Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Republican's Oust The Disloyal, And Outspoken

Several veteran Republicans who had openly challenged Mayor James L. Richetelli Jr. have been booted off the town committee.

The moves, which Richetelli on Monday denied any involvement in, are part of the annual realignment of the local political parties. Endorsed slates in each of the five voting districts were approved last week; final voting is March 25.

Several members of the Beirne family, including former aldermanic chairman Thomas F. Beirne, his wife Sheila and son Sean were left off the endorsed slate. Earlier Beirne's son Tom and daughter-in-law Colleen were dropped from the local GOP town committee.

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Photo of ousted Kevin Liddy Republican 2008 119th district State Rep. Candidate. Liddy is sitting board member, and a graduate of Annapolis.

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