Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Years Message From Peter Spalthoff

With the New Year now upon us I wanted to send a personal “Thank You” to those individuals who supported me during my run for Mayor this past November in Milford. And while the results were not what I had hoped for, the support that I did receive from many of Milford’s voters was very heart warming and appreciative.

I ran as an Independent person who thought that the City could have used a different perspective on the direction that it was moving and in particular the way that it was being managed and while we ran what I thought was a clean and issue oriented campaign, the voters of Milford spoke and clearly re-elected Mayor Richetelli to another term.

The issues that I addressed were about taxes, our infrastructure and the quality of life that we have and what I thought needed to be done to affect changes in a positive manner. I spoke of the Democrats & Republicans claim to a tax decrease in 2009 and how it would all be given back in our 2010 taxes. I spoke about the inefficiencies in our employee pension accounts and questioned why we were not putting items out to bid on a competitive basis as we should that could save the City thousands of dollars in the short and long run. And I noted that I did not believe enough was being done for our small business in Milford to attract and keep them here.

Well the dust as I said has settled and we will have another term with Mayor Richetelli at the helm I wish him the best. I certainly will be as many of our citizens are very interested in this year’s budget and I will certainly be addressing the issues I brought up during the campaign in the future.

While the Independent Party did not generate the attention and support that I had hoped it would, before we decide to fold up tent I would love to hear from the community to see if it and the people that supported it should stay the course and be yet another voice in this wonderful City we call home.

Peter L. Spalthoff

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