Friday, January 29, 2010

Goodbye Crispy Creme Welcome Sonic

The Coffee landscape in Milford is going through a remarkable transformation, with one Dunkin Donuts out, one Crispy Creme out, and Cafe Atlantique under new management coffee drinkers will be getting more consolidated.

While the departures of each of these establishments all have the same story, lost profitability and a desire to head for the exit, new faces and new enthusiasm is moving in to take on the challenges of the economy.

The newest replacement to the Crispy Creme location will be a new franchise known in the fast food world as Sonic. Sonic is a fast food establishment that will serve much more than coffee and doughnuts. Sonic will feature a full menu of hamburgers, chicken, fish and fries much like is many competitors up and down the Post Road.

The new establishment is expected to open in the coming months and after the completion of its renovations and upgrades. On behalf of all of us at the MDB we welcome Sonic to Milford thank you for setting up business in this states greatest town.

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