Monday, January 11, 2010

The Mystery of Masonry In Milford

Downtown Milford has a Mason Lodge, aptly named Ansantawae lodge. The lodge is celebrating 150 years of its proud heritage in our community. Most people pass by the lodge see the covered windows, the sharp dressed masons sometimes in tuxedos and wonder the secrets contained within.

Masons by virtue of their office are given a strict obligation not to divulge any of the secrets of their craft. Ansantawae has nearly 500 members and this does not include the Shriners Lodge on Wheelers Farms Rd. of which has several hundred more.

Masonry, like many other charitable venues, has been a victim of the economy and changing demographics. Many of today's Masons, and Shriners are not so young anymore. But their work is enjoyed by many needy families world wide.

Some of the great accomplishments of Masonry is the Shriners Children's Hospital, and Ashler Village in Newtown. Masons have always adopted a creed of helping Children and the Elderly. They have invested Millions statewide and built a world class infrastructure to provide free services to the young and the old.

The temple is now open to the Public, and the secrets contained within are ready to be divulged. With many of the WWII veteran generation retiring or passing on en-masse the doors are open to a new generation and members are eagerly soliceted.

The work of Masonry is of vital importance to our community, our local charities and your support is welcome. However, not everyone can become a mason, by lodge decree a three person committee must approve new members and only if they asked a Mason to join. Masonry is also a Fraternity and excludes women from being members, or participating in lodge meetings, however a venue does exist for women who wish to partake in the the traditions of Masonry.

To become a mason, please contact me by way of a private non-published comment on this blog.

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