meltdown.

When the curtain falls, and the abuses of the Dollar are revealed a new way of doing business in America will be launched. The new way will be nothing like the old way, because under the new system a Dollar will not exchange for a Dollar. Expect the currency to be revalued further downward. The result is the impoverishing of the American people making imported goods very expensive. Traveling abroad will also become inconceivable as this will be a privilege of the wealthy only.

The days when our forefathers saved for years to come to America may very well be our nations new Irony as this nation will commence its struggle with the very political systems that enslaved early European populations.

Socialism, feudalism, or worse fascism may be borne out of necessity in America, and under protest by the very people who watched our nation march toward a failed state. The future will certainly require us to rebuild and reinvent our place in the world.

The future will also require us to hold those who sold us out accountable and to instill the very safeguards... yet again... to keep us free as a nation. Benjamin Franklin once said that Americans have a "Constitutional Republic.. but only if we can keep it." The Constitution will never enforce itself and now that is up to us.

Above Photo: (Dollar presented to Bankers at the last Federal Reseve Meeting)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Mystery of Masonry In Milford

Downtown Milford has a Mason Lodge, aptly named Ansantawae lodge. The lodge is celebrating 150 years of its proud heritage in our community. Most people pass by the lodge see the covered windows, the sharp dressed masons sometimes in tuxedos and wonder the secrets contained within.

Masons by virtue of their office are given a strict obligation not to divulge any of the secrets of their craft. Ansantawae has nearly 500 members and this does not include the Shriners Lodge on Wheelers Farms Rd. of which has several hundred more.

Masonry, like many other charitable venues, has been a victim of the economy and changing demographics. Many of today's Masons, and Shriners are not so young anymore. But their work is enjoyed by many needy families world wide.

Some of the great accomplishments of Masonry is the Shriners Children's Hospital, and Ashler Village in Newtown. Masons have always adopted a creed of helping Children and the Elderly. They have invested Millions statewide and built a world class infrastructure to provide free services to the young and the old.

The temple is now open to the Public, and the secrets contained within are ready to be divulged. With many of the WWII veteran generation retiring or passing on en-masse the doors are open to a new generation and members are eagerly soliceted.

The work of Masonry is of vital importance to our community, our local charities and your support is welcome. However, not everyone can become a mason, by lodge decree a three person committee must approve new members and only if they asked a Mason to join. Masonry is also a Fraternity and excludes women from being members, or participating in lodge meetings, however a venue does exist for women who wish to partake in the the traditions of Masonry.

To become a mason, please contact me by way of a private non-published comment on this blog.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Whole Foods Helps Fight Hunger In Milford

Recently I read about this hunger issue in the Milford Mirror on page 16A. My wife, brought the article in the paper to my attention and we were both saddened and struck that hunger could even exist in our wonderful community.

Thankfully for for those looking for a meal, and the generosity of the newly opened Whole Foods Market and the Bethel Center, our friends will be given an opportunity to eat. The program was originally devised by WHY, (World Hunger Year) who is dedicated to providing nutritious meals to 49 Million hungry Americans and their 17 Million children.

This figure has been increasing alarmingly with the economic downturn and the lingering jobless recession. Hunger in America appears to have thus far peaked with one in six people going to bed hungry each night. The photo above is that of Tent City, or Obama's new Hooverviles, aptly named after Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression. California is one of three states where unemployment peaked above 12%. Tent cities have sprung up all over America, and the need to pull our country together is more urgent than ever.

To combat this problem Whole foods, last January 6Th, gave 5% of its stores daily profits to charity. In our community the charity that addresses these types of hunger issues is the Bethel Center who also has been a recipient of my personal charitable offerings of Free computers for disadvantage children, and monetary donations from the Turkey Trot fundraiser that I sponsor with Daytime Lodge in Stratford each year.

The Bethel Center is always on the look out for altruistic people who are willing to contribute to their cause. To offer your help, please call (212) 629-8850.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Future Of Milford's Independent Party

Since Peter Spalthoff wrote his note that appeared on this blog and yet again in the Milford Mirror, several letters, comments and notes arrived to my office regarding the Independent Party.

Some important things must be noted about the Independent Party if one is truly to understand how it will develop. The most important of these is, of course, the willingness of the general public to accept something new.

The Democratic and Republican parties have been at it for over 100 years, Independents are the "new kids on the block" and I believe that in order for us to be successfull we need to attract true talent with a message that resonates with the people of our community.

Independents, like all parties are comprised of individuals, and those individuals must be reckoned with regardless of any partisan label. The sooner we start looking at people and not parties, the sooner we will get quality leadership in our community.

There is too much reliance placed on a political party, and lets be honest, there are Democrats and Republicans in our town that share and embrace a true love and commitment to our quality of life. Forever shall it be on the voters backs to know who they are voting for. For example, know where your candidate/s stand on taxes, education, emergency services, and regulations.

Tyrants rise to power because of the myopic vision of the voters whose vote is solely based on the propaganda that is initiated by the candidates themselves. To put this simply, if I was running for office, and I had lots of money, I would spend it trying to make you believe that you can feel comfortable voting for me.

