Saturday, January 30, 2010

Milfords Budget Process Begins

The budget for next year begins deliberations this week. Things like the cost of education, infrastructure improvement, employee bonuses and compensation, etc. etc.. all come to fruition in the near future.

Republicans, have indicated they would like to see another budget cut, conservative Democrats and former mayoral candidate Genevieve Salvatore have written to the local paper and asked that we stay vigilant, take part, and speak out during the process.

The Mayor indicated that the "Grand List" will determine whether or not taxes go up down or stay the same. Early indications, however, are not good, and city services were cut many times already.

Senator Gayle Slossberg put city council on notice last month and told Milford lawmakers not to expect money from Hartford. This combined with Employee health insurance, pension payouts, and contractual wage increases, are expected to be the largest obstacles to be overcome. These issues are of vital importance to the stressed out taxpayers of Milford.

The stress I speak of is not just sardonic rhetoric. It is very real and was evident in recent news of a longtime resident who committed suicide in her home. This was alleged to have happened as a result of prolonged difficulty in paying her bills. This was only last month and should be a sobering reminder of how tough things have gotten for some.

Other sad news was about six months earlier, in the NY Times citing our Mayor Richetelli buying cab fare for a Milford mother and her two children who were forcibly evicted from their home. Their only crime was a lack of money and suitable employment to save the life and home they built here.

These incidents do not erase the fact that in Milford Two to Three people a week lose their home to foreclosure. These are real people, our friends, neighbors those with a real connection to this community and in need of sincere help.

The city has resources and can help some of these people. This help can come to Milfords poorest by way of abatement of irresponsible government, predatory loans, and tax breaks. This city does not need $95,000.00 a year Czars, $700.00 desk chairs, $50,000.00 consultants, employee buyouts, etc. etc.

The immorality of ignoring those people with the "hug and cab fare" mentality, is not the humane thing to do. Perhaps we should put our self in their shoes and imagine what it is like to live in a shelter, be out of work and in need of food.

Those arguing this years budget should remember this and more. Remember that we are all members of the same community and it is our responsibility to lend our financial help to those who are of good moral character and sincerely need a hand up, not raise taxes to pay higher wages or waste money.

Time to set greed aside and bring about some new revolutionary ideas that will inspire revolutionary change.

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