Thursday, January 28, 2010

Busy Political Night In Milford

Tonight all three political parties in Milford are meeting in a manner that could be construed as steering committee of sorts. Select members of the Independent party will be having a small meeting at Cabo beginning 7:00P.M(Formerly Cancun Charlies), The Democrats will be having their meeting tonight with former Senatorial candidate Ned Lamont (now running for Governor). The Republicans are also meeting this evening and are actively engaged in their political discussions.

Of all political events listed, Lamont will certainly draw the largest crowd. He is already a very popular contender for Governor, and our own local Gubernatorial candidte Jim Amann indicated he will yield to Lamont's overwhelming popularity.

Those wishing to attend one of these events can visit any of the respective party websites. Democrats are at Republicans are

The Independent Party meeting at cabo is open to the public, and we will have our state chairman Mike Telesca from Waterbury CT in attendance. We will be having a few beers, and mingling with each other and the general public.

We encourage all people who love our community to support their respected parties and put your enthusiasm to work. When we all get involved we restore honest government. Thanks to you all we continue to work in a manner that is restoring high moral and ethical standards. Let us collectively continue to challenge those who usurp, and abuse public office for their own selfish gain.

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Anonymous said...

Correction: The Milford Republican Town Committee most likely had the biggest crowd. We hosted both Tom Foley, who is virtually tied with Lamont for governor, and Jerry Labriola, who is the best chance of beating Rosa DeLauro since Tom Scott. Also in attendance were Mayor Richetelli and several aldermen. A truly start studded night if you ask me!