Doing things, like playing golf at your club, visiting every public venue, speaking charming and complimentary things about you, our community, and of course duping you to believe that I (as a candidate) am responsible for everything good and nothing bad.

Lets face it everyone knows that politicians lie, because if they told the truth the nasty little reality about how things get done would not be contained to a back room or remain buried in the legalese of our massive budgets. Instead, our tax bills would be reasonable, our kids education would be first class, and our infrastructure would be taken care of.

Our leaders are the ones whom we entrust to spend our tax money, Americans pay lots of tax, they also pay lots of interest, penalties and fees to the government for misbehaving. These taxes in their myriad is an emblem of disgrace induced on every person in Milford. This is not to suggest I am against taxes, but more to the fact that I am against the Government becoming our local economy and making a punitive system lucrative.

Voting for a candidate should be simple, and many who wish to make their entry into politics do so for a variety of reasons. Most often because they have the time to make the commitment, and they believe that they can make a change in the quality of life or in the outcome of the community in which we live.

All politics I believe are local, and choice is a wonderful thing. However, some have argued that in a three party system an elected minority with as little as 1/3 of the vote can induce policies that go against the very fabric of Milford.

This is in fact a real possibility, but thus far in both three way races in Milford wins were by a substantial majority. Three way races also involve more voters in politics, and when people get involved we get better government.

The Independent Party is important today, forecasters like Gerald Celiente have already predicted that by 2012 America will have a new and strong third party. Thus far this year Libertarian Republican Peter Schiff honored Milford with his Old Gate Lane HQ.

Even if the pundits and critics succeed in demoralizing and crushing a third party movement, the problem will linger. People yearn to be free, and they will advance their views of liberty and justice with or without the support of the major parties.

Schiff is a classic example of a true Libertarian in a Republican dominated domain. Many of his supporters are expected to switch parties, join RTC's and do whatever they must to give Schiff the advancement they so desperately want.

While the cards may be stacked against Independent Republicans like Peter Schiff, the expected $2,000,000.00 he will spend will further seed the Independent third party movement.

Thus far in Milford the numbers have gone from 10% in 2008, to 11.5% in 2009 and are expected to grow again to 13.5% in 2010. By 2012, and if Celiente is correct Independents should attain 25%-30% of the electorate making them America's first formidable third party. This will be the American epiphany, and the beginning of the end of the mega duopoly unaffectinately known as the "Republicrats."

Not for an instance do I believe it is time to give up, not so long as our numbers are continuing to improve and people are solidly "waking up." We just need to work harder, tell the truth, be honest, and not go away.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peter Schiff Comments On Education

The Peter Schiff HQ is off to a great start, and with Dodd out of the race a new playing field in the exciting race for Senate is emerging.

Peter Schiff who opened his HQ in Milford last November has since met up with the Independence Caucus of Connecticut and has begun putting himself on record regarding the issues.

The above clip is one of many now posted on Youtube, but is my personal choice as it pertains to education and school vouchers. There are other videos available and anyone who is interested in learning about the Schiff campaign can visit his website at or click on the Shiff banner ad to the upper right of this article.

Peter Schiff is endorsed by Ron Paul, has the unilateral support of the CT Tea Party Movement and the Milford Independent Party. Schiff opened up his HQ in Milford because of the outpouring of support lent to him here.

Thus far to date Peter Schiff has raised 1.4 Million in contributions, dwarfing all of his opponents with the exception of self funded Millionaire Linda McMahon.

To volunteer or lend your support to the Schiff campaign contact Len Greene at (203) 450-8817 or stop by their campaign HQ on Old Gate lane in Milford, CT.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dodd Set To Announce His Resignation

There certainly was much sadness and excitement this morning when Chris Dodd took Michael Moore's advice and decided to resign for the "good of his party." Dodd's resignation comes during a tumoltous period, one marked with tea party protesters, and scandals that included "sweet heart" deals on mortgages, and AIG bonuses.

Dodd stepping aside will certainly be "bitter sweet" for the Democratic party, but just as soon as he resigned Connecticut's Attorney General Richard Blumenthal expresed interest in a run for the Senate.

Dodd is expected to make an announcement to the media soon, and give more details surrounding his decision not to sek re-election. Most onlookers this year are of the opinion that Dodd's record low poll numbers, and pressure from within his own ranks are behind the Senators decision.

Sometime ago Dodd was diagnosed and succesfully treated for prostate cancer, and health concerns are not expected to be an issue that has led to his decision.

Keep tuned in to the major news networks this evening, as more news is to follow on the race for senate Christine Stuart of Connecticut News Junkie has also extensively covered the Blumenthal bid. To read more, click HERE to access her article today.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Connectucut Bob" AKA Bob Adams Fired By The Richetelli Gang

Most people do not even know "CT Bob" but many are familiar with his work. Bob Adams is a blogger in Milford, and hosts a blog Connecticut Bob, was given a post on Milford Government Access television about a year ago. He is also a Democrat, in a "vipers den" of Republicans and Republican dominated city boards.

