Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peter Schiff Comments On Education

The Peter Schiff HQ is off to a great start, and with Dodd out of the race a new playing field in the exciting race for Senate is emerging.

Peter Schiff who opened his HQ in Milford last November has since met up with the Independence Caucus of Connecticut and has begun putting himself on record regarding the issues.

The above clip is one of many now posted on Youtube, but is my personal choice as it pertains to education and school vouchers. There are other videos available and anyone who is interested in learning about the Schiff campaign can visit his website at or click on the Shiff banner ad to the upper right of this article.

Peter Schiff is endorsed by Ron Paul, has the unilateral support of the CT Tea Party Movement and the Milford Independent Party. Schiff opened up his HQ in Milford because of the outpouring of support lent to him here.

Thus far to date Peter Schiff has raised 1.4 Million in contributions, dwarfing all of his opponents with the exception of self funded Millionaire Linda McMahon.

To volunteer or lend your support to the Schiff campaign contact Len Greene at (203) 450-8817 or stop by their campaign HQ on Old Gate lane in Milford, CT.

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