CT Bob, may soon be recording a board of Alderman meeting who will be voting him out. They will be replacing him with Republican Michael Cavallaro a Richetelli patsy expected to rehire Dennis Guaglianone the previous camera man who was fired for dereliction of duty. This deriliction, according to the CT Post included "not covering some governmental programs, including the mayoral candidate debates last fall, in favor of parades and other community events."

When Bob Adams was hired, his blog certainly raised Republican Eyebrows, there was fear and uncertainty that Bob Adams would add his Democratic spin to the MGAT content he produced. This has not been the case, Adams said he would conduct his work professionally and he did. Any person who watched MGAT on cable T.V. would certainly agree that the content presented was professional and non-partisan.

Who controls the camera man has now become an issue of politics as "Lord Richetelli" once again is granting favors, and rewarding bad behavior by rehiring FIRED employees. The original fear of a partisan MGAT may soon be realised as another "local power grab" of the MGAT station is executed.

Future content can be expected to filmed by authority and direction of Michael Cavallarro, who is in essence the newest Media Czar who will answer directly to Mayor Richetelli. While coverage of community events will certainly spark outrage, these issues will soon become the problem of Milford's Citizens, especially Independents, Democrats or those whose content is not cogent in the opinion of the Mayor and his new Media Czar.

This latest power grab, adds credibility to Democratic Party Boss Michael Brown's allegation that the Republicans "are replacing every Democrat from every board."

Connecticut Bobs impartiality was revealed some time ago, when he challenged his own party in favor of the public objections with Amann's support of Lieberman's policies on war. Connecticut Bob's most notable video was that of Now Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Amann. The video heard all over the web was aptly dubbed the "Crush" video when Amann was video taped saying he would "Crush any Idiot in this town who ran against him." Ironically this is the only Democrat Richetelli is supporting, as he is a frequent guest and good friend to Amann's and his political events.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Years Message From Peter Spalthoff

With the New Year now upon us I wanted to send a personal “Thank You” to those individuals who supported me during my run for Mayor this past November in Milford. And while the results were not what I had hoped for, the support that I did receive from many of Milford’s voters was very heart warming and appreciative.

I ran as an Independent person who thought that the City could have used a different perspective on the direction that it was moving and in particular the way that it was being managed and while we ran what I thought was a clean and issue oriented campaign, the voters of Milford spoke and clearly re-elected Mayor Richetelli to another term.

The issues that I addressed were about taxes, our infrastructure and the quality of life that we have and what I thought needed to be done to affect changes in a positive manner. I spoke of the Democrats & Republicans claim to a tax decrease in 2009 and how it would all be given back in our 2010 taxes. I spoke about the inefficiencies in our employee pension accounts and questioned why we were not putting items out to bid on a competitive basis as we should that could save the City thousands of dollars in the short and long run. And I noted that I did not believe enough was being done for our small business in Milford to attract and keep them here.

Well the dust as I said has settled and we will have another term with Mayor Richetelli at the helm I wish him the best. I certainly will be as many of our citizens are very interested in this year’s budget and I will certainly be addressing the issues I brought up during the campaign in the future.

While the Independent Party did not generate the attention and support that I had hoped it would, before we decide to fold up tent I would love to hear from the community to see if it and the people that supported it should stay the course and be yet another voice in this wonderful City we call home.

Peter L. Spalthoff

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jim Richetelli Makes Insulting Offer

The Republican sweep of virtually every board has put the Republican party in a very powerful position. Our Mayor has the most amount of dictatorial power than at any time in his career and this week he used it when he asked Genevieve Salvatore, the Democratic candidate for mayor to abdicate from her party.

Genevieve, who now chairs the Economic and Community Development commission is in danger of losing her seat. This loss may be due to the fact that some conservative Democrats are falling victim to the process itself.

Salvatore become the subject of criticism by the Republican party when she began canvassing for sewer installations in the North end of Milford. This would directly benefit her and her community as her home is one of those that would benefit from city sewers.

The sewers were all set to be installed as part of a development plan, known as Avalon Grove, that failed to come to realization. The cost of the sewer system was of concern despite the fact that the city of Milford promised it to the citizens of the North End. The cost of installing the sewers "skyrocketed" when the developer of Avalon Grove backed out due to political and market conditions detrimental to their investment.

When interviewed by the Connecticut Post, regarding the Richetelli offer, Salvatore responded by saying: "To be honest, I was a little insulted that he thought I'd change parties again. I made my decision to become a Democrat because my strong values and ideals align with the ideals of the Democratic party," she said. "My decision wasn't made for political expediency."

Mike Brown, a Democratic Party Boss and supporter of Ms. Salvatore, said that "what particularly disturbs him is that Democrats who have served the city well for the past two years, while the party was in power, are not being reappointed simply because they are Democrats."

Friday, January 1, 2010

Connecticut's New Laws Begin Today

In less than 24 hours a handful of new laws will go into effect that will impact everyone from the wealthy to the poor. The one, which perhaps will affect the most people, is an increase in the minimum wage.

The minimum wage increases from $8 an hour to $8.25 on Friday. That means all Connecticut businesses will have to pay the state’s minimum wage, which is one dollar above the federal minimum wage of $7.25.